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  1. yeah its the old forgeworld one, but he also has a hook tail:)
  2. Think this rumour engine might be the big slaanesh model you can see in the background of the sigvald video. Some sort of altar, cauldron of blood, triumph of saint katherine mix.
  3. I like all the sneaky skaven hiding in the video
  4. Think the article hints a bit at Gorkamorka (or something like Gordrakk) being the next brokenrealms book. Also the lore and that collectable coin picture makes sence for mortal slaanesh to be the january release.
  5. I believe they have a starship https://malignportents.com/story/dying-star/
  6. Heard warhammer underworlds nightvault aka shadespire season 2 is comming soon. Between beasts of chaos and Orktober;)
  7. If I remember correctly nighthaunt can deepstrike until turn 4 (unit is slain if not set up before) Found this on the Nighthaunt forum Allegiance Abilities (from WHLive) -1 bravery to units within 6” of a Nighthaunt unit 6+ ignore wounds for a unit wholly within 12” of a hero Half of your units can be in the underworld. Auto arrive, but must arrive by turn 4 10”+ unmodified charge - immediately attack (and can then attack again later) New Command Ability for General. Remove a unit and set it up within 12” of general / more than 9” from enemy.
  8. Rulewise “Hammers of sigmar” doesn’t mean that your army is painted gold with blue. It means that when you make your list you give them the “Hammers of sigmar” stormhost. It’s the same with Kharadron Overlords where a lot of lists use the same skyport (think its barak-ubarz) but you see all kinds of diffrent paint schemes.
  9. Any rumours on new basing kits matching the bases from some of the new nighthaunt and stormcast models (Reikenor, the easy to build kits and the stormcast ballisata)?
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/25/25th-june-heroes-of-the-nighthauntgw-homepage-post-4/
  11. Don’t your need atleast 6 sequitors for 3 grandmaces?
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