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Found 25 results

  1. Happy Sigmarisnacht Everyone! Sigmarisnacht is that special time of year when all the good lords and ladies of the mortal realms battle for the divine presents of Sigmar. Twelve Days of Sigmarisnacht is a holiday themed Global Narrative Event that will be going on from December 1 - 12 this year. Participation is easy, just play the battleplan below (you'll probably want to be prepared with a gift for your opponent), and report your results at this link. You can share your pictures and stories in this thread, or at the Sigmarisnacht Facebook page. Your battles will determine the outcome of this first Sigmarisnacht event and also lay the groundwork for next year's. Lord-Celestant Coregos stepped out into the icy morning air. The scent of sulfur wafted on the breeze, and he could hear the distinct clash of battle in the arena. In the sky he could see a fresh wave of gifts hurtling down from Azyr. He stepped forward and nearly tripped over the package at his feet. It read (written in something that looked suspiciously like blood) “To: Coregos… From: A Secret Benefactor”. I guess I need to get them a present too, he thought, so he hefted his mighty warhammer and headed to the arena. …Who is Coregos’ secret benefactor? Will he defeat them in single combat? Play to find out! Your battles will determine what happens next! Sigmarisnacht 2019.pdf How does your army celebrate Sigmarisnacht?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The armies of Efengie have been drawn into a war between the neighboring nation-states of Kytos and Lamellia; a war fought on both land and sea! This book includes a 2-player Narrative Linked-battles Campaign, 3 custom Allegiance abilities to represent the nation-states of Kytos, Lamellia, and Efengie, 5 Narrative Battleplans, 6 Legendary Artefacts of Efengie, and 1 rules expansion to add naval warfare to your Age of Sigmar battles. Plus, lots of fiction and pictures chronicling five months of narrative events! This is the fifth book in this series, you don't need the others (in fact, there's a fluff recap page at the beginning of this one), but if you enjoy this one, you may also enjoy the rest. Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a one-stop-shop Narrative battleplan. It is designed using storytelling game concepts to play into the idea of gaming as conversation. I designed it for narrative/open play pickup games for when players don't have some great idea for a story; they can instead let the story flow over them with this battleplan. It uses a system of Objectives and Motivations to create thematic scenarios. It includes generic Objectives and Motivations along with Objectives and Motivations to accompany most battletomes.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The sages of Efengie have interpreted malign portents ahead. Follow the Efengie campaign through Malign Portents, Coalescence: the Desolation of Eristrat, and the rise of a horrible new daemonic queen! This book contains 5 narrative battleplans with a linked battles campaign framework, Regions of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie, and lots of pictures and stories from the past year of Age of Sigmar Game Days. This is book 4. Books 1-3 aren't necessary to enjoy the battleplans or storyline, but if you like this, you might like these others too! Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
  5. I've finished the third Efengie Campaign book. These books are put together from the battleplans I use for the Age of Sigmar Game Days that I run more-or-less monthly at my FLGS. In this one (as with the other two below) we've got five battleplans, a campaign system, and some fun little stories about what went down. In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value. Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters. In this book, I made some changes to the Clash of Empires battleplan framework. The biggest change for anyone playing through the campaign book is that each battleplan now has two different battlefields with different secondary objectives. This fits in really nicely with the campaign system since now the winner of each battle gets to choose the battlefield for the next one. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the book! Also, here are links to the first two books if you want to get the whole story so far.
