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  1. That model of the midnight queen is going to be perfect👌🏻 Love the idea of floating inside the rings of the machine. Great stuff, as usual😊
  2. Does anyone feel really old when they see comments from people show never played Fantasy😛
  3. Very excited and curious how this old world stuff will play out. Allthough I’m a little worried it Will be centered around the old world continent and not so much On high/dark elves and lizardmen. on the other hand, 30k had had a lot of in depth Fluff. It would be sweet to see this for the history of the old world. Including the time of three emperors, Mordheim, war of the beard, the rise of Archeon, etc. And obviously I’d love some great miniatures.
  4. If this is true, then I’m afraid there won’t be a lot of new models. Which is ok for Kharadron and Tzeentch, but a little dad for Seraphon. We’ll see... I was expecting StD dropping in the end of this year with the push-fit start collecting set and then more models (non push-fit) start next year. Very much like the new sisters, who get an army box this month and te rest of the range released early next year.
  5. I just started work on some ogres. I’ve converted a butcher from the gluttons. He’s not done though, but you can find some work in progress shots on my instagram. It does involve a lot of green stuff though. For butchers the buffers difference with other ogres is that they don’t wear gutplates.
  6. Lovely stuff as always, the prince looks really nice. The centaur model is great to start with. I can’t seem to spot te bow to go with the arrows though?
  7. I’m so happy with these new chaos warriors. Not just because they look great and true to what they are, but mostly because so Many people really wantend this to happen and GW delivers. Also, knights on actual, regular horses in AoS😮
  8. I finally decided to dive into a new project with feast of bones and then GW teases this... first world problems
  9. It would be a really big misser opportunity not to release new undivided (but markable) chaos warriors for AoS. They are such an iconic part of warhammer. Stormcast are the ‘order’ opposite of the chaos warriors. But that isn’t properly represented in the models. You could argue khorne and nurgle have decent replacements for their warriors but Tzeentch does not and Slaanesh has no devoted mortals...
  10. I think Tyler Mengel mentioned in his review of the battletome that the scenery is custom. But I’m not 100% sure. If it is custom, it’s really nice.
  11. It would be pretty anoying if these Kurnothi would be released as a full new army before the light/shadow elves. The light and shaduw elves have been hinted at in the fluff from day one. I would mucht rather see those armies before any other new (elven) army. I think the release of light and/or dark elves will be tied to another step in the Slaanesh storyline though.
  12. So I’m guessing there are more people interested in the all new Ossiarchs. I’d like to pick up the ogre half from feast of bones for a good price. I’m located in the Netherlands. I know a shop that sells the box for €126 anyone interested in splitting the box?
  13. Nice to see a lot of people enthousiaster about the new army and the boxed deal. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of ogre halves for sale for a nice deal?
  14. There have been multiple rumor engines featuring eleborate weapons lately. They’re probably not all connected but I gotta say it has me excited
  15. That warrior for the spyre tyrants looks a lot like the Classic maurauders ( from before the plastic kit). This warband might be a pretty Classic take on chaos individed.
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