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  1. For this month I'll try and continue to muddle through my Bloodreavers and finally finish painting up my Daemon Prince as well as some other projects 3+ Bloodreavers painted Daemon Prince Build 20 Bloodreavers and a Slaughterpriest
  2. Hey there Neckbeards! Welcome to the first segment of Painting for Chumps! Today we'll be looking at a quick and easy method to paint up some tabletop standard Ossiarch Bonereapers models. A while back, while I was yet in my hobby infancy, I was quite the GW fanboy (weren't we all at some point though?), spending much of my time watching as many of Citadel's video guides as I could get my hands on. It was during this time that I came across this video, a guide on how to make your models look like statues come to life. The Ossiarch Bonereapers had recently come out at the time, and I though they would be the perfect models to try this out on. Fast forward almost half a year later to when I finally got off my laurels and decided to paint some mini's. Step 1: Building the Models and Bases Post Petrifex nerf, I decided that a Stalliarch Lords alpha-strike list focused on Kavalos Deathriders would be a fun and somewhat competive list, so for my first OBR purchase I bought some Deathriders accordingly. I built them straight out of the box (no fancy conversions) and removed all the mold-lines etc. However after they were all put together and the plastic glue had cured I viciously attacked them with some nippers to make it seem like parts of the models had cracked off. I focused on parts that would seem to endure the most wear and tear, like pointy bits and armor (specifically the shield) to help sell the statue effect. For the bases, I loosely followed this video I found to make some lava bases after having no success trying several other methods to replicate lava. While it doesn't look like real life lava, I think it looks cool and really pops on the tabletop. To pull it off, you first need some cork to lay out an area for your model to stand on, I prefer thicker cork as it looks a little more realistic as rock and is easier to build up. I ripped up some cork Hulk-style and superglued it onto the bases making little islands while definitely not covering my hands in superglue like a moron. I then slapped some Stirland Battlemire on top of the cork board to make it a little more realistic as rock and added it all around the cork to serve as the lava. Once I let it all the cure overnight, I started to paint it. I wanted black, scorched rock, so I primed the whole thing black and drybrushed the cork with a dark grey, than a light grey, then lightly with an off white and boom, volcanic rock. For the lava flow I did a heavy drybrush of white on the lava and the sides of the adjacent cork, this will set up a slight OSL effect and help the red basecoat for the lava go on quicker. I basecoated the lava with red and drybrushed that same red on the sides of the cork next to the lava and followed up drybrushing the lava flow with a more orangey red, orange, yellow, an off white and bright white the farther away from the cork I got (I'll put all the paints I used at the bottom). After that I painted the base rim with a crisp black and the models were ready to be pinned. Step 2: Painting the Models and Thick Cracks I primed the models (separately from the bases) with Mechanicus Standard Grey, and I wanted it to seem like parts my models were cracking or flaking, so I used one of Citadel's crackle effect paints, in this case Mordant Earth to achieve the effect. To start off with, I first put down a layer of 'Ardcoat on the areas I wanted to apply the crackle effect medium, the smooth finish will allow for bigger and easier cracks. For the best effect, you want to apply Mordant Earth in one thick coat, the thicker the coat, the bigger the cracks. I then used a hair dryer to both speed up the drying time and get bigger cracks, making sure not to melt the model in the process. Once that was dried, it was time to get on with painting the models. I decided that the grey primer I used wasn't dark enough and the Mordant Earth bits were straight black which looked stupid, so I basecoated the entire model in a dark grey. Once that was done I applied an all over wash of Nuln Oil. These are the two most tedious steps in this process, but they still don't take very long. I then applied a selective wash of Agrax Earthshade onto bits of the model that I wanted to have a different feel. In this case I shaded armor, bits with the crackle effect paint and the cloth/leather to mix up the model a little bit and make it more visually interesting. Once that was a done, I began layering up some contrast with drybrushing. I began with an all over drybrush of a lighter gray tone, and then used Rakarth flesh for a selective drybrush of the bits I shaded in Agrax Earthshade previously. I then got out an off white and again drybrushed the Agrax Earthshaded bits and the pointiest parts of the model. Once that's all finished, the stone for the model is done, and it was time to go for some OSL. Step 3: OSL and Wishing I Had an Airbrush For the spooky green OSL, I began by basecoating the sources of light and the areas surrounding it in white. For pure sources of light like the spear blades, gems and eyes, I gave them a pure white base, but to protect my sanity I gave the other glowy bits (the skulls trapped in the horses) and the surrounding areas a heavy drybrush/stippling of white. Once that was done I hit the white spots and a little bit of the surrounding areas with a roughly 2:1 mix of Warpstone Glow and Hexwraith flame. Once that had dried, I came back in with some traditional layering and highlighted the sources of the light in bright white while also trying not to think about how easy and cool looking this would be with an airbrush. Anyway, once that was complete, the models were finished! Next Steps This was my first time trying out this method, and I'll be sure to make improvements in the future. This isn't Golden Demon worthy, but I think it looks pretty good given how little time it takes to pull this off. For my next steps, I've still got a Mortisan Boneshaper I need to paint, and I'm interested to see if I can take this method to the next level by devoting a little more time and implementing some more advanced and daring methods (i.e. wetblending and maybe some freehanding) so stay tuned, I'll likely make an update post in the coming weeks. Well that's it for this post, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or want to tell me I'm doing it all wrong feel free to comment down below. Until next time Neckbeards!
