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  1. Hi Guys! Was wondering if any of you have figured out a competitive Seraphpn list that doesnt involve spamming EOTG?
  2. I dont play tournaments but my gaming group is very conpetitive. Even with all the lizard buffs it is not an outo win, death tzeenitch stormcast all have super stron new abilities also! So i am sure i will be able to play with my gaming group no problem and still have fun
  3. Definatelly looking good cant wait to play the new une. The new lords of space and time with curse of fathes is amayzing, failing to move on one but moving like nothing on a 4 plus New thunderquake is only 120pts And engines are still 220 so preatty nasty when you can summon 120pts each turn for free
  4. I Agree, sounds like similar to a recent origin story ("Idoneth Deepkeen") Oh man can wait to see how this evolves!
  5. NEW FLUFF AND STORY FOR SERAPHON -CLICK HERE Finally new lore and stuff for seraphon... looks like finally we are moving forward with the story line and for the looks of it it seems they oppened the posibility of a new race ( like idoneth or daugters of Kaine) for more savage Seraphon in the future! very pumped about this.
  6. Wright, as long as you have an astrolith bearer or other slanns you need to place the minis within 12 of the slann or the astrolith and more than 9 from ennemy units
  7. Not at all, a free unit a turn sounds great
  8. Hopefully! I just saw thr post on redsit so I can't promise anything. This leeks so far make seraphon even more competitive
  9. There is a reddit leak that they are up on Saturday
  10. Hahahhaha, true! Howevee the reroll charges on stormfiends units is good. Skaven in general need a faction update soon!
  11. Its a thunderquake batallion, acompanied by a slann usually and than fill up to 2000points with things you like: so normally: An engine of the gods 2 bastiladons 1 unit of razorsons/salamanders Than you add A slann An asteolith bearer And the battleline unist ( normally skinks) Than you add whatever you prefer. Another stron list is thinderkroak, basically the thunderquake with a kroknado ( kroak+balewind)
  12. Agree! The main reason was rules! They wherent significantly powerfull enough for competitive play, however that has changed and a lot of people have started this army. On February the start collecting for seraphon was one of their bestsellers on their website. I don't think they are disappearing, but I do think its going to be a while before the models get updated.... Elves took 2 years ( and are one of the main races) slanesh have not yet gotten their models, and neither sKaven, and if you want a more extreme case there are the sisters of battle for 40k that took like 10 years. I think we just have to be patient and continue asking for updates in their social media page, if there is interest they will work on it, and I think there is interest
  13. Watch this battle report! It will give you an idea of how good dinosaur bulds are
  14. Hi, Definatelly man! There are some nice competitive builds for seraphon and many of them include dinosaurs! If you are going for the double carnosaur I would go order aliance with starpriest, beast battlemage and loremaster! This list gets you lots of 6 damage output but strugles with high armour armies, you can also add some rippers to this built ( 2 trex and 6 terodactils) Other option is Kroak and a thunderquake batallion, that gives you stegafons and bastiladons and the batallion combined with kroak is really good Also you can take kroak and shadowstrike ( terodactils) So to answer your question DEFINATELLY! You can make cheap dinosaur competitive armies, just make sure you check the sinergies, as that is the big strength of seraphon
  15. The skinks are good, but I always use it with Rippers.
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