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  1. Added Glade Guard as an option. With the right paint job and the runes on their forehead, they wiill fit nicely and shouldnt be hard to find on the bit market.
  2. I was considering what could be used to replace the Bull head. A Stone head of some sort , not sure yet.
  3. It was incredible misleading. The first trailler suggested "classic models made modern" not "lol bull horns for all". I expected something like the new Chaos starter set where they redone classic models with modern tecnology. Heck the High Elves never lived up to the high quality of their artwork ( the Aenerion piece with the Dragon is just amazing) and right now GW have the means to produce that level of quality. People wouldnt be so upset if their marketing was done in other ways. Idoneth was a new concept by Teclis and people accepted rather well. Same goes to Morathi. But Lumineth marketing led us to belive in a product that was not delivered, hence the backlash from some of the fans.
  4. The top knots could certainly fit the infantry and archers if you clip the tips off. The hammer soldiers look like a simple clipping (or not gluing the bull thingy) should make for cool helmets by thenselves
  5. I was thinking about it: How many units are "mountain specific"? The Big Cow dual kit Wizard on the rock Hammer guys. The other units are "generic" and will be the Lumineth core. Considering only 3 of those kits are Montain and maybe the hammer unit will be a dual kit, it wouldnt take much to at least have 2 elements on this release. Curious about saturday.
  6. Do you belive we are gona see a second element in this release, or just a full montain range?
  7. I saw those and kinda like the greek ones but the fact that they got no "face" under the helmet didnt hit it for me. The tops are interesting if you decide to clip the top of the helmets!
  8. I feel like they will be hard to find on bits market unless they come in large quantity on the sprues.
  9. I have that feeling too. I dare to say its legs should be..... beefier.
  10. From what i can gather from a lot of people on social medias, nos everyone is happy about the "exotic" headgear on the new Elves. Including me. So i decided to create this topic as an exercise on headswaps BASED ON WHAT WE SEEN SO FAR. (so far all we got is the Montain section of the army) The Heroes: Celennar - Sphiranx. Still not sure about the size or fit to the head, but Free Guild griffon or Phoenix might apply. Teclis - Idoneth Aspects seen to have the correct helmet size. Light of Eltharion - I really love this model Helmet and have no suggestion of what to replace it, considering it is an empty helmet. Perhaps a Stormcast Mask? Wizard on Stone (couldnt find his/her name!) - Any traditional old school helmet or face should do the trick. A Sister of the Watch face is a good call if you want it to be a she. Another cool option would be using the Phoenix Guard leader helmet and painting it on the same stone pattern as the rest of the model. Female Wind/River/Veil wizard - Same as above, but still soon to say considering that we do not have a good picture of her yet. The Troops! For all the troops, Phoenix Guard, Eternal Guard, Shadow Warrior/Sisters of the Watch and Dragon princes are great choices for conversions. Vanari Auralan Wardens (Spear guys) - Love the Leader Helmet but not to keen on the plumes of the others. As usual, Phoenix Guard helmets could do the trick. If i pick the army, personally i will cut the plumes (or glue it) sideways to make mohawks out of then. Vanari Dawnriders (Cavalry) - I love this helmets, but if you dont, Dragon Princes helmets are also pretty cool. Alarith Stoneguard (hammer guys) - 2 ways to solve the issue : Remove the bull top (it will look just like a traditional High Elf helmet) or use the bull heads on the model as the helmets. Both should work. Another option can be Phoenix Guard or Eternal Guard. Auralan Sentinels (archers) - Not the best, not the worse helmets imo. Given the mixed genders, Shadow warriors/Sisters of the watch can be an option. Sisters of the Thorn/Wild Riders MAY fit but not sure about it. Annnd the Cow overlords... This is a hard one imo and i belive many people will come with good options. Sphiranx head is a candidate. I belive i would try the Treelord myself (considering the trees in the back i THINK it might look good. Now you guys, leave your feedback and ideas!
  11. The Dawnriders Helmets (and Eltharion) are the best looking ones. If the whole army used those, i would be sold.
  12. Tom nailed exactly what i feel about it. My hope is : 1- Another faction for Tyrion 2- a diferent visual identity per subfaction, like Akhelians and Namarti. The helmets are just terrible.
  13. To me the frustration comes from the fact that High Elves were sold and played for years, then removed. Months later GW makes a trailer about " Pointy Elves" with pictures of classic models and artwork. It said we had fish elves, tree elves and snake elves now it was time for Pointy ones. Aaaand we get Cow Elves. You bet i am frustrated in exchanging Lions, Phoenix, Eagles, Dragons and Griffons for cattle and giant horned hats.
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