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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone so I'm primarily a 40k player with an avid interest in fantasy and by proxy AoS (but my friends got into 40k so...) and I've been trying to make a lot of my models backwards compatible and the three factions I'm interested in (in AoS) are Death, Dark Elves, and Free peoples so I'll be trying to make as much of my 40k models backwards compatible. But I think I have some cool conversions you may enjoy So first and foremost the images I shared so long ago here I'll reupload. I'll probably be using these as Varghesits if/when I get my Death army working. EDIT: I added a above conversion to the front page as that'll make my posts more eyecatching That's why you'll see this guy again later. Now if I uploaded everything properly you should see my Executioner / Incubi conversions I'd love feedback and everyone's thoughts and I'll try to post everything I view as compatible, and if everyone is okay with it I'll try and squeak in models that I just find too cool not to share if you'd like.
  2. So I've had a slow day and decided to compile all I can find on the Shadowkin and maybe figuring out what a potential release might look like. Our first bit of info comes from Mighty Battles, the first book released. Here it describes Malerion (the patron god most likely) who is a vast shadow dragon mosnter after Malakeith merged with his dragon. Morathi is also back, attended to by a court of shadow-daemons. I'm getting an Alarielle/Drycha relationship here with Malerion as the faction leader and Morathi acting as a foil. It wouldn't surprise me if they're both special characters with Malerion being the set-piece model. As one might expect, they’re from the Realm of Shadows. Next up is the description of the Caengan lodge in the Fyreslayers book. In particular we get the name of the faction (Shadowkin) and how they've learnt guerrilla tactics from individuals known as Shroudling Kings. I imagine Shroudling King will be the name of the main command unit of the Shadowkin. This also matches the speculation of the Tenebrael Shard and Mistweaver Saih being Shadowkin due to the similar naming conventions. Speaking of which... Here are our only suspected Shadowkin models. So far we can derive a fairly dark elfy vibe from them, with a little bit of dark eldar thrown in for good measure. The main thing that sticks out are the bits of metal jammed into the flesh of both models (hard to see from this angle but on the right arm of the Mistweaver and the back of the Shard) which is very Dark Eldar-y to me - maybe some kind of power through pain aspect? They’re also very spikey models, GW just loves their spikes I guess. There is no unified colour scheme between the two models, but we’re probably looking at the black and purple faction since that has been the staple for the dark elves. Now for the stats. Both have 8" move, 5 wounds and Bravery 8. The latter two are fairly standard but the 8" move sticks out - one is an assassin and the other is literally floating but I wouldn't be surprised if a high movement score was common throughout the faction, given they're apparently very sneaky. In fluff I would guess they emerge suddenly from the mists that plague the Ulgulands and then disappear rapidly back into them. Speaking of which the Shard does exactly that - he can rapidly teleport about the battlefield and after making a kill can do an immediate move away. I imagine the Shadowkin will be the go to faction for movement shenanigans. Both the Shard and the Saih have rubbish saves, 5+ and 6+ respectively, but each get a boost in their own respective way. The Shard is immune to Rend since he relies on his speed to avoid hits and the Saih can use her Glimmermist ability to save one attack per turn at 1+. Finally the Saih's unique spell is rolled against the enemy Bravery. This might be just a one off but I can see the Shadowkin being a faction who don't necessarily attack you face on and in the fluff follow a doctrine of move in, cause chaos, disappear. We don’t really have any clue what their units will look like beyond the heroes, but I would assume a core of light infantry. Perhaps with the ‘shadow daemons’ thrown in for diversity, probably 1 wound and a high movement score. As for the fluff we've only got scraps. The Saih and Shard are both described as emotionless in battle - the Saih is serene despite the carnage and the Shard is called callous in his killing. I haven't read the novel, but I also believe a Shard and Saih are working together and murder their allies? They don’t sound like a nice bunch. Likely they're in the tower for an ulterior motive. And we can probably guess that motive is something to do with Slaanesh. Given that Tzeentch is tied up in the Prince of Excesses absence, and this giant invocation Tzeentch is plotting, there might be some big changes coming to the Mortal Realms. Anything more I don’t really know, but more than likely it’ll involve a Stormhost going into the Uglalands, meeting some Shadowkin and them going from there. So for a release I would probably reckon something around the size of the Sylvaneth: - Three hero sprues. Two we already have and the Shroudling King as a third. Perhaps a fourth if they’re feeling generous. - Some units, probably dual kits since GW loves them. Maybe a shadow daemon kit as well. Maybe two boxes to give us 3-4 options. But hopefully more! - A Malerion box in the vein of Alarielle, Archoan and the Prime. Though there is the possibility of him being a dual-kit alongside a more generic shadow-dragon monster rider. - Morathi, though she might end up in the background fluff if the release is smaller. - A battletome with all the bells and whistles. Thoughts? Anything I've missed?
  3. Hello, i have a chance to grab an old Malekith on black dragon so thinking about a dark aelves army. While I love the way the old spearmen, both the newish dreadspears and the 6th edition ones rank up, unfortunately Age of Sigmar doesn't have that any more. So I was hoping to get some inspiration for how to make them a bit more dynamic, like the more current AoS models. Maybe with some kit bashing or alternatives? They look like pretty static troops though. Thanks for your help!
  4. Clue

