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  1. Tomb Kings and High Elves. Around 13 to 14k pts of models.
  2. Hey they stole Phoenix Guards Halberds!
  3. Whitefang liked my coment lol, i guess we are onto something
  4. On a casual chat with a guy that imports GW in bulk, he was told by GW that there will be more copies of Cursed City avaiable for him to order soon. I trully belive this game will stay in production for a while.
  5. Plot Twist: It is blood knights and we will proxy as Dragon Princes!
  6. i still got a lead giant. Can kill someone with that lol
  7. New death miniatures are looking pretty awesome
  8. That would be a great way to ****** off TK fans. I mean what is the point of TKs without Settra?
  9. Did they show the mage on the cloud ? Hadnt seen him
  10. I knew about those flags but i tought it was worn only by a flag bearer or something. Cool
  11. I think the helmets have a animal face on top. Other than that the overall structure looks cool.
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