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  1. Exact same size, mancrusher 11,5-12 cm to the head mega gargant 20 cm to the head (33 to the end of the mace)
  2. Tnk you very much for ur appreciation I 3d Printed everything on my Photon mono x resin printer ,they are not miniature from some manufacturers. The mancrusher are files from EmanG and the mega gargant Is from Duncan Shadow.
  3. Tnk you very much , Yes the little one are from Eman and the Big One Is from Duncan Shadow. Yesterday i bought the file for the "count as" gatebreaker from Duncan ,It Will rejoice with his family in a few
  4. Just wanna show you my little tribe growing :
  5. Big Daddy finished , now attacking my daughter's Castle
  6. And here we have another 2 Brothers for the first maneater :
  7. Added some bits and finished the First gargant:
  8. Eya all ! Just started my SoB army , i'm going trough all the pages of this topic to be up-to-date This is the first mancrusher of my army, i have already an idea for the gatebreaker, but probably i will finish to do 9 mancrusher footslogger. See you all here
  9. So just started to create my 3d Printed personalized sons of Behemat army Till know i have done the first of the mancrusher gargant, still need to print his weapon and various object to attach around his body but is mostly done: C&c welcomed ,hope you like them.
  10. As per title ,im thinking of printing a whole personalized dwarf cos army, dont know if i will really do It but meanwhile at least the general Is ready hope u enjoy:
  11. Some update on the lord ,added the cape ,still to be finished
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