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  1. Lior'Lec

    Finish on an Airbrush Booth?

    I’ve got the frame built and wired plus the first coat of primer painted on the inside. I have a few more steps before I’m fully done with it but all of that can wait until after I’ve gotten the inside painted and sealed (so I can be using it while I finish building it). The box is fairly large, 24” wide by 18” deep so covering it in plasticard wouldn’t be very efficient, I’ve decided to just paint it a bright white and I’ll seal it with satin polycrylic. If the satin isn’t bright enough I can always apply a gloss coat over the top of it (but even the one coat of flat white primer makes it very bright with 7’ of led’s in there). I’m actually ready to start applying the second coat of primer if I can just figure out where the heck my brush ran off too.
  2. Hey all, I’m building myself a new combination airbrush and photo booth as I intend to start using the airbrush a little more in my projects. I’ve installed LED lighting and I’ll be painting the interior white so it will be nice and bright when working, but I’m unsure which finish I should give it when done. Would a glossy finish make cleaning easier, or would it make the interior too glaring? Should I stick to a flat/matte finish or somewhere in the middle like a satin varnish? Anyone here have a homemade booth and care to share their opinions and experience on the subject?
  3. Lior'Lec

    Best match for Khorne red

    Reaper Master Series Gory Red is a very close match. Reaper’s MSP Deep Red is a slightly darker shade of red with a ting of purple to it which works well with Khorne as well. The photo is a drop of Deep, Khorne, and Gory side by side on a napkin (from left to right).
  4. Lior'Lec

    WTB Chaos Forsaken

    I’m looking to pick up some forsaken but not willing to lose an arm and a leg for them. I’d prefer them to be unassembled but considering their age and availability I doubt I will be able to find that. If already built please PM me a photo along with your asking price. If all else fails I can always buy off eBay or kitbash/convert something to suit my needs.
  5. Lior'Lec

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    I’m still on the fence on this one, the game looks like it may be interesting but does not look like it will be the game I am/was (still) hoping for. I guess I’ll have to wait for the summer to see for myself, I predict an 8 June presale date, possibly 15 June.
  6. Lior'Lec

    Not sure what I screwed up

    The water and alcohol mix is what I use for airbrush thinner and as I said I’ve used this mix before without issue. I added more of the water mix incase there was too much flow aid, but was still having the same issue. I’m leaning pretty heavily toward thinking it is a primer issue now. Another mini I primed with Reaper Brush-On worked fine (well, other than 47 million coats of paint because I couldn’t make up my mind). These troublesome ones were primed with white spray paint and collectively are the first miniatures I’ve attempted with a white primer. To test it, I’m stripping two of the troublesome minis down to bare plastic and will re-prime with the airbrush. If I don’t have issues then I’ve found the problem, if not I will keep testing. As a side note for the mini primed with Brush-On: I’m not finished with it but also not really satisfied with the colors so far. Anyone have suggestions for changes that wouldn’t look so... bla!? I started with a cream/offwhite color to the lower robes but it was too similar to the bonestaff so I washed it with multiple shades trying to change the tone before finally painting it with a darkened celesta grey mix. I cannot seem to find anything I like and I’m scared I’m starting to lose detail with each new layer.
  7. I’ve been thinning my paints with a homemade recipe found online. My first batch worked like a charm, but I just made a second batch that is acting kind of wonky. I’m not certain if I messed up the recipe or if there is another factor at play (for example bad primming ju-ju). The mixture is 1/4 flow aid, 1/4 retarder, and 1/2 of an achohol and water mix (5/8 distilled water to 3/8 91% isopropanol). When applied the paint seems to peel or flow away from the area I apply it leaving bare spots in the middle; my first thought was that I have too much flow aid in the mix but it doesn’t seem to settle in recesses like a wash would and doesn’t seem to be doing this on the pallet (looks like it paints perfectly fine in fact). I thin at a roughly 50/50 mix of paint to thinner but have had to change to 2:1 paint to thinner just to get coverage. Does anyone with more experience have insight on what I’ve done wrong? My best guesses are: too much flow aid, bad primer layer, oil/grease/release agents I missed when washing. This is most noticeable right along hard edges where it flat out refuses to stick. The second photo I’ve thinned some reaper ruddy Flesh about 1:3 and spread it on the pallet with no issue.
  8. Lior'Lec

