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  1. Thanks. It got me wondering if, on a future Kharibdyss, I could hide a neck-angle change via a manacle. I don’t want to have three beasties all with their heads in exactly the same positions. Likewise bodies: I might do one partially submerged, sawing off the bottom one or two centimeters.... maybe swap the crew of a chariot for the beastmasters for some variety there too. That would be quite some love for the beasts! 🤣 I’ll definitely do one or two more👍 Thanks!
  2. I got my Kharibdyss finished! It was very fun to make and paint. I did choose to rotate the left fore claw after painting it, so GreenStuffed a manacle on to hide the rotation point. I’d love to get a couple more. Perhaps give one the claws and tail of the Hydra for some variation.
  3. How about using black guard with (leftover Dreadspear) shields and perhaps change the blades of their halberds to something else (for example unused executioner blades)?
  4. I want more beasties in my army and have been looking at what could be modelled as [beast+handlers]. They’d lack the Scourge Privateer keyword but never mind. Steam-tank: some kind of thick-skinned, fire-breathing monster captured in the Great Parch. Steam cannon and steam gun are its fiery breath. Crushing wheels are it’s claws/maw. Long rifle, repeater handgun and sword/rod are the handlers’ weapons (as crossbows for the firearms, likely). But what kind of beast...some kinda fire-spitting armadillo? I’m not sure how I’d model it! Base it on something from the tyranid range and use a lot of Green Stuff, perhaps. The gyro-flyers could be captured Aqshy flying beasts with riders. What other ideas are there for things to count-as captured beasts?
  5. I like the flame-feathers now so redid the blue feather one of the pistoliers had. All feathers in the army will be done this way now. And I’ve been working on my Kharibdyss. GreenStuff World’s colourshift paint -like the Corsair cloaks- for the beast’s hide. I did the belly lighter - countershading - as it is a sea creature. Feathering the horns/talons/teeth from black through the reds took a long time but I like the colour it adds.
  6. 1. Dark Elves (back in The World That Was) had a character mounted on a Manticore (a beast master). I’m keen to make one and wondered if using a Chaos manticore would be doable? Perhaps counting it as a Freeguild General on Gryphon as I believe they have the same base size (or a black dragon?). Doable? 2. What ideas do people have for city or realm-specific counts-as Celestial Hurricanums? I’m thinking of making some kind of cold-one-pulled version for my Anvilgard army, crewed by a mage and other individuals, armed with a big flamethrower as the ‘Storm of Shemtek’.
  7. My first all-duardin unit. Thunderers of Karak-Brynbar. Some may be a bit long of shank and short of beard but all are loyal sons of Grungni. Some pureblood, some bloodbrothers...but duardin is in the soul, not the beard. The descendants of the few duardin of the karak that managed to evacuate to Azyr are now returned to Aqshy, based in Anvilgard as verbal records state that the karak was in this region...though so much has been lost that they must now search for their ancestral home. Many humans have sworn to assist the dispossessed; some with honourable intentions...and at least a few mercenaries and treasure-seekers.
  8. Thanks for the replies and very interesting discussion. I was asking because I was making a unit of handgunners and found I also had a pair of dwarf thunderers (just two) and some dwarf bitz, so had the idea that few duardin had escaped from the ancestral stronghold to Azyr during the Age of Chaos...over the years the descendants’ blood had become -diluted, shall we say- and hence some of this unit of Thunderers were rather long of shank and short of beard, but all of dispossessed blood (some a sixteenth, or a thirty-second duardin blood, but duardin all the same)... However I think I’ll just have it that the human members swore themselves to the dispossessed, taking blood oaths, to help find and reclaim the lost Karak. Most took the oath honourably, a few perhaps just due to the prospect of finding an old stronghold full of loot... Again, thanks for the discussion and opinions.
  9. Thanks! I do the scribble text on the banners by painting lots of dots, rather than lines. I hate when people do wavy lines. You have to water down the paint a bit but not too much. A lot of testing on one’s left thumb 😁 and practice. Maybe I can try to do a video sometime. As for the zebras, I did start by doing one with an image of a real zebra on the monitor in front of me, but I didn’t like how it came out. I re-sprayed it white and just did it without any source image. I always started with the black band over or nearest the eyes and tried to make it look sinister. Rather than tapering the ends of the bands as I had originally, I ended them roughly. I’ve seen a couple of others do it on Instagram. I was inspired by nurglewalkers, who did it far better than I: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3nUm4pHKH_/?igshid=mfonug0965ga Thanks, as I mentioned above, I was inspired by another. As you say, with their colourful cloaks they’re no ‘dark riders’ anymore so I figured I may as well make the beast hunters and scouts for my Corsairs, and give them weird steeds they had captured in a far off land (realm? Ghurian dazzle nags?).
  10. My apologies if this has come up before (I’d be surprised if it hadn’t), but I did a couple of searches and didn’t come up with anything... Are there, in AoS, half human-half dwarf or half human-half elf beings?
  11. I finished my dark riders this week. I took moulds of Scourge Privateer cloaks using Oyumaru, then once the moulds were solid I removed the plastic bits and reheated the moulds and stretched them a little. Privateer cloaks are all blowing to the model’s left, which would look weird on Riders. I straightened them out, at a cost of a little detail I must admit. I gave them cloaks to make them look like scouts and beast hunters, a part of the pirate forces. And did their headswraps red rather than black so they looked less like Shadowblade forces and more like Aqshian pirates. Again, I did not use pirate heads as their hair blows to the sides. The herald (leader). I used part of an Alpha Legion decal for a serpent tattoo on his scalp. It came out alright but I may redo his scalp and give him a black serpent-like design instead (to represent the Blackscale Coil organisation). Standard bearer. Kraken decal and an Eldar decal, with scribblescript. Trumpeter. And lancers. I’d love to get another box. Do some converted poses. One shooting a crossbow to a side, more lancers, maybe one with a lasso...
  12. Beautiful work. That’s a lovely gold. Not too flashy
  13. I did my gargoyle heartrenders with thick twigs/bits of branch I found in the park. I made roots on the base with a hot glue gun. Simply pinned them into the wood via a foot.
  14. Thank you, Mordeus! Here’s the first of the human contingent... My pyromaniac Freeguild pistoliers: ‘Lord Pire’s Cuirassiers’ First up is the lowest of the unit, and likely the most hard-working. Servant to the nobles, his job is to cook for them, look after their horses and keep them supplied with loaded pistols (hence he’s carrying so much stuff). I gave him a slightly smaller horse (from a Mordheim Road Warden) to represent his lower status, and gave his armour a brown wash to dirty it up. I had originally given him a pistol in his right hand too but part way through the project decided to show that they’re from the realm of fire by giving them trophy racks (hot realm, hot tempers) and burning torches (the latter idea came to me while watching the old Conan The Barbarian movie, where Thulsa’s warband torches the huts of Conan’s people). The chain about the horse’s neck was added to hide a big gap, and add to the image of servitude. The unit Outrider and leader. Mordheim Road Warden (IIRC) mini. I replaced his crossbow with a double-barrelled pistol. When I added the ‘pyro’ element I made a brazier from paper clips, skulls and a metal bead. The flames were made with hot glue (probably should have had them come from lower within it). And the rest of the unit... Several of the skulls have gunshot wounds added to their foreheads. These men like to take trophies from only their finest kills.
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