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  1. Well, they were quite the Ninja with some Battletomes, like the Beasts of Chaos one.
  2. I really hope the Studio Previews are not MORE Warcry. Really looking foward to AoS BTs, maybe a duel box, otherwise it is all going to be about Warcry and Shadespire 😥. Looking foward to see every army sorted out and everyone with their tomes.
  3. Wanderers only will work much better and those 20 units will benefit from the 20+ rules until hurt. My recomendation is to fire the arcane bodkins as soon as possible. I dont play Wanderers myself but folks at the Wanderers boards speak a lot about Sisters of the watch. I never used the models (only got 10 because i love the looks but never managed to use then on my lists) but teleporting then behind an enemy and shooting twice with a pack is looks nasty.
  4. I also got the rule of elves only! I keep it up using Spireguard as Highborn Spearman or Reavers as BL! 😁
  5. I hope someone in my area buy Warcry just so we can have the scenary in our table for AoS games 🤣
  6. Hummm i am biased because i love the models, but Draconis is all about charging well. They are freaking amazing if they hit the charge. THAT SAID, the Blades hit like wet noodles after their charge and the Dragons are usually doing the sustained damaged afterwards. The issues start with holding objectives and dealing with summons. We dont, that is the issue lol. I think i rather use Draconis guys into a GA Order army and get extra bodies to use as chaff and objective holders while the horses and dragons keep the bad guys away. Also, have a wizard in the army help a lot. Got any plans or ideas? Share with the class!
  7. I went to London as a Tourist twice, bought stuff in the store both personaly and tru deliveries done to my hotel. All without issues, even for products they did not have in stock and were ordered from GW for me. It sucks you had a bad experience 😐 Hope things get resolved.
  8. Hello there! I do not play Wanderers but use some units. My knowledge is limited so take my opinions with a grain of salt. This list uses a lot of Wanderers but not the alligiance, so it loses a lot of punch and manouvering. If you are assembling a list with what you got, by all means, go for it, if not, you should look for better synergies. The huge amount of 10 units guy will hurt since they lose the 20+ bonus and are barely effective, specially outside the Wanderers alligence. Blocks of 30 Phoenix Guard, IMO get easily stuck with tarpits. i rather use small ones myself. Usually 1 x10 and 1 x 20. The first to hold objectives and the second to go melee. If you play this list, send us a feedback later!
  9. New battle report: i hate Tzeench Duos tournament. 1k Each , i went Order Draconis, my Wife went DoK. First game: enemy duo Tzeench and LoN. I was bored beyond measure. Total commitment screwed DoK Khirenais. And holy $@#% tzeench takes a month to end his Hero Phase. We shut down the LoN player but Tzeench popcorn summon horrors swarmed the table. We lost from the start, we only played 2 turns and my wife only got in combat with 1 unit, what made me upset for her not having fun after an hour drive to the club. Not a good start. Loss. Second match : Guess what? Tzeench and Tzeench. Archeon on the table and their fate dices had a lot of 6s. Really A LOT os 6s. I was salty. We were forced to go first and my wife army got swarmed. They got double turn, sooo... It took us a lot of model removing and about an hour for us to actually play ( no exageration) with what was left of our models. The goal was hold objectives and burn the enemy ones. We actually did well with our khirenais deep striking an objective and my dragons burning another. Remember all those 6s? well archeon had a sweet time using his Slayer sword ( 2 6s instakill you, no saves) . I went for my wifes rescue, not really for the win, but so she could actually play the freaking game, but i forgot about the stupid 6s and my pimped out dragon was 1 shotted. At the end we scored well but lost because a badly wounded Archeon and summoning xenenigans. Loss, but with some dignity (we Were actually winning on turn 2 and half of 3) . Would help if we didnt lose every single initiative in the tournament. Third game: Khorne and Gutbusters The losers table. They had low morale and so did we by this point. Objective: 4 points, 1 in base, 2 on middle giving 2 points and enemy one giving 4. They went first but didnt reach the middle ones and i flew my dragon ad my wifes Melusai held the other. She 1x1 with the ogres but was taking a heavy hit. My Red Dragon was a trooper. Flew over the battlefield and killed the enemy Bloodthister on a single turn while my wifes witches wrecked his troops. The enemy Gutbuster boss wrecked her cauldron and melusai and i went for the rescue, clearing an entire unit of Gutbusters. Their tyrant got hold of an objective with a single HP and i could see the glowing eyes on my evil wife as her Khinerais felt, killed it and rolled a 4 to move and sit pretty on the objective. My flanking horses arrived on a charge and mopped what was left of their models and we won. We were 4th on a 6 duo tournament because we scored a lot of victory points on the games, but the event overall was completly boring for us. I miss the days when AoS wasnt about spamming the table with stuff endless models and actually about manuvering your troops in a smart way. I love my local community but i am seriously considering to skip future events if i see a lot of summoning heavy armies on the pool. To wake up at 6 am, drive 2h for a 10 hour event where you actually play 30 min is not really worthy imo. Still salty lol
  10. Not really. This is a missconception on Allies. With 3 units you can place, an ally. So for 6 faction ome you have room for 2 more allies. Sisters of the Thorn are nice but the problem of holdong objectives remain.
