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  1. Next 2 model of the new unit are ready, in some cases I'm using pieces of Stormcast armor to cover the left vambrace were normally the shield should be glued. And a group shot of the first 4 : C&c as always are welcomed
  2. And here we have the first 2 finished models for the new unit:
  3. So.... I'm starting to convert the next unit which will be the "count as" heartguard berserker. They have 2 handed weapon and a helm to represent their elite status, but the base is the same as the other barbarian (kairic) to give the sense of cohesion of an army. The image I'm posting is still wip but should give an idea. I haven't decided yet for the lower part, I'm in doubt between making fur on the sleeves like the other, maybe all along the shin, or extending the gown they already have to the floor. Suggestion accepted (even totally different from the 2 I have exposed, maybe u have something cooler on mind)
  4. Tnk u very much for ur appreciation and advice New photos with weapons handles done and a base color given to the bases, I will probably try texture painting on them: Just need to do the fur on the boots and complete the bases and the "count as" vulkite berserker are done. I have received the pieces to start converting the "elite" unit for my army (the heartguard berserker), hope to post some photo this week.
  5. So faq and errata have been published and with great surprise (at least for me ) the battlesmith haven't been faqed... So they stack, that means heartguard berserker are totally out of scale at least for me, with hermdar Lodge and the various buff they are simply unremovable...
  6. That's because they still haven't played against new heartguard berzerkers, they will miss grimghast 3+ reroll 1 save, 4+aftersave, 2 w, - 1 to be wounded - 1 to be hitted, 2"range, always strike first, fight 2x phase, unbreakable if on objective.
  7. Hair done on all 30, tryed blonde, red, black and gray : C&c Welcomed
  8. It's the mawkrusha megaboss, he already have that 2 horns on the back its not a conversion
  9. Next painting update, finished the base and inking of the metal, next step some highlight:
  10. Great quote from "Of Wolf and Man" Metallica, Black Album
  11. There is no need to stack battlesmith to arrive to 2+ (it's quite clear battlesmith will be faqed) they start with 5+ , 4+ with 1 battlesmith, 3+ with the prayer, then u can go 2+ with cover or with the Auric battalion. Speaking of movement HG with prayer or Trait can run and charge , considering they can auto-run 6 and that the runefhather CA give them +1 charge stackable they can cover a lot of ground, we are speaking of 17-20 inch in one round. With vostarg Lodge u don't even need to use cp to run 6 and to add the first +1 charge. As @Qaz was saying a model cannot contest more than 1 objective but a unit can contest even all the objective simultaneously. BTW just to be clear, I'm not moaning about how op fyreslayers are just pointing out combo and strength I see in the new battletome, I'm converting a force of fyreslayer too
  12. Actually a well buffed unit of 30 hb with hermdar Lodge, Lord of the lodge battalion and buff from 2 priest and battlesmith coul be an horror like this: 2+ rerollable save, 4+ fnp, - 1 to be hit - 1 to be wounded, fight 2x phase and unbreakable And thats not even accounting for rune Alliance ability or specific magical items. Regarding the wolly within the runefhather on maghmadrot with 24"diameter and large base will have no problem, the battlesmith can take standard to augment his range to 18 with 36 diameter.
  13. Why u say they help with gristelgore? What they do more than trhall?
  14. I've started with the base fir the metals :
  15. Some more painting update I'm trying to use a realistic and dark palette, using various shade of brown and effect to represent fur and different types of tanned leather.
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