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  1. So I finally ran the event that I was making these rules for. I learned a few important lessons, and am making some revisions to the Crew capacity rules. Anyhow, here are some pics of the ships in action! We had a few multi-ship fleets (my Nurgle longboats and the Dispossessed steamboats), two enormous ships (the Slaanesh ship and the Ogre ship), one player who used a single large floating island as a ship, and one Idoneth player. Having a single warship with a whole army on it proved very potent, so I recommend restricting crew capacity to one Hero, one War Machine, and one other unit. @Charleston Now that I've got some experience with the naval rules under my belt, I'll tweak them, add some more content, and compile it into a campaign book. I'll post it in this thread when it's ready.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The armies of Efengie have been drawn into a war between the neighboring nation-states of Kytos and Lamellia; a war fought on both land and sea! This book includes a 2-player Narrative Linked-battles Campaign, 3 custom Allegiance abilities to represent the nation-states of Kytos, Lamellia, and Efengie, 5 Narrative Battleplans, 6 Legendary Artefacts of Efengie, and 1 rules expansion to add naval warfare to your Age of Sigmar battles. Plus, lots of fiction and pictures chronicling five months of narrative events! This is the fifth book in this series, you don't need the others (in fact, there's a fluff recap page at the beginning of this one), but if you enjoy this one, you may also enjoy the rest. Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
  3. Here's an idea for you: A group of World-that-was Empire refugees who awakened in the mortal realms formed a new religion where they believed that the mortal realms were but a test of their faith. They believed that when they died in these new realms, they would be returned to their lives before. Their belief was so strong that the raw stuff of Shyish formed a region into a dark reflection of the World-that-was.
  4. I made a map of The Glittering Archipelago recently for the pirate thread. I used a couple different tools, but it was another that started with Inkarnate. Here's what I made initially. But since I wanted it to look more like a dirty pirate map, I used MSOffice (powerpoint specifically) to change the colors to sepia, and then used the Photocopy Artistic Effect. And because it was for a sort of performance art narrative thing, I actually printed it out and mutilated it to make it look more like a proper treasure map. So here is what I finally ended up posting over there. My First Mate Smitty Cystongue with his map of The Glittering Archipelago. This island chain was actually a mountain range as recently as the Age of Chaos. It was a duardin kingdom (although others lived there too), and its shining gem was the fortress of Kazak Gorlm. The people of the kingdom stored all of their values in the vaults of Kazak Gorlm's mountain fastness. Unfortunately, during the Age of Chaos, the whole place ended up flooded and the duardin fled to the skies to join/become the Kharadron Overlords, leaving the others to their fates. Now theregion is a treacherous series of islands mostly populated by treasure hunters working out of Brassport. A few descendants of the humans and aelves that populated the kingdom have survived living simple, rough lives in the fishing villages and forests of the islands.
  5. Having just looked at the Hag Queen's warscroll, I don't see how she deserves to be any cheaper than a squishy wizard. A Chaos Sorcerer Lord has 5 Wounds and a 5+ save (just like the Hag Queen), and comparable melee weapons. His spell might be better than her prayer, and he has Oracular Visions (a free bonus Mystic Shield), but once you factor in that it can be unbound, I'm not so sure. Anyhow, the Chaos Sorcerer Lord costs 160. What makes him over twice the price of a 60 pt Hag Queen?
  6. The next night, Smitty Cystongue had the same horrible dream, that his once great Cap'n had been transformed by the chaos realm into some gnarled horror. He saw the Cap'n at the edge of his vision, twisted and scuttling. He followed the fleeting glimpses deep into the night, stumbling in bare feet. When he awoke, he was lying in a tidepool caked in mud. He pushed himself up on his hands and knees and choked up foetid seawater. When he was finally able to take in his surroundings, he found that he was in a coastal cave filled with gnawed bones and piles of corroded coins and valuables. As he scanned the mold spattered cave walls, his eyes settled upon a miserable creature huddled into a hole in the wall. "What have they done to ye' Cap'n?" Smitty murmured, half to himself. It said nothing in reply, but rose squirming from its hole, tentacles outstretched. It raised a cutlass in one arm, and pistols in its other three. A tentacle squirmed from underneath the its tattered greatcoat and, while Smitty stood transfixed, pressed itself into Smitty's forehead. Suddenly, he could feel the creature's will. It was no horror, it was the same noble Cap'n that he knew afore; the same Ca'n Grog that he would've followed to the realm's edge! Smitty's heart swelled and his soul was lifted. He had found his Cap'n and was ready to adventure once again!
