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  1. Some progress, slooooow progress but still progress 😁😁😁 10 members of the elite barbarian are ready (just some fur to add on the boot of some of them) 20 remaining.
  2. In Europe is 25€, easily buyable for 18 or less with the various 30% discount
  3. Just a quick interlude, I'm working on some objective marker for the army, they are still really wip:
  4. Another update Done the fur on the other thigh guard and on the lower part of the breastplate the idea is to do an armor like this one :
  5. Tnk u very much Another little update, added a fur strap around the thigh guard dividing it from the chainmail , a chain sleeve on the right arm and a lion head on the shoulder. The lion head will be better "melded" with the rest of the model when the glue will dry. I will add additional fur lying on the shoulder and maybe a strap.
  6. An update on the Lord, I've started the work for the chainmail : Comments and suggestions are welcomed
  7. It's Vernis silver guardian from Cadwallon. com With some conversion already done and some more still to come
  8. Tnk you, the dragon is from the kickstarter of times of legends joan of arc from Mythic. I was not really interested in their game but they have done a lot of very cool monster miniature.
  9. "I've seen your fall, I've witnessed your courage... Standing firm in front of the gates of Hammeral against the tide of the Great Enemy, while the lackeys of Sigmar the Thief retreat behind their wall of lies and broken promises. But I hear more... I felt your cry of Wrath at the death of your men to protect undeserving human, I felt the flame in your soul at the outrage of defeat. Your soul shall not be wasted for the melancholy of the weak godlings of your race. You shall be reborn immortal, your comrades never to fall again, you will be my last act of vengeance upon who dares to oppose me, my testament of cinders and scorched earth to the mortals of the realm. Go now Master of the Black Flame, Lord of Shattered Pride, go my Mortarch of wrath" So... Some explanation : In our last narrative campaign I was playing an order draconis list, in the last game I got defeated by a tzeentch army in front of the gate of Hammeral but the tzeentch list got decimated nearly to the last man. In our new campaign I was asked to play death faction, and I thought to bring back Lord Fierion and his dragon from their last defeat playing a Legion of blood army, so I start to convert an undead elf army starting obviously with the Lord himself :D. This miniature is still wip, the dragon will remain as it is but I still have to add a few things to the rider, after him I will start with the blood knight. Hope u enjoy
  10. Ehm... I find this numbers a "bit" overestimated. An army can be done with no more than 500€, a magic deck can cost even more, 1000€ in paint are something like 250+ bottle I don't think even a golden demon model need 250 color, and 1000 painting hour are 4 month of continuative painting every day 8h a day. Just to do some math nothing personal
  11. You should consider this unit will be vaporized in 1 phase by the aforementioned heartguard unit, they will do 120 attack (always strike first attack 2 times x phase) and u will receive 40 mw even before they start to roll to wound.....(any 6 to hit 2mw, range 2" on their weapons). That unit is simply wrong, impossible resilience and devastating offense
  12. Fur and sculpt added, still missing boots fur and weapon:
  13. New member on the way at various stage of conversion I think I should start to elaborate a bit on the bg of this army and the name for the various unit 🤔
  14. 5+ base, 4+ BS, 3+ prayer, 2+ if in cover, rerolling 1 with talisman of the watcher from ulgu, or runic firewall, or an allied wiz, then they have 4++ and all the other buff I mentioned in my other post. Not considering they will deepstrike direction objectives.
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