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  1. elfhead

    Elfhead getting things painted

    @Curry_Supreme, well the skin was a lot of trail and error. I actually painted the skin of the first thrall three times over. I wanted it to be cold and pale, but also have some realism. As you might have noticed the skin is different on all of the thralls, because I don have a single clear process for the skin. I use skintones (kislev flesh and pallid wich flesh) mixed with kantor blue or mephiston red (sometimes even a little yellow) in various amounts and then mixing in more kislev flesh and then highlighting up to pallid wych flesh and some white mixed in for the final highlights. I start out by roughly deviding the skin areas with kislev flesh mixed with a either a tiny amount of kantor blue or mephiston red. Raised areas or 'warm' areas of skin get the red base, the lower or 'cold' parts get the blue base. 'warm' areas are the hands, elbows, face and ears. After basing it's basically mixing in more flesh tones to build up the skintones. Sometimes I used a glaze (watered down red or blue mixed with lahmian medium) to change the skintones slightly. this way you get all kinds of different hues and shades in your skincolor. I hope this makes sense? What you need to remember is that skin isn't one color, it has all kind of different hues. Also, a shadow/shade isn just darker, it is a different color alltogether. I guess this is true for all areas of a model you paint though. If you look at the green on the thralls I glazed the highlights with yellow and enhanced the shading with a glaze of blue. pictures like this also helped me a lot: hope this helps.
  2. elfhead

    Elfhead getting things painted

    @terrainguy, @Tommy, @Circus of Paint, @syph0n thanks so much! the NMM on the banner, the gold, is mournfang brown, 50/50 mournfang brown and balor brown, balor brown and then various amounts of white mixed in with balor brown, working up to pure white higlights. followed by a glaze of flash gitz yellow mixed with water and lahmian medium, for the shading a glaze of xereus purple with lahmian medium and water. followed by a final highlight of white. the black was higlighted with black mixed with 'the fang', then higlighted with pure 'the fang', mixed with white for the final highlights. finally a glaze of kantor blue mixed with water and lahmian medium. I use a wet pallette and usually gradually mix up the colors, so the recipe may not be spot on, but you get the idea.
  3. elfhead

    Elfhead getting things painted

    It has been a long time sine I posted something, but finally I found the time for some painting. I finally got to paint some of the brand new elves (I like elves, did you notice?). the Deepkin thralls are fantastic models and I really enjoyed painting them and figuring out a color scheme. I won't be doing an entire army of them, not even a decent sized unit. although the models are gorgeous, it has become somewhat harder to do conversions because the models are a lot more complicated than they used to be in 6th ed. when arms legs body and head were all loose components you could easily swap out. I did do a conversion though, a fun idea I have had for a long time and just made perfect sense with these new elves living in the depths of the sea... To fit in with the deepkin I painted and converted this scourge privateer banner. I love this banner because it is so big an that octopus banner top is one of my favorite designs for dark elves ever.
  4. I think you can be very proud of the leek of skill you allready got, that orc thrower looks really good! The only way to get better is to keep practicing and look at the way other people work. You might want to wait a little while before you start on a huge model like the bloodthirster. But you’ll also learn a lot from painting such a large model, it is pretty different from painting a single warrior. I’d recommend paint what excites you. Your skill will keep growing. Keep it up!
  5. elfhead

    LLV Paints

    Love te conversions and I always like seeing the Juan diaz daemonettes!
  6. That is a great example and I think you are right about the arms. The rider is an important port too though. In the example the static pose of the rider conplements the dynamic pose of the beast. So of you continue with yours yoo might want to start addig the rider (and his seat) so you can figure out how the complete model will look.