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  1. I've decided that in the new year i'm going to try and turn this warband idea into a fluff army. Wild Riders turned Blood Knights, spellweavers turned Necromancers ect ect. I'll keep posting updates here and on the other thread but that will probably be batch updates as appose to model by model mainly for my own sanity. See you on the other side.
  2. Change of plan here, think i'm going to step this up a gear and try and turn it into a full army in the new year. Maybe a cavalry unit or two of Wild Riders turned Blood Knights and a Spellweaver turned necromancer, things like that.
  3. yeah mate, if you cut it up right it goes really far. best basing kit gw do.
  4. Old Woden

    Dark Riders

    the modelling or the painting?
  5. The hide was (if I remember right) 1/10 Sotek to Chaos black as a base then dry brush heavily with Eshin then was with nuln, then a medium dry brush of dawstone then a light dry brush of in sections with Adminastratum grey then another wash then an edge highlight of that lightest grey on the key features. For the underbelly I started with Eshin where it met the hide then in a short space a blend up to stormvermin (to be fair it might be easier to start at stormvermin straight out I don't think the Eshin step was needed at all) then blended up slowly to 1/1 Stormvermin and Ushabti then a light drybrush of ushabti at the lowest points (furthest from the hide). Then I used a glaze brush to put a line of nuln in where the hide meets the underbelly. If you have the inclination you could alway use a medium glaze to draw in the horizontal lines of the creases of the underbelly back in as well as some of the musclier areas. I swerved that though.
  6. Sorry mate do you mean for the hide or for the underbelly's?
  7. Varghulf Conversion for an Aos28 Warband
  8. Varghulf Conversion for an AoS28 warband
  9. Converted for a AoS28 Warband
  10. Dire Wolf Conversion for an AoS28 warband
  11. They're from the Khrone Deamons kit. Yeah trying to use a limited/monochrome colour palette where possible.
  12. Varghulf's just got some touching up to do but so far i'm pretty happy with it. I was worried i'd made the wrong call on not doing his 'skin' the same tones as the vampire lords but i'm glad i didn't because i think it would of been far too bright on do much of a surface area it'd spoil the monochrome effect/limited colour palette. Also its another thing you can pick out about the vampire lord when they're next to each other.
  13. Fell Bates And Bat Swarm painted. Somehow i wasn't as convinced about how these came out. i think i could of gone blacker rather than grey on the feathers but that might of been too much. Swings and Roundabouts.
  14. 'Varghulf' converion is pretty much finished. Next I'm going to try and do a 'necromancer on nightmare' and maybe some more Dire Wolves
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