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Found 200 results

  1. Hi everyone as I saw this image of Sigmar I just thought that it was incredibly detailed and that it wouldn't be very hard to make a real miniature out of this. Since Nagash and archaon are playable, do you think that one day Sigmar will be too ? What do you imagine his rules would be ? Personally I imagine either a miniature the size of a bloodthirster or naggash jumping ahead agressively with both his hands lifting a gigantic hammer (something like the Kratos image) costing around 900 points and being even killier than gotrek while being a even better support piece than katakros for stormcast. OR If gw doesn't feel like doing an actual Sigmar mini they might do an avatar of kaine type mini : an avatar of Sigmar which would be around 500-600 points and be a buffed up celestant prime maybe with more of a buff giver vibe (like katakros). What do you think ? Do you picture something else ?
  2. Since this is a Warcry-specific project I figured I would start by posting this here. I wanted to build and paint a Warcry Stormcast warband, and because Vanguard got released first, that’s what I started with. But I wanted to make the modeIs look a bit different, so I threw some kitbashed parts together for my leader, and swapped Sequitor heads without helms for the traditional Vanguard helms. I’ve just finished the first three models: the Hunter Prime (sword swapped to give him the “Blade of Heroes” relic in an obvious way), a Gryphound, and an Aetherwing. I’ll post the remainder as I go, and though I don’t move fast, Stormcast don’t take too long at least. The remaining Gryphounds and Aetherwings will all be painted to look like different, real animals. The Gryphound here was basically a test, browns could be a lot of things, and the Aetherwing was painted like a gyrfalcon. Enjoy!
  3. I have set about painting up a force of Stormcast Eternals Hallowed Knights. So far I have painted 2x the starter box and willl be adding some more troops soon. I'd love to get some reactions and feedback to the force as it evolves and grows. Thank you for looking and commenting. Celestant on Dracoth and Lord Relictor: Liberators: Prosecutors: Retributors: Thank you for looking! -Pez5767 (aka: Jody)
  4. I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and am building a shooting focused Stormcast army. The hope is it'll shake up the local meta (a lot of dominant Slaanesh), be a bit of a different army style for me (last three armies were evocators spam, Thunderscorn and quad Verminlords) and hopefully be good fun too. As this is my third Stormcast army I wanted to do something a little different as I've done vanilla Stormcast the first time around and the second time around I mixed and matched a bit with vampire/hooded head swaps. So this time I'm going with a crow/raven/bird theme. I'd call it AOS28 but think it falls short of deserving that label, although sticking bird skulls on anything does make it about 20% more John blanchey. I ordered a job lot of raven helmeted heads from the fantastic Zinge industries, and will be using these on all my Stormcast. The heads are a bit space marine-esque at the moment but I'm confident that'll change once I apply paint with brush. I'll also lean heavily on the bird skulls from the citadel basing kit, and apply my limited green stuff skills. Anyway here's some pictures of the start of the project. Two Lords Veritant with attendant Gryph Hounds, and a bakers dozen of Castigators, the poor ****** children of the Sacrosanct chamber, but a unit I want to try out. My target is to have 2k painted and pretty for The Howling in October, so less than 8 weeks all in. Always find a plog helps, so here we go.
  5. I have two questions regarding how Stormcast Eternals allegiance ability Scions of the storm works with a battalion during the deployment phase. This rule text should be of interest: "You can set up one reserve unit in the Celestial Realm for each unit you have set up on the battlefield" Let's say that I have a 8 unit army list where 4 of them are within a battalion. This gets me down to a minimum of 5 drops, if I choose to deploy it that way. Question 1 As I have deployed my first unit on the battlefield, when I do my second deployment, can I then deploy the entire battalion in the sky, hence counting it as one unit? Question 2 If I want to deploy multiple units from my battalion in one drop, can I deploy some of them on the battlefield and some of them in the sky?
