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  1. The Upgradable Commander Warscroll has been added to the first post.
  2. It applies to the Cavalry units too! Good spot - I'll amend that tonight Re the battle line achievement yes it is hard, but the intention has never been for players to be able to get all of them. There have to be some harder ones to create The intention was to stop soup armies from getting this (so you wouldn't get it if you had a mixed order or chaos list for example). However you could include chaos warriors or knights in a slaanesh force as you can mark them, and you can also include things that cannot take a mark. Hope that helps.
  3. Rules pack has been added to the top post!
  4. Warhammer Achievements is back for its 7th Iteration at Blood and Glory this year. You can download the pack here: Warhammer Achievements Rules Pack version 1.1 The Scenario pack will be coming soon For information on the venue and to purchase tickets please go to https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk Once again we have a Wats App group so if you want to find out more information and chat to the guys that are already going please contact me here and I'll DM the link, or contact me on Twitter @stevewren and I can send it to you there. The Commander is an elite leader of the Armies of the Brotherhoods. These skilled tacticians can inspire an army, their charisma and character driving their troops to feats unimagined. At Warhammer Achievements you can watch as your Commander becomes more powerful over the five games.
  5. The wash works best if you mix in plenty of lahmian medium and apply it very sparingly. You can always go back and define the areas you think need more. I always keep my bush handy so that I can remove any areas that have a particularly large build up of wash as well to prevent it from pooling where I don't want it to On the image below I used Coellia green shade rather than the purple, but it stayed quite smooth.
  6. I know - I painted up a Vermin Lord Deceiver and only realized it didn't ally in when I'd finished it!
  7. I'm off to the Sheffield Slaughter with my Maggotkin army next weekend. 13 models is enough to compete these days right? I've got the following: Lord of Afflictions (general) Glotttkin Orghotts DeamonSpew Horticulux 3 x 2 Pusgoyle Blightlords 3 x Plague drones What I haven't done yet is equip an item or spells, so if anyone has any ideas that might be a little off the wall I'll gladly consider all options!
  8. The Maggotkin cant ally in any other Skaven units - its the Pestillens models or nothing unfortunately (unless you do mixed Chaos of course).
  9. I totally understand how you feel about batch painting. I struggle to paint more than 10 of anything so building competitive large model count armies is something I ignore. Instead I try to build armies with more of things I enjoy which is usually monsters and heroes.
  10. When you do the pairings could teams have a choice to select the player or the scenario? For example team B puts down an army. Team A puts down 2 armies and 2 scenarios. Team B can select either the army to play against or the scenario. Team A then selects the army or scenario to complete the match up. I think that makes sense...
  11. I cant believe I made it in, so I've paid and booked a cheeky little hotel room. Now to decide if I want to play Tzeentch again...
  12. Russ Veal (death), Joe McGough (death) and Tony Moore (Death) were first, second and third. All the results can be found on the Best Coast Pairings app I believe. There is a link here: AoS Results
  13. I suppose its that time when I should say thanks to all the players who came along and made the event the success it was. The only reason we got so many good comments was because you all made the event look so much fun. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and hearing the stories from the games. Hopefully I wasn't too off with people when it came to score entering time! Rules questions were infrequent and easily solved (even the bravery of a rock one). My first job for next year is to figure out a way to improve and streamline the scoring system just in case we get a similar amount of players. The score sheet could also be more intuitive to fill in . Overall though I think you all made the event run smoothly because of the attitude and willingness to embrace the system so its just a massive thanks from me!
  14. The Atlas has been updated to contain 16 discovered and mapped realms. The remaining four realms will be discovered by the players at the weekend! The Atlas v2.pdf
  15. Thanks - I'm looking forward to seeing who is victorious this year and what armies the attendees are bringing! Also we have another map ready for release tonight:
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