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  1. Hello People! Need some help! Going to a tournament using Vanguard rules but 1500 points! I have ALL High Elf units, so plenty to choose from. Among then: 3 Phoenix (2 ice 1 fire) 2 Dragons (both options) 50 Phoenix Temple 20 Seaguard (can be used to proxy any of the spear units) 30 Swordmasters 3 Bolt Thrower (can be used as celestar ballista as well) also 40 Glade Guard, 20 Reavers, 5 Sisters of the Thorn and at least one of each other unit in the current high elf line and the malign sorcery spells.
  2. I think you will have a really hard time with this list. A lot of small units without a punch to it. I would sugest reducing Reavers to 5 and shadow warriors, to increase the unit size on those Swordmasters. 30 of those can be scary.
  3. The list can pack a punch but doesnt have that many objective holders. Can be a problem.
  4. Here is my theory: The Hysh Elf army may be far away from release but GW want to get tomes for everyone as soon as possible. They release a book now uniting the high elf factions, and in the future release the new Elves for this same "new" faction. Having a single "light" elves army is easier to support than two.
  5. I think he meant to say a second wave of models or something like that.
  6. I suspect Teclis is gona bring togheter the current high elf army (maybe a coupole new kits) and Tyrion is gona get a brand new one.
  7. With Ironjaws and Ogors, Destruction would be complete, right?
  8. My plan is to have it stuck on the ground, with the noble riding a Lion
  9. Surprised with the huge number of players with armies without battletomes.
  10. A Frost Phoenix. It will get nasty with all the magiks going around.
  11. I had mixed results with PG in groups of 30. I think i would rather split into 20 and 10. the smaller unit can stay on an objective or something like that. Agree about the loremaster. You can replace one for an archmage or a spellweaver to ressurect the glade guard + an endless spell, since she is pretty cheap.
  12. Compare Phoenix Guard with Witch Elves that make a huge numbem of attacks , cost cheaper and can jave save after save. In the game current stage, i think it would be fine. The old +4 +4 save 5 battlelines that do nothing doesnt really have a place in aos anymore. Plus they cost 140, i think it would be fine.
  13. Is the banner a freebie like the banners in units? When assembling the model, the flag goes into the weapon hand, making the offhand hold a shield or a bow. In thos case the noble uses the weapon i choose regardless of the equiped one? aos-warscroll-dragon-noble-en.pdf
  14. With the current increase in power level, i think Phoenix Guard, Dragon Blades and Shadow Warriors could easily be Battleline units. Maybe, like skaven, battleline being chosen by wich general you choose.
  15. They would have to be brand new models i am afraid. Gw wont cut every sprue and they are all mixed up. Swordmasters may stay because of the old ones, but that should be about it. It is a shame, i love those models.
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