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  1. My guess is that GW is that Tyrion is going to be part of it but GW is keeping it hidden for the reveal
  2. I think they will be good in most areas but elite and expensive in points.
  3. Would be cool if the twins shared a model with the ability to choose the "main character" each turn. For example: If you go Teclis you can cast more spells but get a defense bonus from Tyrion and if you go Tyrion you get extra melee power but fewer spells.
  4. I just hope Pointy Elves dont get released with duel box. No GW in my cointry and i really dont want to feed scalpers on ebsy to get me that one model locked in the box.
  5. Yeahhhh he follow up with "Nagash will almost break Archeon but then Settra Happens" Would love it to be true but cmon....
  6. That is what i imagine since AoS was released!
  7. I think the new elves are gona be High Elves and their flaw will be on the lore not on the models. I also belive Tyrion will be a part of it but GW is keeping it secret.
  8. I joined warhammer during AoS release and i always toughth that GW High Elves had a quite unique look to then. This became more evident by the fact thait it is really difficult to find non GW High Elves avaiable, unlike Dark and Wood Elves. When GW released Idoneth, i kept thinking "Swordmasters would look amazing in dinamic poses like the namarti"! I fully expect the tall hats with wings, the gems and the nobility of former high elves, but with modern looks and a new lore. Modern "classic versions" of then just like Chaos just got. The mistweaver is from Uglu if memory serves.
  9. While i would love to see new dinos (or at least an awesome Slaan), i think it is wise to not expect more than just BT/endless/scenary and maybe a hero.
  10. I think Seraphon will get only a BT and have a lot of models removed, while LVO will show us the first pointy elves units or another teaser .
  11. I dont think they block each other. Bts are still released during new armies releases. That said i belive BT Seraphon will come before Pointy Elves.
  12. I belive that. Give Phoenix Temple Pointy Elves Keyword and a remake of classics as Swordmasters and Archmages.
  13. I used to be like you. Several units with a single model painted to the best of my ability taking a week to paint. Yaaay now 19 more! Needless to say it made me unhappy. I found a good middle ground by painting the common folks in a lesser quality and simple colors and gave attention to the leader or standart bearer. I took my time on the heroes and gave then my best. Was pleased with the results! Became happy about getting stuff done and everyones eyes are pulled toward the "cool" stuff.
  14. Congratulations on the move! Best wishes from Brazil!
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