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  1. Am I out of the loop, or are those drakes on a new style flying stand?
  2. Most of the businesses i've heard from have said that the world shipping/supply issues will carry on well into 2022. I think this is just further proof of that and everyone needs to be a bit more understanding when it comes to timings of releases.
  3. That is the only disappointment for me. Looking forward to nurgle and the Darkoath side of the Warcry box myself. The confirmation of previous rumours does help us work out what else is to come in the new year.
  4. Classic style barbarians are really cool. The sorcerer holding an eye is the cherry on top though.
  5. Good news for our patient Nurglebros! Been wanting to start some nurgle stuff as they're so much fun to paint and so looking forward to an upto date book for them.
  6. Maybe GW did listen to all the complaints about previous boxes that sold out too quickly or were bought up by scalpers. They wanted to make sure they made enough to satisfy all of the potential demand and overestimated (by some margin) As other people have said I think at contributing factor could be the Orruks, while I love the design, they're not the most beginner friendly to paint up, with so much detail it can be overwhelming. The 40k box of Necrons and Space marines was 2 easy to paint armies and also has a larger playerbase for new marines. So while it's positive that GW do try to listen to consumers, the potential negative side is they oversteer back to the old way, under produce the next big boxset and we are back to scalpers and limited stocks.
  7. Updated Poxwalkers without the 40k, guns, grenades, etc could easily work as a new AoS Nurgle kit. They fit the look and are different enough from the larger Blightkings. I started converting a few of them, with the aim of using them as nurgle marked marauders. Only issue is that they maybe seen as too close to the recent Deadwalker Zombies for the Gravelords.
  8. To be fair, the Horus Heresy fans have not had much to look forward to recently. If we are getting a new plastic box set, I'm glad it'll inject some fresh energy into the scene.
  9. Stuff of Legends has them painted: http://www.sodemons.com/rhelementals/index.htm It's shame FW only managed to get around to two of the Incarnate Elementals and neither are available now. I have the Beasts one half painted somewhere. I think I need to dig it out and finish it off...
  10. Might be a bit off topic, but how do people normally follow the preview events? Live on the twitch stream? (PC, TV, mobile?) Via the live blog, catch up later? via forums, social media? I had already cleared my diary for this Saturday (due to an UFC event), so will be sticking it on the TV live with lunch.
  11. I think the Warhammer+ Megaboss was a surprise. Like you say, they have to be careful about making a mini that people feel forced to get and complain about it being limited. Between the event exclusives and the (presumably) annual Warhammer+ exclusives, it gives GW more chances to try out alternative sculpts. I also think Underworlds contributes to this, most warbands have at least one mini that is a useful alternative sculpt for an army of an existing character.
  12. Blurry cam is back! I've missed those sorts of leaks
  13. Wouldn't this be somewhat expected? If the hobby had a huge uptick in interest/demand due to people being stuck at home (and some cases, having spare disposible income) wouldn't it also make sense that once cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, concerts, sports events, etc all open up that the demand might drop off? Would need a comparision with other hobbies/games that saw an increase in demand during lock down to really see if it's due to 40k being to blame.
  14. Top left is IX so an alternative image for Tzeentch, but the bottom middle is XII. Kinda looks like a imperial cruiser in space though? Edit, I'm wrong top left is XI sorry.
  15. Just happy there is an option for him to have no heads, painting 1 face per model is bad enough, but 4? Too much.
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