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  1. Bit of a bump on this thread, but I took some pictures of my finished Warcry stuff tonight.
  2. I don't know much about Idoneth, but just a few points. From the leaks of the new Warcry books, it looks like all the hero/mercenaries will be converted into leaders of warbands instead. So in future it looks like you'll be unable to run the Morsarr Prince and the Soulrender (ofc, you can just say the Prince is a regular one and I'm sure that's fine). So your line-up might change in future. I personally like playing warbands (and armies) which have a bit of everything, so I think certainly the Reavers would add an interesting dynamic to the warband. That being said, if you're unsure how long her interest will last, or tight on budget, I think that it's fine to start off without them. The army already has enough interesting bits as you've got flying speedy eels and some cheaper guys to fight with. Besides, if you're worried about bodies you can always drop one of your other Eels and put in more Thralls to increase your body count. And you don't need to buy the Reavers boxed set to do that, so you've already got a bit of flexibility in what you can run.
  3. I like the new Bugman model. It was a little jarring to have a KO model having a Dispossessed axe, but I guess it is his ancient heirloom passed down from Josef Bugman himself. I think also, the history of the Duardin factions allows me to remain cautiously optimistic that we'll still be able to see new Cities of Sigmar miniatures in the future. At the end of the day, they were all one Duardin race at some point, so no reason why Bugmans descendent couldn't become a Kharadron Overlord. It's great to see a whole bunch of AoS stuff dropping in one week as well. There's still a lot to fit into the remainder of the year (I'm hoping the new Warcry Grand Alliance books come out sooner rather than later). Probably will pick up one or two new of the new boxed sets depending on price.
  4. I think games against the non-Warcry warbands are far more lop-sided than against the Warcry warbands. They're a bit more planned and for lack of a better word 'samey'. The Warcry warbands tend to follow similar patterns of having the leader, grunts, slightly more elite grunts and a couple of specialist models. They're also all human based and tend for the most part to have similar statlines . With the Sigmar warbands you can be facing anything from flying eels, low count Stormcast with toughness and wounds out the wazoo, flying crypt flayers with a ton of wounds with a bunch of big and little guys. They're just not really planned as warbands, so they can cause lop-sided games in particular with random scenarios. I don't think they're going to be re-balanced either in the new grand alliance books. Could be wrong, but the few leaks I saw from them didn't seem like they changed anything on the existing cards. It looked more like incorporating more unit and leader types - which if anything likely pushes some of the Warcry warbands down a little further as they won't benefit from that. That being said, our group plays Warcry pretty casually. I think the deployment and scenario dictate a lot more as to the strongness of a particular warband during a game than the warband itself. So I personally don't care about what I face, I think I just enjoy the Warcry warbands a bit more because they tend to be more interesting and have the more plainer statlines. Similar reason why I enjoy Mordheim, everyone is basically a human (or a skaven). You don't have Ogre or Chaos Warrior warbands rolling in and ruining the game by being so different (and when that stuff did start making it's way in the game becomes unbalanced! Funny that!)
  5. I'm going to be passing on this for now. I always play Warcry at a friends house currently. Which as someone who has the original set, means that basically all my terrain is still in box (although I am looking to build and paint it sometime). Even if I didn't, what does it actually offer someone who already has the original set? Basically just dungeon terrain and 2 warbands and some rules which shouldn't realistically add up anywhere near to $350 AUD. It's a shame, if this is supposed to be the current way to get into the game (which, there's just literally no other good way to get into it), it's been far overpriced. I'd have snagged it (regardless of having unbuilt original terrain!) if it was $100AUD cheaper, but it just leaves a bad taste knowing that there's less value in the set and yet it costs more than the original set. I'm going to be waiting for set splits or the warbands to come out separately so I can grab the Scions of the Flame (I like the Shadowstalkers also, but they're one of those warbands that scares me to start painting them).
  6. There were some leaks of the books a couple of days ago which seem to indicate that GW no longer care about sticking to just plastic (in fact, Slaves to Darkness already had Chosen). A lot of the new units seem to be on the cavalry side, so I think there's a decent chance Centigor will make it into the list, as well as a bunch of the hero characters will be made into leaders.
  7. In general, any force I actually start (which means building and painting models for) I tend to have a somewhat firm idea of how I want to build the army for the first 1000-1200 points. This is generally when I'm playing the army in a more casual setting among mates starting new armies. From there, unless there's something else that has captured my interest in the mean time causing me to change direction, I'd probably start thinking about what I need to do to get the army to a competitive '2000 point' level. This will generally involve going a bit beyond 2000 points, giving a little bit of flexibility to change around a few characters or a unit or two. I'd say most would finish around the 2500 points level. Once I get to that point, I'm most likely working on a new army hobby-wise, or projects for other games while I play games with this newly painted army. That being said, I'd call very few of my armies 'done' even when they're at this point. This is partly because I almost always overbuy, so there's always the lingering thought in the back of my mind that some day I'll go back to the army and 'finish them off' - hasn't really happened that often though! The only army I have which I would consider done is my Flesh-Eater Courts. I recently painted every single model that I have for that army, and in general I was pretty good about not buying too much excessive stuff. They could've landed in my 'done for now' pile as I did have an army I was fairly happy with, but I decided to make the push to finish them off since I only had about 20 Ghouls + Zombie Dragon + a few characters to finish. I also didn't really have another army I was working on starting/continuing at the time, so I just continued making progress with that army while working on some side projects at the same time.
