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  1. This is very cool, I really like the worn/overgrown flagstones outside the chapel, good work!
  2. I boarded out my loft pretty much for GW storage purposes, along with a bit of other household stuff. I built a shelf into the frame that supports my water tank, if I was putting more shelving up there I'd measure out the size of GW boxes and make them fit more precisely so I could fit more in. I've also got a little desk space and seat where I can work organising hobby stuff up there without having to carry stuff up and down my loft ladder. Wheeled underbed type plastic boxes might also be useful to store things under the eaves where it's hard to get to.
  3. An interesting read, it sounds like they've tweaked the army to make it essentially more fun to play, charging and ruining peoples plans, doing what a great big Orruk should, smashin' stuff up good and proppa.
  4. This seems pretty cool although I'm pretty confused about what it is. When I first skim read the Warhammer Community article I was under the impression it was going to be a Mighty Empires type tile based campaign set but after reading it properly it comes across more like another Season of War campaign like last summer. Having said that the army boxes do look good, it's nice to see the Freeguild get a bit of love. I wonder if we'll see any more of these mixed faction bundle boxes for the other alliances.
  5. Lovely work, those classic Handmaidens look great on round bases. The colour palette and the freehand banner all work really well.
  6. Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll find plenty of hobby inspiration in the faction specific, painting and modelling, blogs and gallery sections of the forums.
  7. I'd say learning how to airbrush really well while is a really useful skill and tool to have access to, doing so just for one model even one as large as Archeon doesn't make sense time investment wise. I'd put that time into building up blends, picking out all the detail and things with thin layers with a brush and you'll get amazing results. Having said that if you're thinking of getting into airbrushing in general picking one up to get the base layers down on Archeon (his mount in particular) and start learning how to use it is a great idea as it will quickly give even a beginner rea
  8. If you want a glossy red effect on the cheap a good way to do it would be to spray the models with Retributor Armour spray, then apply 2 or 3 thin coats of Blood For the Blood God mixed 1:1 with Bloodletter glaze. (Alternatively use Spirit Stone Red gem paint mixed 1:1 with Carroburg Crimson). Both these colour mixes should work quite well over the gold undercoat. After youve got the red looking nice just touch up, shade and highlight the gold, then paint the other bits and you're done. Hope that helps.
  9. While I really like the look of the Shardwrack Spines for a Choas Wasteland type setting, the tree things just look a bit too alien for my liking but I suppose could work in niche parts of some realms. The only reason they've done this is because the kit isn't selling that well and opening it up to AoS increases the potential size of the market a bit. To be honest I very nearly bought this kit when it came out for 40k, but it was just a bit too expensive and I only really wanted the Spines... They really should have been 2 kits at £30 each and they probably would have sold like Munitorum
  10. I really like the Rosemary and Co. Series 401 sable blend brushes which are great for base coating (especially metallics), sizes 2/0 up to 2. Much better than the GW medium base brush in particular. I've tried their Series 33 Kolinsky Sable brushes, they were ok but lost their point quite quickly and they just didn't feel quite right, I use them as wash/glaze brushes now. I'm interested to try the Series 22 though and will pick one or two up next time I buy from them.
  11. Yeah I agree. You need to use loads of plastic glue on the Realm Gates for example to get them bond nicely (hold them very firmly for at least half an hour) then you have to take a full size coarse woodworking file to the sides of them to smooth off the join lines. The current AoS scenery is all a bit two dimensional and not really fit of purpose (i.e. putting units on them, in cover, or blocking line of sight). You can make some decent pieces from them but it's a real step backwards from where they were at with the WHFB buildings, Fortified Manor, Skullvane Manse, etc. Having sa
  12. I find using a few different types of material on the bases with crackle helps make it look more realistic. So for example raised patches of sand or rocks with the Agrellan on the lower lying areas. Two thinned coats of Agrellan wont really crackle so can be used to paint sandy bits the same colour, then washed and drybrush to bring out the textures. These sandy/soily areas are also good places to apply tufts as vegetation is more likely to naturally grow on areas that aren't hard baked mud.
  13. I expect a fleshed out version of PTG from the GHB for a reasonable price so lots of people can pick it up and get involved no matter which army they want to play and thus drive the narrative/casual scene... Now I've just seen the pre-order go up and it's priced at £20, which feels a bit high I was expecting it somewhere between £8 to £12... Old GW... is that you? Having said that I will wait to see the actual thing before I cast final judgement.
  14. I'm looking for the September 2016 White Dwarf, the one that came with the free Slaughterpriest but I don't need the Slaughterpriest. In particular I only need the pages 45 to 48 the Deathwatch Overkill add on cards. The way they've printed it you can only cut 4 out of 5 of the cards out from a single White Dwarf... nice one GW! I'm happy to paypal a bit of cash over in exchange for these pages. I'm in the UK.
  15. Great colour combinations here very cool!
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