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  1. And the Anvilgard celestar ballista is done! I’ll give it a second crew member once I’ve got a second chariot (which should be soon. I’ll also work on the two chariots together). I might give the second crew member a flag. I do like flags. I changed the over-barrel decoration to some Scourge Privateer bits to tie it in to the rest of the army a bit more. And made the barrels and ammo bits glow like my dark shards. I didn’t fix either to their bases so that, if I want in the future, I can put them on a ship’s deck in a diorama. Next up is a pair of Scourge Runner chariots, and 16 counts-as Phoenix Guard...
  2. Thanks for the compliment, but honestly it isn’t. Just patience and a reasonable brush. I did each step quite slowly. Maybe one colour a day, and had the original art in front of me as I was painting. I also read about it, which helped me notice extra things - like the white at the edge of the waves is like hooked claws - which I tried to incorporate. But it’s just a matter of patience. And now I’m working on my Anvilgard-ified Celestar Ballista. Only got one crew but will add a second in the future. should be finished in a day or two.
  3. Nice! I love the old Chaos Dwarf range. Do you have a modelling/painting thread? I’d love to see them. Thanks! I’ll post the step by step photos I took:
  4. Thank you! I haven’t experimented much with Contrast actually. I’m sure you could do a fair bit of my process quicker with it. What I did do was: 1. dark grey spray all over. 2. light grey zenithal spray. 2. Drybrush Ulthuan Grey with a big makeup brush (a tip I got from Darcy Bono. Gives a good, soft Drybrush effect). 3. Over all shade of Nuln Oil. You could leave it here and be happy but I wanted to do a bit more. 4. Another Ulthuan Grey Drybrush. 5. Shade over all but this time Agrax Earthshade and Athenian Camoshade. A bit of one here, a bit of the other there, mix a bit of both in another place. Got that idea from the Warhammer TV video on painting these ‘living statue’ style minis. And that was that. Very quick work. I hope to do another ten dark shards sometime, and ten or twenty dreadspears soon. I hope that helped.
  5. I finished a unit of dark shards for the army. Like the gargoyles I made some time ago, these are magically animated statues. Did my sorceress have the carved from igneous rock from the mountains beyond Anvilgard, or have once-living minions petrified so that they might serve her eternally? Must get another ten sometime. The guardmaster: Standard bearer. I remounted the standard (and that of my black guard) to blow to the side so it matches those of my corsairs. It was bugging me that their standards were affected by any wind at all. Brass rod and a spear as a topper. I used my dremel to grind off the bit of shaft that was attached to the back of the flag. Flag has the kraken over the sigil of Aqshy. The piper All the unit have damage (Martian Ironearth on stumps and in areas where I cut into the models, then sprayed over). These are some of the most ‘injured’. The one who lost a hand is inspired by the T-1000 when his hand snapped off.
  6. This is the final 10 Corsairs I have, bringing the total to 40. ...until I get some more. I really love these models. I started doing some more kit bashing and conversions (rotating elbows so arms pointed out rather than in, etc.) on the latter 20 and want to do more. I realise that I forgot to repaint the base rims black. Must fix that. Here they are: The reaver. The only one with pinkish hair? The ****** son of a Khainite, perhaps... Uses two crossbows to compensate for his lack of depth perception. 😉 The standards bearer. I tried to recreate Hokusai’s famous “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”...with an Aqshy/corsairs twist. The piper. my favourite of the unit (after the standard bearer):
  7. Thanks, Ahriman. I finished my black ark fleet master, Khirdail, and am rather happy with the cloth and SETMM I tried on it. I kept the blade subdued rather than making it really bright and fiery as I didn’t want it to draw attention from the rest of the mini. IMG_8482.MP4
  8. I forgot a couple more units I have to make: ten darkshards - these will be done as animated statues, like the Gargoyles. The miniatures all being so similarly posed should help the image. sixteen Phoenix guard - I have a box of Bretonnian Men At Arms, and intend to give them FW Cawdor heads (cleaned up a little), making them into Phlogiston Guard (pyro cult).
  9. And here’s Corsairs 21 to 30! A squad with crossbows and daggers, making their way onto the beach. Here’s the Reaver (squad leader): The standard is a witch elf one, with the Corsair top added back on. As the sail ‘Wolfships’ and are pirates but I hadn’t done a particularly ‘pirates’ flag yet I did this one black and used a wolf-skull and cross-bones decal from a Space Wolf sheet. I also used some Alpha Legion hydra decals as it goes with the beast-hunters theme. Perhaps they’re battle honours, perhaps beasts captured. Like all the standards in the army, I repositioned them so that they’re flowing front-left, as are the Corsairs’ cloaks. The unit’s piper, wading her way through the shallows. Another ex-Wanderer. I modelled this one with a set of brass knuckles (knuckle duster, to some), winding up a punch. Double daggers. Another couple of ex-Wanderers. Didn’t take the ‘Eternal Guard’ title literally, I guess. And the last two. Corsairs 31-40 are on the painting table now. After that I’ve got: - a scourge runner chariot - a dark elf-crewed and converted a bit celestar ballista - a light wizard - my black ark fleetmaster ...and that’s the army done for now. Rumour is that Armies On Parade 2020 might not be happening. If so then I’ll enter next year instead, which gives me time to add more units 😉
  10. I finished Corsairs 11 to 20 (of 40). These ten will go in the same unit as the first ten cutlass/dagger ones. An ex-Wanderer. Three here with Doomfire Warlock blades. Taken from their still warm hands, no doubt. Show off with two cutlasses. My favourite is this one with the two-handed sword. Executioner arms with a cutlass blade. Spear and harpoon for extra stabbiness. Being pirates, one has to have a hook hand. And I’m now working on a Black Ark Fleetmaster. I’ve seen people adding texture to cloth via highlights and that’s why I’m trying here. I haven’t the time to learn/try NMM let alone SENMM but managed a bit of Sky Earth True Metallic Metal here on his chest and shoulder played with some Agrax Earthshade and Guilliman Blue Glaze. Happy with it.
  11. I love the look of the Kharibdyss (bit for the hole-thing in the chest. I left that off). And definitely the Vamp on Zombie Dragon!
  12. Thanks. It got me wondering if, on a future Kharibdyss, I could hide a neck-angle change via a manacle. I don’t want to have three beasties all with their heads in exactly the same positions. Likewise bodies: I might do one partially submerged, sawing off the bottom one or two centimeters.... maybe swap the crew of a chariot for the beastmasters for some variety there too. That would be quite some love for the beasts! 🤣 I’ll definitely do one or two more👍 Thanks!
  13. I got my Kharibdyss finished! It was very fun to make and paint. I did choose to rotate the left fore claw after painting it, so GreenStuffed a manacle on to hide the rotation point. I’d love to get a couple more. Perhaps give one the claws and tail of the Hydra for some variation.
  14. How about using black guard with (leftover Dreadspear) shields and perhaps change the blades of their halberds to something else (for example unused executioner blades)?
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