  8. I think most people pick when you add new models to your warband (including your starting warband). If only because most people want to choose the models they like, rather than leaving it to the whims of fate (I don't expect many people are choosing what they buy for an army by rolling dice). As for battalions. Personally, I won't use them because I think Path to Glory generally gets played up until just past the '1000' point level and I don't feel like battalions make a ton of sense at that level, but ultimately I don't think (although it's been a while since I read the path to glory rules) that they're in the rules, which I guess either means they're not available, or like all things, just discuss with your group. Maybe it could count as requiring a glory point to be spent to upgrade your units into a battalion to show that it costs your time and effort to work in a regimented fashion to gain those bonuses.
  9. Loving the swift updates, especially the Save Card as Image button. I was getting into the habit of saving cards, but then it ended up being limited to 5 so it wasn't really that useful for me. Quicker to just re-create a card (even when smashing out 30~ or so Cities cards).
  10. I think it's possible at some point that we'll see more specialised 'mercenaries' for the Warcry warbands. This way it avoids the problem of integrating them into Age of Sigmar (as the rules are currently written with those boxed sets in mind), as they can essentially become lesser characters in the greater Age of Sigmar armies. In particular none of the original warbands seem to really have 'spellcaster' type models. So it wouldn't surprise me to see some kind of spell casting expansion come to Warcry at some point, and with it comes a bunch of new spellcaster models for the original warbands.
  11. So for those interested, I did a thing. As obvious in this thread, a little disappointed that there wasn't the whole suite of cards. Easily overcome by proxying, but I thought, why not just make my own cards. For the most part it's just plus or minus a few stats. So I did. I don't expect these to be balanced. If I cared more about writing custom rules for Warcry, I'd put more effort into figuring out how the rules writers are pointing things - but as it stands I only really care about these custom cards so it's not enough to get me invested in figuring that stuff out. So for those interested, here are all the missing infantry models from Cities of Sigmar (I also made cards for all the official models, but I don't know if I'll get in trouble posting them here). Here's a link to the full quality images: https://imgur.com/a/NyrYAOK
  12. Nice work! I was actually browsing through my Dogs of War collection (the unpainted part!) the other day and thinking what cool models some of the bits and pieces would make. In particular I don't currently have any Spearmen or Halberds in my Freeguild army, so using the Pikemen was appealing in the cases that I had a few over 20 models. Definitely got me thinking about what models I could use to make a metal Cities warband.
  13. So my initial impression was being a little annoyed about the lack of all the models. In particular because the differences in general between Aelves, Duardin and Humans generally boils down to movement and health (With the Wanderer variety of Aelves having a little less hp due to less armour). So I think they could've easily rattled off all the extra cards. There will always be winners and losers in terms of warrior choices, and some I think it would've given people a lot of interesting flexibility in being able to choose faster more expensive Aelves or slower tougher Duardin or middle of the line humans or a mixture of all. I'm a little more on the side of it's alright now. The way I see it is that there's enough variety in the list to build an interesting looking warband visually, and I feel that's pretty important to me when it comes to the non-Warcry warbands. I think they definitely could've put Eternal Guard and Executioners into the warband to at least allow the other options for those kits. That being said, at least for the Darkling Covens/Wanderers side of things it's pretty easy to proxy as Freeguild and just accept the difference in stats and it won't be that noticable (As Aelves are generally in a similar form to Humans). Longbeards shield and axe variety are also an easy proxy for Ironbreakers. I think the miss for me is they could've done more to sell us on the point that while this is Hammerhal, there is the reason why there aren't all these extra fighters. The short story is nice, but feels like with most artistic stuff, it's been written to match what the rules have as available, rather than the other way around. Ultimately Hammerhal is the largest and most diverse of the great cities, so there should be some kind of justification as to why not all options are available. So I think there's enough there to make a cool looking warband with an interesting story. After initial trepidation, it's definitely on my list of warbands I'd be interesting in making specifically for Warcry.