  6. Vanguard-Hunters from a custom Stormhost (the Stellar Champions). More pictures there: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1947-the-vanguard-hunters/
  7. Hello, i'm entering my first 'proper' tournament in a few weeks and i was just wondering if i could get anybodys advice about what i'm bringing Anvils of the Heldenhammer General and Heroes 1x Lord Celestant (General, Gift of the Six Smiths) 2x Knight Incantor (one with stormcaller one with Lightning blast) 1x Knight Venator (Soul thief) 1x Lord Ordinator Battleline 2x 5 man squads of Liberators 1x 5 man squad of Judicators 1x 3 man Castigators War machines 3x Celestar Ballista Batallion 1x Hailstorm Battery IQList (1).pdf
  8. Stormcast Eternals and the Nietzschean 'Ubermensch' This is a piece about Warhammer and Nietzsche, pertaining particularly to his concept of the Ubermensch. I quite enjoy Nietzsche (not the same as always agreeing with him). And while I actually do think there is a case for quite a few of his takes (Genealogy of Morals and Anti-Education are important works with a lot of merit as anti-establishment dissent), I'm uncertain about his concept of the "ubermensch", the Nietzschean superman. But it's the latter that is the topic of this post, and I think it does have some interesting relevance to Warhammer lore. Obviously, the first thing to come up when broaching this topic are Space Marines. But I would say that the SM are in fact a poor example of the ubermensch. Similarly to how Nietzsche's concept was appropriated by the most horrifying regime of the 20th century (Aryan supermen), the similarities are predominantly superficial (and, truly, it is unfortunate for such an interesting if prickly thinker like FN to be tarnished by such association). Nietzsche was not concerned foremost with brawn or aestheticism but with a stubborn will toward self-actualising. To borrow an over-used term, it's a mindset, not genetic inheritance. So, while marines literally are literal 'super-men', the eugenics and lack of self-determination do not fit with the ubermensch ideal. To move this onto the Stormcast, who I believe are more fitting embodiments of the idea, I want to touch on the idea of 'slave morality'. Cribbing from Nietzsche here: for the Greeks, the duality was was between good and bad i.e. good was synonymous with nobility and strength, while bad was the plebeian, weak and the low. This was what Christianity successfully reacted against, based on the revolutionary idea that the formerly "bad" values of passivity, weakness and "turning the other cheek" should be re-categorised as 'good', while many of the ways that 'good' nobility expressed its strength upon the low was not only not "good" but a new moral category: evil. Both 40K and AoS exist in a context different from 'modern' morality (i.e. the idea of peaceful, passive good vs invasive, malicious evil found in the Abrahamic religions). In the world of warhammer, deities are literally real, active (and not simply to be interpreted by the priestly class), and essentially deny the creation of any such morality based on the veneration of passive resistance. AoS's Stormcast eternals may at first seem to be a simplistic version of the traditional "golden goodies", but there's actually some interesting stuff to dissect there. N's concept is essentially an idea of a, a subject who rises above modern "slave" morality to forge their own, self-affirming lifestyle. Of course, the SCE serve their god Sigmar, but the military hierarchy is one which allows for the questioning and debating of individuals. It's not a collective which suppresses dissenting assertions of will, and ironically (though obviously, this is GW's authorial choice), such freedom to 'be' has meant zero defections to chaos among their ranks. Sure, they operate as part of a uniformed collective, but the point of the ubermensch is not necessarily isolated individualism but how the personal glory and strength of an individual elevates all. After all, Sigmar plucks only the greatest warriors from their moment of death and invites them into his service. More than just the "Blonde Beasts" conquering and asserting their power across the realms, SCE protect the vulnerable from Chaos, which you could interpret as a version of what N describes as a healthy creditor-debtor relationship: the stormcast gain satisfaction from saving the powerless through the expression of their own superior power (a more effective form of strength assertion than Khornate slaughter), while cultivating the safety of a mutually beneficial civilisation. Basically, their mission of humanitarian liberation is intertwined with an individualist mission for existential 'meaning'. On that subject, Nietzsche's rejection of morality initially sounds like it would apply to Chaos best of all. To a certain extent, this is true, as all of the Chaos gods but Nurgle embody a different facet of Nietzschian ideals, whether it be the physical assertion of power, the pursuit of Dionysian desire and pleasure or the cultivation of one's own skill and power. Yet part of what makes chaos is how these positive ideas are warped to the point of self-destruction, this dogmatism becoming its own form of bad consciousness. Archaon (and Abbadon in 40k) stands as the only true chaos Ubermensch, while Stormcast society finds a way for a multitude dedicated to the ideal to flourish. Despite their creepily expressionless facemasks, the Stormcast seem to be represented in the stories as partaking in drink, telling jokes and generally keeping a semblance of Dionysian virtue alive. They fight for a cause which they choose to follow, and are unimpeded in the ability to desire. And, of course, there's the fact that they come from all walks of life, classes and genders. The ranks of the SCE are a true meritocracy, allowing individuals to flourish within the context of the collective. HOWEVER, there is one massive caveat to the idea of the SE as Ubermensch: the 'eternal' aspect. This, ironically, is reminiscent of Nietzsche's 'eternal recurrence' thought experiment: the idea that, if one was to live out one's life infinitely, repetitiously, the subject would ave to struggle to overcome a 'ressentiment' about their existence. And this is LITERALLY WHAT HAPPENS to a Stormcast: with each death and rebirth, an increasing 'copy of a copy of a...' chain, they lose a portion of 'humanity'. This loss is represented the lack of emotion and mindless heed of orders; essentially the loss of personal desire and the internalisation of ressentiment. They express strength no longer as individuals but as passive conduits of Sigmar's will, and so fail to retain their ubermensch status. One could say that their eventual fate is to become... Slaves to the Sigmar's command; slaves to Sigmar's morality? So yeah, my thesis is that the Stormcast eternal is the ubermensch but with a shelf-life. They are initially a shining exemplar of the ideal but degrade into its parody. All of this is also a charitable reading of Nietzsche's ideas, but I'm inclined to say that's usually the best way to approach him. Nietzsche is often placed in the same category are Freud in terms of massively influential intellectuals whose ideas don't stand up to scrutiny, but I'll go to bat for Nietzsche. A bit. Not Freud, though, especially for influencing his nephew Edward Bernays .
