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  1. So my initial impression was being a little annoyed about the lack of all the models. In particular because the differences in general between Aelves, Duardin and Humans generally boils down to movement and health (With the Wanderer variety of Aelves having a little less hp due to less armour). So I think they could've easily rattled off all the extra cards. There will always be winners and losers in terms of warrior choices, and some I think it would've given people a lot of interesting flexibility in being able to choose faster more expensive Aelves or slower tougher Duardin or middle of the line humans or a mixture of all. I'm a little more on the side of it's alright now. The way I see it is that there's enough variety in the list to build an interesting looking warband visually, and I feel that's pretty important to me when it comes to the non-Warcry warbands. I think they definitely could've put Eternal Guard and Executioners into the warband to at least allow the other options for those kits. That being said, at least for the Darkling Covens/Wanderers side of things it's pretty easy to proxy as Freeguild and just accept the difference in stats and it won't be that noticable (As Aelves are generally in a similar form to Humans). Longbeards shield and axe variety are also an easy proxy for Ironbreakers. I think the miss for me is they could've done more to sell us on the point that while this is Hammerhal, there is the reason why there aren't all these extra fighters. The short story is nice, but feels like with most artistic stuff, it's been written to match what the rules have as available, rather than the other way around. Ultimately Hammerhal is the largest and most diverse of the great cities, so there should be some kind of justification as to why not all options are available. So I think there's enough there to make a cool looking warband with an interesting story. After initial trepidation, it's definitely on my list of warbands I'd be interesting in making specifically for Warcry.
  2. I feel this is an important point. I'm constantly around other people with geeky hobbies like my own, video games, chess, etc and in general, I would never really recommend to any of them to get into Warhammer. Certainly not the larger scale games. And that's in my work life, where I work in an industry that in general, people are earning enough to have enough hobby money to be spending it at GW's prices. Heck, I feel bad buying some stuff as well. I've certainly noticed in recent years, I don't really want to buy a lot of new stuff. In part because I've got an existing backlog of armies from previous editions and unmade models, but also in part because the prices are so high on new models (in particular armies of only new models - stormcast excluded although the price of characters is hard to stomach). I actually have warmed up to most of the aesthetics of Lumineth, but heck if I'm going to drop 1kAUD on 1k points of Lumineth. Nowadays if I was going to suggest getting into the wargaming hobby, I'd probably be recommending something like Warcry, Underworlds or Bloodbowl, or perhaps another system with cheaper models if they wanted to jump into the big army based games. But for a hobby that prides itself on word of mouth, the fact that the mouths don't want to suggest getting in (albeit knowing it's far too late for themselves!) is a big problem.
  3. A curious thing happened last weekend. For the first time (ever?) I finally finished painting every single model in a Warhammer army. Usually as hobbyists, we end up buying a little too much, so even if we're happy with the state of our 2000 point army, we inevitably have a few extra models (or maybe a lot extra) that end up sitting in a box somewhere and never finished. So this is a real sense of accomplishment to have finally painted every single model I own for my Flesh-Eater Courts army. And of course, nothing else is more appropriate than taking some family photos of the army in their completed glory. The army in all it's glory. I tallied up all the units, and it clocks in at just under 4000 points before battalions. I am very satisfied with the contents of the army, I won't be able to run any list that spams a singular unit, but it's very balanced in the models in the army and looks exactly how I think an army should do on the tabletop. Lots of little guys, fewer of the big guys, and even fewer of the real big guys! The royal family. Other than Duke Crakmarrow, every single character in the army is converted in some way. Certainly one of my objectives for the army was to make more interesting versions of the Courtiers than the slightly different build (or specific build) you get in the box. This is the model that started the entire army. I had seen a conversion in White Dwarf where someone had converted the free Slaughterpriest from White Dwarf into a Vampire Lord. I thought it looked amazing, but could go a step further in the 'Vampire-ness' by