    The Sisters

    As mentioned I've been working on a squad of sisters of slaughter. I don't feel as if these guys are near my best work - but they look great at a distance. I also got a tad bored painting them; finding the skin tones tedious at times. I may have gone overboard with the gore but it does fit in with their lore. After all, these guys are meant to live to fight. Let me know what you guys think. Hope you all enjoy the progress updates! It really means a lot to share this army with the community. "The Sisters fight as they live, moment to moment, with every gut-spilling swipe and viper-quick slash going unplanned until the second it is unleashed." Clue
  5. Clue

    The Assassin

    So I decided to finish up one of the heroes of the army and there really isn't much else to say. This guy (below) was easy to pile into an afternoon. Everything is neatly divided on the model and the cape has lots of flats which allows for easy blending (which I definitely still need to practice). Further, I'll admit the lighting is a little off but I was trying a sharp contrast - if he was leaping out of the darkness and into the light. I've also finished up some sisters of silence, but I'm saving those for another post. In other news I'm planning on branching over into painting some high aelves as a side job. Having a read of the rules behind phoenix guard seem like they could be what this army is missing (still within an army of Order). Question is, do I paint them to match or in contrast with my current darkling colour scheme? The flamespyre/frostheart phoenix also seems like it packs a real punch. Has anyone had any gameplay with any of these models (phoenix guard or phoenix)? Here is Shadowblade, the master assassin. "Fables of his grisly adventures are already used as stores to scare Dark Elf children, a litany of murder and terror that grows longer and bloodier with each passing day." Clue
  6. Clue

    The Bleakswords

    Figuring that every army needs its battleline I decided to finish off a unit of bleakswords. These guys are nice and quick to paint. Really fun to smash out. If anyone is looking for a quick unit to work on between projects then I would definitely recommend considering these guys. I also tried taking Old Stonebeard's advice and turned down the lighting a bit to give the photos a more natural feel. I think it's helped slightly but I'm fairly limited in what I can do in my current location. I will still try to improve my photography skills over the up-and-coming next few posts. I guess its time to read up on some photography blogs. Still considering ways in which I should take my army build. I feel like its time for a general but I am unsure what suits best for a dark aelves army. I've been reading up on the rules for the units and not much seems to strike my interest - all the cool units seem imbalanced points wise (apart from the sorceress). I might just wait till the GHB17 comes out. "Bleakswords forsake the spear and the repeater crossbow, deeming the former a peasant's weapon and the latter a craven armament. Instead, they wield slender duelling blades that flash past an enemy's guard to slit his throat or pierce his heart." Clue
  7. Clue

    The Knights

    So I know it hasn't been long since I last posted but over the weekend I finished up a unit of cold one knights. So I figured might as well put up some pics! I've been trying out a few new techniques with them - it was actually my first time using an airbrush for the cold ones and I'm really happy with how they have turned out. I figured a purple cold one, so that if I ever feel like painting traditional nagarrythe units I will have no problems with getting the models to match. Then the standard red-orange/silver combination for the riders. Also if anyone has advice on how to take better photos with an iphone then please let me know. I'm really wanting to get some clearer photos of these guys and the executioners. Clue "It is a daring Dark Elf who takes a Cold One for his steed, for the lizards savagely attack all who come near them, recognising warm-blooded creatures are prey by the smell alone."
  8. Clue