  9. If you're reading this then I'm afraid I've tricked you into looking at yet another new players list. Well I'm not that new, I've had 6 years of playing under my belt but that was many moons ago, back when fantasy was fantasy and Warhammer had square bases (I know weird right?). The long of the short is I came back into the fold after pottering around a GW store and getting the painting/gaming itch I've not had in 11 years. After chatting away to a GW employee, playing an intro game and feverishly checking my bank account I decided upon Stormcast Eternals. Apparently they are quite good? To be honest they look a bit like space marines with swords, hammers and maces, that's all I needed to like 'em. So I bought the battletome and have been locked in my room scribbling army lists for the past few days and I just decided to put something together that I thought had synergy, would look cool and wouldn't cost the earth (if this army is horrendously illegal, awful or makes no sense please forgive me and berate me in the comments): (I went for 1500 points, that used to be normal in fantasy, is that a lot now? I have no idea if that's too much or too little now, I really have no idea what I'm doing.) Astreia Solbright (220) Knight-Heraldor (100) Lord-Relictor (100) Cleansing Phalanx (120) Sequitors X5 (120) Sequitors X5 (120) Evocators X5 (200) Evocators X5 (200) Liberators X10 (200) Celestar Ballista (100) Total: 1,480 I figured I'd use the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost (reviving expensive units on a 5+ is a totally new concept to me and seems OP), no idea about artifacts as I believe i get 2 but have to take God-forged Blade first? Any help here would be well received. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! All I basically want to know is whether this army is usable, I don't need it to be a world-beater, I just need something I can use and not be a cleared off the board in every game, thanks for the advice and happy wargaming!
  10. Welcome to my Living City thread. I wanted to collect all my pictures and lore in one place so from now on I'll be updating everything here. Hope you enjoy Backstory According to legends the continent of Cytharai was once amongst the most desolate of lands in a realm already caught in the oppressive grip of death. Yet for years, it came to stand as an anomaly of life and colour centered around the everblossoming forest of Athel Mirai. Until, as with all corners of the realms, the taint of chaos infected Cytharai, and great armies arose to tear down the largest cities that had grown fat on food gained from trade with the forest, and drove the inhabitants of Athel Mirai back to the sheltered groves that lay deep within the forest. A return to desolation was inevitable, until, in a case of cosmic irony, the Necroquake unleashed by Nagash set in motion the means to return life to the continent. Whilst the initial damage dealt to the forest was horrendous, many of it's inhabitants managed to seek refuge through the realmpools that lay at the heart of the forest. Alas, the pools connected not to the safety of another realms corelands, but to the outer rim of Ghyran, where the magics of life flowed untamed. Many were overwhelmed by the primal force of pure life, their bodies overflowing with magics in a lethal manner. The Aelves and Duardin of the forest were able to fare alright, with their innate control and resistance of magic respectively, but the human residents were wiped out to almost the man. Return to the forest was bittersweet however, for whilst the men of the forest were no more, and the outer edges were now haunted by the spirits of those slain in the war, the forces of Chaos, not able to escape from the sheer wall of death magic, had been struck a major blow. For the first time in a hundred years, the people of Athel Mirai were on the offensive, hoping to root out the forces of Chaos who now found themselves fighting a war on two fronts with the legions of spirits, and expand Athel Mirai till it covers the whole of Cytharai.
  11. Hi everyone! Been in the hobby off and on (mostly off) for 23 years. My Dark Elves started around 2005 with a box of spears, then when the plastic corsairs came out, a couple of boxes of them and some cold ones. Collected a load more again in 2009 ish, but again, they've remained unassembled or grey. Always meant to start afresh with the launch of AoS, but yet again, life took over. Well, it's time to start again. Order Serpentis, 1k to start with, using models I already own (a few more than I can use pictured): Will be using the dragon (a High Elf conversion pre the Dark Elf launch dragon), a hydra (new to replace the ancient metal one!) 2x5 Dreadknights and I can choose between the chariot, sorceress and assassins to begin with. Theme: Blue skinned, though going to make this more grey with the unpainted models. Purple plate armour, silver chain mail, glossy black, bits of gold, and blue green style sea dragon cloaks. Unsure of colour for the hydra or dragon (black, but thinking of the highlight). The snow bases will be redone, now I have some actual snow stuff to use! First model, to ease me in, was selected by my 7 year old son. I hoped he'd pick the sorceress, but selected another assassin: Think he liked the claw! Aiming to have a good chunk ready by the end of March, playing the first proper matched game on 23rd with a mate who is also returning to the hobby! Hope to have most done by then... We'll see. Any more pics wanted, any questions, please ask!
  12. "Even if they hide in the darkness and the mists of Ulgu, the enemies of the God-King will not escape me." — Elinor Borealis, Knight Zephyros. While chaos worshippers and traitors inside the city of Port Stellis regularly get assassinated by Nocturne, the enemies outside the walls of the free city aren't safe from being murdered by the forces of Order either. Sometimes, when his vanguard rangers identify a threatening character looming around in the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, the Lord Aquilor Andras Silverblade sends one of his best agents on a hunt, a female Knight Zephyros known as Elinor Borealis, the huntress of shadows. Elinor usually work along with her vanguard ranger comrades, patrolling and exploring the region, but when she when she receives an assassination mission, she ventures alone in the wilderness. While all Knight Zephyros are blessed with superhuman senses, Elinor has to face a peculiar challenge that the others usually don't: the landscape of Ulgu is treacherous and full of misleading illusions. The darkness murmurs lies made credible by faint hints of truth. Paths are never fixed and always change, so it is no use memorizing them. And shadowy creatures prey upon the confused and the lost who have been led astray. Many travellers and warriors have disappeared in the mists. However Elinor possesses an advantage: in her mortal life, she belonged to a clan of humans hunters in Ulgu. She is a native of the Realm of Shadows, therefore she understands the land better than most and she knows how to thwart the illusions and how to navigate in the mist and the dark. She can even use them at her advantage against her foes, slaying them with greater ease. Lately, Elinor has been ordered to monitor the movements of a chaotic army gathered in the north: the Court of all Sins.
  13. Hi guys, so far I have Soul Wars & Storm Strike starter sets and wish to expand after finishing to paint what I have. Only played 4 games so far so I don't really know what I'm doing but want to get another Storm Strike & Tempest of Souls for both SCE&NH models. These being said, I wanted your input about the quality of the potential army and the level of fun it will offer for me and my opponents. I did not add anything from the Battletome as my group plays only casual and we roll on everything. LEADER Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger 240 [General] 2x Knight-Incantor 140 x 2 Lord-Ordinator 140 Battleline 5x Sequitors - 2 Grandmaces 120 5x Sequitors - 2 Grandmaces 120 5x Sequitors - 2 Grandmaces 120 Artillery Celestar Ballista 100 Celestar Ballista 100 Other 5x Evocators 200 6x Castigators 160 6x Castigators 160 Battalion Hailstorm Battery 120 Endless Spells Dais Arcanum 40 Everblaze Comet 100 TOTAL: 2000/2000 ; Wounds: 105
  14. Hi all, I quite like the Stormcast models, and I tried painting them for real when AoS came out. It took me too long to get through the starter box highlighting every edge of the armour and whatnot, so I said ****** it and switched to an extremely fast paint scheme. At the end of the day, it has to be enjoyable for me. I oscillate a lot on if I even like what I did, but from certain angles/lighting I think it looks cool. I tend to have one project going on that I work hard on, and then one speed-paint project. Feels good to bang out a whole army pretty quickly. My justification for the scheme is they are a dark legion of barely human, emotionless super warriors trudging through a storm/hail/harsh rain and getting very bloody during it. This was made up from the models I had, not any particular list, but the army is as follows: Celestant Prime Lord Celestant on Dracoth Lord Relictor Knight Venator 10x Libs with hammer and shield 10x Libs with hammer and shield 10x Libs with hammer and shield 10x Libs with paired blades 10x Protectors 5x Retributors 2x Dracothian Knights Thanks for looking!
  15. Hey! It's been a looong time since I last posted in this blog (nearly two months!). Well I haven't forgotten about Port Stellis at all, I was just working on some other projects meanwhile. Anyway! Here are my first vanguard stormcast from the Stellar Champions stormhost: three Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows. Back then, when I started to assemble them, I had the choice to equip them with Longstrike Crossbows or Hurricane Crossbows. When we look at their stats and ability, the Lonstrike Crossbows are obviously meant as some sort of sniper rifles: with them, the raptors can shoot once per turn over a long distance and with great accuracy. They are perfect to snipe at enemy heroes without taking too much risk. However I dont think it is particularly exciting to play with sniper stormcast who sit on their butts and shoot at the enemies from afar. Which is why I preferred to equip my raptor guys with Hurricane Crossbows: more firepower (6-9 attacks) but shorter range (18") and lesser accuracy (4+ /4+). That way the raptors will have to get quite close to the enemies and thus more exposed to danger. On another topic, I have slowly started to prepare my corsairs aelf from Port Stellis. And I decided I will convert all or most them, using a few bits from WH40K dark eldars, to make them look like a motley crew (by the way, the corsairs from WHFB look a bit to homogeneous for my taste). Here is a preview of my first Port Stellis corsair: That's all for now! I will probably paint my Vanguard Hunters next and continue to assemble/convert my corsairs meanwhile.
  16. Hi guys! With all the stuff lately about the Free Cities, such as those from the Firestorm campaign box, or about making our own cities, I started to think about a setting for my Order armies. I must say that I really love the idea of several races (humans, aelf, duardins, etc.) coexisting in a same army under the banner of their Free City. So I cooked my own Free City: Port Stellis. What is Port Stellis? It is a harbour city located on the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, in one of the thirteen domains of Ulgu. The Coast of Fleeting Hopes is a very dark region: the night lasts half of the year while the day is bleak and gray during the other half. Port Stellis was originally an aelf corsair campment but it developped fast to become a fully fortified city thanks to human, duardin and aelf settlers. To this day, Port Stellis has become the home of nearly 100.000 people (humans, aelves, duardins and stormcast eternals) and the number is growing. The city and the surrounding region possess many special and uniques features which make it a strategic place for the Order alliance. What factions are there in Port Stellis? Here is a list of some of the main Order factions in Port Stellis at the present time (more may come when the city gets bigger): Collegiate Arcane Dispossessed Free Peoples Order Serpentis Scourge Privateers Stormcast Eternals The others Order Factions are not necessarily absent from Port Stellis, but they don't have enough people present in the city to be considered as "real factions". Now, let's see the special features of Port Stellis! The Star Ocean Gate and the Scourge Privateers "I've sailed thousands of miles, thousands of miles, chasing the stars...♪" — excerpt from a popular song among the aelf sailors The primary feature of Port Stellis is a huge Realmgate situated in the middle of the city bay. Its leads indirectly to the realm of Azyr. Since this gate is on the very surface of the water, a ship or a boat is required to pass through it. However crossing it is particularly dangerous because before you can arrive in Azyr, you need to sail through a mysterious interspace which separates the realms of shadows and heavens: the Star Ocean. The Star Ocean is a magnificent and breathtaking vision: a starry night sky, without any cloud or any light pollution, and a perfectly still ocean which reflects the sky just like a mirror. When a boat passes through the gate and enters the Star Ocean, it is exactly as if it were floating through the cosmos. It is all quiet and silent with scintillating stars everywhere and beautiful clouds of interstellar dust. However the Star Ocean is seemingly infinite and thus dangerous: if a captain goes astray or simply doesn't know how to follow the secret path hidden in the stars, then there is no way back home. The ship will get lost and wander forever... To this day, only the aelfs corsairs of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes know the path through the Star Ocean and to the realmgate at the other side. And even if they know the way, they still need the blessing of Sigmar to open the gate to Azyr. Note that those aelves worship Sigmar under the aspect of Silmaris, God of Cosmos, Lord of storms and Guardian of the Star Ocean. Since the corsairs are the only sailors who can travel from Port Stellis to Azyr and thus transport passengers and/or merchandises, they have a huge importance in the city and they are one of the most influential factions. Among them, Captain Naritha Blackbird is the most powerful of all: she commands nearly all the aelf corsairs of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes. The Scintillating Mines and the duardins miners "Brothers, sisters, never forget that Port Stellis is flourishing thanks to us and our hardwork!" — Barik De Bier Half a day's walk from Port Stellis are the Scintillating Mines. They are a network of underground galleries in which duardin miners extract precious gems called clariæ . It is an iridescent gemstone that emit a scintillating light, like a little star. Clariæ gems are Port Stellis's first export merchandise but there are also a lot of jewelers in the city who specialize themselves in carving those gems and craft beautiful jewels out of them. The wizards of the Astromancer Guild are also very interested by those gemstones and they are actively studying them since they believe they may have magical properties. The duardins of the Miners' Syndicate pride themselves on providing the city's primary source of wealth (the gemstones) and thus they have a lot of influence in Port Stellis. Although they wish they could do business without the aelf corsairs, they need them to export their gems in Azyr. The Miners' Syndicate is led by Barik De Bier, the richest duardin in town, who wears clariæ rings on each of his nine fingers. Rumors say that he became incredibly rich during his youth when he found a melon-sized gemstone while digging in the mine's deepest tunnels. The Stormkeep of the Stellar Champions "Sigmar's light shines eternal!" — motto of the Stellar Champions A garrison of Stormcast Eternals is present in Port Stellis. They are the Stellar Champions, one of Sigmar's stormhosts. Their most striking feature is their dark armors adorned with stars. Their leader is the noble Lord Aquilor Andras Silverblade. The Stellar Champions' mission is not only to protect Port Stellis and keept it clean from chaos corruption, but also to chart the region of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes and hunt the strange wild monsters who may become a threat should they get close to the city. Sometimes they are accompanied by the aelf corsairs who are always interested in hunting and capturing monsters. The Order Serpentis "I will take back what is mine and those barbarians will regret being born." — Sicath Somberheart A detachment of the Order Serpentis is posted in Port Stellis. The knights are led by Sicath Somberheart, an old white haired dreadlord who aspires to take back his lost fiefdom from the hands of Chaos barbarians. When the Age of Chaos came, he had no choice but to flee with his soldiers in Azyrheim because the enemies were too numerous. But after several centuries he will finally have his revenge... In fact his lands are only a week's walk from the Port Stellis. So far his soldiers have been training and defending the city along with the regular army, waiting for the day they will be fully ready. New drakespawn riders regularly come through the Star Ocean Gate to join Sicath's cause and pledge fealty to him. Sicath has the secret support of a few sorceresses of the Darkling Covens who are also waiting to take back their own lands in Ulgu. If Sicath is successful in his quest then they too will move in Ulgu and go to war with their chaotic enemies. The Astromancer Guild "The long dark night is coming. Sure it will be gloomy around here for half a year but this will also be ideal for studying the constellations!" — Caïus Lorentius Port Stellis is the home of the renowned Astromancer Guild. It is a college of wizards who seek to master the magic of heavens (although a minority of them choose to learn the magic of shadows instead). The Guild is led by the grand master Caius Lorentius, a very stern scholar who possesses his own Celestial Hurricanum. That's it for now. I will write more about the Coast of Fleeting Hopes and its strange inhabitants later. Here is a stormcast on which I tested a color scheme for my Stellar Champions Stormhost. When the real army will come, I will probably do a few minor tweaks in the color scheme (like painting the halo around the helm in a different color, perhaps silver) but the idea is there. The vanguard stormcast from the blightwar set will be painted like that. Meanwhile I ordered a gaming mat which will represent the typical terrain around Port Stellis and in the Coast of Fleeting Hopes: I can't wait for it to be delivered at my home!
  17. Hi Guys, after my hint in the Chamber Thread I will show you my painted collection of Stormcast Eternals. Stormhost is Celestial Vindicators They started as the Chamber of Bladestorms but after what happened in All-Gates I wanted to decide the story myself and created my own chamber, the "Blazenhearts" I also wrote some fragments of story but after I wrote them in german I would have to translate them first to show them here (actually I postet the german once in my same named project in the GW-Fanworld. But here are the pictures (I have painted 51 of 200 miniatures). 50 of them were painted in about 2 month. Hope you enjoy. Lord Celestant on Dracoth Lord Celestant Lord Castellant Lord Heraldor Liberators 1 Liberators 2 Judicators 1 Yelena Stormheart (Judicator Prime 2) She should be a female Judicator Prime (or Judicatress Prime), but after I used a male model she isn't as thin as the model GW showed in Warhammer Community for Shadespire) Retributors Decimators Vanguard Hunters 1 Vanguard Raptors 1 (Vanguard Raptor Prime "Ramir") Aetherwing 1
  18. I'm starting this thread now, with the intent to add some photos later. Basically, I'm attempting to see how far I can stretch my SCE army based on conversions. It's tricksy, because starter boxes don't come with a lot of bits. Inventory: 2 complete starter sets - 1 full set is already assembled and primed before I start, the other is brand new 1 partial starter set (missing the Lord Celestant sprue, and one of the sprues with 1 Prosecutor/4 Liberators) 1 Knight Vexillor 1 box of Judicators 5 White Dwarf bonus Liberators - already assembled and primed Total model counts, unconverted (* indicates models not in the starter set): Lord Celestant on Dracoth - 2 Lord Relictor - 3 *Knight Vexillor - 1 Liberator Prime - 6 Liberator - 25 Retributor - 9 Prosecutor - 8 *Judicator - 5 So far, the things I've done include: Convert Relictor #3 into a second Vexillor, using the leftover 2nd banner from the Vexillor kit and a non-skull head from Liberator Prime #3 (who is a sacrifice to the bits gods) Convert Lord Celestant using smaller hammer and shield from Liberator Prime #3 (RIP LIberator Prime #3 - unless I can use more bits to turn your body into something else) Use Lord Celestant's big hammer to give Liberator Prime #4 a grandhammer (still with a shield, but that's OK by me) Dig through my bits for Ogre and Dragon Ogre hammers to make the other Liberator Primes, #5 and #6, fun "outsider art" grandhammers, again still with shields but that's fine by me Plans for the future include: Convert Prosecutor #7 to be a Knight Venator. I have a blister of birdies from 40k, and there are leftover bow bits on the Judicator sprue. Shouldn't be too hard. Convert Prosecutor #8 to be a Knight Azyros. I have a couple likely swords in my Chaos bits, and I know I have a lantern somewhere if I can remember where it is and find it. The one on the Skull Pass mine cart isn't my first choice but will do in a pinch... Convert one Retributor to have a Starsoul Mace. There is a likely mace head in the Dragon Ogre kit, and I only used one out of my two boxes, so I should have one spare mace head. If I can figure out other ways to do it without a lot of trouble I wouldn't mind more... Try to get one more Retributor. Whether it's a more dramatic conversion from a Liberator, or beg/borrow/trade one from a mate. Would be great to have 10 rather than 9. It's pretty fun - I do lots of conversions like this, but I'm usually starting from a full bits box with relevant bits.
  19. I had some time to go over the Stormcast today and taking into account my last ten games I've come to some conclusions about what I believe could be done to balance and sensibly adjust the internal workings of the faction. This is not exhaustive. I haven't even gotten into our battalions; which in my opinion are almost all unplayable in any kind of competitive environment save one or two. This is also intended to spark conversation so please, contradict me! I hope this post takes off and we get a good bit of discussion in here, thank you in advance for your time considering the following... -Liberators remain at 100pts but cap at 20 for 360. Sequitors go to 140-160pts capping at 440. -Paladins fall, using Retributors as a baseline to 180-200pts and Evocators rise to 220-240pts. (Personally I'd like to see a buff to paladins to reflect their abilities as described by the lore.) -Judicators stay constant and Castigators become battleline in the same manner as Sequitors. (Reasom here being the stormcast have maybe 6ish shooting options and Judicators are taken 95% of the time due to being the only ranged focused battleline option.) -Dracothian Guard remain the same as do Evocators on Dracolines. I have heard arguments to the contrary and that is why I list it here. -Prosecutors fall to 80 points. -Gryph hounds to 100 points. -Lord Exorcist to 100 points. -Change wording on all special characters from "Hammers of Sigmar" to "Unit with the same Stormhost Keyword" so that no one is locked from having a special character because they play/paint a different host as in the old days.
