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  1. It is weired but i didnt see Phoenix Guard on the cities list.
  2. I am using the sorceress as base of conversion, along a Phoenix Guard brazier.
  3. Sword Wielding general can be a Warden unit leader.
  4. I would love GW would figure out what it wants with Phoenix Temple...
  5. I dont see that. The temples do not really feel aligned to any of the Twins. Sure, Teclis is the one who found out about then but it doesnt look like they are only workshiped at Teclis nations. The way it was described feels like all the Lumineth follow this doctrines.
  6. I may be wrong about it but i feel like there is a confusion between nations and temples. The book has Teclis 4 nations but only 1 of the Lumineth Temples: TheMontain, Alarith. The book say the Vanari are the backbone of all the Lumineth armies so any other temple would be made of 3 Kits if we follow the Alarith example (Hamers, Cows, Stone mage). So what we miss is: - 4 Nations (sub alligenaces) - 3 Elements (Wind, River and Zenith) - Tyrion himself.
  7. Wouldnt it look a bit weired with the models hooves and fur? I considered that as well.
  8. Anyone got ideas on a possible swap for the big cow heads? Considered the Sphiranx but not sure it would work.
  9. Still avaiable on the worldwide option in the website.
  10. Looking for 20 Saurus Warriors and a Stegadon. New on sprue or assembled in round bases with spears. Must ship to Brazil by tracked mail service.
  11. That hurts. TK abd HE were my favorite armies. GW has it personal on me 🤣
  12. It didnt help, that is for sure. Brazil currency just bombed and along with the raises, made the cost go double. My option has been selling older projects and working on stuff i already had. Gladly Cow Elves made me kinda give up on Lumineth, so i decided to rebase my Seraphon collection i made many many years ago. Also, second hand market ftw!
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/21/heads-up-price-adjustment-new-releases/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=WHTV&utm_content=whtvupdate210520&fbclid=IwAR0EUxkSvXoakTaBwiLmuG2tzeBArGieCXyhItRZkdLGdolN3_WkDIGNGU4 Fresh news
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