  7. My crew will probably consist of Captain Grog-Sothoth, First Mate Smitty Cysttongue, Rustbilge, Ulgur, and maybe 2 or 3 other piratey conversions as inspiration strikes. I'll be combining it in play with other nurgley skirmish models I've made though.
  8. Just finished Slurrghag’s Slough-necks, and with that I have completed my series of wacky conversions of Season 1 warbands!
  9. Smitty Cystongue twisted and turned and cried out in his sleep. His dreams were haunted by visions of something horrible lurking at the edges of reality, clawing at his sanity. It bore likeness to his old Captain Grog, but he knew it was something new. It called itself the dread pirate Captain Grog-Sothoth. Returned from the realm of the dark gods of chaos, it called to Smitty. He awoke feverish and sweating, his boils pulsing and irritated, with one last lingering image burned into his mind. Grog-Sothoth is coming.
  10. Just a crewman, I don't have Long Drong 'imself. This poxy seadog goes by the name o' Drüg Rustbilge. The next former crewman we need to hunt down is Captain Grog'sothoth. When we were cursed in that Nurgle temple, 'e went missin', ripped into the realm' o the dark gods. I heard 'e's been spotted though, lurkin' about in Trollrock Estuary. I'll report back when I know more.
  11. I found this fossil buried in a cask of ale drinkin’ away his woes. Just another cursed soul ready ta set sail on the Flying Tallyman.
  12. Got this map from a wizened duardin, claimed to have been born before chaos took the realms, not that I'd believe an old pirate. Anyhow, a story come with it, one that was too good to be true, but it might just be. 'E said that when 'e was but a beardling twas a kingdom in the realm of metal, and the shining jewel of it was the mountain hold of Karak Gorlm. The whole kingdom stowed their treasures away in vaults tunneled deep into the mountain. And so it went for hundreds of years until Sigmar's pantheon disbanded and so on and chaos fell upon the land. 'E wasn't sure what caused it, but the whole kingdom fell into the sea, leaving behind only mountaintops as a chain of islands. The duardin who lived there built mighty endrinships and fled to the sky, while their human neighbors were left to die. The story of the treasure of Karak Gorlm fell into myth, and was eventually written off as a children's tale. Of course, he had a map that he was willing to part with for only three gold crowns and a tankard of ale. And if that ain't a bargain, my name's not Smitty Cystongue. Also, I stumbled upon my old chum Ulgar who says e's up for makin' the voyage. We used to sail together back in the day and e's as fine a gunner as e'er sailed the mortal seas. Now if i can just find me old Cap'n, we can put the old crew back together for one last adventure.
  13. The scurvy crew of the Flying Tallyman are still hirin’ (and still in need of a Cap’n), but might aid ye’ in yer querulence. As of this moment, they sail in the Soulless Seas of Ghyran, but they’ve been asearch for a seaworthy realmgate to take them to The Glittering Archipelago in Chamon. I hear tell the isles we’re once the stronghold of a filthy rich Duardin clan afore they fled to the skies leavin’ behind all their riches. The Flying Tallyman WIP of the ship’s Plague Cannon WIP of the Captain’s Mate Smitty Cystongue? (Name in progress too) Update: Smitty has a paint job!
  14. I used an x-acto blade to cut it out. I actually ended up hand drawing my own template for the ship because his was so huge. The design is so simple that it was an easy change to make. I used my models as a guide to make sure it would hold a 6-man unit on 50mm bases as well as a 10-man unit on 25mm bases.
  15. I got the background from someone's AoS homebrew resources folder ages ago (it's a bit dated now compared to their new format with all the circles and arcs). The boxes are actually just powerpoint. I make a text box with beige background and brown border, and I have a brushed metal image that I cropped into the little diamond shape.
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