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  1. Nacnudllah

    Your five year plan for AoS

    I'd come out with a few new kits for Tzeentch, Khorne, Pestilens, Flesh-eaters, Fyreslayers, Seraphon, Sylvaneth, and Ironjawz so that I could update their battletomes to include their Allegiance/Summoning abilities (maybe just make a new hero for each to go with the updated battletomes.
  2. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Bar-Zhagg, Druzgul, and their grot slaves.
  3. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    In Options, you can change the heightmap template from High Island to Peninsula to get land at the borders.
  4. Nacnudllah

    Share Your Maps

    I've combined Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator with some additional finishing in powerpoint to make a new regional map for my campaign setting. Eucebium is the region in turmoil that all of my previous Game Day events have taken place in, but I'm growing the map to add some new regions and to get a bigger view of the area they inhabit. Kytos: This region is peopled largely by barbarian cultures. During the Age of Chaos, they fell to worship of Khorne. While some still follow the Blood God, some follow other more positive and life affirming Blood Gods, and others have rediscovered the nature-loving nomadic lifestyles of their past. Army allegiances aside, the people of Kytos are brash and aggressive. Vivax: During the Age of Chaos, Vivax was a bastion of Nurgle... and it still pretty much is. Vivax is very much still recovering from Nurgle's influences on the land and the people. It is also home to the Bleeding Gate that connects it to Ghur. Lamellia: Historically Lamellia has been a Seraphon kingdom. However, during the Age of Chaos, it provided safe harbour to the people of Order and fought to stem the encroachment of Vivax's corruption. Lamellia is also home to the ruins of an ancient Duardin kingdom now known as Karak Uzgul, the Mountains of the Dead. There is actually a lot more of Lamellia to the north and east that is not shown on this map. Trolgotha: To the south of Eucebium is the wild region of Trolgotha. Trolgotha has no seat of power and is defined only by its uncontrollable borders. It is populated primarily by Greenskinz, but also by those that would prefer to avoid the prying eyes of civilization. The Soulless Vortex: The bay to the south of Eucebium is actually home to a thriving population of Idoneth Deepkin. It is a great churning region blighted by mystic storms that prevent ships from traversing the bay safely (contributing to Trolgotha's seclusion from the rest of civilization).
  5. Nacnudllah

    Winter/Christmas battleplan ideas

    I recently ran a holiday themed event. I made up a holiday called Sigmarisnacht. On Sigmarisnacht (also known as All Hammers Eve) Sigmar hurls presents (most of which are hammers) down to the mortal realms for the good girls and boys. I didn't do a custom battleplan for it though. We played Shifting Objectives, Duality of Death, and Starstrike. However, we did use some little presents I picked up at a craft store for the objectives. Anyhow, I thought it might be a fun theme for whatever battleplan you come up with.
  6. I think the Realm Artifacts and Realmscapes are fun from a Narrative/Open perspective, but I really wish they had been full Allegiance replacements. That would have opened up a lot of creative army ideas while also supporting under-loved factions. Whereas, what they've done (with the Artefacts) seems to effectively just pile on the toys for already supported factions.
  7. Nacnudllah

    Crypt Flayer into Varghulf?

    A way to make it really pop as a Varghulf might be to put a Rat Ogre head on it (if you can get a hold of one). If you built up some big ears and lots of fur, I think it would make it look very bat-like.
  8. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Magore’s Fiends. This is your brain on Chaos.
  9. Nacnudllah

    CP having more variation

    It seems like the choice to make a handful of Nighthaunt units available to LoN was a poor one. I'm still not real clear on why they did that.
  10. Nacnudllah

    The trap of wanting to be unique

    I have always converted my characters and given them names (and sometimes backstories). That really helps me feel like it's my army, and not just like everybody else's.
  11. Nacnudllah

    Efengie Campaign Book 4

    Version 1.0.0


    The sages of Efengie have interpreted malign portents ahead. Follow the Efengie campaign through Malign Portents, Coalescence: the Desolation of Eristrat, and the rise of a horrible new daemonic queen! This book contains 5 narrative battleplans with a linked battles campaign framework, Regions of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie, and lots of pictures and stories from the past year of Age of Sigmar Game Days. This is book 4. Books 1-3 aren't necessary to enjoy the battleplans or storyline, but if you like this, you might like these others too! Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
  12. Nacnudllah

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Heres my Dark Age take on the The Sacrosanct warband for Nightvault.
  13. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Averon Flamesire and his Flames of Penitence.
  14. I see a lot of fan-fiction over in the Narrative section, but having a section just for fan/original fiction would be pretty nice.
  15. Nacnudllah

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    My Sepulchral Guard are actually part of Richter Krueger’s Cursed Company. Here they are along with (some of) my Cursed Company for reference and for those who haven’t been playing forever.