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  1. New Runemaster that will be my general in the list with auric Hearthguard, the concept is the same of the auric Hearthguard that he will make battleline but upgraded to hero level Is still wip but not so much C&c welcomed
  2. No it will simply be a scenary piece Now a little checkpoint, a complete view of the army as it is now: C&c are welcomed
  3. I've begin to work on the scenery that will count as magma forge, it will represent a throne, something like Conan the King: This just the first step, it will be less necromantic and more barbaric
  4. Just Finished to paint the miniature , now I'm starting with the bases, cracked Earth technical already done now I ve to do a bit of drybrush and add grass and snow like the rest of the army
  5. Tnk to both of you for ur comments A new image of the nearly finished wannabe auric Hearthguard :
  6. Bits arrived and we have the first five finished wannabe auric Hearthguard
  7. So I have done a lot and posted nothing the army now is fully painted an based, I'll leave here a group shot and try to add better photo later: And I've begin to convert a new unit, they will represent auric Hearthguard. In the bg they are bodyguard and troops of the runemaster, so I have tried to give them a sort of warrior/shaman style, and more stoic poses. The left hand are engulfed in flame to represent the ranged attack and their magical powers, in the other hand I will put the stormcast evocators staff: C&c welcomed
  8. Done the battlesmith and the runemaster :
  9. The last one done and a group shot : C&c welcomed
  10. First 2 rhinox riders finished (maybe I will add some trinkets to the vest that is a bit plain) :
  11. Tnk u very much First step of conversion on the riders, they will represent evocator so they must have a shamanistic-magic vibe on them, I've always used kairic as base to give consistency with the rest of the army :
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