  3. Haven't made a pledge or posted anything in the last 2 months or so, not because I haven't painted anything but because I'm too lazy and have forgotten to post lol. Anyway, looking to get back into making a pledge on the paint contract so here goes: 11x Bloodreavers 1x Daemon Prince 1x Skullreaper (maybe) The next two weeks are a bit of an existential crisis school and homework-wise (gotta love finals and that end of semester crunch am I right?) but over Christmas break I should be able to paint like a madman so I might have a chance. Bloodreavers are VERY annoying to paint, they have all these little fiddly bits and details which take FOREVER so we'll see how that goes. As for the Daemon Prince, he's going to be the centerpiece of my army, so I'll be excited to show him to you guys once I'm done I think he's going to look sick. The skullreaper I'll do if I have time I've kind of been sitting on him for a couple months now but haven't made much progress. Anyway, until the end of the month!
  4. Glad to hear that a mortal Khorne list can have some success against some tough armies on the tourney tables! The only advice I have is to do some jiggering with your list to fit in the Gore Pilgrims battalion, that plus 8" to the Bloodsecrator's abilities is super helpful. After some quick maths, if you dropped one unit of Bloodwarriors, the Wrath Axe and the extra CP, you can fit in the battalion, which will really help your Bloodsecrator spread his attacks around. However whether or not you do this is up to you, this list clearly worked fine at the tourney, but that's what I would do in your position. Anyway, happy to help! (Also, quick question, how do you do the hidden text thing? Maybe I'm just a moron but I've never been able to figure it out 😂)
  5. Looks like a fun list, I only have a few minor tweaks 1. Don't make the Bloodsecrator you're general, Hew the Foe is pretty much wasted on him because A. He should almost never be in combat and B. His weapon sucks, you don't really have a decent beatstick hero in this list, so I would make the Bloodstoker your general so he can get hew the foe, with his 2 weapons he'll be a little scarier in combat. If you do want a cheap beatstick hero I would take out the Bloodstoker, take a skull grinder and give Hew the Foe to him. 2. Skullcrushers aren't battleline unless you have a juggerlord as your general, which means you only have 2 battleline now. This is fine because it segways nicely into point #3 3. Never take more than 10 bloodreavers in a unit. A. They have big bases and 1" reach on their weapons, meaning you'll struggle to get 20 all piled in. B. They die like flies no matter what unit size you take them in C. More units, more Bloodtithe D. Splitting up your unit of 20 guarantees you fulfill your league's battleline requirements (A 1250 point limit is in that squishy zone for battleline requirements) 4. Other than those tweaks, I think this list looks like a ton of fun, and I'd like to hear how it does in the future.
