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  1. Well I guess it was trapped in the storm vault during the age of myth, so it could be from the world that was. But it doesn't have to be.
  2. The former ally is from the age of myth, so it doesn’t have to be anyone we know. They have been introducing a lot of new characters instead of reviving characters from the old world.
  3. The new warcry warband looks awesome, love the hoplite inspired look and lots of great details. Allthough the dude running with an enormous snake on his neck is a bit odd. I’m really impressed how te design team is able to expand the easthetic of chaos, with this new looks and themes and mixed race warbands. Looking forward to seeing the rest. my bet is the lion is part of a lion ranger warband.
  4. Love this Guy, he looks like a revised sculpt of the Classic orc shaman, the staff and the way one of his eyes is covered look superb
  5. Thanks for linking my conversions @Kaleb Daark The legs on my conversions are actually smoothened bloodletter legs with hooves from the gors. Te armour is all sculpted on with green stuff. But I think tzaangor bodies with for heads and Some claws might work too.
  6. I think it was in one of the articles or previews. The warbands are a way to expand the easthetic of chaos beyond the God specific warriors. Which I think is great. Allthough I suspect the various warbands might fit in with one of te Gods more than the others. The previewed warband with the red armour look a bit khornate, but could fit nurgle, tzeentch and slaanesh with a different paint job.
  7. I'd like to reserve judgement until we are absolutely certain there isn't going to be more releases in the coming weeks. But for now I'm somewhat disappointed. I have never liked the aesthetic of the plastic daemonettes and I'm not thrilled they have expanded the look with these new models. I absolutely hate the plastic steeds of slaanesh (the tail is too short and the legs too thick) and I'm really not a fan of the ' boots of skin with feet attached' look. that's why is don't like the new keeper, because the boots make up almost half of the model. The torso and head are beautifull though. But I really hoped for a keeper more similar to the artwork I use as my avatar... Like most of you I was really hoping for some mortals or even slaangor. We've had a chaos release every Christmas for the last couple of years. When we didn't see Slaanesh last christmas I thought they might be holding out for an even bigger event with the story arc of captured Slaanesh. And now it seems it is a regular one or two week release? BUT one of the hosts is still called ' seekers'. Which makes me think Slaanesh is still captured and we might see more for Slaanesh when/if he gets released? That might still be something to get excited about. I also don't like they keep pointing out you can use all these releases in 40k. If one of the Warcry warbands looks like Slaanesh mortals (even though they all are undivided) than I'll be happy. As I'm only in it for the holy I'll only need one unit of mortals. I guess I'll just get Sys'Lex and cut off the daemonette on top of him by her weird clunky feet.
  8. I think it looks pretty cool! By using such a light base with the snow the overall look isn't too dark. the shading on the claws might be a bit too harsh though, maybe lighten that up a bit. I've been working on a Slaaneshi force for a long time now, you can follow my plog on this forum (link below). My daemons look a lot different from yours, with light skintones and dark purples.
  9. Could be for the warcry warband that has a flayed face as a symbol.
  10. Looking at the cover of the battletome I can only see daemons... doesn’t have to mean anything but i’m worried we won’t get to see mortals with this release. one of the warcry warbands might have a slaaneshi feel to them though. Allthough I think none of these warbands Will be God specific. the upside to no mortals would be I need to convert Some. Helps to keep the creatieve juices flowing (which could be considered na aspect of Slaanesh too😛)
  11. Thanks for the response, i can see your point. I guess that, as someone who doesn’t play, i didn’t consider te gaming side of it.
  12. I’ve been Reading these pages since the previews dropped. I don’t het te probleem with the terrain pieces. It’s terrain, it’s niet meant to represent something that aan army always carries around. It’s a way to theme your table to fit your army. I was most happy to read that warcry is a way to expand the chaos esthetic and explore other themes and looks. Looping forward to the other warbands. Small bands like these are a geest way to paint something different without buying a new army. I’m a big Slaanesh fan ever since cult of pleasure in 6th ed. The new models fit in with the other daemonettes, Which i never really liked (especially the faces and feet). I’ll always prefer the ‘Diaz sculpts. So allthough they seem like great sculpts they’re not for me. Except the herald, he is fantastic and I hope we Will see mortal slaanesh followers with a similar look somewhere down the line.
  13. Lovely trailer, i really like how iT says that stormcast going to the extremes of killing innocent people gives power to Slaanesh. Finally a little more depth and less ‘slaanesh is about sex and bondage’ let’s hope we’ll see some amazing mini’s
  14. I saw the king on Instagram, he is really fantastic. Great colors and great conversion. He somewhat reminds me of the three eyed raven sitting in his tree from GoT.
  15. @Zephyr Luckily I took a pic of the base before I attached the miniature. In this phone pic you can see the mosaic. I tried to make it look like a mosaic of a keeper of secrets without being to obvious about it.
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