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  1. I hope we'll get a lot more of these previews, like with the sisters of battle. I really enjoy seeing the 3D renders. The high elves were my first love when I started warhammer almost 20 years ago, and I still love them. When Age of Sigmar dropped I decided I wouldn invest to much in a new army until the light elves would be released. I was fearfull that they would dissapoint when they finally dropped, but this preview and the artwork looks amazing! the artwork still has all the appeal of the original high elves. I am wondering about the glowing discs on teclis and also about his staff. It seems like he is still wielding the staff of Lileath... So what about her? Iḿ planning on really enjoying all the snippets of info until the actual release.
  2. I think there are a few hints that malerion is creating some kind if monsters. I remember his creations being calles ‘majestic but terrible’ or something along thise lines. Also I think I recall a snippet about a monster escaping a fortress in the realm of shadow. Malerion is also depicted as a half-elf half-dragon creature. But I wouldn’t expect Malerion elves to drop anytime soon. Except if the light and shadow elves end up being the same army. But probably not.
  3. Very excited about this tease, high elves were my first love. I’ll have to reconsider what to buy next couple of months. ..
  4. that seems to be the ogre hunter, with a sabretooth and gnoblar I guess? I'm hoping they give us a little tease to follow up the 'Hysh-hysh, giant' sentence...
  5. Mengel painting a tzaangor could also hint at a Tzeentch release. If I’m not mistaken he painted a witch elf prioriteit to the DoK release.
  6. I’m hoping GW will either say that multipart kits are coming next year (they are very clear on this with the sisters) OR confirm te start collecting set is going to be in stock for a long time. I want some StD for my next project, but I’m not nearly done on my current project (ogre warband). I’d hate to miss out on the start collecting set and then find out there is no other way to get those models. I don’t want to buu a set now, just to have it lying around for a few months and distracting me from finishing something else.
  7. Nice to see there are a lot of head options. Male and female bare heads... mu only dislike is the lances. I’d like to see other weapon options for the knights.
  8. Thanks guys! @MarkK the metal is painted with rhinos hide and then mixing in ulthuan grey until just pure ulthuan grey and a final higlight with white. I've been applying it roughly at first to get the rougher metal look and also adding scratches. I also think there is a glaze in there with the fang and valor brown to bring out some colors more. I think I want to settle on a base for all the ogres, but maybe continue using it for other models as well. So it needs to complement the colors but also be neutral enough. I think I'll just have to try some options.
  9. I haven't posted anything for a while. Allthough I love project logs and keeping track of my progress here, I find I get a lot more response on instagram. I feel like this part of tga doesn't get as much attention as it should. There are people posting paintjobs and conersions on here that are really top notch... But hey, let's not be too negative. I converted a little elf to represent Aenerion from the artwork, battling the greater daemon of Slaanesh. I also tweaked the paintjob on the keeper a bit, adding a little more contrast (thanks for the feedback @daveboy) I could take it further, but Iḿ a little scared to go to far on a model this size. Currently Iḿ working on something completely different. I build a little warband of 6 ogres and a rhino, using the ogre half of the feast of bones box. I did some converting, mostly adding some more cloth and I also made a butcher. I wanted to do someting completely differnt with my paint schem, using lots of saturated colors and patterns. It is a lot of fun painting the ogres, who are a little bigger than the elves I normally paint. I haven't decided on the bases yet. I'm considering using the schem GW uses for their AoS models, allthough that might be a little to dark. Another option is the lighter brown GW uses for ther 40k models. An thoughts?
  10. Nagash breaching the allpoints may also open up options for warcry.
  11. That model of the midnight queen is going to be perfect👌🏻 Love the idea of floating inside the rings of the machine. Great stuff, as usual😊
  12. Does anyone feel really old when they see comments from people show never played Fantasy😛
  13. Very excited and curious how this old world stuff will play out. Allthough I’m a little worried it Will be centered around the old world continent and not so much On high/dark elves and lizardmen. on the other hand, 30k had had a lot of in depth Fluff. It would be sweet to see this for the history of the old world. Including the time of three emperors, Mordheim, war of the beard, the rise of Archeon, etc. And obviously I’d love some great miniatures.
  14. If this is true, then I’m afraid there won’t be a lot of new models. Which is ok for Kharadron and Tzeentch, but a little dad for Seraphon. We’ll see... I was expecting StD dropping in the end of this year with the push-fit start collecting set and then more models (non push-fit) start next year. Very much like the new sisters, who get an army box this month and te rest of the range released early next year.
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