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  1. Slaanesh mortals would be nice, but only if they use the new models. No hellstriders please.
  2. Well they really keep hitting it out of the park with the vampires, don’t they. And it seems we can all get one without much fuss.
  3. I think those are just the empire demigryph knights.
  4. What are the minimum unit sizes for marauders and daemonettes? Could you just run them as cypher lords?
  5. Question: if I were to convert more dismounted slickblades like the one in the underworlds warband, what could they ‘count as’ in a list? I only do converting and painting, But I’d like this unit to be useable in an actual battle. i’m looking at cypher lords and the leftover slickblades from the exalted seekers kit for the conversions, in case you were wondering.
  6. The Gencon reveals have shown us two out of three of the silhouettes already. The third is almost certainly a black templar. That makes me scarred we won't see any models for warcry...
  7. Looking forward to some new cool warbands for underworlds, although I would really love it if the Slaanesh warband gets a separate release from the starter box. I’m also hoping wel’ll see some new warcry warbands. For me those are some of the most interesting expansions to chaos we’ve seen. A very welcome and cool looking expansion on the look and feel of that part of warhammer.
  8. The second edition was centered around death. They started strong with nighthaunt, then got nothing for a while. But during that edition death got a new army (bonereapers) and ended on a revamp of the classic vampires, skeletons and zombies. There also is the warhammer quest game ( although handled… poorly) So there was a lot of death stuff. But also lots of other things: Slaanesh, Lumineth, etc. I think it is reasonable to expect cool stuff for destruction, but spread out over the duration of the shields edition.
  9. Every time I read ‘dragon princes’ my heart jumps and then sinks because they are not talking about my favorite unit of classic high elves that got me into the game, but these new guys that I have no intention of buying.
  10. I wonder if kruleboys will get a second wave somewhere in the near future. With new models and a new armybook way to soon. remember when Lumineth were released and really felt like an incomplete army. And then they got expanded on within a year. if this happens for kruleboys, I wonder if they will get the same amount of negativity like Lumineth got (and sometimes still get)…
  11. The text in the community article suggests the red dragon will be available to more armies, maybe all order forces? Or am I reading to much into it? I think the red dragon is one of the best dragons GW had done, but it isn’t the perfect dragon. I personally do not like the scar and I would have liked them to be slightly more serpentine. As a long time high elf dragon fan it is great to see some new dragons. But I think the kruleboys won in the monster department.
  12. Where are you situated? Since brexit all spraypaints are very hard to find for me (I’m in the Netherlands). Something to do with the paint not being allowed into the EU.
  13. So people were upset for days that they wouldn’t be able to buy the dominion box. Then everybody got the box without much problems. A few happy and positive post later people start complaining about warhammer+ can we go back to being positive?
  14. what is the new official stance of GW on this, I think I missed it? as someone who sells 3D printed parts for conversions I might want to take notice of this😬
  15. I’m still painting and converting stuff, although I don’t have a lot of time for it. I’m also started an Etsy shop selling 3d prints, including lots of heads for elves and even complete models and units. I post my stuff on Instagram, you can find me as Elfhead3D
  16. So first a short story is published, letting us know sigvald and gluttos are going to excelsis to fight. Then they don’t appear in BR Kragnos. And now we get another short story that sigvald and gluttos didn’t make it to the fight? What was the point of setting up this plot line at all? Weird.
  17. The objectives scenery are “trappings of a Dawnbringer Crusade settlement”. Interesting these crusades are mentioned again. I wonder if this is a new ongoing narrative. Would like to see the mixed race mortals expand.
  18. I’m really liking the new orcs. Love hoe they used the ‘red face shaped’ shields that are a classic orc trope in warhammer and gave it a new spin. They seem like a joy to paint with all the leather, trinkets and face-shields. Ik like hoe they have different proportions, wit relative long torsos and arms and shorter legs. However, those proportions also look a bit funny when mounted. the new stormcast have some cool designs, but for the basic design I actually like the more angular, bulky designs of the sacrosanct. The face masks in particular look worse. But things like the bodyguard unit and banner bearer are very nice. Maybe one day I’ll finally paint a small stormcast force with NMM (maybe as a commission?) the lore for the new orcs and kragnos seems pretty poor. I’ve also read the synopsis of the Kragnos book and I can’t help but feel dissapointed. So much build up, which was all great, with such dissapointing endings.
  19. It’s just a review so the book may be better than it seems, but this story sounds really dissapointing. There have been a lot of sub-stories build up for a loooong time, and they end pretty anti-climactic. the newborn was a major plot point. But now the twins are defeated because they were interested in a couple of elf souls in one city? Gordrakk attacking excelsis was also build up for a looooong time and then gordrakk is upstaged by Kragnos. And then kragnos gets teleported away? I’m also curious why Morathi comes to aid excelsis and how she ends up being trialed? I’ll wait for more info and reviews, but I’m not a fan of this ‘ending’ of the story.
  20. The new rumor engines show a lot of angular shapes. The axe, the hook and the pommel of the club/grenade alle have this design cue. The great thing about new armies is they are designed so cohesively. the Thondia also has the thunderscorn peaks. Maybe the dragon ogors will get expanded too.
  21. I really hope the new army doesn’t magically bring their natural habitat with them. Please no magic swamps traveling with the army, like the eathersea of everwinter. spores of dying greenskins infesting the land could be nice though. We already saw some nice lore about the botanical nature of greenskins.
  22. I see they changed the look of the rumor engine again?
  23. In that little trailer at the end it featured normal human soldiers. I’m hoping they get some new model too.
  24. After all the underworld warbands are released, I would love it if they release the dread pageant separate from the starter kit.
  25. For a long time I thought I would dive all in when they finally did AoS high elves. Then it happened and I realized the Lumineth didn’t give me the same jou as classic high elves did. Don’t wait for something that might happen. It might not turn out to be what you hoped for.
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