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  1. The coolest thing that Grombrindal IS a Grungni. As far as I understand Grungni was a white-bearded wanderer for all centuries and he slowly forges Grombrindal from his memories after each time he returns from his journey. Grungni even says that he (Gromrindal) remembers more than him (Grungni). So Grungni purposefully forged the legend about white-bearded Duardin who helping all of his keens and use it as a unification factor for all duardins. The living legend that leads all duardins to reclaim what was once theirs!
  2. In the last WD Grungni actually understand this and have a plan. (This plan was revealed on the last page)
  3. New Harbi? Endless spells? Small flying skirmishers?
  4. May be for 3 ed dualboxes we will see 2 small waves for 2 factions (1 hero + 2 units) instead of 1 big wave for 1 faction? Hmmm...
  5. As KO collector I will be more than happy to know that too because I'm already ready to spend 1500$ on Fyreslayers for combined duardin tome)
  6. Did anyone notice if we will get bonus artefact for battalion? Just curious.
  7. I think we already get ward saves (invulnerable saves from 40k) from bless?
  8. I feel like reactions could be the most influential thing for us if we will consider that aether gold will not change(we will be able to use it in enemy turn to boost the effects of reactions) So right now the main question is how triumphs will change?
  9. It's so funny how GW is showing new cool 3ed rules for monsters, magic and priests... and KO have neither of them
  10. The more I think about combined battletome the more I feel that at some point GW will need to release 2 books. 1 for lore and 1 for rules and profiles...
  11. I feel that Magmadroth will be monsters for KO...
  12. New duardin faction based on Duardin Cogforts? Hm...
  13. Looks like something much bigger. Probably some kind of suit or heavy walker.
  14. This sounds quite possible because Grungni is returning and he probably will decide to return his forge that was infested by skavens in realm of metal.
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