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  1. May i ask why you opened up this thread in a fan forum when you could just ask GW via e-mail about this, just in case they actually HAVE some sort of official regulations for this? I'm just curious, but feel free to ignore this question: If GW has regulations for stuff like this, what would happen if they would contradict your store manager's tournament requirements? I hope you have a very polite and odourless week!
  2. Only after 14 years (including Warcraft 3) by becoming the Warchief, so we would have plenty of time (i guess?).
  3. Just imagine an AoS version of Sylvanas Windrunner.... 😍
  4. I think the already announced Spire Tyrants could be something like this. Archaons gladiator champions who sort out the weak from the other warbands. On another note, every current chaos warband is a Slaves to Darkness warband.
  5. Good thing i planned to buy a second box anyway 🤔 Had my first two games yesterday, was a bit unfortunate regarding the battleplans because my opponent took up both treasures in the two games with his Rocktusk Prowler and just ran away and i wasn't able to keep up in order to terrify him. BUT although a glascannon the Blissful One is dishing out some serious pain, love it! Plus the second game had the twist where every unit gets +1 strength, which made the Blissful and my Joyous One even more deadlier.
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