  6. I've always wanted to try skullgrinder with gore cleaver and hew the foe, I think that could be a lot of fun. To get the most out of this list, I would axe Korghos Khul, his 8" pile in is fun but he's WAY to expensive to justify using him. In his stead I would add another slaughterpriest and get the gore pilgrims battalion, it's pretty much an auto include for Khorne armies as its buffs are GREAT I would drop all the blood warriors you don't need except for the minimum sized unit required for Gore Pilgrims and bloodforged, they really suck and they're too expensive Karanak is fun, I like flesh hounds and I adore Hex-Gorger Skulls and the wrath axe isn't bad Here's my improved version of this list: Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: The GoretideBloodsecrator (120)Karanak (140)Skarr Bloodwrath (100)Slaughterpriest (100)Slaughterpriest (100)Skullgrinder (80)5 x Blood Warriors (100)- Goreaxes5 x Blood Warriors (100)- Goreaxes5 x Flesh Hounds (100)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades5 x Wrathmongers (140)5 x Wrathmongers (140)5 x Wrathmongers (140)5 x Wrathmongers (140)Gore Pilgrims (140)Bloodforged (120)Hexgorger Skulls (40)Total: 1970 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 142 Here's how I would make this list, it keeps all the core components of your original list while improving it to get the most out of. I couldn't fit in space for the wrath axe because hex gorger skulls are crucial in todays magic heavy meta you have space for 3 artefacts, one of which must be thronebreakers torc, which must be put on the bloodsecrator. I would put brazen rune on a slaughterpriest and gorecleaver on the skullgrinder. One thing I noticed is that this list lacks MW output so it might struggle against armies like OBR, and I think you might struggle to cap objectives because wrahtmongers are kinda slow, but if you use the doggos and you're bloodreaver unit properly you might be able to make it work. Overall I think this is a fun list and I'd like to hear how it does in the future
  7. Glad to hear you've started a Khorne army. For your next steps, I would get a box or two of skullreapers, they're one of our best blendy units and don't require any buffs to do some serious damage. I would also get a box of the Judgements of Khorne, they look sick, the Hexgorger Skulls are devastating in todays meta and the Wrath Axe can put out some serious damage. Mighty skullcrushers are fun, especially in Brass Stampede, but they're a little too pricey Blood Warriors suck don't get any more than you need to StD, especially with the new battletome has a TON of great options for a Khorne army. Standouts include the Daemon Prince, he's not as good offensively after GW got rid of the realm artefacts in GH20 but he still packs some punch and his CA is BRUTAL Chaos Warshrine is fantastic if you're force has a significant portion of StD, but not that useful otherwise Chaos Lord on Karkadrak can deal a ridiculous amount of damage in the Goretide slaughterhost if he's your general, the Hew the Foe CT gives him +1 damage on all his weapons and he has A LOT. He also serves to buff Chaos Knights (we'll get to them later) Mounted Chaos Lord and the regular Chaos lord don't provide as much damage, but the mounted lord can buff your knights like the karkadrak and the regular lord can make an StD unit fight twice Chaos Marauders see a lot of use, they're a great horde unit that can really do some damage with the proper buffs, and their 25mm base size and optionial 2" weapons allows you to take them in large units (they're basically what bloodreavers should be) Chaos Knights are also great, they're fast and can provide insane damage output with their cursed lances and the proper buffs on the charge Chaos Chosen are... not great but not terrible either The Varanguard are too expensive to see much use In general, mortal lists rely on putting a ridiculous amount of buffs on units that usually can't stand very well on their own through battalions. For competitive mortal lists, the bloodstoker, bloodsecrator and at least 2 slaughterpriests are pretty much auto includes, and the 1-2 remaining hero slots are usually filled with an StD hero like the DP or one of the Chaos Lords (usually the Karkadrak) Goretide sees the most use for mortal slaughterhosts, unless you're running a lot of Khorgoraths, if you whip a unit of bloodreavers and then use the goretide CA, you can shoot them across the board 20" + 2d6 For battalions, Gore Pilgrims is an auto include, Dark Feast is popular for MSU bloodreaver lists, Brass Stampede is decent, and Skulltake sees some use, but the units it's comprised of are very expensive. Anyway, that's about it, I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. Until next time! (Just realized I didn't rank them in order of usefullness, but I gave a decent explanation for each one so we should be good)
  8. Last I didn't do much except for painting up this Knight Incantor so this month I hope to do much better. I pledge to: -Finish my skullreaper unit (or at least one model) -Paint some Bloodreavers (at least one) -Prime my Daemon Prince and 5x Flesh Hounds -Build 5x liberators
  9. I would definitely get two slaughterpriests so you can field the Gore Pilgrims battalion, past that, I would get some flesh hounds and bloodreavers, and maybe some skullreapers/wrathmongers. Building 1k lists for Khorne can be tough because we rely on synergies, buffs and battalions, and we don't really have very many units that can stand on their own. Overall, how you expand your army depends on whether you want to be Mortal, Daemon or mixed. Right now it looks like you've got a good starting point for a mixed army, but those are generally the weakest competitively, unless you count 'thirster spam with the Gore Pilgrims battalion.
