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  1. Imo, metal box and magnets. Buy a tool box or such and glue magnets under the models base. Very little transport risk.
  2. It is nice to see the answers are actually typed by people and not a copy and paste. I asked similar questions and the answers were similar but not identical.
  3. Sent the email twice. Of course no response other than "we are sorry you feel that way". The second info is that theygot no information about the removed models possible return. Would love to have a chat with the writters about the cuts, altho i know it is pretty much impossible. In the specific case of the High Elves, if they had kept 4 of the 10 (still produced before the culling) models, the army would be really well preserved. (Would save Draconis/EC). Just that, 4 models. (Dragon, Archmage,Dragon Blades and Noble).
  4. Tittle suggestion Cities of Sigmar: Free Peoples boogaloo
  5. The only thing i am happy about this CoS fiasco is the mod trolling 🤣
  6. This. There is no GW in my country but i read about Warhammer since childhood. High Elves were iconic to me and i couldnt imagine they would be squatted.
  7. I would like to see then first. But the poses look kinda awkard to me.
  8. Losing trust is a huge chunk of the problem. I started with Spire of Dawn and with the Skaven BT i was sure all i had to do was wait to get my place in the Sun. Unfortunelly the place was too close to the Sun and all it did was burn my money 😐
  9. Yeah, the bunch of skull and spike things on dark elves makes it tricky to look "not evil". You are also correct about the Battlelines, it made really hard to make an army, while the Dark elves could make it and fit in allies from their smaller factions. It is a shame, because kits like the ones in Order Draconis look great and some other High Elves had a lot of customization options. Archmage and Dragon Noble come to mind with their tons of weapons and acessory parts. Gw could have kept: Order Draconis, and Archmage kit. The Dragon had 3 warscrolls, the archmage could have 2 (the on foot receiving the Loremaster spell) ,Dragon Noble with 2 diferent profiles and The Blades to keep the aestetics and the gameplay style of alpha strike. The rest of the High Elves like Loremaster, White lions, Charriot, Swordmasters, Anointed in finecast, reavers, High Warden and Skycutter going the way of the Dodo. That would removed 6 kits that were in production and the 4 i suggested would allow the whole line to be playable. Using the High elves as Dark ones proxy leaves a lot of gaps. The sorceress have no customization (archmage had tons), the Serpentis lacks the Noble equivalent and the Dragonlords Horn and no Loremaster. Of course the warscrolls can change a lot and reduce the gap, and we got no idea of GW future plans so...
  10. While i see the wisdow in your words, i think the wound will only start to heal when the book comes out. I belive if it had been released the flames would have be lower by now.
  11. There arent pics of the models, just pictures of the cards on the new WHU
  12. I really hope it is a cool book. Destruction deserves it.
  13. Yeah, but Witch Elves are actually elves and the others are taken from Slaneesh. I somehow think this guys got nothing to do with the recovered souls or are mutated elves. I belive they will be Fauns and Satyr native to Ghur.
  14. I cannot get over this, specially since we are nowhere close to some ressemblance of a replacement new army of some sort and the fact that Skaven kept METAL MODELS! Honest, i dont feel like spending a dime to adapt my forces to a CoS army, because i lost trust on GW, and the BT feels like something without a future. Maybe a placeholder of sorts, or a way to remove miniatures in several steps instead of removing all "old order" at once.
  15. I have a feeling that the Kurnothi wont be related to the elven kind, kinda like Sylvaneth.
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