  14. I feel this is an important point. I'm constantly around other people with geeky hobbies like my own, video games, chess, etc and in general, I would never really recommend to any of them to get into Warhammer. Certainly not the larger scale games. And that's in my work life, where I work in an industry that in general, people are earning enough to have enough hobby money to be spending it at GW's prices. Heck, I feel bad buying some stuff as well. I've certainly noticed in recent years, I don't really want to buy a lot of new stuff. In part because I've got an existing backlog of armies from previous editions and unmade models, but also in part because the prices are so high on new models (in particular armies of only new models - stormcast excluded although the price of characters is hard to stomach). I actually have warmed up to most of the aesthetics of Lumineth, but heck if I'm going to drop 1kAUD on 1k points of Lumineth. Nowadays if I was going to suggest getting into the wargaming hobby, I'd probably be recommending something like Warcry, Underworlds or Bloodbowl, or perhaps another system with cheaper models if they wanted to jump into the big army based games. But for a hobby that prides itself on word of mouth, the fact that the mouths don't want to suggest getting in (albeit knowing it's far too late for themselves!) is a big problem.
  15. A curious thing happened last weekend. For the first time (ever?) I finally finished painting every single model in a Warhammer army. Usually as hobbyists, we end up buying a little too much, so even if we're happy with the state of our 2000 point army, we inevitably have a few extra models (or maybe a lot extra) that end up sitting in a box somewhere and never finished. So this is a real sense of accomplishment to have finally painted every single model I own for my Flesh-Eater Courts army. And of course, nothing else is more appropriate than taking some family photos of the army in their completed glory. The army in all it's glory. I tallied up all the units, and it clocks in at just under 4000 points before battalions. I am very satisfied with the contents of the army, I won't be able to run any list that spams a singular unit, but it's very balanced in the models in the army and looks exactly how I think an army should do on the tabletop. Lots of little guys, fewer of the big guys, and even fewer of the real big guys! The royal family. Other than Duke Crakmarrow, every single character in the army is converted in some way. Certainly one of my objectives for the army was to make more interesting versions of the Courtiers than the slightly different build (or specific build) you get in the box. This is the model that started the entire army. I had seen a conversion in White Dwarf where someone had converted the free Slaughterpriest from White Dwarf into a Vampire Lord. I thought it looked amazing, but could go a step further in the 'Vampire-ness' by adding things like the cloak. At one point, he was indeed going to become a regular Vampire Lord, but back when I was starting this army late 2017, I was cautious about starting another 'non-battletome' army (I had already collected Slaves to Darkness and Free Peoples at this point as my main Age of Sigmar armies - little did I know Legions of Nagash was around the corner), and for Vampires I also wasn't going to be happy spending a small fortune on Blood Knights. Converting Dragon Princes for Blood Knights was also a bit more than I wanted to chew in terms of conversions of the army. So Flesh-Eater Courts it was, and I ended up being happy with the enlarged look of the Crypt Horror hand on the model. This guy right here is my favourite model in the entire army. As mentioned, I really wanted the Courtiers to stand out and I think this guy aces it. From the modified pose where he's running along with weapon in one hand and a slab of masonry in the other, to the bulky spiked shoulder pad, to finally the spikes from the Zombie Dragon kit jutting out of his back, it all just works really well together. This guy is my least favourite model in the army. He has the opposite problem, he doesn't stand out. The cape he has just kinda blends in due to the wings, and his spikes aren't even as impressive as the ones on the regular Crypt Infernal models in my army. It just didn't really work out with this guy, and in the end I whacked a regular Vargheist head on just to make him stand out a little. If I had an extra model, this is the one guy in the entire army I'd redo. For the Crypt Ghast Courtiers, I have had some Daemonette bits lying around for ages now. Obviously I didn't want to break up a box of Ghouls to make a Courtier and be left with 9 models, so I figured I could convert the Ghast Courtiers out of Daemonettes. In hindsight, I wouldn't have used the heads with the spectral hair as what has happened in the past is that people have confused a Ghast Courtier as a Tomb Banshee. Overall I'm pretty happy with the conversions. The 2nd one (the one on the right) which was completed much more recently, I did consider having a more hunched over look more akin to Valreek from the Grymwatch, but didn't feel like I was going to pull it off. Funnily enough, the second one (which I'm a bit happier with the dress on) did get me thinking about perhaps a small unit of Daemonettes (maybe Warcry) in dresses could be cool unit to make. The Ghoul Kings are the old Strigoi Vampire models. I had picked some up a while ago in a buy of a bunch of metal models and didn't really remember about them until I was perusing through my boxes more recently and thought I may as well use them. Better to have some dedicated foot models in case I wanted to use both the Kings on Foot and mounted. I only had a head for one of the models (and it's fairly enormous), so I ended up just putting on Ghoul Heads with some minor green stuff work. Lastly the Throne + Endless spells. I think these were probably some of the most enjoyable things in the army to paint. The throne in particular is a lot of stone, a lot of bone, a lot of drybrushing and a lot of blood. And that's a wrap. The entire army is painted, and most of it is based. I just need to track down some more tufts of a certain kind to finish off about 30 models in the army, and then it's complete, for now? I think I probably have enough appetite with the army to paint one more start collecting box if it came down to it. When I built the Zombie Dragon, I definitely tossed up whether or not just to build a second Terrorgheist as I felt it'd be more useful, but wanted the Zombie Dragon to 'complete' the army. So we'll see, but it's definitely time to be starting a new painting adventure.
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