  11. A Halfling army, an Order comic relief like goblins for Destruction. Peacefull guys dragged into a fight and dping their best. Battleline - Halflings with all sorts of mixed tool like shovels, spoons, vases, cooking pots and so on. Behemoth - a giant with several Halflings in diferent plataform around its body. Lorewise, the halflings give it a lot of food so he is very loyal. Slingshot ranged weapons. Ostridge riders with flying kick bonus on charge. A Cook hero, provide area bonus. Couple Ogor mercenaries with Halflings cheering behind then.
  12. Not exactly a new faction, but i wrote some Phoenix Temple lore for my units and made me think on all sorts of developments, such as: -Smaller flaming birds - a host of Elementalists using fire and ice spells to reduce mobility of enemy or burming then alive. - Flying Elves with flaming wings on their backs and bows made of ice. - a centerpiece figure like the Eidolon but with an elf with a giant glave and a flamimg Phoenix spreading its wings behind him.
  13. Yup. Best scenario is to roll the older factions into the new ones to cut then short. Currently we got: Suported: Idoneth and Dok Partially Suported : Wanderers, Darkling Covens No Suport at all : Order Draconis( 4 models), Order Serpentis (3 models), Eldritch Council (5 models), Swifthawk Agents(5 models), Lion Rangers(2 models), Phoenix Temple (4 models), Scourge Privateers (2 models) and Shadow Blades(1 model). Honorable mention: Sylvaneth. People call the Aelves but they are not. It is a nightmare fielding most elves because they do not have a common Battleline, so it forced you to use GA order and pay "tax" battlelines to make it work. It is by far the biggest mess in AoS and i would really like GW to fix that so i can be confident about my army. Got 7 k "high elves", all bought as AoS products and have zero support after 4 years is brutal. I make it work, on tournaments i am always in the "mid tier", but with each new rule (artifacts, Traits, "Temples") it becames harder and harder to play. Also it doesnt help that we get point nerfed in EVERY SINGLE GHB!
  14. It is not about that. A lot of factions still got Metal and Finecast models. Gw have to clean lines up instead of adding "Random alternate sculp for Stormcast number 86". Other than that, the story can shift for other factions. Sylvaneth X nurgle on recent stories have been a good example.
  15. To be fair, the whole Elfapalooza problem only exists because GW fragmentation on the AoS transition. I dont know their intention but other than DoK, none of the former elves received any kind of suport. Wanderers lost a bunch of wood elves models to Sylvaneth and for some reason Darkling Covens has a small list of traits. That is it. Even players have been waiting any rules from GW since 2015 and considering Skavens, a unique Warhammer concept only got its book this year, i still have hope that they will eventually reach us, but it is painfull. So far we do not know if the current 44 Models beeing sold on the "Aelves" fold in the Website are gona get chopped or not, and a Battletome would make people relax quite a while. My opinion (and hope) is that the current High elves go to Hysh, the Dark ones go to Uglu and Wanderers get their release (i am pretty sure it is no far given the rumor engines).
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