  10. Hey guys, a couple days ago I went over to my cousins house for his birthday and got to play my first game of Warhammer in over 6 months against my uncle. We don't get together that often, but when we do we always play Warhammer. The ancient grudge match of his stout dwarven lines vs. my Khornate warhordes was rekindled. This was my first real game of warhammer since I joined this forum, so I knew I had to do a battle report, so here it is: Batrep 9 7 20 Unfortunately I didn't take very good pictures because I'm a moron, so there's only 2 crappy ones in there.
  11. Last month I pretty much laid a goose egg and this month school starts (which means early mornings and late nights with AP's and whatnot *sigh*) so I'm not pledging to finish any models. I WILL however be pledging this: I, ogarrah, solemnly swear that I will paint for at least 30 minutes every day, homework, chores and baseball be danged. It'll be interesting to see if I can get anything done
  12. Yeah all in all bloodletters in general are pretty disappointing. Speaking of juggers, has anyone ever given thought to making them a unit of their own? Just the juggernauts without bloodletters/bloodwarriors riding them. I was thinking that you could take 3 models for 100 points or the option I like better 5 for 150 (they're about 33 points a model) Give them 3 wounds apiece, a 4+ save and take their standard hooves attack, give them some rend and 10 bravery, the 8" movement and let 'em loose What do you guys think? I think it would be super cool to just have the juggernauts as a separate unit, I would imagine they'd be a lot of fun to play with, kind of like tanky flesh hounds that can put out some good damage
  13. Ok both lists look pretty solid, but I do have a few suggestions If it's possible, I would take the axe on the DP and not the sword (unless you've already built him) and give the torc to the Bloodsecrator, you can then give him the brazen rune or get rid of it and give him something else. I would consider the Crimson Crown so you can use his command ability for free, or the Mark of the Slayer, that wholly within 12" re roll 1's to hit is pretty nice. If you want to give him more of an offensive punch, I would go with the Deathdealer, or maybe because you have the sword (I mathammered out the best artefact for him a while ago but that was all for the axe) maybe the Hellfire Blade (+1 attack) or Harvester of Skulls (MW on a 6) would be better For the Exalted Deathbringer, I wouldn't use the Blood-Forged Armor, I would either give him the Brazen rune or the Talisman of Burning Blood (+1 to run and charge while wholly within 12") If you wanted to give him a little more smack something like the Mark of the Destroyer would be pretty good. I'm definitely a fan of 2 battalions (I am SUCH a sucker for battalions) But I would make both your units of Blood Warriors just 5 guys, they're WAY to expensive to be worth it. Instead I would take a Bloodstoker or another unit of 5 flesh hounds As for your second list, again make your BW units the bare minimum (I really Really REALLY hate BW, they're way to expensive and they kinda suck) That'll give you 200 points to play with, maybe add some more chaos nights, or a Bloodstoker and some flesh hounds. I would keep the chaos knights, but I'm a fan of skullcrushers though, so if you decide to go with the mad lads take 'em as one big meaty unit of 6 and put bronzed blessing on them. It'll give your opponents fits. As for which list I would take, I'm more partial to the first. I like the slaughterborn battalion and I think you should run with it, it doesn't see much use but I think it should. Hope this helps!