adding things like the cloak. At one point, he was indeed going to become a regular Vampire Lord, but back when I was starting this army late 2017, I was cautious about starting another 'non-battletome' army (I had already collected Slaves to Darkness and Free Peoples at this point as my main Age of Sigmar armies - little did I know Legions of Nagash was around the corner), and for Vampires I also wasn't going to be happy spending a small fortune on Blood Knights. Converting Dragon Princes for Blood Knights was also a bit more than I wanted to chew in terms of conversions of the army. So Flesh-Eater Courts it was, and I ended up being happy with the enlarged look of the Crypt Horror hand on the model. This guy right here is my favourite model in the entire army. As mentioned, I really wanted the Courtiers to stand out and I think this guy aces it. From the modified pose where he's running along with weapon in one hand and a slab of masonry in the other, to the bulky spiked shoulder pad, to finally the spikes from the Zombie Dragon kit jutting out of his back, it all just works really well together. This guy is my least favourite model in the army. He has the opposite problem, he doesn't stand out. The cape he has just kinda blends in due to the wings, and his spikes aren't even as impressive as the ones on the regular Crypt Infernal models in my army. It just didn't really work out with this guy, and in the end I whacked a regular Vargheist head on just to make him stand out a little. If I had an extra model, this is the one guy in the entire army I'd redo. For the Crypt Ghast Courtiers, I have had some Daemonette bits lying around for ages now. Obviously I didn't want to break up a box of Ghouls to make a Courtier and be left with 9 models, so I figured I could convert the Ghast Courtiers out of Daemonettes. In hindsight, I wouldn't have used the heads with the spectral hair as what has happened in the past is that people have confused a Ghast Courtier as a Tomb Banshee. Overall I'm pretty happy with the conversions. The 2nd one (the one on the right) which was completed much more recently, I did consider having a more hunched over look more akin to Valreek from the Grymwatch, but didn't feel like I was going to pull it off. Funnily enough, the second one (which I'm a bit happier with the dress on) did get me thinking about perhaps a small unit of Daemonettes (maybe Warcry) in dresses could be cool unit to make. The Ghoul Kings are the old Strigoi Vampire models. I had picked some up a while ago in a buy of a bunch of metal models and didn't really remember about them until I was perusing through my boxes more recently and thought I may as well use them. Better to have some dedicated foot models in case I wanted to use both the Kings on Foot and mounted. I only had a head for one of the models (and it's fairly enormous), so I ended up just putting on Ghoul Heads with some minor green stuff work. Lastly the Throne + Endless spells. I think these were probably some of the most enjoyable things in the army to paint. The throne in particular is a lot of stone, a lot of bone, a lot of drybrushing and a lot of blood. And that's a wrap. The entire army is painted, and most of it is based. I just need to track down some more tufts of a certain kind to finish off about 30 models in the army, and then it's complete, for now? I think I probably have enough appetite with the army to paint one more start collecting box if it came down to it. When I built the Zombie Dragon, I definitely tossed up whether or not just to build a second Terrorgheist as I felt it'd be more useful, but wanted the Zombie Dragon to 'complete' the army. So we'll see, but it's definitely time to be starting a new painting adventure.
  4. Not that I ever really thought about it when I created warscrolls in the past, but you can just use HTML to make the font bold or italic.
  5. Honestly, the only reason I use the Azyr app is for the access to all the warscrolls in the game at my leisure. I was tentatively thinking about getting back into 40k casually, and when I saw that this wasn't going to be included it was a bit of a put off. I like being able to peruse warscrolls whenever I want, for whatever army I want. Sometimes during a match, I just want to double check what some of my opponents stuff does, without interrupting them during their turn. Or on the bus, thinking of a cool idea, and just want to check up some stats. Age of Sigmar is just so much easier to get into given the scrolls are freely available, the full rules are available for free, and there's the free list building online application in Warscroll Builder. I think the combination of having all the warscrolls and warscroll builder freely available is just a winner. I don't need to purchase a battletome to build and plan an army, I have all the tools at my leisure to do that before deciding to spend my cash. If they took away those things come the new edition, well... I think I'd live with it, but it'd leave a bit of a sour taste.
