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  1. ogarrah


    You put my painting to shame well done
  2. Well so far I've almost completed my contract. I still have to paint up those Raptors, but I don't think that will take to long, so I'm making a new contract. I pledge to complete: 1. Those Vanguard Raptors 2. My last Wrathmonger 3. 4 more Bloodreavers 4. A couple of Bloodletters
  3. A Bloodsecrator and 2 slaughterpriests are all but essential for pretty much any Khorne list. Wrathmongers and Skullreapers are both blendy and useful and awesome looking models. When I bought my first box of whippy bois and skullreapers, me, being young and new to wargaming and modeling and therefore an idiot, I decided to try and build 2 Wrathmongers and 3 skullreapers, to see which one was better/cooler (alas I had not yet discovered Mathhammer or played any games with my army). I ended up only being able to build 2 of each, which annoyed me. A LOT. I then immediately went out and purchased a second box and was able to build 5 of each using the rest of the sprue from my first box . *SIGH* Anyway, Wrathmongers and Skullreapers are a lot of fun, but for a beginner, a battalion like Gore Pilgrims is a great start, it's not as good as it used to be, but +8'' to Loathsome Sorcery and Rage of Khorne is still pretty useful. It also includes pretty much all the essential units for a mortal list that you can get in the Gorebound Warband start collecting, which also includes a bloodstoker (super useful for the painfully slow mortals) a Khorgorath and a Mighty Lord/Khorgus Khul. As for weapon options, whatever you want to take for Blood Warriors is honestly up to you, Gorefists might be good if you're planning to run your blood warriors straight into your opponents deadliest unit where you'll have to make a lot of saves, but the re rolling ones to hit makes them the *tiniest* bit more killy. Whatever looks cooler, in my opinion. For Bloodreavers Meatripper axes are DEFINITELY the way to go, they both A. Look approximately 100 times cooler and B. are way better in combat, that -1 rend will help a lot. I'm sure it's possible to convert blood warriors into skullreapers and vice versa, but considering how GW has designed the sprue and what parts are left over after you finish a unit, it's probably more trouble than it's worth. (It's almost like GW doesn't want you doing that. Strange.) Final advice for a newbie, play this army as much as you can. Khorne is a complex and sometimes annoying army, but if you line up all your auras and prayers and whatnot right, the rivers of gore and mountains of skulls you create will be worth it.
  4. Does anybody have any thoughts on taking just 3 Skullcrushers at a time? They're supposed to be taken in units of 6+, but my list right now is kind of squishy, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to take only 3 for their sheer tankiness. If it isn't worth it, what should I take instead? I run a mortal Goretide list that relies on buffing the ****** out of Bloodreavers using Dark Feast and Gore Pilgrims and running souped up reavers all over the table, but with 160 points, I'm not really sure what I would take otherwise, I've used all 6 of my heroes. Are Wrathmongers a good idea? Maybe something STD? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. 1. I would take the axe out. It's INSANE when it goes off, but on a 5+ it's not going to happen that often 2. Mobility equals objective power. There's not many ways to do this in a Khorne army, but there is a few things you can do to greatly increase the zoom of your army. -Switch to Goretide Slaughterhost and use run and charge on Blood Warriors and Bloodreavers (This would change the whole strategy of your list, so I wouldn't do it in your case but I just thought I'd put it out there) -Take a Bloodstoker. With his whip he can give +3 to run and charge to Khorne Mortal units. Helps your Blood Warriors and Wrathmongers get up the table a little quicker -Take some Marauder horsemen. Like 1-3 units that you can just run around capping objectives. They've got a 12" base movement and +1" to run and charge, and they can also retreat and charge, so you can get them in and out of combat pretty easily. -Consider putting Thermalriders Cloak on one of your thirsters, it'll give him +4' base movement, making him *that* much faster, but they're faster than your whole army anyway plus you use them as a second wave so... -I would either halve or drop your Bloodwarrior unit to either take more doggos or make space for some marauders. Without the axe and the 200 points of Warriors, you've got 270 points to fill with a Bloodstoker and some dogs and/or Marauder horsemen 3. As for taking Bloodletters or Bloodreavers, just summon some Bloodletters if you need to. I don't think taking reavers in this list is worth it, unless you're finding you need the bodies 4. Also, on Chaos Warriors, they're the same amount of points as Bloodreavers and they're statistically better, and you don't need them for your battalions or anything so I would definitely take them By no means do you have to do everything I listed above, these are just suggestions. I hope this helps and I would love to hear how this list does in the future.
  6. This month, I'm going to continue to work on my Khorne Bloodbound, and some SCE models I bought. I pledge to complete: 1. Finish up my Champion of Chaos Bloodreaver 2. Get another Wrathmonger done 3. Paint up some Vanguard Raptors I bought on ebay that were not painted at the level I want them to be 4. Do the Bloodreavers Musician I'm setting my bar kind of low, the highschool baseball season begins this week, so I'm going to be pretty busy, but I'll see what I can do.
  7. Skullreapers, even without any buffs, will blend almost anything you can set them on. Unfortunately, they're SUPER slow. With just 5" of base movement, getting these guys into combat quick is hard, and after getting shredded by them once or twice, your opponent will probably focus on casting/shooting them off the board. At 3 wounds apiece and a 4+ save, they're not too squishy, but how slow they are can be really annoying. They play best in the Skulltake battalion, which allows them to do double damage on a wound roll of 6. Also, they don't have any rend, but with amount of MW's they put out, they still can deal with tankier units, just not as well as they can deal with hordes (these guys will melt any horde off the face of the earth , especially with their Trial of Skulls ability). In my lists, I usually take only one 5-man unit of Skullreapers, either as a potent second wave, or a distraction. I've found my opponents usually focus on casting/shooting off Skullreapers after seeing what they can do once or twice, instead of shooting off my Slaughterpriests or Bloodsecrator, like they should be. Even if you don't take them in your lists often, Skullreapers have really cool looking models.
  8. Well I could only get 5 doggos done, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I was trying out a new technique, so the first two aren't as clean as the others, but I like the look all the same. The Gore Hound definitely turned out the best, I'm pretty pleased with how his base looks.
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