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  1. On a casual chat with a guy that imports GW in bulk, he was told by GW that there will be more copies of Cursed City avaiable for him to order soon. I trully belive this game will stay in production for a while.
  2. Plot Twist: It is blood knights and we will proxy as Dragon Princes!
  3. i still got a lead giant. Can kill someone with that lol
  4. New death miniatures are looking pretty awesome
  5. That would be a great way to ****** off TK fans. I mean what is the point of TKs without Settra?
  6. Did they show the mage on the cloud ? Hadnt seen him
  7. I knew about those flags but i tought it was worn only by a flag bearer or something. Cool
  8. I think the helmets have a animal face on top. Other than that the overall structure looks cool.
  9. Kinda weired that all Swordmasters aparently got flags. I would expect the leader or the flag bearer but all the soldiers? Imagina the mess 🤣
  10. Loved the new Lumineth. Lord helmet looks great for once!
  11. As someone that dislikes Alarith, i really dig the Kangaroo. Helmets are bad but i can use some Dawnrider ones. I really hope for a behemoth i enjoy so i can field an Vanari force with some wind temple guys. Time will tell.
  12. Indeed. Lhamas and Camels were the best bet.
  13. Love it..... except the hat. Cmom gw help me out here!
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