  6. These days I think it'd likely be easier to either run Skirmish at 500 points (and just have everything be an individual), or run larger and try Meeting Engagements. But a long time ago I scratched the surface on what say a 500 point ruleset might look like. The problem with small games is that you don't have a lot of units to play around with. So it makes it harder to play more interesting battleplans as you have less units to capture objectives with. So the solution to this of course is... to allow more units! Skirmish does this by making everything an individual, but I wanted to keep in the format of playing something more 'standard' like. So basically I came up with changing the unit sizes in smaller games to the following: Old Minimum New Minimum Maximum 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 1 3 5 3 5 10 5 10 20 10 15 Also the following additional rules: You may increase units by individual models up to the maximum Any special rule granting bonuses when the unit contains a particular number of models halves the number of models required to gain the bonus Units less than the minimum size of the unit on the warscroll may only choose one 'upgraded' model Units that meet the minimum size of the unit on the warscroll may take upgrades as usual Each warscroll can only be taken a maximum of twice No Warscroll Battalions, WAR MACHINES or models with more than 8 wounds Maybe Max 2 heroes? Probably would ban the extra command point as well at low point games. The main change in this ruleset of course is that it allows you to use more units by effectively reducing the minimum amount of points you can spend on each unit. I wrote a bunch of lists out on what I thought would be interesting lists, and on average I got an extra 2 units to play around with. As an example, at the time of writing, Ironjawz could only make a list like this due to the unit sizes available: Megaboss 140 5 Brutes 180 10 Ardboyz 180 500pts, 16 models, 3 units Which became this: Megaboss 140 3 Brutes 108 5 Ardboyz 90 5 Ardboyz 90 1 Gore Grunta 60 488pts, 15 models, 5 units I think the 2nd list is not only more interesting to play with from a game-play perspective, but would also look more visually interesting with the addition of a mounted model. Or basically, not only do you get to play with extra units, but you also get to diversify your list a bit at the same time. Perhaps interestingly, starter sets commonly don't come with standard unit sizes (or realistically fudge the minimums to take into account GW oddly designing starter set units). Rules like this would allow them to utilise starter sets without much changes (and likely just removing the large amount of heroes you get). Probably if I were to look into this from here would be looking at the board size and battleplans. I think definitely from what we've seen, playing on a smaller board (originally envisioned 4x4) would certainly lead to a better game.
  7. Generally either the army I am currently working on if I feel like playing unpainted or have enough painted to play, or my previously painted army.
  8. Haha no. 'A' in this case refers to the unit that contains the pipers i.e the one being charged. A unit of handgunners for example may not include A piper after all. They are optional or could have been slain. For the rule to work as you wish it would have to include the word ANY pipers instead.
  9. Imo people are expecting too much from the LVO reveal. My bet would be we see the remaining shadespire warbands and a teaser of the next aos release but nothing definitive. Like some form of teaser video without showing any models. Gloomspite gitz was a pretty big release after all, and we'd just have skaven and fec dropping. I'd expect much more in the 40k side of things as they're due for a new release.
  10. Doesn't surprise me. The early peak at the feb white dwarf basically implied to me that this was nothing more than a rules tweak of the original skirmish rules. Pretty disappointing. They fixed one of the issues in skirmish 1.0 which was the stupid plastic model restriction but have again fallen well short of an interesting system by dropping the ball with the campaign system.
  11. Certainly not a top tier list, but a fairly simple list you could build could look something like this: Gives you a big centrepiece model, a bit of magic. You've got bodies on the field thanks to the Freeguild stuff. You've got a bit of speed in the Demigryphs and the General as well. If you want to go magic heavy, you could run the following: Rather than the Battlemage (which might be unnecessary), you could run a Mounted General also which will help out your Freeguild a little bit.
  12. Crossbows are probably the better choice in 30s at the moment. Personally i dislike 20s as all it takes is one casualty to remove your bonus. In 10s, i think both handgunners and archers have a place although i think you need to have pretty good idea what you're going to be doing with units that small.
  13. Tbh, I'm completely the opposite. I've always thought it's very amateur to show unpainted miniatures on the cards. You've got this lovely artwork on there, and then bam, unpainted plastic. Unpainted plastic matches your colour scheme just as much as a painted miniature, so for me, I'd much rather see a painted miniature on the card that matches the artwork.
