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  1. Hi m8, The mancrusher gargant file its free and can be downloaded from EmanG on cults3d The cyclops and gatebreaker files are from Duncan Shadow and can be bought on his site for something like 15$ The whale eater megagargant file Is from Orc King patreon of April , you can ask him when the file Will be available on his myminifactory shop or or if u wish i have the license to sell printed copy of It,just send me a message The 2 headed gatebreaker Is from an old kickstarter and have been modified by me meshing It with other file, you can search for Brayan Nafarrate on kicks
  2. My stomp till now ,comments and critics welcomed:
  3. Eja people if anyone is interested im making a giveaway of this 3d Printed giant on my Instagram profile : https://www.instagram.com/p/COcQJ_TH2UC/?igshid=13hp5ddp3nm0y Good luck to everyone!
  4. Giant assembled , now waiting for filling and sculpting, meanwhile i've printed the weapon too (knight Just for scale and bashing)
  5. Done the last for now of the megagargant in my tribe, this Is Just the base, now im printing the weapon and then i will start the bits and sculpt (and some filling) work on this gentleman, he should be the gatebreaker general:
  6. I think this gargant-thing Is going a bit out of control 🤣🤣🤣 here i have the last for now of the Big guys, this would be nu gatebreaker general, its come from a bit of file mixed togheter, this would be a base where i want to sculpt on and add bits to have the final model The First thing to change would be the little knife with a huge chained spiked ball
  7. Love this idea 😍, looking forward to the core troops
  8. Model assembled,Just Need some filling and minor fixing
  9. My 3d Printed tribe keep growing... 😁
  10. A gatebreaker joined my Little army of 3d Printed Monster
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