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  1. I love all the background building, especially the border princes, but it does have me wondering what the actual rules and miniatures would be to cover all the different forces? They could do some form of generic army list following the 30k model with the generic Space Marine Legion or Imperialis Militia & Cults army lists from the HH series. With special rites of war or provenance rules that adjust the style of play. It's a very cool system that allows for all sorts of cool themed armies based on a single basic list. This depends on if they can follow the FW model of releasing rules without needing to have models. For human models I'm guessing there could be basic plastic infantry kit, which they could then sell upgrade kits of arms/heads that change the look. There is still so much unknown about how it will work, but it is certainly exciting to think about the possibilities.
  2. Yeah exactly. Old World fluff is that the Chaos Dwarves created the Black Orcs after experimenting on regular greenskins to make them less unruly, but it worked too well and the Black Orcs then organised and rebelled. Seeing as they also had bionics (like Astragoth's suit), it wouldn't take much in AoS for them to have bionics.
  3. The HH Black Books contain rules for entire armies specifically to encourage you to convert or use alternative minis. Things like the Imperialis Militia and Cults lists, the Ruinstorm Daemons and some of the Mechanicum were released with no specific models. They used to do this for WHFB as well with Tamurkhan having rules for Legion of Azgorh units that had no existing models, such as hobgoblins and the K'Daii destroyer. With the move to AoS they changed the Legion of Azgorh to only have rules for the existing model kits. As for the discussion on named chararacters, I'm sure this goes all the way back into the hobby for both WHFB and 40K as special characters have always been contentiuous for some players.
  4. It doesn't seem to get the traffic of the more well known Youtubers, but I always check out Obscurities in Miniature on Youtube for reviews of different minis and have even discovered some cool 3rd party companies via his reviews.
  5. On the whole I'd say yes GW is the gold standard, especially for plastic. For resin it's a bit more complicated. FW have been very hit and miss recently. Other companies do some amazing resin sculpts that are close to and in some rare cases exceeding FW/GW quality. Ones I've tried and been impressed by recently include: CreatureCaster, ArtelW and Rotten Factory. I don't have a 3d printer myself, but the couple I've tried buying online that someone else printed off have been pretty poor and so I'd always look to a company, even small, that casts their own rather than prints.
  6. No chaos dwarf warband for WHU doesn't = no Chaos dwarf release. Dont forget we saw Kruleboyz and Slimcast way before they had their warbands previewed. My money is still on Warcry being a good thematic way to introduce more of the evil beardos
  7. I think you've pretty much nailed it there. As much as somethings are getting back to normal after the pandemic, global supply chains and manufacturing took such a hit that it's going to take a long time to recover.
  8. Zharr Vyxa is also mentioned in the SoB army book (pg19). It's described as a "fire-belching, metal-limbed fortress rig" where "the Chaos Duardin have gargants of their own, enscorcelled and clad in blackiron plate" How good would it be to see a new plastic Chaos Siege Gargant:
  9. Either fake or not, it does go to show just how much it's had the (presumably) desired outcome. It's got multiple pages on here already, hundreds of comments on Reddit and no doubt social media platforms all discussing it and people arguing about GW being evil again. Since you could predict this from the other legit news items (removing warscrolls, IP changes, etc) I don't think it is that surprising someone would think it was worth putting a fake out there.
  10. A week too late for me, as I placed my big Kruleboy order last weekend. I think all that's left is the multipart boltboys and I'm not going to be spending £150 on them. I guess you guys going full on Dragon riders will be able to get him and make a bit of money back by selling him on ebay.
  11. I've got a Skumdrekk on order and was looking at the GW images and thinking about those empty cages: Is anybody else going through ideas in their heads about models that could fit in there as unfortunate souls already captured?
  12. I don't know if the Warhammer World tournaments count as events? I've just checked the Warhammer World Event's page and they have a Horus Heresy tournament across the 9th/10th October. I don't know how tournements work, but it would make sense to link it any preview? That has to be a big release right? Big new plastic box, potential new ruleset, some accompanying FW upgrade kits, BL book, etc. Plenty to show off. The only AoS event is a matched play tournament for 16th/17th October. In 2020, there was a new year event at Warhammer World that had a load of stuff being shown off for AoS, Warcry, WHU (and 40k): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/04/reveals-from-the-new-year-open-day-2020gw-homepage-post-1/ I guess they don't want to plan for anything at that point, as they don't know how the UK Winter is impacted by Covid.
  13. I really don't see this as anything but positive. If I'm on ebay, searching for a GW product, I expect to see legitimate GW products. If I want a 3rd party alternative, there are well known quality companies that I use such as CreatureCaster, plus others that have to be careful about the way they advertise them. I think those sites will be safe as most I see also have their own wargame rules, fluff and designs on the sites. They aren't just trading off GW IP. I hope this also includes them cracking down on people selling recasts of FW products. They at least used to price them low, so you could apply the old "if it seems too good to be true" adage. But I've seen some recent examples where it's clearly recast of an OOP item, going for silly money. Maybe I'm also bitter about the way GW were forced into now only releasing rules for models that exist. The days of an army book coming out with all sorts of rules for customising and converting your own units to represent units without rules is missed by me.
  14. The vulture guy could well be a exclusive mini then, from store openings or some such?
  15. Since the update earlier I've not had the issues with it crashing. On Android 12, the formatting also works fine for me, both portrait and landscape. I'm also finding it smoother to operate than the previous Azyr app.
  16. The HH leaks were interesting to me because I think every other time a potato-cam photo had been leaked for AoS or 40k, GW themselves followed up with proper photo or video and at least a comment to say, it's coming soon. I haven't seen any response to those leaked HH shots, maybe they were so early in the process they couldn't show them off? Or could they have been faked?
  17. I'm on Android so in Google Play store. Not sure about iOS.
  18. There is an update available for it in the app store and at least so far it seems stable.
  19. Both warbands look cool, but the real star might be the setting. Ulgu? Underwater Labyrinth? Awesome!
  20. I had a few issues with it crashing and needed a reinstall, so I reported the crash feedback. Although I am unsure if this goes to GW or Google as I'm also on a beta version of Android.
  21. It's in Indiana right? So 5 hours behind the UK, although I don't know what time the seminars/events are going to be. I'd expect maybe 5pm here, but not sure
  22. The pictures on the Community site are labeled as The Old World, so does that mean Cathay is confirmed as being in that game? or is it just the same design team who helped CA with the designs?
  23. Interestingly, the Killaboss looks to have a couple of weapons and different heads to choose from. I'm still unsure if I'd want to build the named Shaman or the generic Killaboss. I might mash the two, so Shaman but without all 4 banners with the helmeted vulture head. Then use the spare Killaboss parts to make another Killaboss on gnashtoof that stands out from the existing one.
  24. While both provide financing to the company, consumers are doing so in a risk free way. Investors are risk-bearing. There is a difference. (for more in-depth detail, you can read more in something like https://gcfp.mit.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Customers-and-investors-a-framework-for-understamding-financial-institut....pdf) I will concede that with certain new business models, like Kickstarter, etc that the line is blurred somewhat. What you describe as the parasitic investors, is a problem faced by any publicly traded company. It's up to the management to ensure that they don't fall in the way you describe. The fact GW have made plenty of good decisions that shows they aren't heading in that direction, is one of the reasons IMO that their share price has stayed so strong. They don't fuel growth by debt, they didn't take UK Gov aid during the lockdowns, eg furlough and any grants were paid back. They invest locally in Nottingham, maintaining and expanding the production base there.
  25. I think you are confusing investors and consumers. You are also assuming that people cannot be both.
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