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  1. I’m of the same mind, I’ve considered trying to do some sort of explosion as if the payload has been dropped from the terradon.
  2. I’m the end of Callis and Toll: The Silver Shard it vaguely mentions some winged angelic figures, and that made me instantly think of Tyrion’s elves.
  3. Thanks for this little tale! It’s great to see small snippets of life from the Realms.
  4. I love the designs on these, they are super creepy, but look recognisable and familiar too.
  5. Have you tried Gryph Hounds? Or Fenrisian Wolves from 40K? The best antlered things I can think of are the Wild Riders set.
  6. A year or two ago I was very inspired when I read Nagash: The Undying King by @JReynolds and kitbashed Tamra ven-Drak using bits I had around, and was very pleased with the result, even doing some little hand sculpting with her cloak. It helped me get back into the hobby, and I’ve since then been consuming great amounts of Black Library AoS stories and I really want to make more book characters, especially the string of powerful AoS women. A simpler conversion has been Liberator Prime/Knight Questor Calys Eltain from @JReynolds Soul Wars, although it’ll be my headcanon of her taking Elya back to Azyr after the events of the novel, and I’ll be kitbashing a grown up Elya with her feline companions (unsure what she’ll count as since the Excelsior Warpriest is gone...) Another character I’m fond of is Maleneth Witchblade from the Gotrek series, especially inspired by the art of https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PmBo6n for the disks. Although my version is a bit more armoured, again with things I had around rather than buying pieces specifically! She’ll count as an Assassin in game, and the dynamic pose helps with that. I did some crude sculpting to try and capture the ribbed/hooded nature of her cloak. The next big project will be Katalya Mourne from Blacktalon: First Mark alongside her arthropod companion Khetto, as soon as I figure out the best way to do him... I’ll try and keep this thread updated with progress!
  7. I’m suspicious. The Witch Hunter and Excelsior Warpriest missing from Cities of Sigmar. The Order of Azyr is pretty present in the fluff of the AoS Black Library I’ve read. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but there could be a new mortal based Azyr army hiding somewhere ready to come out with this “rules for fighting in Azyr” expansion. Maybe just wishful thinking!
  8. That sounds like a neat idea to avoid permadeath and a respawn mechanic to me!
  9. In Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World there’s a character who is forged into a Stormcast within either weeks or months, I can’t remember specifically. My belief is that it happens at the speed of plot, but for the most characters it seems to take a little while.
  10. There’s a little passage in the book that intrigued me. https://imgur.com/a/bFZ0iAv I love the scale and scope of the realms, where imagination is the limit. In the Hamilcar short story, I think he had some interaction with some sort of serpent or lizard race, too. How would you guys use Seraphon in lists? Just “counts as” battlemages I suppose. I’m certainly going to be converting lots of keyword breaking things, getting gigants, ogors and goblins in a city.
  11. I’m a little confused, have we lost the excelsior warpriest along with all of the old war priests? And the Witch Hunter too? I’ve consumed a lot of the AoS Black Library stuff, and I’m really surprised if we’ve lost all of these, unless I’m missing something. The narrative needs mortal followers of Sigmar...that’s where all the Stormcast come from! It was also a bit glum to listen to Blacktalon: First Mark that had a Swifthawk chariot as a character.
  12. After listening to The Imprecations of Demons, a short story/radio play about a Stormcast visiting her mortal family, I’m pretty pleased that two humans banter about both halflings and Khemri- implying that halflings are still out there. And there was that great article in Warhammer Community, putting some halflings into a Cities force seems like a fun conversion idea.
  13. This is great! I love the idea of the Grey Warden theme too. Could try and get a chalice in somewhere...
  14. I love all this, I’ve found it very inspiring, and am making plans for my own Order Barbarians now too. The themeimg is great, and so are the models and the paint schemes!
  15. This is a really awesome concept, the simple headswap makes them look much more striking. An inspired idea!
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