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Found 74 results

  1. So I'm a slow painter by and large. I need to learn speedy tricks. I'm not going to post what I've painted to date (I'll include one pic I put in the display army thread elsewhere) but things I'm currently working on. The past two and a half weeks my evening hour or two has been spent on 2 concussors. These guys are quite the challenge to paint! In effect it's another LCoD from the starter set with a few more details. The first one is 99% complete and here he (or she) is! The 2nd concussor is maybe 70% complete and is next up. After that I've got 5 x paladins to build and paint, 5 x liberators to build and paint and then 4 x liberators to paint. After that, well I'm thinking of a style and faction change. Plus I've got Silver Tower to paint. We'll see! There's months of work ahead.
  2. Hi everyone! This thread is made to post stuff I paint that doesn't belong to my Brayherd, mostly Silver Tower for now but other things later. I had already painted roughly half of the Silver Tower minis: The Gaunt Summoner and familiars, Ogroid Thaumaturge and half of the Kairic Acolytes, Tzaangors and Horrors. For completeness' sake, here are some pictures of those. That left me the other half of the Acolytes, Tzaangors and horrors, the Grot Scuttlings, the Skaven Deathrunner and all the heroes. The main reason I hadn't painted the rest of the minions yet was that I didn't feel like painting identical models again, so to avoid that I went to a bits site and got Tzaangors and horrors from their respective boxed sets, and bought a whole box of Acolytes at my FLGS. The rest of them will be used in a future conversion project I have planned (after the Brayherd is done to a satisfactory level). I've been working on the first hero for the past week and a half, and the Darkoath Chieftain is now complete! I decided to do him in a very Slaanesh-y colour scheme - pale skin, dark leather and metal, purple cloth and so on. Next up are the five remaining horrors, which I'm going to paint in a batch.
  3. TheOtherJosh

    Gaunt Summoner

    Gaunt Summoner Of Tzeentch from the Silver Tower
  4. We visited the tower again this weekend, this time in search of the Shard of Ulgu. We brought the Cogsmith this time because I had just finished painting him. I forgot to take many pictures, but in the last room, the Cogsmith did BAD things to the Grot Scuttlings that were there. One round he killed ALL 8 of them... I almost started to wonder if we were playing it right... on a 3+, he can fire again without using an action dice? The Cogsmith's player rolled that about 10 times in a row...
  5. How is everyone going about bashing there modles for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. Unique to the game or to match your armies? This is what I have been playing with, but I'm not sold on it yet so I'm looking for inspiration .
  6. I am starting a brand new thread for my Warhammer Quest related stuff. I have both Silver Tower and Hammerhal, and a few extras as well. I hope to get them all painted up over the course of this school year. I decided to start with the Brimstone Horrors.
  7. Hey all, I started my first game of Silver Tower yesterday, but I have run into a few questions. What do the little portals--the ones that you place yourself--in the rooms do? Do they go to little portals in other rooms, or do they connect to big ones? Also, what happens when a party clears a room of enemies, but some players haven't gone yet? Can they search for treasure, or do they have to explore and look for more rooms? Thanks!
  8. I've had Silver Tower sitting on my shelf for months, but for various reasons I haven't yet played it. Basically it boils down to the fact that I have almost none of the models painted, but I don't want to play with unpainted models. And since the number of models in the box is so daunting, I've kind of set it aside in favour of other projects. My question is, how many models would I actually need to paint in order to play the first mission? Obviously I'll need the requisite number of heroes, but what about minions? Is it possible that any of the minions could randomly turn up, in which case I need to have pretty much everything painted from the start? Or do the mechanics of the game mean that some more powerful models are highly unlikely to show up? Would appreciate any help/advice/insight that can help me get up and running without having to paint everything in one go.
