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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. Hey there! I am starting a new army and since this will be a conversion heavy project I thought I could make a blog to share it. Hope you find it interesting! We could call this army "scourge privateers re-imagined", or Realm Ravagers as I am calling them. An elf-pirate army based on corsairs and 40k dark-elf aesthetics… heroes, infantry, sea monsters, sailboats all still to come! Let me start sharing the first heroes I am working on.
  2. I know all you cats and kittens are awash in Auric Hearthguard bits since Hearthguard Berserkers are the new hotness but I'm playing Greyfyrd and need then gunner boys. Have money and Isle of Blood Aelf pieces to trade.
  3. Hi so new to AOS normally play 40k. I recently moved back to my home town for various reasons. Contacted the local games workshop nice store, seems like nice people. No 40k tournaments or campaigns and they don't tend to do late evenings as due to their location inside a shopping centre. Either way manager is nice told me there is an aos path to glory campaign about to begin. More narrative RP. So I thought hey I'd give it a ago. So just looking for some general advice as I had 2 X spire of dawn / island of blood I picked up for cheap and bought a copy of anvilguard as hydra i have learned to love in twwh2, so decided to go with order aelfs. Plus the fact they seem to be one big faction now thought cool can rp some malekeith loyalists mixture. Well what's happened to the aelfs lost all the love from GW? I know it is most likely down to IP issues but half their warscrolls seem to be missing.... Anyway I rolled picked an archmage, rolled a loremaster, phoenix guard and x2 units of dreadspears. Stormcasts seem to be the popular choice for the store was wondering if anyone had any advise I feel like I need some archers but is there a way for me to change up my warband now I've rolled? Downloaded the book on the AOS app but seems to focus on an orks story doesn't give much in the way of being able to change composition.
  4. The Wanderers just received honors in the latest 'Faction Focus' for Aelfs. Of the original aelf factions, Wanderers were mentioned second (after Darkling Covens) and various existing hero abilities were explained in context to the new rules. A Waywatcher hero is -2 to hit from shooting thanks to the new 'look out sir' rule, Spellweaver's can force a dispel at 30", and Shield of Thorn is now much better than the new Mystic Shield. Additionally, they've promised a 'sweeping series of points cuts' that should result in more models (more arrows!) on the table. The fluff claims that the Wanderers carry a shameful lineage, that they descended from the Wanderers who abandoned the Realm of Life fleeing from Nurgle. I'm pretty sure they also abandoned Athel Loren during the End Times too. So the Wanderers now have a streak of cowardice that fits my theme pretty well. Anyone else excited for Wanderers?
  5. zedatkinszed


    Here's some pictures of Morathi. This was a nice model to work with for teh most part. Her head was difficult though and I messed-up her eye make-up a bit - you can really only see the errors on camera though. Her colour scheme is an evolution of the Witch Aelves's on which I've made some further progress: I'm still undecided as regards which Temple I'll go with but the scheme is versatile enough to fit in with either the Khailebron or Draichi Ganeth temples.
  6. This was model that I painted for my old High elf diorama. The sorceress was a protagonist in the middle. I enjoyed painting a female model, and I spent a lot of time working on the pale flesh tones. The sculpt is pretty good so I was a able to put quite a lot of care into the face. It was possible to put quite a lot of work into the eyes and mouth. I kept the flesh tones and the whole overall model a very pale pallete. The hair was brought up to a very pale purple, and I used a lot of purple into the gold as washes to keep the colours balanced.I also used Palyd Wych Flesh, both as the main highlight colour for the hair and as the main colour for the robes. If I was to redo the models composition again I'd definitely consider a different colour for the blood pool as I think that the red is too strong and vibrant and isn't balanced anywhere else in the model.
  7. Good afternooon everyone. I have just heard of the tga.community site while listening to the Mortal Realms Podcast. Really loving the story driven and player cooperation based design that characterizes Age of Sigmar. I'm in a bit of an awkward place where I am really excited about it but none of the guys I play 40k with care at all about it. I am working on an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering that eats up time like an snowball in hell. So with no one to really play with and limited time to play I am mostly buying up the armies i'm interested in and painting where I can. My plan is to hit up the flgs and try to meet some new people to play with when things slow down a little. I did get a friend that play Necrons to did his skaven out. We have started up a narrative campaign with a hero leveling system I half-baked up. I am still writing the battle report but some of those details can be found at realmwalker.wordpress.com I am currently working on 3 main armies Some Stormcast eternals that mostly consists of the starter box, though fighting skaven I may be getting some judicator and decimators. I am also really enjoying painting and building some Khorne Bloodbound. Khornate warriors of chaos are actually my very first minaitures army collection ever. I abandoned them when everyone around me started playing 40k. I also have a sylvaneth force I am painting up. I wan to ally them with a high elf dragon and dragon princes as if a dragon is hiding in Gyhran, protected by servants of alarielle and a few surviving aelfs. We will see where the main narrative goes as far as aelfs are concerned before I finish up that part of the army.
  8. Hi, Sisters of the Thorn unit ready to fight alongside my Sylvaneth army. More images on my blog: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2016/11/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-order-sisters.html
  9. First Sister of the Thorns finished with the base. This is my first non-chaos mini so i`m quite happy with the final effect. More images on my blog: https://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2016/10/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-order-sisters.html
  10. Snoe

    White Lions

  11. Snoe

    White Lions

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