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  1. After long pause, after painting lots of Blood Bowl miniatures I bought new Feast of Bones box - ogor half of it. Plus Great Mawpot. I started painting them, converted some into Ironguts, Hunter and added Firebelly to the tribe. I painted Firebelly first, there is small upcoming painting contest and I wanted to try out object source lighting. It took some time and I cannot say I'm content with it, but it's best I could. As an additional remark - I haven't painted many finecast models, but this will be my last. Such a pain! Parts didn't fit together, a nightmare to cut it from the sprue and clean it, plus it had really uneven surface. Now new Tyrant, the Pot and some ogors to go.
  2. Thank you! No halflings yet, but until the wood elves arrive, I might give them a try.
  3. I've really been into Blood Bowl and played/painted AOS much less, so here are my teams so far (2 on them commission, not based). If the upcoming Wood Elves team is nice, that's my next project. Edit: and for the record I added my Wood Elves team as well. Finally a shot from little Street Bowl league with StreetBowl Cup:
  4. After having played mostly Gutbusters/Beastclaw in AOS, of course I had to try to play Ogre team in Blood Bowl! At first only online, but now I finally finished tabletop ogre team. I didn´t like any available ogre models, so I bought 5 regular human GW ogres plus Grak and Crumbleberry from ebay and kitbashed/converted them into different positions. Not much - I changed the heads and arm positions, also replaced one hand with Orc Thrower hand. Just minor changes, but overall look became quite different! Then I painted them in simple colour scheme, but added orange beards to pop out. Runts are mixture of Ogors gnoblars and 40K Gretchins. Both ogres and runts came out much better than I hoped!
  5. Yup, should try. In this case I have to leave huskard, but I guess that is fine.
  6. Here's a small battle report on Braggoth's Beast Hammer. My third try and first loss. List was Beasthammer plus Huskard and sabres. It was hard game, ironjaws are faster (!) and more powerful and more numerous than Beastclaw . Plus some stupid mistakes from my part and stupid dice . But fun game and fun battalion still! Forces of Caerbannog - Braggot's Beast Hammer battle report.
  7. Battleplan: Knife to the Heart Armies: Beasclaw vs Ironjaws Points: 2000 Ironjaws 1 Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (Ethereal Amulet) 1 Megaboss 1 Grot Shaman 10 Brutes 5 Brutes 3 Gore Gruntas 10 Ardboys 10 Ardboys +Redtooth and Brutefist or something battalions and Maw endless spell Beastclaw Raiders: Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders (Shyish) Frostlord on Stonehorn (420) - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet Huskard on Thundertusk (360) - General - Trait: Everwinter's Master - Pelt of Charngar 4 x Mournfang Pack (320) - Gargant Hackers 2 x Mournfang Pack (160) - Gargant Hackers 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 2 x Mournfang Pack (160) 2 x Frost Sabres (40) Braggoth's Beast Hammer (230) Total: 1970 / 2000 Pre-battle strategy: Opponent left 20xArdboys and 5 Brutes to his objective and other units to the right. Seeing I had no chance to break through that 55 wound Save 4+ wall even with ALL my army attacking it, I went for minor victory. Put 2 non-battalion mournfangs to the left to bait the Brutes to charge and then counter charge and attack from the wings. 1st ROUND Beastclaw: had to go first. Did not do much, just moved some inches and used Huskard's bird. Ironjaws: Shaman Mystic Shielded Brutes and moved to the right with Gruntas, Brutes and both Megabosses. Others just huddled around the objective. 2nd ROUND Ironjaws: I won the initiative roll, but Beastclaw is too slow to get to charge range, so I gave initiative to orruks. Brutes, Gruntas and Megabosses moved forward, Brutes and Gruntas were close enough to make the charges. Brutes charged my two non-battalion Mournfang and blocked the from Gruntas. Brutes attacked, two guys with special weapons killed both Mournfang with ease. Brutes reroll all misses against Beastclaw. Beastclaw: Didn't get to re-roll wounds, moved 3" instead. Used a bird against Maw-Krusha, Huskard iced 1 Grunta - actually I wanted to kill Brutes, but just said the wrong unit name... Moved Frostsabres to block Grunta move to objective, 2 Mournfangs and 3 Beastclaw Gruntas charged Brutes, Frostlord charged Maw-Krusha, did 5 mortal wounds. Frostlord attacked, could not kill Maw-Krusha, regardless of +1 to hit and re-rolling 1s to wound. But finally killed him thanks to battalion one time power to attack once more. Brutes killed Mournfangs and wounded Gruntas. Megabosses attacked Frostlord, almost killed him due to my rolling seven 1s and two 2s. Great... My Gruntas kill two Brutes. 3rd ROUND Ironjaws: Didn't win priority. Ironjaws killed one Grunta with Maw endless spell, which left a hole for Brutes, who retreated to my objective and had more models than me around it, so MAJOR LOSS for Beastclaw. SUMMARY: Cannot really see how to win that battle plan with Beastclaw. Just not enough bodies and not enough damage output. Maybe just stay arounf my own objective and hope for kill points. My clear mistake was leaveng the hole for Brutes to retreat. Even 1 model would have blocked it, but my Huskard was just a bit too far away. Also half of my army was too far away and could not keep pace with Ironjaws - I know it sounds weird, but Beastclaw is not really fast army. 9 inch move is nice, but no boosting whatsoever, Ironjaws clearly outpaced them and in last game the Breyherd did the same. I think next time I might try to exchange Huskard and cats against second Frostlord. Or Troggoth Hag.
  8. Thanks for the answers! Probably I just remembered it from those two battle plans.
  9. I recall from some source that a unit cannot retreat and capture objective. Is it so and if yes, where can I find the rule/FAQ/Errata/Designers commentary for that?
  10. I am not sure, but Allies "cannot use or benefit from your army’s allegiance abilities". Realm artifacts are not allegiance abilities, so I'd say they can use realm artifacts (but not artifacts from your allegiance abilities). Beasthammer is great battalion, but it's hard to fit in 2x4 units of Mournfang into it. So I usually go with 4x Mournfang and 2x Mournfang and then either ally in Troggoth Hag or take Thundertusk, plus Frostsabres for objective holding.
  11. I have toyed with the idea, but refrained from it due to the fact that pigs are harder to get their charges right and i think with 6 pigs battleshock might be an issue.
  12. Yes! I knew I was on right track with my Beasthammer battalion . But yeah, I can confirm that +1 is VERY nice to Beastclaw and makes Stonehorn great and more reliable. There was a mistake in the list though, Troggoth Hag is now 380 points... So no endless spell actually.
  13. Aleguzzler gargant is now 160 points, not 170. And thanks for keeping it!
  14. I just realized that usually we can ally in only 1 unit, because we generally don't have 8 units on the table... Aargh! So no double butchers... Edit: Unless unit number limit does not count in matched play. There is no mention of it in GHB. Maybe 400 points replaces the 1/4 rule.
  15. Actually she lost 2 wounds from Wound characteristic and went up 20 points.
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