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  1. Some update on the lord ,added the cape ,still to be finished
  2. Done the charismatic leader for my barbarian count as Fyreslayer army
  3. Changed the ropelike decoration with a fur :
  4. Added the Sword and a ropelike detail to the waist:
  5. Added 2 more strappings on the back, added tabard to the rider, done some uograde on the helm and a Little test with The wings, they are not fixed:
  6. Some more working on the rear of the Mount, added the strapping to the harness (there Will be 2 more and there Will be some more refinement, but i want the green stuff to set first) and added two shield with the symbol of the chained sword to the rear
  7. Try the barbarian miniature from Conquest the last argument of kings.
  8. New Update, back tabard done, the upper part still need refinement
  9. Done the chain on the back, as for the other will be covered with the tabard, added the wip lower part of the lion jaws:
  10. Done the tabard for the hippogriff and started to work on the shield
  11. Added the chain harness to the mount , the upper part will be covered by the mount tabard, so I have not refined it, added the head to the torso, and made a little try holding the wing with the hands to understand where to place it.
  12. Done some more refinement work on the helm
  13. I have decided to redo the helm, it was a bit too much elongated, this is still a wip version, I need to fuse better all the parts together, but it gives a rough idea.
  14. The body is from the Minotaur plastic kit, the head from gordrakk, the haft of the weapon from Minotaur kit, the 2 shoulder pads come one from the white lion of chrace chariot the other one is the mawkrusha mask the banner is from stonehorn kit,the dinosaur head come from the gargant kit if I remember correctly, all the other parts are sculpted in green stuff, hope this could help.
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