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  1. While GW has been drifting away from the Grand Alliance structure (likely due to following the players' lead), I think it is still important to the entry-level of the game and to its long term health. It seems that dedicated and vocal players want more depth from each faction (and they're mostly getting it), but the Grand Alliance system facilitates the army ADHD and "play with what you like" mindsets that are more prevalent among young players and new players. Also, the Grand Alliance system helps to maintain players old armies from WHFB. It's less important now than it was in the beginning, but I imagine they'd still like to get those players back. It basically costs them nothing to leave it in place now that they've completely sidestepped it with allies rules for matched play. Since at this point GA rules only really apply to casual/open/narrative play and have no impact on matched play, I think it's safe to say that GW will leave them in place for the foreseeable future.
  2. Nacnudllah

    Which scenario do you like best!?

    I voted for Gifts From the Heavens, but Wilddog makes a good point, Starstrike is just a better version of the same battleplan. I like that it forces changing tactics depending on where the objectives come down, but it also makes sense from a story perspective.
  3. Nacnudllah

    Map based Narrative Campaign

    I've been thinking about doing something similar. My vision is for PtG warbands to move around on a campaign map and then, once they reach 10 Glory, create a settlement from which new PtG warbands can be spawned. The retired warbands would only be able to battle to defend their settlements and the players would have to create new warbands to roam the map.
  4. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Prince Marrow-gnawer’s Royal Guard.
  5. Nacnudllah

    How do you play open/casual?

    I can definitely see the issues there. I do game in an area rich with all of those options (players bringing lots of stuff, also on-site storage, a focus on smaller battles, and a fair number of long-time gamers). Also, my gaming pals tend to be collectors rather than putting together a single perfected army. You may be interested in this battleplan I've written (I went ahead and uploaded it today, just for this thread). Instead of aiming for balanced gameplay, it aims to create cinematic and narrative gaming experiences on a "pick-up game" basis.
  6. Nacnudllah

    Battleplan - Stuff of Legends

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a one-stop-shop Narrative battleplan. It is designed using storytelling game concepts to play into the idea of gaming as conversation. I designed it for narrative/open play pickup games for when players don't have some great idea for a story; they can instead let the story flow over them with this battleplan. It uses a system of Objectives and Motivations to create thematic scenarios. It includes generic Objectives and Motivations along with Objectives and Motivations to accompany most battletomes.
  7. Nacnudllah

    How do you play open/casual?

    Those are really the reasons for my setup suggestion (step 3). If you're matching infantry for infantry, monster for monster, hero for hero, (start collecting battalion for start collecting battalion) etc, then you'll probably be close enough even without the experience. As for the player who has 5 dragons, that sounds pretty darn cinematic! I'd play against their 5 dragons any day. I'd probably bring 5 monsters of my own, or, failing at that perhaps just a whole slough of heroes (for maximum awesome). Nobody ever offers to fight me with 5 dragons If someone keeps bringing the same thing every time, trying different battleplans and bringing different units yourself seems like it would be quite enough for me. That said, if you keep losing to their tournament list, just gradually bring more stuff each time until you win. They might appreciate the challenge.
  8. Nacnudllah

    How do you play open/casual?

    1. Don't even make an army list. 2. Choose a battleplan that looks like fun, or bust out the open war cards. 3. As you're setting up your army, try to match your opponent's army unit for unit in your head. If they set up 20 Saurus Warriors, throw down 5 Blight Kings, if they put down a Bastilodon, drop your Maggoth Lord. It won't be perfectly balanced, but an awful lot of AoS comes down to dice rolling, so it will probably be fun. 4. Bring that new unit you've been wanting to get out on the battlefield, regardless of whether it fits the synergies of the rest of your army. 5. As you're playing, don't avoid cinematic moments just because they aren't good ideas. If you think your general has an off-chance of taking down that Bastilodon, charge it. Crash your hordes of infantry into one-another. Engage the scenery special rules (especially if they are goofy homebrew rules that you or your opponent cooked up). Throw caution to the wind. Challenge your opponent to do the same. If you see a piece of terrain that really needs to have an epic duel on it, go duel. Instead of defining your gameplay by winning or losing, define it by the moments that you will remember in years to come.
  9. Is that the case? In the Allegiance Abilities section of the core rules it says that "Artefacts of power have no effect on attacks made by a hero's mount unless noted otherwise". Unless it's received a very odd FAQ (not out of the question). Also, on topic, I generally just remind my opponent of things that my army does that seem pertinent. Unless one is a tournament player, it seems like expecting your opponent to memorize both their rules and yours is a bit of a steep ask. I don't generally feel good about pulling the wool over my opponent's eyes by not telling them about a rule that will impact the game heavily, or about my opponent depriving me of such information (it's not like I've read their army book and know all their allegiance abilities).
  10. Nacnudllah

    Your five year plan for AoS

    I'd come out with a few new kits for Tzeentch, Khorne, Pestilens, Flesh-eaters, Fyreslayers, Seraphon, Sylvaneth, and Ironjawz so that I could update their battletomes to include their Allegiance/Summoning abilities (maybe just make a new hero for each to go with the updated battletomes.
  11. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Bar-Zhagg, Druzgul, and their grot slaves.
  12. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    In Options, you can change the heightmap template from High Island to Peninsula to get land at the borders.
  13. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    I've combined Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator with some additional finishing in powerpoint to make a new regional map for my campaign setting. Eucebium is the region in turmoil that all of my previous Game Day events have taken place in, but I'm growing the map to add some new regions and to get a bigger view of the area they inhabit. Kytos: This region is peopled largely by barbarian cultures. During the Age of Chaos, they fell to worship of Khorne. While some still follow the Blood God, some follow other more positive and life affirming Blood Gods, and others have rediscovered the nature-loving nomadic lifestyles of their past. Army allegiances aside, the people of Kytos are brash and aggressive. Vivax: During the Age of Chaos, Vivax was a bastion of Nurgle... and it still pretty much is. Vivax is very much still recovering from Nurgle's influences on the land and the people. It is also home to the Bleeding Gate that connects it to Ghur. Lamellia: Historically Lamellia has been a Seraphon kingdom. However, during the Age of Chaos, it provided safe harbour to the people of Order and fought to stem the encroachment of Vivax's corruption. Lamellia is also home to the ruins of an ancient Duardin kingdom now known as Karak Uzgul, the Mountains of the Dead. There is actually a lot more of Lamellia to the north and east that is not shown on this map. Trolgotha: To the south of Eucebium is the wild region of Trolgotha. Trolgotha has no seat of power and is defined only by its uncontrollable borders. It is populated primarily by Greenskinz, but also by those that would prefer to avoid the prying eyes of civilization. The Soulless Vortex: The bay to the south of Eucebium is actually home to a thriving population of Idoneth Deepkin. It is a great churning region blighted by mystic storms that prevent ships from traversing the bay safely (contributing to Trolgotha's seclusion from the rest of civilization).
  14. Nacnudllah

    Winter/Christmas battleplan ideas

    I recently ran a holiday themed event. I made up a holiday called Sigmarisnacht. On Sigmarisnacht (also known as All Hammers Eve) Sigmar hurls presents (most of which are hammers) down to the mortal realms for the good girls and boys. I didn't do a custom battleplan for it though. We played Shifting Objectives, Duality of Death, and Starstrike. However, we did use some little presents I picked up at a craft store for the objectives. Anyhow, I thought it might be a fun theme for whatever battleplan you come up with.