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  1. Haelflings? Haubittes? I think there’s a chance there may be a squad or something if they do a “free cities” battletome, or maybe just a character. I think destruction has enough tiny guys for now.
  2. If you have blades in your bits box you could use them as metallic eruptions. The chaotic nature of the beast men and the magic of the realm making them evolve. Metal horns/bones are a great idea too.
  3. Are you going to attach weapons to the spider, or just have it as itself the weapon?
  4. Hobbits! I’m not sure honestly, but I hope you come up with something cool.
  5. This is a really fun idea, I want to see more!
  6. The noble Gryph-Hounds have fought beside men and women of Sigmar for thousands of years. Those that accompanied the General and were trapped outside Azyr were forever changed. Beset by foes on all sides, the General made them stronger, awakening old blood within them. They fed on the necrotic bats of Shyish, becoming something more. Taking to the skies once more, and feeding on the blood of the living, hunters of darkness. Counts as fell bats!
  7. Thanks, I think using him as a shaman is a good idea, or just sticking with no squig boss. I might try and come up with creative artefact names for the squig!
  8. I was looking at my old Battle for Skull Pass set I’ve not done anything with, and I can’t figure out if the little Grot boss would count as having a “great” squig or not. Maybe his squig is just small boned! Is his weapon a Moon-slicer?
  9. There have been many champions of Gorkamorka through the ages. Thorak was a champion during the Age of Myth, and had a suit of Sigmarite armour forged by the smiths in Azyrheim, as a show of good faith from the general to her trusted weapon. Even death couldn’t stop his rampage, swearing he would fight eternally for his allies against the forces of Chaos.
  10. This army project came about by my wish to have a Death faction that wasn’t enslaved to the will of Nagash, and that could be the “good guys”. The idea I came up with is a mixed force from the Age of Myth that have been fighting Chaos for thousands of years. Much changed from their original incarnation as mortal soldiers, they have fought and died in all the realms. Evading Nagash along with the forces of Chaos, fighting battles on every front. It’s great for conversions and thinking outside the box where it comes to what I can play with. I’ll be uploading the first few conversions. First of all is the General, Stephanie Von Richter. She was sworn to Sigmar in life, but when he abandoned the realms she became disillusioned. Her mortal body could only last so long, so she eventually accepted the gift of the kiss of immortality from Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood, who wanted to use the general in her machinations against Nagash. She is a Vampire Lord on foot, with the Chalice of Blood (and bone.). I’ve yet to decide what weapon to give her.
  11. The Bellower, The butcher in training. The Packmaster, sworn to carry the burdens of the group. And the last, a trusty saberwolf!
  12. I really like that colour theme on the gore grunta, it looks much better than the normal yellow stuff!
  13. I’ve decided to upload some more of his cronies. First is the Biter, who chews things he shouldn’t. Next is the Weaponmaster, always having a spare for his brothers. Then we have the Brewmaster. If it can be stuffed into a barrel, it can be turned into grog! Incoming this week will be the Packmaster and the Butcher In Training, when I track them down.
  14. I’ve given the beak a bit of yellow, but I shied away from making it too bright. I need to highlight the red pelt but I think I need another red or to mix stuff up first.
  15. She is looking pretty awesome! What pieces did you use? Looking foreword to seeing more.
  16. He’s almost done! The bird looks pretty good in white I think, it was a good idea. My painting is mostly dry brushing so don’t get excited. Bonus rope for tying up his prey or absailing down rocky crags.
  17. The base is going to be snowy rocks, keeping with the cold hunter theme. I think white could work for the bird too, giving it an Arctic appearance.
  18. Hey there! I’ve converted an Icebrow Hunter from left over bits from the Thundertusk/Stonehorn box. Wearing the crimson pelt of Charngar, he wanders about with his saber wolves killing stuff. However I’m not sure what colour his bird friend should be. I don’t think red would fit, maybe clashing with the pelt. Just a normal brown vulture seems a bit boring too. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  19. This army is fantastic. I love the new look and story for Sigvald, and all of your conversions are really good!
  20. With summoning and spells being so important this edition, I hope the Moonclan releases will have a whole spore growing/squid birthing system. Destruction has such a sad amount of units compared to the other factions. Thematically with the Realms as they are I’d love to see some new races.
  21. I think your Phoenix done in a shadowy style would be great, an Umbral Phoenix! You could pick any endless spells you want and paint them all shadowy, too.
  22. These beast guys are fantastic! Probably the best I’ve seen. I love the earthy colours with the war paint. I’ve never seen ungors that look so good. The objective cairn stone is great too! And that simple shaman conversion is great.
  23. I really like these so far! What bits did you use to convert them?
  24. I signed up to this forum in the hopes of seeing a spooky ghost ship or undead pirates, and you did not disappoint! Thank you! They look great.
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