  14. Initial thoughts: Bestigors - To me, Best-Gor is a much better appropriation of the name than Besti-gor, but close enough! I have to say that I don't really feel the Despoilers rule in terms of fluff. Like the little fluff thing and being better against units of 10 or more models doesn't really line up. Maybe they think when there are plenty of men around they're tearing down civilization? Dunno. Bestial Charge is a good buff to them, especially coming on from Ambush for that money backline charge. Will be interesting to see how many points they land at, gut feeling is that they'll be back up to 140 with the buffs. Gargant receiving buffs, awesome! Extra attacks on his kits and headbutts is really sweet! Ghorgon swallow whole is pretty cool, interesting that it's equal to or greater. Which means 1 wound infantry aint safe, and a much better chance at killing off enemy 5 wound characters. Optimistic, but cautious about other changes he might have received (I'm sure his Bloodgreed will change as well). Bullgor bloodgreed changing is something that I think is pretty evident. GW are moving away from re-rolls or extra attack abilities in the game, instead preferring extra hits/wounds or mortal wounds. It's something that speeds up the pace of the game as you don't have to redo the attack sequence. So not fussed here. Dragon Ogors... really GW... still no damage 2? That's pretty disappointing. My guess is that GW don't want them to feel too similar to Bullgors and hence are staying away from the damage 2, but really.... they're Ogors.... with a Draconic body... maybe in their old age they've lost some muscle? Oh well, guess it's just something that's going to stay sadly. Hitting on 3's is pretty good though as long as their points stay down. In regards to the Shaggoth, I think people may be reading too much into the spell when talking about using him as an ally. Nowhere does it mention that this is his base warscroll spell. In fact, Rhu says: Shaggoths have even been given a spell lore of their own in the new book – I’ve found Sundering Blades works fantastically with basically anything you apply it to Which to me implies he chose to take that spell, not that it's the default. That being said, we have to remember that the Shaggoth becoming a Wizard means he'll definitely be getting a points increase. So even if it is the default spell, he'll come with a cost as an ally. Centigors, cool finally Brayherd and with a nifty ability. Look forward to seeing what they can do. Tzaangor should've always had a separate foot matched play profile anyway, just GW finally getting it right. Interesting peaks into the Bray SHamans spell lore. And that's it, last few a little rushed but I gotta go!
  15. Shaggoth being a mage is cool. Really looking like Dragon Ogors could be strong. I mean, everyone knows how good the old Destruction allegiance ability was and not only will Thunderscorn units be getting that, they'll be potentially be reaping other benefits as well. Think the Thunderscorn I've been picking up are definitely going to get some love on the painting table in the near future. Just hope they made the Dragon Ogors damage 2! I initially was a little bit unsure about the Warherd ability. Didn't really seem like it did much for your average Bullgor unit (Which it doesn't). But that being said, I've come to realise it's going to be pretty awesome on the bigger models that have wounds to heal back. Will be interesting to see if the Ghorgon keeps the Strength from Flesh special rule as well, potentially could heal back quite a bit. The Herdstone is super cool although it's a shame it lost the arcane buff to wizards. Looking forward to getting one. Greatfrays sound pretty cool. Wish there were a few more to be honest. Hopefully they're well balanced against each other, as it'll only be more prominent if there's 1 choice that stands above the others. Sadly the Dark Walkers mandatory artefact seems pretty lacklustre overall, but if Legion of Night goes to prove, having ambushing large monsters can definitely be a strong tactic. Have to say that the initial impression of 'marked' Beasts of Chaos doesn't do much for me. I don't really care much about marking Beastmen (Even if my 8th ed army was certainly a Khorne flavoured force), but being restricted to battalions just feels a bit odd. Not really fussed, but it's a big deal to some people and I'm hoping they've got it right. Also not sure why they didn't add in Ungors, Razorgors or Gargants. Maybe too weak, too mutated, but Gargants? Bring back marked Gargants I think (unless of course it's just a default option). Overall, definitely sounding like it's going to be an interesting book, and looking like will be my first Battletome army for Age of Sigmar!
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