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  1. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Updated the main post with The Realm Walkers Atlas (first 9 table plans)...
  2. Stevewren

    Preparing for the GT Final - Testing the Competitive AoS V2

    How is everybody approaching the finals? I took a fairly strong list tonthe heats and was pleased to qualify so the final is more of a reward weekend. I like the idea of just taking something a little different and quirky rather than trying to compete.
  3. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Version 1.3 of the Scenario Pack is up: Added rules for moving wizards hit by the great wave in scenario 3 Version 1.4 of the rules pack is up: Wording change to clarify the army points values Realm Walker upgrades added to the post above!
  4. Stevewren

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    I'm really unsure about what to do at the moment with the new edition - I've tried Nurgle and Sylvaneth, but my favourite list in AoS 1 was the Omniscient Oracles. I'm not sure that it will work anymore so I am looking at this list. I haven't quite decided on the items, but I like the idea of Kairos being able to cast Fractal Mindstorm on a really high cast - 10+ on units, roll 10 dice and any fours are mortal wounds coupled with the LoC spell. The Enlightened are a good fighting unit with the shaman and the Ogroid Thaumaturge, and the marauders are good at the points for a whole bunch of dudes to hold an objective. The list is then filled out with casters - can get off 8 spells a game plus whatever else the opponent casts so some summoning should be possible after a couple of turns. The only downside is painting the 40 Maruaders!
  5. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Version 1.2 of the Scenario Pack is up: Change to the Name of Scenario 5 Objective placement added to Scenario 3
  6. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Couple of updates tonight. Firstly I have done a minor word change to Negative Achievement 8 (aka The Fyreslayer rule): 8. Suck out the Fun - Include a unit of 20 or more models that have more than 1 save (doesn’t apply to the Death Save or Nurgle save) Also the Realm Walker war scroll is up. I've had a few players ask about base size - its purely up to you. The model should be fun and creative, and I don't want to spoil your creative juices by giving you limitations. You may even like to do two or three models to show how your Realm Walker develops throughout the story....
  7. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    This happens quite a lot - its very rare that players get all the achievements in a section. Its about maximizing as much as you can. I think Declan who won last year scored in the 70's for total achievements, so that should give you an idea about where to aim at.
  8. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Scenario Pack and the Version 1.2 of the Rules pack is up in the main post! Any changes now will be minor based on any feedback or play testing, but we are pretty much ready to go!
  9. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Glad you're looking forward to it. And yes, you are absolutely correct. However 2 or 3 units of five would be absolutely fine...
  10. Event Title: Warhammer Achievements 6 Event Author: @StevewrenCalendar: Events UKEvent Date: 02/11/2018 12:00 PM to 04/11/2018 5.00PM What is Warhammer Achievements? Warhammer Achievements 6 is a five game Narrative Play Age of Sigmar event that will be running at Ben Curry’s’ Blood and Glory tournament in Derby on the 2rd to the 4th November 2018. The event is unique amongst the UK tournament scene as possibly the only event that can be won by a player that loses all their games. You heard me right! If you are hopeless at winning Age of Sigmar games this could well be the event for you…! Instead the event is scored using Achievements that can be gained throughout the five games, how you painted and selected your army, how sporting you are, and a few miscellaneous ones that will be announced in the lead up to the event. In all there are 99 achievements available, and the winner will be the player that achieves the most. Tell me more about the Achievements, they sound great… Achievements come in many shapes and sizes. There are 50 in game achievements available to players. 25 of them can be achieved in any game, and the other 25 are broken down into each game and can only be claimed in that game. They include things such as using 3 or more command abilities in a turn, completing a turn 1 charge, wiping out a unit in a single turn, and passing a bravery test on a 1. The painting ones are scored by including freehand in your army, having some non-metallic metal, including vintage Games Workshop models, and showing off some conversions in your army. You also get achievements through your unit choice and army selection, and through playing the game in a sporting manner. There has also been a tradition where you can gain negative achievements, which will take points away (however there is also an award for getting the most of these as well!) DOWNLOAD THE EVENT RULES PACK HERE Updated 10th August 18 Warhammer Achievements 6 - Rules Pack Version 1.4.pdf DOWNLOAD THE SCENARIO PACK HERE Updated 10th August 18 Warhammer Achievements 6 Scenario Pack Version 1.3pdf DOWNLOAD THE ATLAS HERE Updated 12th August 18 The Atlas (Table Maps 1-9).pdf That all sounds well and good, but what is the gaming like? I’m glad you asked. Once again this year we are running the event over two days with games at variable point values from 1600 to 2500 points. Each game will have a challenging scenario, and winning this will allow you to claim the major objective.. All the games will be on custom designed and themed tables with their own special table objectives. These will make up the secondary objectives. The tertiary objectives are still being created in association wit the Ruinous Powers... The player with the highest number of Battlepoints over the weekend will be crowned the Best General at the event (we like to reward gaming skill as well). Where does the Narrative part come from? This year we are wandering the Realms, searching for the source of the upsurge in magical activity that is permeating the lands. Realmstone can be gained and used to power your factions, or kept for yourself to use in game. Full realm rules will be in effect on every table, and you'll need to start working on your Realm Walker model... All the scenarios are based on the Malign Sorcery narrative battle plans which have been adapted subtly to fit the Warhammer Achievements event. Check out the Scenario Pack for more details. How important is painting at Warhammer Achievements? Very! All the organisers of the event have been much more successful painting armies than winning games and the Best Painted Army award has been hard fought over previous years. We encourage you to bring the army and models that you have spent the most time and put the most effort into and these will probably be the ones that you are most proud of, especially if you can gain the most achievements from them. The chances are your best models will tick the most achievement boxes to, so it should be a win-win situation. Age of Sigmar is a very aesthetic game and we know that tables are going look great, so we want the armies to look awesome as well. That all sounds great – sign me up! If you like the sound of this then get yourselves over to the Bad Dice website and purchase your ticket today. Warhammer Achievements is will be limited to 30 players initially so if you want to take part in this unique event then you’ll need to sign up fast as the tickets will be going quick, especially as there may be achievements up for grabs for the first people to sign up. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUY TICKETS HERE... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to stay up to date on how the tables are coming on and how the rules pack is shaping up then follow me on Twitter @stevewren for all the latest news from Warhammer Achievements and Blood and Glory. SCENERY UPDATES AND RANDOM WARHAMMER ACHIEVEMENT STUFF - Coming Soon... You can find this on my Blog post here on TGA Questions? If you have any questions at all about this event feel free to get in touch. You can contact me on the TGA boards, either in this thread or via the Messaging function. Alternatively you can email at stevewren1976@googlemail.com or @stevewren on Twitter
  11. Stevewren