    The Executioners

    Welcome all. So the first unit which I've decided to finish up are my Har Ganeth Executioners. So far 9 of the 10 are complete, I just have the standard to go. Given the idea behind Har Ganeth I have decided to theme my army in red. This way I can build an army of Har Ganeth with Khaine as the core theme. Comments and Criticism Welcome! Well without further a due here are my executioners: Clue "It is said that a fully-trained Executioner knows the way to kill any creature with but a single blow, whether by decapitation, disembowelment or a single thrust through the heart."
  9. Just making a thread where people can predict the rest of the years releases, and suggest the units they expect to come with them. Personally, with us being nearly halfway through the year, I think we can expect to see three more decent AOS releases. Based on rumours and my own speculation, plus the little teases we've had so far, I think these would be: - Nurgle (Daemons, Mortals and new stuff) - Deathrattle (Expanded faction) - Dark Aelves Nurgle The Nurgle equivalent of Blades of Khorne/Disciples of Tzeentch, this would include a new Battletome as well as a big release of new units. This would also coincide with a lot of 40K Nurgle stuff as well. It would collect Nurgle Daemons, Rotbringers as well as the new stuff. My prediction for units to be released would be: Great Unclean One/Bolathrax kit. Bolathrax was heavily featured in the Ghyran campaign so I expect him to be the named GUO variant. The GUO would have a few weapon options as well, sword/flail etc. Nurgle Marauders kit. The Bloodreavers/Kairic Acolytes equivalent. Probably tougher than the other gods Marauders, what with this being Nurgle and all. I imagine them to be almost zombies, like the state between Mortal and Zombie. Or a new Zombie kit would also work. Nurgle Warriors kit. The Blood Warriors/Tzaangors equivalent. Again, pushing the toughness motif to separate them from the other gods. Pestigors would be an amazing option. Nurgle Mage. Nurgle Hero. Nurgle Cavalry. These would be smaller versions of the Maggoth riders, or something similar. Perhaps even giant slugs. This, combined with the current Nurgle stuff, would make an awesome Nurgle release I think. Deathrattle This would go a long way to pleasing many Death players and it it coincides with the Shadespire release, it would be a great way to further the faction. We know there will at least be a new Skeleton kit coming out, so I think there is good odds this gets released. What I expect for this release is: Arkhan to gain the Deathrattle keyword and be included in the Battletome. This makes too much sense not to happen. Sepulchral Guard. Obviously these have been seen. I think they're going to be an Elite infantry unit, better than the average Skeletons. Maybe even 2 wounds a piece. Ranged Units. Skelton Archers would be a welcome boon to this faction. A new Bone Giant unit. Less Egyptian vibe and more a literal Skeletal Giant. Some form of catapult/chariot/other warmachine. A Skeleton Mage. This would really amount to only a small release, but it would sell like crazy to the starving Death players. Dark Aelves With rumours persisting that Dark Aelves are getting a release, and it will be a Chthulu inspired release at that, I believe we will see a Scourge Privateers Battletome. This would infuse the current range of Privateers models, but add even more seafairing units. Pirate inspired light infantry. Similar to Harelquins, these would be dynamic and agile units, capering around wielding cutlasses and the like. Musketeers. Shooting units with Flintlock pistols and other old school armaments. Hero unit. Mage unit. Cavalry. These would be sea monster/Chthonic creatures. A large monster/centrepiece unit. Perhaps a squid like creature. This would be fairly unique, and offer great customisation. So yeah, thats my predictions for the year. Three more Battletomes with new Models.
  10. So, I had an idea for a list centered around scourge privateers, since I love the monster hunting pirate aesthetic. Problem is, the faction doesn't really have a lot of units to choose from so I tried to find complimentary units to slot in the list to flesh out the army a bit and fill some holes in the unit selection. Without further ado: Black Ark Fleetmaster - General - 40 Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart - 260 Assassin - 80 20 Black Ark Corsairs - 200 20 Black Ark Corsairs - 200 20 Black Ark Corsairs - 200 20 Phoenix Guard - 400 5 Gryph-Hounds - 200 5 Gryph-Hounds - 200 Kharibdyss - 200 So, what do you guys think? The Phoenix Guard has similar ability to Crosairs, so I figured they would synergize well. Should the corsairs be armed with vicious blade and hand crossbow or vicious blade and cutlass? Basically, the theme of the army is to use the Gryph Hounds and their dating strike ability to kite units out of enemy lines to be boxed in by infantry, while using the monsters and assassin to take down enemy heroes.
  11. Does anyone have any Sister of Slaughter heads that they could part with?? I'm looking for 20. Can offer money or trade bits (dark aelf, seraphon and some sylvaneth). Thanks! jimbo
