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  1. Those are looking nice. Seeing as my Ardboyz are converted from the current BB orcs, looks like i'll be able to expand the unit with these. Also will be interested to see the "Trained Troll" miniature.
  2. I'm actually enjoying AoS, although I only play rarely (even moreso this year). I didn't start getting into it until 2.0 as the initial release and destruction of the old world was a bit of a blow as that is what I'd grown up with since the 1990s. But over time, especially as the focus on 30k dropped off I started to come round. A combo of 2+ Tough on Youtube with his lore videos and playing Underworlds with some people at work on my lunch got me into it. Now I have a fully painted Ironjawz army and a hodgepodge of chaos and order units. While not every faction is to my taste and I find others limited in scope, there's no denying that the kits GW are producing are some of the best they've done. Shout out to the Ironjawz Brutes and Blightkings kits as both being amazing for the potential they offer. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what comes next, the Sons of Behemat, supposed talk of a Gordrakk focused expansion, etc.
  3. That's a fair complaint. I just think they're going to make some misteps due to the unprecedented situation. I know it's no comfort if you're the one waiting on something tho, so I feel you brother. It would be very interesting to get a hold of their original planned release schedule and see if they've just pushed everything back by 3 months, but still in the same order or if they've chopped and changed round with a focus on the most profitable releases to keep them afloat. Maybe they wanted to get 40k out before a potential second increase in infections and subsequent lock down in the winter?
  4. It's not a traditional starter set (no dice, templates, etc) and they do plan to make more as detailed in the made to order information:
  5. I have no insider knowledge, but isn't the FAQ usually based on feedback from their internal and external play testers? If so, then it's not hard to understand that a nearly global lockdown for three months that stops people playing games could affect this and cause the delay. How else can they polish points if they can't get feedback on how the points are being played? I'm not a big gamer, more of a hobbyist, so maybe i'm missing something, but what exactly is the problem with the GHB2020 that needs urgent FAQing?
  6. I think it would be disappointing, but also realistic to expect a delay in other new releases, including the sons of Behemat. Even before the lockdown, I understand production capacity was almost maxed out. Then the lockdown shut the factory down for months. Lots of items on the webstore are out of stock and so they'll need to be running to restock, as well as the extra Indomitus boxes they're going to need to make for the made to order.
  7. Great work all round, from the conversions to the painting. Well done.
  8. Can't wait to get hold of my book to go through this. I've got a half finished Ironjawz Megaboss on Gore-grunta that I can hopefully make rules for and give me a reason to crack on and finish him. Sounds like a kitbashers dream rule!
  9. My most recent visits to the main Games Workshop site presented me with a captcha page. Must be a change theyve made on their web hosting.
  10. Pre-ordered. Very much looking forward to the create-a-hero section. I've got a feeling that for a kitbasher, it's going to open up all sorts of crazy modelling ideas.
  11. I would also say Ironjawz, if you like the style. An army of Brutes and Goregruntas with some HQ to lead, would be low model count and from just a few kits. They were my first AoS army and while I don't play a lot to comment on that side of things, they've been really fun to build and paint.
  12. Same, the Brute kit is fantastic, I think i'm on my 5th now and manage to make each unit different enough with some minor kitbashing. My Ardboys are a combo of the Underworlds boys and Blood Bowl orcs. Would like to see some more variety in the range, the Gore-Grunta kit for example isn't as good for making different units from the same kit, although i'm currently working on a warboss on grunta.
  13. I'm very happy to see these images, I'm getting a Tamurkhan feeling and hoping that ethos will be carried into The Old World. Id still recommend that book as one of the best examples of how to do a campaign book and it's a shame it ended up being a single book, not the 4 they'd planned. Has it already been stated that these new models will be in resin via Forgeworld?
  14. Good news about GW starting to open up again. I got some virtual vouchers to spend, although it looks like the ones I purchased through the FW site cannot be used on the GW site (and presumably vice versa), was hoping to get some FW bits then save the rest for a mega-gargant and mechanical-horse-things when they get released. Any guesses on how much a mega-gargant kit will cost? On the topic of release, I wonder how they will stagger the releases for things that would've been normally released by now? Will they squeeze them into the rest of the year or will they space them out to run into next year?
  15. I think the shield is Ogor related. It has the same design language as the shields you get in the Stonehorn kit and while just big enough to work on Ironjawz as scrap shields, I can't see it being big enough for the new gargants, unless it's part of the armour covering a larger gargant.
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