  6. Version 2.0


    The first book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework. It also includes Time of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie. But that's not all, each battleplan includes a fluff piece storying the event at which it was originally run, and there are also 2-player narrative campaign rules, and a map campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules! There are now 3 Efengie Campaign books! Book 2 - Through the Deathgate Book 3 - Coalescence Aftermath
  7. Version 1.0.0


    In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value. Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters. Play through the action in a five battleplan two player narrative campaign. Book 1 Book 2
  8. Welcome to the new home of Battletome: The End Times. Rather than build a blog or other ways, I figured that using The Grand Alliance as the hub for my hosting and posting about BT: ET would work out best for everyone. Thanks to Ben for creating a site where I can easily host the files for everyone to find! What is Battletome: The End Times? It's a fan-made conversion of the original End Times scenarios. Like many, I was pretty hyped up about the End Times. Unfortunately, my gaming group lacked a lot of the key players, and I had none. So I never got to play them! When AoS arrived, I decided that the game was so well suited to scenarios that converting them would be easy enough. I want to play out the end of my favorite fantasy setting! Thus was born this massive tome. It is faction neutral, for the moment. Meaning you can use whatever army you have, without penalties. It also includes a number of Times of War, so you can play and feel truly in the setting. Current progress report: Version 1.0 is finished! All battleplans, Time of War rules, deployment maps and other things are finished. The Battletome: The End Times is done. Enjoy! Fluff/extras for battleplans: Nagash Glottkin Khaine Thanquol Archaon Beneath you'll find each download as they are available. The full Battletome: The End Times is considered the master version. Each sub-tome contains only the parts that the original book contained, so you may have to download others to use the relevant Time of War rules.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Overlord Grimni "The Grim" Goldbeard is dead, leaving a seat open on the Reaper King's council. Warbands amass in Reaper to attempt to claim it, and the streets will run red with blood. This book is a 5-battleplan skirmish campaign.
  10. Hi, Age of Sigmar has created many Battleplans in the last two years (about 140) but when I search for BatReps I have the feeling that since the Generals Handbook came out, we mostly see the same 6 "Pitched Battle" Battleplans over and over again. In february I wanted to start a discussion in another forum about the combination of the other battleplans with the rules of the pitched Battle rules of the Generals Handbook (what rules would work with the battleplan and what wouldn't, like having to spend Reinforcement Points when a unit comes back and thats part of the battleplan). Or how to work with Points when in most cases of early battleplans there was only that rule if one player has 1/3 more Models. Perhaps the battleplan has a flaw itself or something. Many battleplans are written for one fraction, but perhaps some of them could be used with other fractions, too. Sadly the discussion failed, mostly because there was only one post that was not made by me and my view through some of the battleplans was more theoretial because the lack of having a gaming group and can't test the battleplans myself and the other case that because of copyright your very restricted what you can post of the battleplan itself (and so only people who have the book could be part of the discussion). Some times I have a feeling that some rules of Matched Play were a little too strict, so they would reduce the atmosphare of the game, but sadly some people need some harder restriction, when I look at some of the "Meta-Lists". Perhaps some sort of gamemode between narrative and matched play could help but I have the feeling that something like that would have a long exceptionlist like the old Tournament restrictionlists. Perhaps we have to see, that the Generals Handbook 2017 brings and would really like to see more BatReps with other Battleplans and perhaps, GW needs a book like "Altar of War" in 40k. Do I have a wrong picture of the situation or does the community only uses 4,2% of all Battleplans? Regards, EMMachine
  11. In the final battle of the Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim campaign, Skragnir has the Letter of Marque in hand, and has to run a blockade of enemies between himself and Castle Reaper. This last battleplan is pretty much the same as the breakthrough battleplan in Hinterlands, but that's what we actually played at the event, so here it is. In the actual event, the end came down to a tie between Skragnir and the von Hortlaks. We used XP gained as our tie breaker, and Skragnir and his crew came out on top. Fleet Admiral Skragnir now holds a seat on the high council in the Free City of Reaper. Once my brother finishes painting his Kharadron Overlords, I can get pictures of Skragnir and his lot to populate the book, and I will release this whole thing as a proper skirmish campaign. Enjoy! Below are the exposition, parts 1-4, and the campaign rules if you're playing along.
  12. Welcome to Part 4 of Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim. We've hit the home stretch. After being betrayed by a member of his own crew, Skragnir and his Arkanauts have to survive the night hiding out in the Murderwood on the edge of town. This battleplan is a new take on an oft repeated concept. Assassins are out to kill Skragnir the Recalcitrant, who has to start in the center of the battlefield. The twist here is that the Defender gets to start off with all their models on the battlefield, but they've been spread out to stand watch. They don't know which direction the Assassins will come from, so they'll have to watch every angle! If you missed it, here are Parts 1-3, which also include the campaign rules (in Part 2) if you want to play along!
