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About Me

Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone! I’m starting this thread to share the small narrative campaign I’m working on, mostly based on the Storm Strike boxset. I’ll post more about the setting and the models later but let me start by introducing my warband’s leader, Knight Incantor Carron, from the Order of the Crimson Sky : I have written a (very) short story to present him, here it is if anyone wants to read it. If you have any criticism on the writing or content please let me know, I need feedback and english isn't my native language Thank you for reading.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This campaign book includes 5 battleplans, Artefacts, Spells, Prayers, and more to help bring your Warhammer Skirmish battles into the Dark Age of Sigmar. Explore a ruined city with Rewards of Battle tables that tell the story of warbands exploring a ruined city. Follow the Shepherds of Rot as they traverse the Ruins of Hammerstadt in Ghyran. Also, the book includes three Quests for your warband to pursue as they battle and explore.
  3. Hi everyone. Wanted to share a bit of what I am slowly working on for my Age of Sigmar collection. What I am trying to do here is using the limitless possibilities of the Mortal Realms to forge my own narrative and look - world so to speak. This has so far mostly been an exercise in dreaming up setting and story alongside converting and painting single minis and warbands for AoS 28. But, I hope to change this and start on the journey towards making a true army, while not dropping the focus on narrative... So anyway, this is the setting, more or less: The Rusted Shore stretches for leagues along the coast of the Great Isirian Ocean; blasted heaths and barren cliffs bearing the forlorn marks of fallen civilization. Black, flooded mineshafts leer out of the hillsides like the maws of great beasts. The ruins of once awe-inspiring cities rot away under the relentless assault of wind and salt, rust gnawing the iron walls, spired minarets collapsing to gravel and dust. Strange horrors stalk the daemon-haunted ruins, danger lurking in every nook and cranny. Once the cities were shining centres of a learning and culture, home to men, aleves and duardin, but, just like their crumbling arches and cavernous basilicas, the very memory of those that built them will soon be lost to time. Their lost wealth came from the ****** salts and strange minerals extracted from the oily waves, sea-water lead into huge cyclopean basins and left to evaporate beneath the strong sunlight. But in those lurid, many-coloured salts lay the seeds of their doom. Mixed by alchemists into hallucinogenic, mind-rotting powders, they became a vice that could not be checked, and in their wake, the cities descended into narcotic-laced ennui, ripe fruit before the onslaught of chaos, both from within and without. They fell amidst unspeakable atrocities, cruel and perverse. Only the cities stand as mute monuments to the dead, the entire region, and its few remaining inhabitants, forever tainted. These are my ideas, but I offer them to anyone to use. Part of the reason of being part of a community is really to build a shared narrative. I do this to get new perspectives and ideas. The factions I have actuallty modelled and painted so far are all Order, and could probably be combined into one single army: The nomadic Störnheer duardin. These forever moving clans travel up and down the coast, scrounging and scavenging for artefacts of the old times, collecting salt and keeping their ancient holy sites free from beasts and daemons. The Reeves. A loosely organized society of monster-slayers and bounty hunters who keep the fragile peace in the sparsely populated hinterlands, where scattered human miners dwell in ramshackle shanty-towns, having been lured to the Rusted Shore by promises of lost treasure The Wasteland aelves. Insular, shamanic elven tribes who dwell on the parched wastes to the north. The next step will be building their adversaries, the Magisters of the Citadel, the followers of the Pale Beast and many more I haven't even conceived of yet. Stay tuned!
  4. His brothers in arms simply call him "The Bloat". He used to have a name, but nobody uses it now that he's dead, his belly swollen with rot and Nurglings. Some suspect that he's actually just a meatbag full of the vile little creatures and that when he 'dies' again, they'll come pouring out. Whatever it is that keeps him walking, it's rendered him formidable enough that nobody has yet been able to test that theory.
  5. I glued a Blight King belly to the front of a Black Ork and just green-stuffed until it worked. Also, I'm inordinately proud of his gross rolls flopping over his scabbard.
  6. From leftish to rightish we have Leish the Drover and his two grotesque hounds Flybait and Mange, the champion Illrik the Alchemist, and Squagg the Krabulent. The halberd guy doesn't have a name yet, and neither do the plaguebearer or the rats.
  7. Finished off painting the first set of dire wolves and made a start on the 'Fell Bats'/'Bat Swarm'. i'm definitely going to carry on that Stormvermin to Ushabti to Pallid Wych Flesh transition to some of the other models cos i really enjoyed painting that.
  8. Varghulf's just got some touching up to do but so far i'm pretty happy with it. I was worried i'd made the wrong call on not doing his 'skin' the same tones as the vampire lords but i'm glad i didn't because i think it would of been far too bright on do much of a surface area it'd spoil the monochrome effect/limited colour palette. Also its another thing you can pick out about the vampire lord when they're next to each other.
  9. Fell Bates And Bat Swarm painted. Somehow i wasn't as convinced about how these came out. i think i could of gone blacker rather than grey on the feathers but that might of been too much. Swings and Roundabouts.
  10. WIP Fell Bats/Bat Swarm. Trying to keep with his fluff by making a creatures of the forest/more natural than undead feel but obviously tried to link them in by using more Ruins on the the base. This is pretty much all I'm going to do modelling wise so far, next I'm going to start painting what I've got.
  11. So I've finished off the leader the Glade Lord turned Vampire, pretty happy with the results but there's things I'd of done differently. Tried roc stick to a limited palette but alter my usually muted style by pushing my highlights lighter and attempted to get a monotone finish. C&C welcome.
  12. WIP Varghulf conversion. I tampered with using feathered wings to help with the fluff of it being some kind of wild beast but in the end I felt like membrane wings were a better fit and gives me a chance to mirror the skin tones on its chest. Used a 40k model again which is becoming an unintentional theme.
  13. The fluff i had in mind is as follows; The leader is a venerable glade lord and skilled hunter who traveled with a great army to the realm of shadow. His army got destroyed wiped in a mighty battle and he himself dies only to awake in a great forest. Driven mad by isolation he comes to the self realization he has been reforged by Sigmar in order to defend this beautiful but seemingly rarely inhabited forest of the touch of chaos. He binds the creatures of the forest, wolf and hawk alike, to his will hunting down groups of chaos warriors and mercenaries and putting them to the sword. Except the creatures of the forest are not bound to him through the spirit of the forest but through his shared blood lust for he is not reforged by Sigmar but touched by the same Soul Blight as the vampire that he thought had slew him. He wanders not in a grand forest hunting chaos, that is all in his troubled mind, in reality he haunts the ruins of an old cathedral in a barren wasteland where he fell, preying on travelers and pilgrims and feasting on their mortal souls aided in the slaughter by great carrion beasts. so in attempt to follow that kind of vibe I'm aiming to crest something's more like a macabre wood elf warband than one with a classic undead feel.
  14. Below is a photo of my WIP Glade Lord turned Vampire conversion and my progress on his base. Used some Slyvaneth parts to help keep it in keeping with both the wood elf and Vampire vibe, the main part of the model is the Eldar Visarch which is about a head taller than a normal elf but i thought this would make him more imposing and also given that the rest of the warband is made up of beasts i'm not sure how much more noticeable it'll actually be.
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