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  1. If its anything like the arrival of nightvault there might be a new set of universal cards to bring the old warbands up to snuff. Might not though.
  2. flemingmma

    Fighty Nurgle

    Nurgle need a new book
  3. If you're taking slaves to darkness units they can take the tzeentch keyword and come under the grand alliance, if its beasts of chaos they can be weazled into tzeentch as well in certain circumstances
  4. You can have a whole warband from the tempest of souls box rather than the full price soul wars box
  5. I'm of the opinion that fantasy can run on a spectrum, hell the cheapo intro fiction hammerhal is split between an fairly low fantasy witchhunter adventure and an epic fantasy stormcast battle and it fits well. life can still be grimdark under the boots of battling gods
  6. well thanks community minded brother, hope you don't cop a ban for posting copyrighted gw stuffs
  7. A bunch of scratch built scenery, and 2 wip models
  8. I've started making terrain from scratch, makes me want to paint stuff to fit in with my fancy new terrain
  9. Whichever is newer, use the azyr app
  10. I was on my way here to post this
  11. 1. Yes both players fight with all available units in their turn and then their opponents 2. A double turn is when a player b wins initiative in the next after having lost initiative the first time so for example. Player a goes first Player b goes second End of round one Players roll to see who goes first this time and player b wins Player b gets a double turn which means they can continue to implement their game plan and the other player can't really do anything outside of clever use of abilities
  12. Always black undercoat! Anything else is heresy!
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