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  1. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    You pity them? What a simplicistic consideration.... I hate them... They are to me a constant reminder of our imperfection, of our failure as a race, still they don't have to bear this burden, their parasitic life is just a spark in the ocean of time,barely sufficient to learn how to wield a sword... but I... I have an eternity to let this cancer bite at my pride.... " - The Lord of Masque Here we have the first step in the painting of my 30 namarti The flash alter a bit the color, that is darker, in the last photo with just one trhall I have done it with natural day light and is nearer to the real effect. Hope u enjoy
  2. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    And here we have the full photo of the "pseudopods" They will be my soulsnare shackles Comments & critics are welcome
  3. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    They were bulbous tentacle-like appendages, coming out from every corner of that damned mist. Each one of them had a teeth or a claw at their end, I cannot really understand their anatomy... They keep on lashing and grabbing and tearing but not at our flesh... I could swear they were aiming at our very soul... - Markus Oberyn, gunner of the Roaring Lion great cannon-
  4. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    I'm happy that u liked it The base miniature is zaal ancestral advocate from Skorne privateer Press, the masked head is the helm from a shadow Warrior with the point cutted off and hair resculpted in green stuff. The pauldrons are two left pauldrons of the eidolon, and the masks on the belt are half helm pieces from Morrsarr kit. And yes I love big pauldrons too
  5. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    The city is a panorama of vast angles and stone surfaces too great to belong to anything right and proper for this earth, and impious with horrible images and disturbing hieroglyphs. The geometry of this place is abnormal and loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours." -Ghyrion Farstrider, elven ambassador- Listen rookie, it's no fairy tale, they come with the mist! Monsters alien beyond your comprension , they are just a random mess of limbs mouths and tentacles, the old Gary saw them long ago... They don't come for war, they are like farmer coming for the crop. You say the old Gary is a foul? He was not before that night... - Mordekai, patrol sergeant - Mouths and limbs and Teeth... They are not the worst part... but the masks... Those horrible cursed mask...and the creature behind them How can a creature be so utterly totally void? So abominable to the very essence inside each living thing? Please... make me forget damned demon.. HEAR ME! YOU WRETCHED BEAST! - the Old Gary - Here we have the so called Lord of Masque, Tidecaster General of the army , it's still wip but the general appearance have been outlined. Comments and critics are welcome, hope you could enjoy
  6. Arael

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    I think there is not enough punch in this list, fuetan inverse tide list are based on their Morrsarr to break the enemy while namarti hold objective, you have only 3 of them, ishlaen will do the same job of trhall while allopex and leviadon will never be able to do the work of the Morrsarr. Moreover u have taken the "defensive" version of the eidolon limiting another time the hammer of your list. Just my 2 cent.
  7. Hi! I'm used to post in the painting and modeling section, but I've always been fascinated with aos 28 and the narrative section. My last blog is born with Aos 28 mood in mind, I don't want to copy the post everywhere so I add a link here, if u think it's better to have copy here I will edit this post and paste the other here too. Hope you will enjoy it.
  8. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    Out of topic 😁 : a little blog about my Deepkin army with a little dark vibe, starting with the Tidecaster. The inspiration for the style come from @KnaveOfScribes and his great topic about Mother Aldwinter, consider this a little "tribute" I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive me some error Hope u could enjoy this topic
  9. Arael

    The Deep Vault

    Sorrow coming Late at night Arrow sinking Deep inside Know ur fear When they're near One is darkness Two is death Three is hidden far beneath Four is pain fifth is shame Sixth is all the things you blame Just run faster if u can Don't try to shelter You'll be dead Sorry sorry little one What u've tried Is not enough Hope ur story Will be heard So that People be prepared For the devil with the mask Coming here to do his task -Popular doggerel of the coast of Ismunn- I was there..... I felt the burning pain. I witnessed the brightness of the light of the thrice cursed warlock twin. So pure in his facade, so rotten in his intents, not in search of solace or freedom for the soul of his race but just in search of puppets to recreate his lost world in a foul mimicry of an age that will never return.... just ailment to his crippled soul. - The Lord of Masque, Baron of the Ravaged,
  10. Noticed all the picture went down I'm upping them back with a little sneak peak on the leader of this Barbarian tribe, considered by them an avatar of sigmar (In game terms it would probably be an avatar of the hunt accompanied by white lion as hunting hounds to fit the theme of order Barbarian I feel white lion totem is better than wolf)
  11. Arael

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Eja people ? Want some feedback from other headbashed crazied shaman about this list. The idea behindin short is to have overbuffed unit fight 2-3 combat phase per round. A really good magic phase and some mass make the rest Allegiance: BonesplitterzMortal Realm: UlguLeadersWurrgog Prophet (140)- General- Trait: Waaagh Monger - Artefact: Ju-ju Wotnotz - Lore of the Savage Waaagh: Hand of Gork or MorkWardokk (100)- Artefact: Talisman of the Watcher - Lore of the Savage Waaagh: Brutal Beast SpiritsWardokk (100)- Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint - Lore of the Savage Waaagh: Kunnin' Beast SpiritsManiak Weirdnob (120)- Artefact: Big Wurrgog Mask - Lore of the Savage Waaagh: Squiggly CurseBattleline30 x Savage Orruk Morboys (300)30 x Savage Orruk Morboys (300)10 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (280)Units2 x Savage Big Stabbas (100)2 x Savage Big Stabbas (100)BattalionsDrakkfoot Warclan (140)Kop Rukk (200)Teef Rukk (100)Endless SpellsSoulsnare Shackles (20)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 3Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 188
  12. Arael

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Eila a little trick I was wondering about today Akhelian King with ethereal amulet from Shysh artefact. Now the king can attack every turn with his falchion with 3+ save and not 4+ cause is immune to every modifier
  13. Arael

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Very similar to what I Ve tought: Allegiance: IronjawzMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)- Artefact: Ignax's Scales Orruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: The Golden Toof Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80)- General- Trait: Ravager- Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- 1x Gore Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- 1x Gore Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- 1x Gore Choppas6 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (280)10 x Orruk Ardboys (160)- 10x Big ChoppasBattalionsBloodtoofs (120)Ironfist (180)Endless SpellsChronomantic Cogs (60)Total: 1940 / 2000Extra Command Points: 3Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 119
  14. Arael

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Welcome in this cold dark and wet elvish place For sure u need a lot of eels, at least 4 boxes for me,builded like 6 Morrsarr and 6 ishlaen, then u could use some more trhall for sure, unless u want a mono cavalry army.