  12. So I get that the End Times managed to funk up the High/Dark/Wood elf triumvirate, and now we've got less-fractured "aelves" that hang around with Order. I haven't really looked in-depth at the aelf lore; I just know that now our aelf models, despite looking like their original factions from the world-that-was, are technically all allied. I've always liked the background of the High/Dark elf civil war, and the fluff that came along with the different kingdoms of Ulthuan and the cities of Naggaroth. The End Times really brushed that under the rug, and AoS has seemingly neglected tinkering with the background for the time being. I don't know what GW has in store for the aelves - they might get rolled up into Battletome factions, or remain clinging for dear life on the edge of the Grand Alliance book as an "old models, new rules" army, as they are now. In any case, what exactly can we do with the aelves as they are now? I've seen that some of the aelf units have been distributed among different sub-factions, like the Darkling Covens, Daughters of Khaine, Order Draconis, Wanderers, etc. etc. So the original factions at large have been done away with, but then separated again into smaller collections. Can purists rely on these sub-factions to field viable armies under the traditional High/Dark/Wood themes, or is AoS really trying to encourage a new direction, with a mish-mash of former enemies? Are there any good synergies to be found in cross-mini-faction armies? Chaos has my attention now, begging me to finish the starter Bloodbound while I wait for my Skaven to arrive, but I have always loved the elf backgrounds and I remain cautiously optimistic about the prospect of collecting them one day... AoS setting pending.
  13. Regular opponent Tom came over for a game of Age of Sigmar. With the new Realmgate Wars book release, All-Gates, we decided to take a stab at one of the battleplan, Through the Breach. Armies Tom had bought 2000 points of Dark Aelves (points from the new Handbook), and as I hadn't seen any leaks of the points myself we decided in true Age of Sigmar style to 'eye' roughly an equal force of Khorne. Khorne: Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (General) 20 Bloodletters 3 Bloodcrushers 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne Mighty Lord of Khorne Lord of Khorne on Jugganaut Bloodsecrator Slaughterpriest Warshrine 20 Bloodreavers 10 Bloodwarriors 3 Skullcrushers Dark Aelves: Cauldron of Blood (General) 30 Witch Aelves 10 Doomfire Warlocks Sorceress 20 Executioners 20 Darkshards 5 Drakespawn Knights Assassin Scenario The objective is for the attacker (the army that breached the wall), must have at least 3 units in the defenders deployment zone by the end of turn 6. The defenders win a major Victory if they can prevent this. The breaching side must set up within the small deployment area, any models that cannot can come on at the end of any subsequent movement phase. The breachers all get +1 to their Bravery, to symbolise their increased moral after breaching the wall, however they all get -1" movement to show their efforts have been exhausting. The defenders can re-roll all attack dice, to recreate the effect that they have become desperate to defend their home. Result I'm not going to write a huge battle report, but summarise some major points and share some of the photos. I was easily able to get the 3 units in to the defenders deployment zone by the end of Turn 4. In fact, I would have tabled Tom as he only had the Blood Cauldron left. This is a fun scenario but really requires the defender to have a lot of units. You will struggle to defend if you have small elite squads. Summary I'm not going to write a huge battle report, but summarise some major points and share some of the photos. I'm really enjoying playing with the Bloodreavers. Yes, they aren't very resilient but that are great fun! Large numbers, added with the Warshrine and the Bloodsecrator makes them very hard hitting and gives them at least some kind of save (6+ ignore damage from the Warshrine). I am painting up another 20 of them to use and will look at adding a squad of 5 Wrathmongers to give them yet another attack. My Blood Warriors didn't survive a single combat phase, but did exactly what was required of them. I threw them into the very scary Witch Aelf squad on my turn and picked them first to attack. When they inevitably died they got to attack again. They also managed a to make a few saves, and deal mortal wounds back. If you include battleshock phase, they killed 23 Witch Aelves, that were buffed and had a 5+ ward save from the Blood Cauldron. The great thing about Khorne is their ability to shut down the magic phase. There are plenty of units that can unbind and a few that even get bonuses to the unbind roll. Flesh Hounds get +1 and the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster gets a +2 to unbind roll. I was able to deny the Doomfire Warlocks on many occasions. My Skullcrushers got bogged down by the Aelves easily, they really do need to be charging all the time to make use of the Mortal wounds. The Bloodcrushers were terrible, the 1 attack only from the Bloodletter on the top is a big let down, they barely did any damage. I can't see myself bringing them to tournament games. Dark Aelf Executioners were very good, sixes to hit explode in to 2 Mortal Wounds, they easily made short work of the 20 Bloodreavers and 20 Bloodletters I threw at them. Tom ran them in a group of 20, which is probably the way to go, they have a 4+ save and only 1 wound, running a sorceress behind them to give them Mystical Shield is a good idea too. I've played against the Witch Aelves before, and in large number they hit very hard with the Blood Cauldron nearby. In my last game against Tom they dealt a lot of damage to my Daemonettes, Keeper of Secrets and Soul Grinder before I could remove them. Photos
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