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  1. @Sttufe I think you're right. I almost always use a white background, but the OSL effect looks better with the black backdrop. @kaaras Thank you☺️ You should still enter the painting comp, because you never know how people will vote. Also, there is a price given to a random contestant.
  2. I actually think this is eldar, a staff top probably
  3. I just entered in the painting comp. for march 2020, here on TGA (check it out) I did a conversion I've been thinking of for some time. It's based on the fantastic cover art of the 8th ed. dark elf army book. I think it turned out really nice. the painting was a lot of fun, but also a bit of a struggle. The OSL in particular was tricky. Eventually I went for a different light source then you see on the book, but I think it's still reminiscent of the look and feel of the artwork. Do you like the white or black background better?
  4. Dark elf noble, based on 8th ed. army book cover. this is my entry to the TGA painting comp. for march 2020.
  5. Blood and Glory made me think of the god of murder... so I did this conversion I've been thinking of for some time, based on the Dark elf cover art from 8th ed. Great fun and I think it turned out nice. For the paint job I wanted to do the cover justice with the red lighting, but that turned out to be a bit of a struggle. So eventually I posted for slightly different lighting, but I think it still fits with the look and feel of the cover. So here he is: and the link to my instagram post. Funny story, I started this account for the first TGA painting comp. It's such a great medium to share my hobby:)
  6. Looks like it could work. Allthough the handle would be a bit to long. I’m thinking maybe swapping the hammerheads for axes or making them into halberd and swapping te heads for Phoenix guard heads
  7. With them having had a civil war and with all the rubble on the bases suggesting that they were a dying race, it's is like they put all the Old world elves stuff in the background and are now moving forward. I like that. There is enough to love for me in this range as a total High Elf fanboy. but there will be some conversion work! And that is just how I like it. I can look at this range and see how I'd like to make them my own. There are some really nice models in the Scions of the flame too! Looking forward to painting some OSL on them sometime in the future.
  8. I I think it is on the ‘regular’ build from the big cow
  9. you can actually make her out in the army shot. She's between the archers and Teclis. Seems she is a single model. It also looks like she has a pet mini dragon? but to blurry to make it out
  10. the warco monster is not my thing. The infantry looks cool though. But the helmets will have to be changed. I'm also thinking those cow heads on top of the helmets might make great masks for something else. Right now I'm thinking to turn these into updated phoenix guard... In the movie clip you can see the veiled lady in the centre of the army shot.
  11. Someone also pointed out it could very well be 30k primary’s lion el johnson...
  12. There are some silhouettes floating around online for the preview. Second one kinda could be Tyrion with a winged helmet.
  13. almost done with my entry:) I think it is worth mentioning that there is a price for the winner, but also a Start collecting box for one random competitor. So everyone who enters may end up with a price! I think that is really cool and generous from Element games.
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