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    They are fine. Last year we had armies that used the compendium scrolls, we had Tyler Mengels Endless Desserts TK book being used, and we've even had custom warscrolls used as well.
  12. Stevewren

    Warhammer Achievements Table Maps

    So it looks like I need a minimum of 5 more tables! ******. No idea where I am going to store them!
  13. Stevewren

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    The story will revolve around the Soul Wars from the new edition so I cant release it till after the book is out. Much as I'd love to assume all the WA tickets will sell out straight away they tend to go at a slower pace due to the nature of the event - I'm sure if its something you like the look of their will still be spaces available
  14. Stevewren

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Take a look at the rules pack - the scenario achievements can only be gained by engaging in the narrative. Also this year I've been in discussion with NEO expert Steve Foote and we are looking at how players can write their own narrative and then add in their own achievements to help theme the games to your storyline. We also had an excellent system for character development last year that allowed a lowly commander to ascend to God-hood throughout the story. As with all narrative events its very hard for an organiser to force the narrative onto the players. What I try to do is give you the chance to place your narrative into the event and give you a system to do it. Also the Achievement system should be helping you build a story around your army - you could have a specialist monster hunting unit that can go out and gain rewards for doing that job for example. Take a look at the pack from last year, message some of the guys that regularly attend - Steve Foote, Declan Waters, Ben Johnson. I'm sure they would be happy to share their experiences with you.
  15. Stevewren

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    The Warhammer Achievements pack wont be out on Sunday - we are waiting for the AoS2 release as it will have a very big impact potentially on the way the tournament runs with all the new realm rules, artifacts and spells. I hope these will be playing a large role this year as they will suit the individual tables really well. However the tournament basics will be fairly similar so you can get a good idea of what to expect from last years pack. If you haven't seen it you can view it here: