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Found 89 results

  1. Hello TGA Community. . I want to introduce you all to a new project here at The Grand Alliance community. This idea was brought to me by @Bruticus and after some discussion we felt that The Grand Alliance community would be an excellent home for this project. Inq28 meets Age of Sigmar Inq28 explores the lesser known aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has been a huge success, inspiring Blanchitsu articles, numerous blogs and countless incredible miniatures. Inq28 has become a term that describes not just a particular game but a whole approach to the hobby: an approach that puts creativity and imagination first. AoS28 is an attempt to bring that same approach to the Nine Realms. The Age of Sigmar has the potential for all sorts of stories, and just because we mainly see the epic, cinematic god-battles in the Games Workshop books doesn’t mean there aren’t other stories just out of frame, or just off the beaten path. That’s not to say your warband can’t include a few heroes, just that not every hero has to have a duel with Archaon. What makes a model AoS28? Conversions - The Age of Sigmar range contains loads of great miniatures but you’ll probably want to convert them in order to personalise them. This could be a kitbash or a complete resculpt. The important thing is to make the model yours. Character is essential - you don’t have to write a full background story, but you’ll have to think about your character’s personality, they aren’t just pieces on a gaming board: what are their motivations? How have they survived the Chaos apocalypse? What do they think about the return of Sigmar? What secrets do they have? Extra grimdark - Age of Sigmar has a distinctive, vibrant style, but there is a lot of darkness that is waiting to be explored. You think 40k has a monopoly on grimdark? The Nine Realms were conquered by Chaos, we are only just beginning to learn about the horrors that were unleashed. What rules can I use? We’ll be supporting the Hinterlands rules for AoS28, however your warband could be designed with games of Silver Tower, Mordheim, Realm of Chaos, Frostgrave or countless others in mind - or not for gaming with at all. The focus should be to make models you think are cool, rather than being constrained by points costs or restrictions. How do I join in? You’ll need to make a warband - probably between 2 and 8 models - led by a hero. The warband can be based on the theme below, or can be anything else you want to make. Start a blog on www.tga.community and add the tag ‘aos28’. Use the hashtag #aos28 on instagram and twitter. Or if you have a blog already, let people know where to find it by posting your updates in the AoS28 thread on tga.community or by emailing aos28@exprofundis.com If you don’t want to make a miniature or two, you could join in by writing stories or making art. What comes next? Over the next few months we’ll be showcasing all the best AoS28 models and warbands from any participating blog, as well as our own warbands. We’ll track what everyone is doing with Work in Progress photos and then final photographs in a few months. There is no real deadline, because AoS28 is an ongoing thing. But we will roll out a new theme every few months, along with a wrap up of everything so far. In addition there will be a new edition of Hinterlands dealing with AoS28 specifically, posts about background stories and ideas and possibly even gaming events at Warhammer World. I need some ideas Without many background or art books to draw inspiration from it might seem more difficult to come up with Age of Sigmar concepts than it is with Warhammer 40k. Age of Sigmar is often regarded as high fantasy, and you may feel that things need to fit this style in order to be suitable, but really you have a free reign to do whatever you can imagine: with infinite realms there are very few limits to what is acceptable. Like Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar has room for all sorts of stories of all sorts of genres. You are free to make whatever you want to make, but if you are stuck there is a theme you could try: AoS28: Witch Hunters The gates of Azyrheim are open and the Stormcast are unleashed on the Nine Realms. Cities and fortresses, thought lost forever are rediscovered. Lines of communication are rebuilt. And along with the Stormcast there are also other emissaries of Sigmar’s new world order. These Witch Hunters are tasked with rooting out corruption within the so-called Free Cities and the lost tribes, where mortals claim they have managed to resist the apocalypse. They seek the truth of these claims, and hunt the deceivers, betrayers and abominations. Some travel in disguise and infiltrate the Free Cities, rooting out the corruption where it may otherwise go unnoticed. Some arrive at the city gates at the head of a punitive force, demanding tribute in Sigmar’s name. There are stories of tribes that claim to have escaped the taint of Chaos being put to the sword during these witch hunts. And there are stories of Sigmar’s agents themselves falling foul of the taint of Chaos and instead spreading the very corruption they profess to seek out. The Shadowblades of the Seven Severed Fingers Cabal use assassins that travel through the Chaos wastes unnoticed, cloaked in the hides of daemons. They fight the horror of Chaos with horror of their own, and are able to strike fear into the blackest of hearts. The Bitterlight Guild of Azyrheim use blinding, excoriating magic to interrogate those they suspect of corruption, stripping away lies and flesh until only truth remains. Their agents are said to be pure and incorruptable by some, and perverse sadists by others. The childlike Oracle of Shyish can taste the taint of Chaos in the blood of men and women. Under the watchful eye of her immobile, silent Stormcast guardian, thousands of pilgrims bring her offerings in a hope to prove their purity. The Knight-Venator Calliostro, tasked with finding tribes that had resisted the hordes of the Blood God, instead came across a Slaughterpriest who claimed to have been cured of the madness of Khorne when he pierced his own skull. The pair formed an unlikely alliance, but so far have been unable to replicate the accidental trepanation, despite the accuracy of the Venator’s arrows and an unending tide of test subjects. The aquatic Duaradin fortress of Deepthunder has held out against the apocalypse since time immemorial. Under near constant attack, the citizens seal themselves in their hold and flood the city using ingenious mechanical walls and pumps, drowning any invaders. But emmissaries sent to the fortress noticed with some alarm that the barnacles that can be found all across Deepthunder can also be found on the skin of the sallow-eyed, secretive Duaradin that live there. Eager to establish new alliances in the wake of Sigmar’s return, the crippled Vampire diplomat Malapraktor set out in his iron carriage, a ruinous steam-powered contraption. The vampire’s diligence in finding those whose blood is tainted by Chaos is perhaps unsurpassed by any other, but his manner of creating converts to his cause is more forceful than most. The Shaii’ik tribe lived unseen by the scrying eyes of Tzeentch, worshipping a frail, masterless daemon. The entity granted them all invisibility from Chaos so long as they protected it in kind. When ambassadors from Azyrheim encountered the tribe the sight of the withered daemon sickened them, and they burned it. After some deliberation, they burned the tribe too. How to use this thread? This thread is going to become the home for the AoS28 project. Feel free to make use of the various TGA sections such as Painting and Modelling forums to show others what you are painting, or your own thread in the Narrative forums to talk about your warbands back story. You can also start your own blog and post photos in the gallery section but be sure to post links and updates in here to keep a central archive. You can easily find and share this thread and with the url - TGA.community/AoS28
  2. "There comes! A former warlord of the many legions that worshiped Khorne, whose name was cast away from history in shame. A mighty champion, that in his hubris, or maybe in insanity, challenged the great Queen Neferata for combat. Unable to match her, died in shame, all his blood denied to Khorne and given to feed the Queen's blood thirst. To add more punishment for his arrogance, his soul was reshaped and cast back into his own corpse, to serve his killer in unlife for eternity. His memory erased, all former glory forgotten, except for the urge to murder. Now, he roams the land, killing and sending fresh blood to his undying Queen through a Souldrinker Black Axe. However, some heads and skulls are still collected, for no reason he can remember of. There comes the King with no crown, neither kingdom. The Nameless King!" This was a really fun small project. Had the ideia 3 weeks ago for this Wight King, and I felt it had to be put to move. Inspired by the Kreel mini. A few bits, some cutting and sculpting, and on to painting. It was also an exercise to some new painting techniques I'm learning. All C&C welcome Wight king turnaround.mp4
  3. Just thought I'd set up a page for the Shardsfall Ruleset. So you can post up warbands, let me know what you think of the rules which were very inspired the Hinterlands rules by bottle, and the Mordheim rules of old. Im currently working on an expanded exploration chart, as well as warbands like the old Mordheim warbands (mainly due to the massive changes to Warhammer/AoS) though these may not neccessarily be needed. Hope you all enjoy the rules, let me know if you have any suggestions! Useful Links My thanks to bottle for the Shardsfall Banner
  4. Isobiel quietly brought the latch of the wooden door down onto her finger. It caught without a sound and the house yet slept. She wiped the rendered flesh fat used to grease the mechanism before she'd left on her threadbare tunic. Breathing a sigh of relief she clasped her hands over her thundering heart. Her face was ruddy with joy from the night's rendezvous with a secret flame. The evening dark had hidden them away in its warm blanket and she returned undetected. All was well. All was great and she'd come to learn of love for the first time. "Remember me well a time when I was just like ye." Isobiel, startled spun around. "Granmer, you mustn't tell about catching me!" Her Grandmother continued as if uninterrupted - "...fluttering about like a moth to a tall handsome flame. Lifting me skirt to any rumoured Bullgor in the bunch, though most of the time it'd be bluster. Ah, what a disappointment." The charred husk of a woman trailed off. "Granmer, please tell me you won't." Isobiel implored again. "Godsflame, girl!" The grandmother spat through gums barren of teeth. "Me tattling on ye is the least of ye worries. Since the fall of the Agloraxi and Prismatikon is safe fer nought to be out past fire's set. Times ain't like before. There is talk around the market of girls gone missing. A hot wind rises and the Passionate God takes blood when he chooses." "Is that what they speak of Mungoreth's fate?" asked Isobiel. "In the throws of lust she was out, like you, on a night's tryst when snatched up by the Red One and desiccated." "But, I heard she run oft with her love." "My girl, the Passionate God, the Red One, sacker of the Agloraxi is the only one whispering sweet nothings in her ear now." Hello and thank you for looking! Inspired by many others on this forum I wanted to share a narrative story line and the models of key players in those events. I wanted to learn more about the fascinating Realm of Aqshy and the Flamescar Plateau map, but found there was a lot to be fleshed out. This plog is my attempt at doing just that. The names of the regions and the mysterious Agloraxi Empire completely drew me in. So, I picked one of the regions and ill be making a go at bringing it, it's environs, and denizens to life. The Decimator The Motivator Overseer with an unfortunate soul
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This campaign book includes 5 battleplans, Artefacts, Spells, Prayers, and more to help bring your Warhammer Skirmish battles into the Dark Age of Sigmar. Explore a ruined city with Rewards of Battle tables that tell the story of warbands exploring a ruined city. Follow the Shepherds of Rot as they traverse the Ruins of Hammerstadt in Ghyran. Also, the book includes three Quests for your warband to pursue as they battle and explore.
  6. Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons The Rotmoons were a band of swashbuckling orruk sky-pirates. They called themselves Privateers, and acted more like pirates, but they spent more of their time acting like explorers than either. They searched the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considered himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounced, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He was occasionally correct but only occasionally. Their skyship, The Rotmoon, was recently wrecked (again!) in the forests of The Harrowmark. They made a deal with another orruk pirate crew, the Ogresuns; under Kaptain Salty Ogbad, to recover their cargo. But Ogbad fled with a small portion of the treasure after losing most of it to the Gilded Hand and the Ordeshal Host. The Rotmoons were reduced to looking for a ship to steal as a replacement. They hoped to cut-out one of the merchants that often call at the Wortbad skydock. Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss A dashing and swashbuckling Orc Pirate; young, capable and unusually quick-witted. He was popular with his crew as he got them out of many scrapes over the years but he was unpopular with the other captains of the Ironfang Fleet who saw him as an “upstart young pup”. He was unfortunately prone to shipwreck much more often than someone with his actual skill should be. El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman Surgeon, explorer, collector, drug addict (well, Magic Mushroom addict): El Doctoro was all of these to an extent. He often dropped hints that there is more to him than just “the shaman”. He wanted the crew of the Rotmoon to think he was mysterious and complex. Hammerhead (AKA Tiburón Martillo) - Ogor Maneater Dressed in the Rotmoons style Hammerhead wore a black cloak and breaches, an off-white ruff, a battered morion helmet engraved with an octopus design and silvered armour. He carried a handgun that he used like a pistol and he liked to twirl his huge cutlass in great swishing arcs. Dragante - Orruk Boss A hulking brute of an orruk with a hook for a hand and a bad attitude. He made sure the Boyz did exactly what they were told and bashed heads together when the crews' arguments (inevitably) turned into fights. The crew... Juan Dee Alchemist, seer, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and advisor to The Rotmoons.
  7. Giuseppe gdb


    Hoggors are the most infected creature in a battlefield, they pulled out of perverse mind and corrupted flesh of Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence. Eating corpses and carcasses these disgraced creatures have a particular assignment during the battles, contaminating air with all sort of deadly flatulence produced by pestilent guts closed in a metal pot nailed to their abnormal bodies. They kill enemies, eat enemies, digest enemies, ****** enemies: this is their simple circle of an hideous life.
  8. Hi, people. Here is some progress on my Warband of Dread Solstice. As you can see I've added another five black knights and black Kurfurst. And something much bigger will come after. A little background on my Warband: The great Empire of the world that was provided to Sigmar many souls of great heroes for his Stormcast's army. But there were not only heroes. Many of that great warriors lost their faith in last days of the old world. Some of them were trying to find salvation in dark Gods promises of eternal life in unending slaughter, some in the bottom of the wine bottle celebrating the End Times. These apostates, traitors and oath-breakers were buried by the weight of their sins and under the wreckage of the world that was. Millenias after, by the strange power of an ancient mechanism, they were brought to life if their existence can be called so. The strange person, ancient living dead, known as Prophet of the Twin-tail comet turned to this raised warriors of the old world with such words:"Maybe Sigmar think that we don't match to his shiny holly citadel, maybe He even didn't know of our existence, or maybe He's turned his sacred face against us. It doesn't matter for, because we are the damned sons of Sigmar, and now our accursed father will face us and tell us for why he abandoned his children.".
  9. And so it begins here. In Giran. Because where is light there must be dark. And where is Life there must be Death. Here comes the first five Black Knights. Further I'll post some back ground about each of them, and many will come after. Nagash spoke his words and the dead obey. You can see some gaps. I'll remove them before basing. Btw, I dont have instagram about it, do You think it will be good idea to make post there too?
  10. The Denizens of the Grand Oubliette Deep within the mist shrouded valleys of Ulgu, down beneath the ground lies the Labyrinthine tunnels of the grand Oubliette. The twisting tunnels are made from mirror like obsidian. Illusions and phantasms plague those unlucky enough to be caught in it depths. To the denizens of the winding passages the concerns of ideology and morality are left behind for more pressing concerns of survival. +++++++++++++++ Hello all, I have been out of the hobby of a while but when I did play I mainly played smaller narrative games like Mordhiem and Kill team. I love the way you can grow a warband and advance characters through play. Mostly I loved converting models and making them my own. So when I found INQ28 and later AOS28 I knew this was something I wanted to try. But where to start? I was thinking and looking through what Mini’s I have at hand, money being a bit tight at the moment. I tried to think about what life would be like for the common denizens of the realms. AOS is a grand sweeping setting that tells the tales of grand heroes and gods. I want to concentrate on the over end of the scale. At first I had the concept of an old free guild knight and his retinue who never achieved the success that he felt he was deserving of. With the coming of the Stormcast he is trying to prove his worth. I may still do this but it’s not how I want to start. I have seen many fantastic blogs and post about Chaos and humans be they Stromcast or free guild. The elves models I’ve seen really have that Grimdark feel and the death faction seems like a slam dunk for this. I don’t see any Destruction, Profundis’s excellent Orruk Backbreaker being the exception. So I thought I would start here. I wanted to dispel the cartoony look of them and concentrate on creating something that could be terrifying if you or I were to meet it in a back ally. I started with something that was fairly standard. Taking some goblin heads and putting them on to Skaven bodies to give that no nonsense warrior look. (sorry about the picture quality) Gob test 1 Gob test 2
  11. In advance of a club campaign, I have finally started building some Stormcast! The Redwolf Covenant are a chamber of disparate units, brought together under the Redwolf to continue their unceasing war against chaos. They are therefore slightly less homogenous than standard Stormcast. If I'm honest, the fluff lags behind the modelling! Anyway, here are my first two units of Liberators, and my first two heroes - a Lord Relictor, and a...nother hero. I haven't decided what he'll count as yet. If anyone is interested in buying any of the Khornate parts of Thunder and Blood off me, send me a PM EDIT: Sold
  12. In the age following the retreat of Sigmar and the closing of the gates of Azyr, the fair realm known as the Moon's Eye was one of the first to be assaulted by the forces of Chaos. Massive hordes of Khornate tribesmen from the Lisskani deserts and vast legions of faceless automatons controlled by Tzeentchian sorcerers swept in from the north, leaving desolation in their wake. A hundred cults of the perverse worshippers of Slaanesh made themselves known in violent and horrific fashion, the promises of endless pleasure having seduced many a western citizen. From the east came the diseased scions of Nurgle, bringing with them all manner of plague and pestilence. The mighty kings and dukes of the Moon's Eye were beset upon from many sides, their formidable walls and disciplined soldiers no match for the wrath of the Dark Gods. What faint hope for victory that remained in the hearts of the faithful was snuffed out quickly and brutally with the fall of the capital city, Amrahal. The armies of the Dark Gods converged on fair Amrahal in an attempt to claim the glory of sacking the great capital. The gilded walls and ivory walls held out for days under the assault, but the ferocity of the savage siege proved to be far too much for even the grand fortifications. The walls were shattered after three months, three months that saw many on both sides dead, and as the pale white moon rose in the sky the invaders flooded into the city in such numbers that many of the weak were crushed underfoot. All resistance was momentary at best, and those defenders unlucky enough to be noticed for their martial prowess were turned into grotesque slave soldiers a mockery of what they once were. Amrahal burned for eight days and eight nights, and with it, so died the last shard of hope the surviving peoples of the Moon's Eye possessed. Inevitably the forces of the Ruinous Powers fell into infighting, and the mighty hosts that razed Amrahal splintered and broke, with many champions and lords leaving to forge their own bloody destinies in the shattered world. The situation was grim and hopeless even for the supposedly victorious chaos armies, and the Moon's Eye was sure to be forgotten by all but the wisest of scholars. However, fate changed inexplicably, and as dark and ancient powers turn their eyes to this wartorn desert, tiny seeds of hope and salvation are birthed in secret places for the peoples of this land and as the gates of Azyr open and roar forth the golden hosts of Sigmar, these seeds will bloom into bloody flower. And the Moon's Eye will gaze upon the realms once more!
  13. I've started building a small warband based around a knight questor and his retinue of followers,minstrels, squires and scribes. I wanted him to have an old school heraldic knight look, as if he's been away from his storm host for many many years and has taken to the questing life completely. I'm hoping to run a small AOS skirmish campaign in the vein of INQ28 or inquisimunda using either the regiment of renown rules or the hinterlands rules. Let me know what you think and i'll post more as it goes.
  14. First : I don't know if these kind of topic are allowed but i'm curious I didn't see anything KS related. So if it's not appropriate, please remove. There is currently a Kickstarter campaign running, it's called HATE and based on Adrian Smith work. I think it could interest people here, because it's full of great miniatures for Chaos and they have a special "AOS28" vibe : If you are interested, everything is here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/hate/description Thank you for reading Slagash
  15. Please post your finished AoS28 warbands here!
  16. As the title says, I was just thinking that it would be really cool if we invented some scenarios (narrative, matched, open), games (something like Gorechosen, shadespire) and warhammer quests (like those ones in WhiteDwarf) Mu main idea is a bit like Gorechosen, you get loads of Tzeentch sorcerers (preferably mortal) + any other WIZARDS, and you put them in an arena, maybe invent custom rules and stuff maybe something like necromunda/mordhiem on a 3d board let me know if you have any ideas... S133arcanite
  17. As the title says, I was just thinking that it would be really cool if we invented some scenarios (narrative, matched, open), games (something like Gorechosen, shadespire) and warhammer quests (like those ones in WhiteDwarf) Mu main idea is a bit like Gorechosen, you get loads of Tzeentch sorcerers (preferably mortal) + any other WIZARDS, and you put them in an arena, maybe invent custom rules and stuff maybe something like necromunda/mordhiem on a 3d board let me know if you have any ideas... S133arcanite
  18. As the title says, I was just thinking that it would be really cool if we invented some scenarios (narrative, matched, open), games (something like Gorechosen, shadespire) and warhammer quests (like those ones in WhiteDwarf) Mu main idea is a bit like Gorechosen, you get loads of Tzeentch sorcerers (preferably mortal) + any other WIZARDS, and you put them in an arena, maybe invent custom rules and stuff maybe something like necromunda/mordhiem on a 3d board let me know if you have any ideas... S133arcanite
  19. I've started tinkering with AoS28 around the edges of my Inquisitor projects, just to get away from the lasers for a while. This thread is a little project log. First up, a group of seven marsh-dwelling Plague Hunters, stalking Nurgle's abominations with fire and steel to keep their people safe. Little do they realise how ineffective a mask is against the favours of Grandfather Nurgle... This next group is a classic set of D&D adventurers, this time from a desert Realm. They too are masked to avoid the contagion of Chaos - a Priest of Ghyr, a Realmgate mage, a knight and a ranger. My Shadespire Stormcast, both a conversion pic and a rather blurry end result. Finally for today, a Witch Hunter and some of the vengeance-seekers he has gathered to his cause.
  20. Starting a thread to keep progress with my AoS/Hinterlands warband anecdote hopefully keep neck motivated to finish. The fluff i had in mind is as follows; The leader is a venerable glade lord and skilled hunter who travelled with a great army to the realm of shadow. His army got destroyed wiped in a mighty battle and he himself dies only to awake in a great forest. Driven mad by isolation he comes to the self realisation he has been reforged by Sigmar in order to defend this beautiful but seemingly rarely inhabited forest of the touch of chaos. He binds the creatures of the forest, wolf and hawk alike, to his will hunting down groups of chaos warriors and mercenaries and putting them to the sword. Except the creatures of the forest are not bound to him through the spirit of the forest but through his shared bloodlust for he is not reforged by Sigmar but touched by the same Soul Blight as the vampire that he thought had slew him. He wanders not in a grand forest hunting chaos, that is all in his troubled mind, in reality he haunts the ruins of an old cathedral in a barren wasteland where he fell, preying on travellers and pilgrims and feasting on their mortal souls aided in the slaughter by great carrion beasts. so in attempt to follow that kind of vibe I'm aiming to crest something's more like a macabre wood elf warband than one with a classic undead feel.
  21. His brothers in arms simply call him "The Bloat". He used to have a name, but nobody uses it now that he's dead, his belly swollen with rot and Nurglings. Some suspect that he's actually just a meatbag full of the vile little creatures and that when he 'dies' again, they'll come pouring out. Whatever it is that keeps him walking, it's rendered him formidable enough that nobody has yet been able to test that theory.
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