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  1. Yeah, on paper i cant figure out what is the deal with the Alarith. Lumineth have slow sturdy battleline and a even slower and sturdier elite and i cant figure out what is the unit in the army that actually is suposed to kill stuff.
  2. While the Rank and file is part of the Lumineth identity as skilled soldiers, it is also a bit of the reason the kits are so limited. There is little room to make the models more unique within the kits itself.
  3. Oh, really cant complain about shields! There is enough shields to build a fort ! What i miss is the spare pouches, daggers, medals, scenary and so on. Also missed extra flags on dawnriders. Would love extras for conversions
  4. I hasve been assembling the Lumineth kits from the starter box and been really missing those bunch of extra bits. It is kinda sad to not have options like older kits used to have. Also miss those cool bits to add to bases.
  5. Unfortunelly, despite requests from the local community, GW shippment options are prohibitly bad for my country so even tho i wanna use the voucher, is a no go for me =/
  6. Yeah the battletome is really flawed when it comes to the Lumineth relationship with others. My question is about the Phoenix Temple. They come from Hysh. Were they created by the Twins or not? Why arent they part of the Lumineth Forces? Why not allies?
  7. Wonder if you can use that head on a giant cow. Could make for a cool conversion.
  8. Does anyone happen to have a Mindstealer Sphiranx and the cow? Wondering if i can headswap a spirit of the montain with the Sphinx head
  9. My idea would be cut of the legs, add Eidolon ones, eidolon head with the moon on the forehead. Glue him lower by the cape on some scenary piece .
  10. I think that IF you managed to get a set of legs in the sitting position of his size (no idea how) you could cut his upper body and connect to it but i am not sure the cape would fit in his sitting position
  11. Pretty hard. Have you seen the sprue? Most of Teclis body is a single piece. The connection area of him and Celennar do not apear to be much trouble tho.
  12. Considering the Teclis model (body) it will be pretty tricky for the conversion. The sprue shows pretty much half the body as a single piece.
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