  20. All models now assembled it was time to put splash a little colour all over them. I had some idea of what I wanted but I asked around, as I am very unsure when it comes to colour choice and colour scheme, and this can cause pauses in painting that last years or the thread never gets picked up again, because i can't decide what colour the sash should be or how to highlight from the base colour I've sploshed on. If I can cut out this indecision and consternation before I even pick up a brush perhaps it will help me finish a project, which is a mission statement of this blog. To get me over the finishing line. So I had some options I put out there for opinions, and finally went for a Dark, British Racing Green with White accent and Gold spot color. I would do all weapon hafts purple, extra robes, belts etc black. Weapons Leadbelcher to Stormhost silver. The Soul Grenades I haven't decided whether to do Blue glass or Fiery red to show they are explosives, so I will do a mixture of the two and see which I prefer. The model I had converted most heavily was were I would test my scheme because I had invested the most ambition into this model my motivation was at its highest. The model is a Sequitor (Sequitor Prime?) that I swapped a Blood Angel head onto, chopped the hand off, replacing it with the Darkoath Chieftan's Silver Tower, trophy Tzaangor hand, doing a rough green stuff fur/hair to hand but I'm not very good with green stuff, hopefully you can't see the join. I'm not sure the black with blue sash, works, I went for an Ash Blond hair on this model, but think I'll do Black, grey on others. Made a wash from Fenris grey for the white robes but think I went too blue so tried to rescue it later. This after trying to plan my paints before starting model to prevent exactly this happening, but I guess I minimized these sorts of hurdles for myself by planning in advance. Not great photography, sorry. I attemped to go Blue Lightning tribal tattoos on his check bones, but I think he looked better without them. I do not know how to paint the Soul Grenade vails, I used the technique for space marine lenses but i think I'll have try something else and perhaps Blue on the next model. And I'm ****** at horns.
  21. Version 4.00.00


    Age of Sigmar started out simple enough. But the first General's Handbook changed a lot of things. Suddenly you could personalise a few things for your army with command traits for your general and artefacts for your heroes. Then dropped the first battletomes which included allegiance abilities. And the amount grew rapidly. Because I don't like flipping back and forth in my books for every other ability, I created some cards to help keep the important rules right at the table, beside your models. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, cards for spell lores and faction specific skills card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
  22. "Witness now Sigmar's Power and reflect on your deeds". It was what he told the survivors and the foes, the rescued and the persecutors, all the same. It was what had been said to him at his forging and he dwelt uneasily on the words now, centuries later. What had been his deeds, and were they worthy, he couldn't remember or reconcile all of them, and it was getting worse. He meditated on the tattoo on his face, that the tribe he had once drawn together had inked permanently onto to his features to symbolise the stubborn resistance fighters against the Blue Devils called Tzaangor that terrorized their brutally short lives. He knew they meant a resiliance, a brotherhood of fighters, a defiance, a purpose, but they did not represent victory. He could feel the guilt and disenfranchisement the tattoo seemed to represent too now. He kept struggling to fix what his purpose was again? He had witnessed the power of Sigmar but had not witnessed the end of the battle and now he was the power in a new war. A long war he couldn't quite remember all the pieces of. Hios deeds in this war, what were they? His great power what was its purpose? A tug on his robes broke him from his trance, a tribesman of sort, in bright colours with sleeves that ballooned ridiculously was desperately trying to impart something. "Incursion! They are amongst us! Deamons! Deamons! From their mouths! They ate her, we only asked for food" The human cried in alarm "Thank you good citizen! Which way?" The stormcast replied, eyes tightening in determination. A spray of colour and limbs smashed through a wooden window shutter and onto the street, it corrected its form into a squat , toothy, mass of tendrils and immediately got split in two by a great cleaving blow from the Stormcast. "Sentinels! On Me!" the Stormcast roared as he set about his violence with practiced precision. I have decided on a background and name for my Stormcast Eternals army. The Thunderhead Sentinels. Sentinel is the local news paper and i like the implied violent anticipation of a Thunderhead. I envisage them as a tribe in the first founding of the Realms that carved out an existance in a land dominated by Chaos and in particular the worshippers of Tzeentch. In will-power and resiliance of this tribe to bloody mindedly make a life in this hell drew the attention of Sigmar who over a thousand years of generations of this tribe would pluck the great warriors from it to ascend to Azyr. The tribe is long lost. Maybe it was wiped out, maybe it fell to chaos worship and dissolved, maybe it evolved into civilization and new prospects. It is no more however. The tattoo's serve to help with the flaw in Re-casting after each death as it gives an anchor to their soul and their personality but to a deep past and not the present events. This gives a reason for more faces on my models, they retain a bit of humanity but they fear becoming the faceless mask and are trapped with a sense of failure of a former life.
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