    Painting for skirmish

    Your stormcast are looking very sweet with a down to earth kind of vibe to them. I agree with what @JPjr said about adding another wash to the red cloth to give it a grimier feeling but overall love the look. Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid you’ve made one glairing mistake: You bought the storm strike box for you and your girlfriend so you must paint her minis AT LEAST as nice as you have those stormcast. You’ve set the bar too high lol!
  9. Lior'Lec

    Painting "Wet" Miniatures? (Like Rain)

    To give them a water drip effect you could take medium CA glue (after a matte varnish) and a fine applicator to create some water runners going down the model. Using a toothpick pull the droplet down to get the effect you want and once satisfied hit it with a quick spray of CA cure then lightly apply gloss varnish to the the dried glue. I’ve done this on fishing line to create a running water effect on a fountain but to be honest I’m not certain how it would look on a mini. The original idea came from the hirstarts build pages. You could also pool a small amount of the glue and use a small gauge wire to apply droplets where you want them in a similar fashion (actually may test that one myself and see how it comes out).
  10. Lior'Lec

    How to paint dead meat/flesh

    I’m retired military. I’ve done both combat deployments and recovery operations following some pretty major natural disasters so I’m aware of what it looks (and smells) like; I just don’t know how to paint it. Which paints and techniques would work to capture it. I’ll probably just play around with various glazes of greys, greens, and browns until I find something that looks close to the real thing. Also bodies start bloating after just a couple of days (3 or 4) and happens before they start turning black, but a severed appendage wouldn’t bloat (the bloating is a product of trapped gasses).
  11. Lior'Lec

    How to paint dead meat/flesh

    I don’t know if this will have any relevance to my question but I’m considering coating these miniatures with Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone when I’m done with them to help bring out a dirty, unwashed look and seal/protect them at the same time. I’ll be brushing it on rather than dipping them and will follow that with a spray on Matte Varnish a few days later (Army Painter brand again).
  12. I’m painting up a set of Greenskin Orruk Boys and the shield originally meant for the boss has a hand nailed onto it. Anyone have some advice on colors and/or techniques to make the cut end look like an old chunk of meat turning bad? I don’t know if the skin was painted according to any comman paint schemes because it was mostly just me playing around to see what I liked. The skin is base coated with Zandri Dust, shaded with Athonian Camoshade, and drybrushed with Reaper Master Series tanned highlights. It wasn’t exactly what I’d originally envisioned but came out well enough for my taste. I may do another layer of camoshade to see if it helps bring the dead/rotting look back.
  13. Lior'Lec

    FW Fimir Size

    Hmm, I may still be able to make use of them if I kitbash some smaller castes I guess. I can use 50mm Fimir but absolutely need something I can squeeze onto a 32mm round. I may order a few different models from Krakon and see if any of them fit on a 32.
  14. Lior'Lec

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    I’m really *hoping* it is Kill Team style AoS Skirmish game but *expecting* to be disappointed. Not that I think it won’t be a good game, just that it won’t be the game I hope for.
  15. Lior'Lec

    FW Fimir Size

    I know the FW Fimir set comes with 50mm bases from their description and from the photos they look like they take up most of the base but does anyone have a set of these models and could tell me what is the smallest base size I could squeeze them onto please? If anyone has them I’d also like to know the same thing about Krakon Game’s Fomorians. These are the only two sources of nice Fimir style miniatures I’ve found, and while I like the style of FW’s a little better they only have three models. Krakon at least has a decent range with eleven models from various castes. I’m also open to other suggestions for Fimir stand-ins if you know of any. I’d prefer something that requires minimal conversion work, but I am prepared to do some converting if I cannot find decent kits (found a great blog on GTA covering just that and will steal some ideas from there). https://krakongames.com/product-category/fantasy/creatures-of-the-night/fomorian/