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  1. You’ll need to check individual listings, ATC3D has many listings with most infantry ones at roughly $0.50 each; $12 for 25 or $5 for 10. On shapeways a similar item could be as much as $2 each depending on the material. Do you happen to have silicone and resin for casting? If so you can make your own by modding a round base and using a bit of cheap clay to fill in dead space then duplicating as many times as needed.
  2. There are a lot of items like that on Etsy, search “Warhammer Base Conversion” and you’ll see several listed by multiple sources. I’ve also seen similar items on sites like Thingiverse, Shapeways and similar places. Etsy was the cheapest one if I recall.
  3. The preorder hasn’t gone live here yet so I haven’t seen the price but hearing that is reassuring. What kind of price range were you expecting? I’m planning to order the starter and cypher lords, but wouldn’t be offended if I was able to squeeze in a terrain kit as well.
  4. If I’m reading the Warhammer community post correctly several of the smaller factions will be rolled up into the freeguild as a single entity but your selection of realm and/or city changes exactly what units you can have available as part of your army. I’ll have to re-read it later after I’ve had my minimum daily recommended quota of caffeine. I’m already making mental lists of which model kits I suspect will get discontinued and debating if I’ll want them for kitbashing/bits (and finding lots of “yes”’s).
  5. I’m curious as to exactly what will come in the storm vault set; from the photos it looks an awful lot like the $160 terrain set that was just released but there’s no way they’d re-release such a new kit at half the price (assuming they are in the same $80-90 price range as the Kill Team battleground sets) right after the first launch. A year after the initial release I could see it but a month later seems like an awful FU to the players who bought the large box.
  6. I’m no “great painter” but had the same idea and already prepped and ready... now it’s just trying to narrow it down to WHICH color(s) to use...
  7. Loving @JPjr‘s Dismal Throng idea of nature pushing back but personally I’d replace (most of) Baba Yaga & Co with Warhammer’s other true original race: Fimir. It could also go hand in hand with my (never gonna get it) wishlist item of Dual GA factions. They’re destruction and can play organically or in soup armies but could also ally into Sylvaneth armies just like wanderers. I always loved the originality of the fimir even when their fluff was seriously disturbing, they deserve a comeback with.
  8. Hmm, I cannot tell for certain based on the photo but doesn’t the corpsewrack mausoleum look an awful lot like the sigmarite mausoleum? If I’m understanding the video correctly, I only need/be able to get the starter box, faction/booster cards, and the extra warband at launch which saves me a couple of dollars anyway. The other warbands, new booster cards, and scenery sets I’ll just have to pick up as they’re released. Probably gonna grab a few of the warbands twice for kitbashing.
  9. Well it’s a week away from preorder and it’s officially “Kill Team for AoS”. So my wallet started crying during the video, will continue to cry throughout the release schedule, and will still be simpering and weepy when “the next big thing” catches my eye... but I’m already planning to grab all the warbands, battlezones, and cards... being a completionist is such a pain at times 😞
  10. Mercenary Companies gave me one of my wishes for AoS: a lore based, GA neutral group which could could be allied into an army of any faction/GA. Now wanderers would be perfect for my next wishlist item: dual GA factions. The faction belongs to GA 1 as it’s own entity/army but can also be played a a part (not ally) of factions within a second GA (but likely not in a soup army). So for Wanderers they exist as their own faction under the GA-Order banner with all of their current allies and restrictions, but you can also play them as an inherent part of a BCR or Bonesplitters army in GA-Destruction (the hunter’s theme). Under destruction they don’t exist as their own entity and cannot be allied into other destruction armies (like Slaanesh marked Slaves in a Khorne army). Will this happen? No, but hey it’s on my wishlist.
  11. @robin0701 check the citadel color app/website; under concepts they have a tutorial for lava armies which strongly resembles that model and base. The base itself looks like it was painted with that method with maybe a few browns added during the drybrushing steps.
  12. I can’t help with the contrast question (I’ve only tried two colors so far with mixed results) but as for the dust: If your models are collecting dust they aren’t being moved enough; play more! But honestly what I do is blow them off with my airbrush (~25-30psi) and lightly dust them with a cheap makeup brush I snagged from one of my daughters. For me the biggest issues are with very fine hairs settling on the model before/during/after painting. What the airbrush and makeup brush doesn’t take off I have to attack with tweezers.
  13. I’m liking your ideas so far; I’d like to know how they play out once your campaign is underway.
  14. I like your paint scheme, it has a built in benefit that if you wanted to add some variety to the heavily armored units such as the Paladins painting your steel into the inset portions of the greaves, thigh plates, or shoulder pad gives units plenty of variation without adding more of your spot color (I hate when different units all look the same, hence why I cannot have a real army). As for your feathers maybe try basing it white, a wash of coelia greenshade, followed a dry brush in an off white that’s not quite a cream (maybe just slightly darker/dingier than the head’s color)? *Should* blend fairly well with your spot/heraldry color thanks to the greenshade and the off white should work with your cream on the charger’s crest. Emphasis on the “should” as I’m still such an amateur myself I usually just bumble around/through things.
  15. As always your imagination and designs are downright intimidating, I love the look of this scheme and the design but why did you place that frown behind the secondary color of black? Are you unsure of it or wanted something else but it didn’t work with your mental picture of the scheme? Also, I’ve been looking high and low for some alternate hammer designs for my own Stormcast. I’ve found plenty of swords, and the occasional axe which would work but nice sized hammers seem to be scarcer, did you sculpt your own or is that a bit from another kit (something 40k-ish perhaps?)?
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