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  1. More views in my plog 'how to become a daemon prince' in the painting and modeling forum
  2. It's been a productive couple of weeks (to my standard at least:P), so I have another model to show you. I really wanted to add a chariot to my army, I think chariots fit Slaanesh really well. I need up building the chariot with parts from a dark eldar ship and the daughters of khan altar, combined with horses from the high elf chariot and some green stuff work to create a big Slaanesh symbol.For the crew I used the phoenix guard kit and added green stuff cloaks to create more movement. The spear of the charioteer is a subtle nod to the sun-chariot from greek mythology. I was worried there would be too much gold, but I think it all worked out good. It's really rewarding to see all the pieces come together, sitting on one o the biggest bases I ever used. here it is:
  3. @MarkK White can be really tricky. One thing to always remember is you only use pure white for the final highlight. So most of your white isn't pure white. I use Ulthuan grey as a base coat. For the cloth I paint it completely with ulthuan grey, sometimes with a little lahmian medium mixed in to get a smooth coat. You may need to apply up to 3 or 4 thin coats. Then shade the recesses with a mix of fenrissain grey, water and lahmian medium. after that clean up with ulthuan grey and build up some highlights with a 50/50 mix of ulthuan grey and white scar and finally a highlight with pure white scar. also I buy ulthuan grey and white scar in the 'air' variant, because I find that these white and light grey colors clog up pretty quick.
  4. @kaaras thank you! about 5 months ago I posted some knights I made. Well, I finally finished painting those... as a 'rule' I normally build units of 6, but for these knights that was a bit to much work, so I made these two to join a knight I made earlier. I guess there are still six, if you count the mounts and riders separately:P They are very much what I want the esthetic of this army to be, so I'm really pleased with them. Let me know what you think of them.
  5. There is a stormcast helmet on te new ogre tyrants trophy rack. Could there be more ogre models incoming? Could also be related to the cut of heads with crowns we’ve seen before. Then again, a head/helmet is a pretty familiair trophy wich could be a lot of models from different races.
  6. @Kronos thanks! Printing my own model is a big step from buying metal elves when I firs started with Warhammer. Being able to build my own piece and add to the world of Warhammer is why I love this hobby. So my 3D print has arrived! Below you can see a pic, with my router KoS and a warrior for size reference. The 3D print stands over 11cm high and needs a 13-mm round base😬. But I think this size is ok, as Warhammer centerpiece models like the greater daemons have been getting bigger and bigger. I'm really happy with how he turned out. The print is pretty smooth, although it will need some sanding and a coat or three of liquid green stuff. I will also have to add some smaller details that couldn't be printed, like the teeth, tongue, tendrils and the chain between his horns. I feel like he is true to the artwork he is based on. getting the anatomy right was pretty hard but I think he looks good. He had to be powerful, but not too muscular. the head is still my favorite part, but I also had a lot of fun figuring out the parts that are not in the artwork. Like his left hadn't and his feet. In the 3D program I created hooves but in the end I decided that clawed feet would fit him better. I'll try to make some more pictures as I'm adding details to him and offcourse when I start painting him. I've also almost finished my Slaanesh chariot. Just the base and one charioteer left to do.
  7. Love te red! I know highlighting red without making it look too pink or orange. The blue shading also looks really nice👌🏻
  8. I know. But kornuth is a reiteration of an old world God, whilst the others where incarnates. I’m not sure why GW decided to develop the followers of kurnoth. For a long time the incarnates where the main guys in we of sigmar. I would have expected the light or shadow elves to be fleshed out before another aspect of the former wood elves. The light and shadow elves have been mentioned in the lore a lot. These Kurnothi are somewhat of a surprise.
  9. I have a feeling GW is moving elves from quick, skillfull and slender pointy eared humans into something more extreme. The cities of sigmar contain the more traditional elves and the other elves will explore new esthetic choices and concepts. I’m actually a little puzzled why we’re seeing these kurnothi instead of the light/shadow elves. But I’m fine just sitting back and seeing what GW comes up with.
  10. Really awesome conversion. Also like how he is crawling over the base.
  11. @JackStreicher thanks for the offer, might do that sometime. I finally managed to get the model prepared for a print. creating enough wall thickness was really tricky because in some areas the topology of the model was pretty messed up. I also had to simplify the model and deleted some details that were to hard to print, like teeth and the tendrils on his back. The also redid the cloth but I think I actually like how it turned out. There are also are 9 'escape holes' which I'll have to fix after printing. Now I have to wait until the print is done, hopefully it will come out right. Then I need to do some green stuff work to complete it. All in all he will cost me almost the same as the actual greater daemons, not counting the hours I spend on him (which is easily around 200 hours in total...) this is the model that I ordered as a print. While waiting for the print I'm painting some of my some knights and a chariot I build. I'll post some pics of those soon.
  12. And a nice boot it is. Could fit with the mongolian theme the new ogre tyrant has. Allthough I don’t think this would fit an ogre... also resembles the Style of Ssyl’eske, so might be Slaaneshi. Cool pic whatever it is
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