  13. In the third battle of the Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim campaign, I wanted to try something that I haven't seen in AoS before. In MERCS (a kinda' neat skirmish game that I don't quite endorse, but have had some fun playing in the past) they ran a global narrative event at one point, and one of the scenarios revolved around having a mole in your opponent's team. I liked that idea and hope that it translates well to AoS. Broken Trust is a very asymmetrical battle. The Defender has the Letter of Marque (if you're playing the campaign) or a bonus Artefact (if you're not), but also a traitor in their ranks. The Ambusher has their warband split between two battlefield edges, which could be a strength, but is definitely also a potential weakness. I had a lot of different ideas for approaching the "Traitor In Our Midst" rule. I considered having the traitor be selected at the start of the battle, and then revealed at the opportune moment. That would have been cool, because revealing the traitor at the opportune moment would be fun, but it would also involve additional book-keeping, and could lead to a lot of unpleasant traitor experiences (like the traitor having to flip early and being really badly positioned, or the traitor dying to deadly terrain before being revealed). I also considered having the traitor be random, but having the player choose when they would be revealed. Ultimately, I ended up deciding that would lend too much power to killing off weaker units so that you could increase the value of your traitor. It seemed a bit too gamey for what I wanted. I ended up settling on a random traitor at a fixed time. The benefits of that are that there isn't much meta-gaming strategy to it, but it is still predictable. If you missed it, here are Part 1 and Part 2, which also include the campaign rules if you want to play along! Crossposted from http://hivefleetcharybdis.blogspot.com/
  14. I ran a Hinterlands event a few weekends ago (the same weekend the new Skirmish rules dropped, funny enough). I used three of the Hinterlands battleplans for it, The Lost Artefact, Assassinate, and Breakthrough. To tie it all together, I made up a story set in our local campaign setting (the Vale of Efengie) in which the players were trying to find and deliver a Letter of Marque that would grant one lucky general a seat on the Reaper King's council. Normally I bake all of the events I run together into campaign books, but I thought that this story-line would make a fun Skirmish campaign. So I've expanded it into a five battleplan campaign that I will be posting over the next week or two. Here's the first fluff page explaining the basic premise. Call it exposition if you like. In the first battleplan, two warbands arrive at the scene of Overlord Grimni's murder to investigate. I was inspired a little bit by the beginning of the Watchmen, when Rorschach is investigating the Comedian's murder. I think Grimni and whoever killed him probably had a pretty severe rumble in the wee hours of the night, and whodunnit is still a mystery (we may never know, but I assume it was a Dark Elf), but the carrion are already descending because they know that if they want his council seat, they're going to have to act fast. This is going to be a five battleplan campaign, and I plan on posting the other battleplans over the next couple weeks, and hopefully by the time I'm done posting them piecemeal, I'll have the full campaign book finished!
  15. The Skirmish Campaign rules have opened my eyes to a whole new way of playing narrative linked battles. So I've added 2-player narrative campaign rules to the campaign books I've made based on the monthly Age of Sigmar events I run. I finally feel like they are more or less complete! Each book includes five battleplans based on the Clash of Empires battleplan from Warhammer World, a Time of War, and a good chunk of fluff and pictures introducing you to the Vale of Efengie, its denizens, and their travails (along with the aforementioned 2-player campaign). The first book follows two invading forces from other Realms as they battle it out over the Vale of Efengie. The second book takes a more personal direction, and follows one army through a realmgate into Shyish on a mission to defeat death, but enemies have followed them through the gate . I hope you enjoy the books!
  16. Version 1.0.0


    The second book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework. It also includes Time of War rules for battling at the Gates of Eucebium. But that's not all, there are also 2-player narrative campaign rules for playing the battleplans as a series of linked battles.
  17. I was wondering if anyone had any good battle plans for path to glory aside from the 2 in the GHB. Does the digital path to glory stuff GW released for Christmas have any? Fan made links?
  18. I've noticed that a frequent topic of discussion is how difficult it is to get a narrative pick-up game because of the amount of planning and being on the same page required. I'm working on a battleplan to aim to rectify that by using story-gaming principles to make a low-prep story oriented battleplan with a lot of replayability. It's not 100% finished yet, but the basic idea is that there are a bunch of options for 'objectives' that are thematic objects to fight over, and 'motivations' that are the things your army wants to do to those objects. So for example, if you have an objective that is the buildings in a village, an orruk army might want to burn them to the ground, while their opponent is trying to scout the village for supplies. It's an easy way to have evocative, mismatched victory conditions that help tell a story. The other important thing I'm focusing on with it is shifting the focus from tactical victory to storytelling. First off, instead of having Victory Points, players have Victory Dice, so you can't really know if you're winning/losing until it's over. Players also have a pool of Victory Dice that they can use to reward their opponent for cinematic gameplay, or to create their own objectives on the fly. I haven't gotten to playtest it yet, but I'm planning on trying it out this weekend. I'll come back and let you know how it goes. If anybody else decides to try it out, I'd love to hear any feedback!