  14. Yeah you can definitely hodge podge a viable khorne list from all this Karanak doesn't see much use, but he's pretty good and effectively 100 points cheaper if you can get his hound summon prey thingy off Flesh hounds are solid battleline, they're pretty mobile given that they can re roll charges and they can put out good damage as well if they hit first the mighty lord is pretty good, his insta gib axe doesn't go off that often, but MAN is it fun when it does (if only just to see the look on your opponents face when their Arkhan/Nagash/Alarielle/Katakros/etc. go *poof*) You can also probably get away with taking him as khorgus khul (unless you're opponents one of "those" guys), the models basically look the same Bloodstokers are pretty much an autoinclude in mortal lists, that +3" to run and charge AND re rolling would rolls is great (especially when combined with the goretide CA) Slaughterpriests are GREAT, but I doubt you'll ever need more than 3 Blood Warriors. Ick. I pretty much hate everything about their miserable existence, they should either get a buff OR get a solid point drop (they're basically tree-revenants from Sylvaneth but 20 points more expensive. and all the sylvaneth players are ALWAYS complaining about how much tree-revs suck and should get a point drop. I show them the blood warriors warscroll and tell to shut up and stop complaining) I guess the only good part about them is that you can run a unit of these guys with gorefists into your opponents killiest unit and watch all those save rolls tragically bounce back for mortal wounds Ah yes, bloodreavers. On their own they're pretty much hopeless, but with some work they can actually put out some good damage. (with the gore pilgrims and dark feast battalion it's not hard to get them up to 40 attacks apiece) of course they'll still die like flies but at least they'll do some damage before they go. And hey! Easy blood tithe! (also if you use the goretide CA and a bloodstoker you can get a unit of these guys 20" +2d6 movement.) I haven't used Khorgoraths much myself, but they look sick and probably smack and I've heard they're fun to play with I'm a fan of skullcrushers, but to really make them work you'll probably need more than 3. with these guys it's go big or go home. (this is hilarious because I always tell people this and completely ignore the fact that I take only 3 skullcrushers in my list) also they're RIDICULOUSLY tanky, put bronzed flesh on them and they'll probably last the whole game Bloodcrushers are kind of like the skullcrushers wimpy younger brother, they'll still annoy you but they probably won't that much damage in a fight. However if you keep them at 6 they'll do some solid damage on the charge, but they're neither as tanky nor as killy as skullcrushers though (but they are 40 points cheaper and have bravery 10...) Oh wait you do have khorgus khul. He's basically a mighty lord but with a 8" pile in and a really cool name (which will surprise the heck out of your opponent if you keep quiet about it but this is one of those shenanagins that khorne players tend to brag about a lot so you probably won't catch anyone by surprise) Skarr Bloodwrath, haven't used him much, but he's pretty good. It's a crying shame he's a named character if you think about all the damage he could do with the hew the foe command trait and the gorecleaver Blood secrators are completely 100% necessary no matter what. you don't need 2 though Valkia the Bloody looks super cool and all but she isn't really that good (she might be good in the new flying air battle thing from the GH 2020 but probably not) The aspiring deathbringer will always have a special place in my heart because he was the first model I ever painted (obviously it looks like garbage so I now call him the "Expired" Deathbringer. You HAVE to name the first model you ever paint. It's a thing [ok if it's not it TOTALLY should be]) He's pretty garbage in a fight but he's cheap and his CA is good so... Ever since the khorne-mower got axed (hee hee get it?) bloodletters haven't seen that much use other than for summoning purposes, but they're pretty useful for that so it's good that you have 30 All that to say, you've got a really good start for a Khorne army, and I hope you get lots of Blood for the Blood God and Skulls for the Skull Throne. As for your next models to buy, I would get some wrathmongers and skullreapers, the khorne judgements (The hex gorger skulls are GREAT) and maybe a bloodthirster, but that depeneds on if you're going mortal or daemon (or both, but khorne works best as one or the other, unfortunately
  15. I would drop the Brass Stampede battalion, that'll give you 130 points to play with, maybe another slaughterpriest or some flesh hounds. Personally, I've played with the juggerlord a fair amount and found him seriously lacking. He's tanky, but that's about it. Of course, you need him as your general to fill out your battaline, but Hew the Foe is infinitely more useful on the DP, so keep that in mind. There's been some significant discussion on the Brass Stampede battalion a while back, so if you wanted to get some more info I would go a few pages back I'm sure it's in there somewhere. I would suggest not dropping the skulls, they look super cool and they are DEVASTATING in todays meta, and I think they'll be especially good against the Realmlords.
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