  9. One of the things that I have wanted to make ever since the South Coast Grand Tournament was my very own Silver Tower as the centrepiece terrain feature or my Tzeentch table. I wasn't sure what to use as the start of the model though, until I came across this cheap (£6.99) lighthouse from The Range. I thought with a bit of tweaking it would work as the base for the model. The first thing that I did was remove all of the shells and nautical decoration. It had al been attached with a glue gun so a quick go at it with the hobby knife allowed me to remove a lot of the detail and then I could sand down some bits that were a little rough. However the lighthouse now needed to be AoS'd a little bit. To start with I designed a Tzeentch pattern that I got from the floor tiles from the silver tower game. I scaled them so they were larger at the bottom than the top and then I cut them out carefully. I needed three patterns to go round the tower as well as a couple of extra bits to hide the window and door openings. Once they were cut out I used spray glue to attach them to the lighthouse. I had to go round some of the designs with superglue to get them to stick securely. The next step was to cut away the central pillar at the top. I drilled two holes in the top section and the main piece that could be joined by some wooden dowel. I then drilled a hole through a table tennis ball which was going to act as the eye of Tzeentch. I then used the laser cutter to cut out the nine Tzeentch spikes that would go round the top section. For final decoration I glued on some of the bits and pieces left over from the Lord of Change kits to add some more flavour to the design. I I then made a new Tzeentch disc style base which I attached to the original wooden base. I drilled a 20mm hole into the bottom using a Forstner bit and glued a piece of clear acrylic tube into it. To make it look magically powered I used expending phone around the bottom and stuck a load of the spare Lord of Change heads into it. At this point I also made a base from MDF and lots of filler to give it some weight. I covered the pole with masking tape so that could paint the base. With all the building now finished I was able to get on with painting the model. I painted it in four sections - the base, the tower, the base of the tower, and the eye. The base was painted brown and grey, then dry brushed and flocked. I used a lot of blue and white spray paint to paint the magical cloud at the bottom, then sprayed the top silver. Some of the silver went onto the blue but I really wasn't concerned by this as it added to the mystical appearance. I then gloss varnished the cloud. I also edge highlighted all the silver parts as well. The eye was sprayed with shades of blue and then I quickly picked out a nebula pattern with white on the eye. Again this was given a glossy finish. I sprayed the tower with leadbelcher and then hit it with a silver spray to pick out details. I used the light blue to do the lighting effects on the tower. I used a little bit of gold on the top just for some contrast. Everything was then glued together using mitre adhesive. All I need to do now is to create some exciting game rules to go along with the piece....
  10. The Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch, an Exotic Adversary for the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower game.
  11. Four Blue Horrors from the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower boxed set on Shattered Dominion bases.
  12. Darkoath Chieftain painted using the Warhammer Community, Paint Splatter for the Darkoath Chieftain. ( https://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/10/31/paint-splatter-darkoath-chieftain/ ) The base is one of the Shattered Dominion scenic bases. Basecoated in Mechanicus Standard Grey, washed with straight Drakenhoof Nightshade (blue wash) and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull. The skull was painted using the bone guide from the paint splatter.
  13. Time for another character for my chaos army. This one nicely blurs the line between sorcerer and beastman,,, The Ogroid Thaumaturge! Mainstay of The Silver Tower and Tzeentch Arcanites (he wouldn't look bad as the magic support in a Warherd army either...) I was quite happy with the wet blending on his skin, although I could quite happily never have to paint another one of his eldritch sigils. I'm not sure how I feel about his 'looking over the shoulder' pose. It's nice to have a different sculpt to 'looking straight ahead', but there doesn't seem to be a single, best angle to view him from (hence all the photos), and I think he works best in three-dimensions. He's off to command a mixed Chaos force in a five-game tournament this weekend, so I hope his sigils are fully-charged!
  14. Guest

