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  1. Another batch of 10 elite barbarian count as heartguard berserker to change a bit from the mammoth :
  2. New Update! πŸ˜† Fur finished on the riders shoulder, studs added to the pauldron, and a wip of his weapon , inspired from thor stormbreaker :
  3. Hair finished and second foot done, as a reference this is the image I used as inspiration for the rider hair : And this are the updates:
  4. Actually through my job and trough 25 years of hobby I have enough callus on my finger that the blade doesn't cut through anymore 😁😁😁
  5. I've started to sculpt the foot of the mammoth (they're still wip and they are in 2 different stage of sculpting) and I've added more details to the rider, hope u could enjoy:
  6. The shinguard it's the original one from the slaughterpriest The pauldron is just the base but the idea is to recreate something like this: Tnk for ur appreciation If I can give ur gut a little help the only way to start doing bigger conversion involving pricey model well... It's just to buy them and try, and then have a lot of patience and doing the bigger piece in several step starting from the "skeleton" and building up one layer at a time. The mammoth head have been done in 4 layers.
  7. Another little update, I've begin to work on the rider:
  8. A little update, added stud to the frontal plate and more fur on the side of the fangs
  9. Tnk u very much for ur appreciation, hope u could continue to enjoy this blog A little update, I've started the conversion of a mammuth for this barbarian army:
  10. Seems a bit strange cause in wh community article they say there is a dedicated warhammer studio team
  11. Some progress, slooooow progress but still progress 😁😁😁 10 members of the elite barbarian are ready (just some fur to add on the boot of some of them) 20 remaining.
  12. In Europe is 25€, easily buyable for 18 or less with the various 30% discount
  13. Just a quick interlude, I'm working on some objective marker for the army, they are still really wip:
  14. Another update Done the fur on the other thigh guard and on the lower part of the breastplate the idea is to do an armor like this one :
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