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  1. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Brother Farstrider’s White Scars hunters reporting for duty.
  2. Here's an optional recovery table I came up with for a Skirmish campaign I created. It kind of rolls Experience and Injuries together. The idea is that you may roll on it when your models die, but you don't have to. So half of them are positive, and the other half are negative.
  3. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    I discovered a pretty cool map-making tool. https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator/ It's a procedural map-maker that has cultures, countries, automatically generates cities and town names, and then lets you edit all that after the fact if you want. Here are some examples that I've been working on. The first one is zoomed out, this is the sort of thing it generates. The second one is zoomed in. I haven't done any real editing here, I just zoomed in and set it to a topographic view (it also does cultural and political maps).
  4. Nacnudllah

    Generic Decks

    I was thinking about building a generic deck so that I could play it with any of the warbands. It was mainly a thought for casual play, to build two decks (maybe an aggro one and an objective oriented one), and then pair them with whatever warband seemed fun at the moment.
  5. Nacnudllah

    Generic Decks

    Has anybody tried building some decks entirely out of neutral cards?
  6. Nacnudllah

    What is "narrative gaming"

    In addition to many of the other great answers above, in Narrative gaming, you and your opponent are telling a story together (playing to find out what happens) rather than fighting against each-other in a competitive fashion. Winning the scenario is no longer the ultimate goal (it's still a goal), the primary goal is to have a good time and take home some fun stories.
  7. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    @Gecktron I really like your map of the Smouldering Peninsula! What did you use to make it? @Melcavuk I've seen some of your blog posts here, is the battletome available for download anywhere? Or is it still a WIP? @Gorks Pokin' Finger Thanks, I've been using a free webapp called Inkarnate (with a little work in GIMP after the fact). It's a little limited, but does nice work. With regard to Waaaghtown!, I have a habit of naming things and finding out what they are after the fact. Thus far, it's kind of the rough and tumble part of the city where boyz can be boyz. Reaper is a very welcoming city, but some need a little extra room. After our most recent skirmish campaign, it gained a soup kitchen run by Ogor Butcher Slogg Sexipants (I have a very imaginative group of players).
  8. I'm still reading it, but I'm loving the lore in the Core book especially because it's a recap of things that have largely transpired since the game's release. So the fact that I can read it and think, "I played in that campaign" or "I played those battleplans" is very satisfying.
  9. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    One of my favorite bits of fluff is maps. But more than just official GW maps, I also really like seeing other people's home-made maps and hearing about their kingdoms and whatnot. So this is a thread to share you maps and tell us a bit about the setting for your campaigns. I'll start. This is the Vale of Efengie (named for the store Fun-n-Games), in Ghyran. It's part of a larger region called Eucebium. The Gates of Eucebium are a collection of unstable and/or ruined Realmgates. Bludor is the main bastion of Order in the vale while Chaos currently controls land trade routes from Fort S'nak, a massive fortress erected by titans during the Age of Myth. One of the important features of Eucebium is The Azyrspire. If you walk along it for long enough, they say it leads to Azyr. Settlers used it to populate the area before the Age of Chaos, but it has been closed for a long time. During the Age of Myth, Hammerstadt was a thriving metropolis, but during the Age of Chaos, Nurgle demolished it with a trio of plagued meteors and the survivors resettled in the Vale of Efengie. The Free City of Reaper is a city of mercenaries near the foot of Mt. Koula. It is ruled by the Reaper King, a monarch as ancient as he is mysterious. All are welcome in the city, which often results in skirmishes and sometimes outright war, but the Reaper King's rule must be respected... or else.
  10. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Not the greatest photo, but here are Gor-rek's Reavers.
  11. Nacnudllah

    Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    I’m not sure I’m playing wisely, but I’ve had good success playing short board and deploying objectives and models aggressively. Turn 1, I inspire 2-3 of my warband. Then, depending on the board state, I try to get another 1 or 2 inspired while the first 2 beat face. Fjul usually bites it because I use him as a brazen beat stick, but I’ve been winning so far. Also, I usually pick the board with the most impassable terrain and make a 3-hex choke point if I have my say.
  12. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    They're greenstuff, as are the big hat and the "skull" helm on Tefk. I carved off the tall Fyreslayer hats and just blended some greenstuff into a pointy helmet shape, then poked 3 holes in it with a pin for the eyes.
  13. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Finished the Chosen Axes of Hashut. Sometime, I think it would be fun to try playing them as the dwarf warband with a Khorne deck, just for kicks
  14. Nacnudllah

    Allies in Open Play (or lack thereof)

    When I do open play battles, I allow my opponent to take whatever allies they want. Since they don't benefit from Allegiance Abilities, it works out just fine.