    Knight Questor of the Astral Templars

    Will benefit from more highlighting and blending eventually but good enough to call it finished for now - still got many more Silver Tower miniatures ahead of me and I can't play the game until they're all painted to tabletop standard. Purple areas painted using the Warhammer TV guide to Astral Templars armour.
  15. Hi all, Here's what I have on offer. Feel free to make me an offer - I'm looking for Paypal payments and just looking to offload the stuff. Can provide pics. AOS Gaunt Summoner on Disc (in box, box damaged but contents fine) Silver Tower Tzeentch stuff (undercoated) Ironjawz Force (assembled/half painted); 10 Ironjawz Brutes 1 Megaboss 2 Warchanters 10 Ardboyz 3 Goregruntas Weirdnob Shaman 1 Mawkrusha Also have some 40k/30k for those interested; Adeptus Mechanicus Eradication Force Battleforce Adeptus Mechanicus Start Collecting Box Imperial Sector Aquila Strongpoint Deathwatch Overkill Deathmasque Sicaran Iron Circle Imperial Knight I'm Nottingham based, so if you wish to collect that can be arranged.
  16. It´s been about 3 months of hobby time, about 70% done. I had this idea to combine this miniatures to a future Thousands Sons Army with a more Egyptian themed bases, so I went for some great resin bases from Scibor Miniatures. Character miniatures are all on 25 mm bases to use them on RPG mat... Pic Heavy so I pack some photos together Heroes Deamons Other adversaries Enjoy!!
  17. I never really liked the coffin-on-a-stick so here's my Lord-Relictor for Silver Tower, now with 2 hammers! I considered a different option before I settled on the 2nd hammer, I nearly went with an empty hand, but the pose seemed off: So I made a hammer using (from the Warhammer Chapel OoP scenery kit) and part of the staff from the relic, cut down with the base of the staff moved up to the new base.
  18. ~ Chapter One ~ Athos looked upon the field of battle. Around him, his forces made ready for first-contact with the enemy. Across the broken landscape, dotted with withered trees, long drained of life by the recent incursion of Nurgle’s corruption, were gathered a multitude of orruks. Bonesplitterz, these particular brutes named themselves, though Athos cared little what names they chose for themselves. He cared not the name of his enemy – only their death concerned him. War-horns blared to life from within the rudimentary formations of the orruks, dozens all at once. The horde started to chant and roar broken-speech challenges to their opponents, taunting them to action. Throughout their midst, Athos could see the shapes of hulking warlords barking orders at the smaller brethren that surrounded them. There were others as well – sorcerers – judging by their dress; all feathers and special ornaments of bone and wood that the orruks reserved only for their shamans. They’ll prove a more difficult challenge, Athos thought. A far greater one than all the rest of their ilk combined. The Stormcast were the greatest warriors of Sigmar’s hosts, each and every one of their kind a warrior of unparalleled skill, stamina, and strength…but strength of arms could only do so much against a foe who wielded the chaotic power of raw magic, the ability to rip chunks of Earth from the ground, or else twist the fabric of nature to their destructive will. “The orruks are out in number this morning.” It was Calanius, the Lord-Relictor of their force. He had come to stand beside Athos to survey the enemy before battle was joined. In his right hand, the Relictor carried his prized banner, decorated with gothic depictions of a Stormcast soul’s returning to their God-King's embrace. “They’ll die all the same, few or many, it matters not,” Athos replied. “It’s their sorcerers that worry me. I count a dozen at least, though there’s almost surely more of them skulking about.” “We’ll handle it,” Calanius told him matter of factly. “We always do.” We do, Athos merely thought, because we cannot die. If we fail, we’ll merely come back again. That is our gift, and in other ways, our curse. Though not all resented the immortality bestowed upon the Stormcast by their God, some were…less enthusiastic. Athos had had a family once, a loving wife and daughter, though he could remember little of them now. Their faces were blurry images in his mind's eye, and their voices were muffled echoes. Athos wondered how much longer it would be before those lingering thoughts faded as well. How much longer would it be before he forgot them entirely? He wondered if he would ever see them again. A lifetime ago, death had offered the promise of reunion, no matter what came, but now… “The orruks are moving, Lord-Castellant." Calanius's voice, calling him back to the present. “We should begin," the Lord-Relictor then told him as Athos returned to the present. He saw the orruks then, a seething tide of green flesh and bone-weapons, and all of it pouring directly towards the forward lines of the Stormcast formations. Athos clenched one steel gauntlet around the hilt of the warhammer he carried. He pulled the weapon loose from the bonds on his back and raised it high for all around him to see. The weapon's steel-head glinted with the sunlight of the new morning. “Aye,” Athos spoke. “By Sigmar’s grace, let us bring swift death to these foul beasts.” **** A cold intelligence watched the storm of battle rage. Over a burning fire, the Gaunt-Summoner, One of the Nine, chanted eldritch words of power. The words of his God. His prayers were answered, and foul power poured from the flames. His minions danced and flayed their limbs about the ritual, chanting in a variety of alien tongues. Their devotion, their energy, their very life-force, gave power to the ritual. From far away, the Gaunt-Summonder heard the warhorns of the orruks, and he knew the time had come. From within his robing he produced an old book, wrapped in the skin of flayed man. As his elongated fingers opened it, the cries of a thousand damned souls screamed from within its pages. He cackled, knowing each of the voice's many names. In his freehand, the Seventh of the Nine raised a dagger, its twin-faces etched with ancient runes chiseled by the talon of Tzeentch itself. The wailing of the damned grew louder. The Gaunt-Summoner hissed through multiple rows of fanged teeth, and then he plunged the dagger down, directly into the pages of the book. The world shuddered. It was begun. The starting locations for the Stormcast and Bonesplitterz forces. Meanwhile, the Gaunt-Summoner and his cult perform an unholy ritual, unbeknownst to either force. The Stormcast forces advance, splitting their forces into three prongs. Priority switches to the savage orruks, who gleefully bellow as they surge forward. The orruks rush forward and charge headlong into their hated foes. After a fierce round of combat, the smaller unit of Liberators are wiped out to a man by the Bonesplitterz boar riders. All across the front, bodies begin to pile. In the heavens above, the sky trembles. Just as it appears the Stormcast will be overrun, the surrounding woods break, and a swarm of Sylvaneth pour forth from the shadows of Ghyran's foliage - directly into the already engaged Bonesplitterz!
  19. I'm a bit late to the party, but I finally got a copy of Silver Tower and thought I would add my own painting log to the many excellent ones already out there! The first figure I've completed is the Darkoath Chieftan - easily one of the best sculpts GW have ever made, in my opinion. I haven't done the base yet, because I'm still not quite sure how to proceed, and just after I took the picture I realised that I'd forgotten to paint the gems on his scabbard and ring! I'll get to those shortly, but for now I'm quite pleased with the result and looking forward to painting the rest.
  20. cb_rex

    Knight Questor

    Knight Questor from WHQ: Silver Tower I tried to paint a really dark silvery black armour to represent the Heldenhammer Stormcast dudes, by mixing black and white into GW Iornbreaker but I wasn't really happy with the effect, so he went on the back burner for a while. When I came back to him I decided to just quickly paint up the gold bits, the red bits and the cloak to get him finished. He's going to go on a Shattered Dominion base when I get the rest of the Silver Tower stuff done.
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