  19. I have officially completed the first Efengie Campaign Book! This is the culmination of about six months of running themed Age of Sigmar events at my FLGS. It came about because I was creating battleplans for the monthly Age of Sigmar Game Day (like a tournament, but more casual) at my FLGS. In order to establish a narrative and give the events fun story-oriented stakes, I decided I would write a fluff piece after each event to describe what happened, and slowly flesh out the ongoing story of our not-quite-campaign. Efengie was the old tongue-in-cheek setting for my local store's Warhammer Fantasy campaigns, which we ran on a regular basis for roughly 10 years before Age of Sigmar was released. The store owner drew the original map (I drew this one myself) based on the layout of the store, which resulted in us having locations like Fort Snack, and Mount Cola. The Port City of Bludor was literally a blue door that was adjacent to a particularly flood prone area of the back storage area. Some, like the Trade City of Register or the cities of North Couch and South Couch didn't make the cut because they were a little too silly. I have given that setting a makeover to find it a home in Ghyran. This book includes five battleplans built on the framework of Warhammer World's Clash of Empires. It includes two new Time of War rules representing the Vale of Efengie as well as the Gates of Eucebium, a ring of ancient Realmgates erected by the Wanderers. It has plenty of fluff and photography from the events to round it out, and also includes a Map Campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules. Enjoy!
  20. Just finished a new battleplan. Follows from the a mixture of King of the hill/Artifact of power. Has been a huge success the last few times ive played it. would love to hear some feedback off people both as first impressions and those that have given it a go. please let me know of any glitches/errors.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Will you be the one to claim the power of the Daemons crown? This is a Battleplan ive designed based on a mixture of 'King of the Hill' and 'Artifact of Power' styles of play. have tested it a few times and prooved to be a very fun battleplan with quite a few twists and shifts inthe battle. Would be great to see what others think both from first impressions and from trying it out. please let me know of any glitches or errors in the game that you spot
  22. Today I played the Battleplan, "The Fiend's Lair" from the Fyreslayer's Battletome. What a game. So to summarise the mission. My lodge has heard that deep within a nearby cavern lies a hoard of ur-gold. The only issue is that they do not know what else is in said cavern. As it transpires, there is a vast horde of undead, and the ur-gold is locked in the yet-undiscovered lair of the Undead Lord. The Fyreslayers begin 12" on a square, with the 24" tile next to them void. Once they enter each of the other 4 square remaining on the board the enemy player sets up whatever units he has allocated to those squares, with the enemy general having to be set up in the final square. A very computer gamey, old style dungeon crawl mission, and as it turns out, a lot of fun, even when your opponent goes overboard with the undead. Oh and there's a rule where, in squares 2 and 3, zombies drop down from the cavern ceiling as potential reinforcements, or just splatter onto the ground in a shower of innards. I deployed Auric Runefather, 2 Runesons on Magmadroths, Runemaster, 2 Runesmiters, Battlesmith, 3 Grimwrath Berzerkers, 2 units of ten Vulkites, 2 units of 10 Hearthguard Berzerkers, 10 Auric Hearthguard and a Doomseeker. Pics attached, the board, My deployment, the battleplan map.
  23. Played this Battleplan this afternoon - really recommend it for a quick & bloody game. We played 75 pools of SCGT, Death v.s Slaves to Darkness. The game involves an invader & custodian, and the invader has the chance to start the game either 18" or even 12" from the enemy! ( unless they are spotted in the process ) All spells, abilities & shooting have their ranges severely reduced, making for a close fought, vicious battle. It could have gone either way at all times, with only a handful of models left on my side at the end of the game. All in just under two hours. it's great fun!
  24. I've posted a battleplan in the downloads section which I wrote with friend. It's designed to be played with only minis with the Hero keyword. Think capture the flag and you're there. I think @StoneMonk played it and mentioned it on the Mortal Realms podcast recently. Enjoy!
  25. Version 1.0.0


    This is a new battleplan for AoS. It's a effectively capture the flag, using only models with the Hero keyword. We wrote it as a special birthday game and played with eight players round one table. It turned out to be loads of fun.
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