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  1. @VBS I really like some of your ideas, but think the best way to do a merger of this magnitude would be making as few changes as possible (essentially just enough to avoid “plot holes” and answer “why?”’s). So while the sinking of Ulthuan idea is awesome (seriously my executioners drowned and now they must feed on your soul to survive!) I’d keep the KO and ID firmly in the mortal realms of AoS. Keeping the tone and feeling of each setting the same would be important. I’ve always had a soft spot for AHQ, and in that game a simple +1 WS sword was a massive treasure unlike its successor WHQ so the thinning of magic really resonates with my own mental image of the aftermath of the End Times. I doubt I would do it, but I’m so tempted to go back through years of lore and black library books to start something like this. I know if I did it the empire would definitely be history. It’s only something remembered and romanticized about in stories. No one today would actually believe the empire ever existed (and in their mythologies each race claims it was their people who ruled the empire and saved the world). Humans have their own kingdoms now, as do the Elves and Dwarfs but the nations of old are long forgotten. AoS armies stick to the mortal realms and require magic (summoning) to enter the physical world while mostly the WFB/compendium armies would live in the physical world.
  2. Oh! That’s sounds like a really great idea, and so simple why didn’t I ever think to try something like that. Hmm, I do have a jar of glue with just a tiny bit let in it. I might be able to test this one out (probably won’t due to shear laziness but I *could* lol). I wonder what ratios you’d need for to be brushable...
  3. Has anyone tried reconciling the settings for OldHammer and AoS? Or found a nice attempt at it online? I’m not thinking about the 9th Age here but rather a joining of these two very differently flavored settings with both “realities” existing side by side. Note: all of the following is just some quick brainstorming done as I write. This is nowhere near complete or even intended to be, it’s just ideas and questions (and sorry if this turns into some long winded ramble... it probably will). As to why... well Old Warhammer always had a grimmer, grittier feel to me and I loved the setting. Age of Sigmar is much more “epic fantasy” in my mind and I wanted to find a way to bring the two together without destroying either. I don’t know if it is really feasible but... I see two ways to do this: first the Old World isn’t actually destroyed during the End Times, and second the Old World is recreated by the raw power of the realms intermixing and formed from the memories of the new gods. In either example there would need to be some modifications to the history and/or fluff of some factions and the settings themselves. Races completely destroyed and/or decimated by the End Times could be transplanted to the mortal realms as they were in AoS, while others remain in the physical world instead. There are no Disposed or Free Guild in the mortal realms, they exist in the physical world. The Sylvaneth aren’t a part of the wood elf/wanderer faction because they’ve lost that connection to magic which allowed them to hold onto the physical world. 1) What if the world wasn’t destroyed during the End Times and instead the Mortal Realms were born? As the rifts are finally closed there is a cataclysmic explosion. Chaos thinks they have won, the world that was is gone. The mortal races believe they’ve won, but at a great cost: their world is greatly changed (nearly destroyed?) by the closing of the rifts, Magic no longer functions (or not like it used to?) and their gods voices are little more than a whisper of what they once were (if they answer at all?) The Avatars/New gods of AoS awaken to find themselves in the eight realms. Their old world is gone. The age of myth continues more or less as written, but (most) factions formed of legacy armies do not exist (dispossessed, Swift hawks, wanderers, scourge privateers, free guild, green skins, gitmob, etc). During this age of Myth the old world is slowly recovering and suffers something of a dark ages period. The old world isn’t the same as it once was, portions of the mortal realms touch upon their reality making small areas of the world hostile hellscapes which ironically have the greatest connection to the gods (the edges of the mortal realms, where magic exists in its most raw form, bridge the gaps between realities). Eventually, the old world is discovered by the AoS pantheon, but even though they have discovered their old home the gods themselves cannot enter it (similar to how the chaos gods cannot enter reality themselves) and mortals cannot enter the eight realms. The dark ages end and the world that was slowly comes back to something akin to what it once was. The age of chaos comes. Pretty much as written the Ruinous Powers learn of the eight realms and begin their assault on this new reality. The nearly unrecognizable old world isn’t realized for what it is, it is simply another new realm to conquer (although it is a much smaller realm, only a fraction of the size of any of the other realms). Chaos cannot enter the old world directly, but rather must pass through one of the mortal realms first (they serve as an intermediary barrier between the physical world and the realm of chaos). Chaos incursions do occur but the war is mostly contained to the eight realms. Slaves to Darkness (and Dark Oath when/if released?) plague the Old World while the Everchosen, god-specific factions and Daemons flood the mortal realms. Sigmar locks himself in the celestial realm. The war is lost, and while the realms fall to chaos the physical world suffers more and more incursions but hasn’t fallen yet. The old world becomes a grim dark place where war is nearly constant but until all of the mortal realms fall to chaos it still holds out. Daemons (once considered nothing but a superstitious myth of a bygone age) begin to assault them but cannot stay long. Sigmar takes most of his “recruits” from the humans of the physical world as they fight their own wars. The gods still hear the cries of their followers but are preoccupied by the wars within their own realms. 2) Mostly what’s written above remains, however the world that was actually was destroyed. A new ninth/tenth/eleventh realms is formed where the power of the eight realms intersect. This realm is formed of the memories of the gods, just as the seraphon are formed from the memories of the slann. Each of the eight gods should have a realm they cannot enter using this method, similar to how the lords of shadow and light cannot enter their opposite’s realm. This helps keep the gods themselves from entering this physical realm while also allowing them to interact with it. This realm is physical while the “mortal realms” of AoS are spiritual. Chaos daemons have an even harder time manifesting here than other realms (necessary to explain why such a small world hasn’t been completely conquered already). As for opposing realms I’m not certain which realms could/should pair up. Light/Shadow, Life/Death, Celestial/Metal, Beasts/Fire? Maybe: Metal/Life, Beasts/Death, Celestial/Fire. The idea comes partly from the stories about Slaaneesh’s imprisonment and partly from a fan supplement for Advanced HeroQuest which took a different look at the winds of magic. In that supplement they broke the winds into two groups of four with a “light” and “dark” aspect of each of the four classical European elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The lore of “high magic” was the four “light elements” combined while the lore of “dark magic” was the combination of the four “dark elements”. Chaos magic was the embodiment of all eight winds. I’ll try to look the supplement up later and refresh myself on their take. Anyway... sorry I think this may have gotten rather long winded but I won’t try to edit/shorten it. Does anyone else have some ideas, input, or references to add? I’d love to hear other players views on the possibility of merging these two realities.
  4. I’m curious as to what everyone else uses for gap fillers on their models as well as their opinions on different products they’ve tried (and ultimately quit using). I’m currently using plain medium body CA Glue. I run as thin a bead as I can along the seams I need to fill and wait a couple of minutes (generally by repeating it on all other models in the unit) then hit it with a quick pump of an accelerator. I then give it another 20 minutes to an hour before trying to file down any lumps, bumps, runs, or high spots. I’m sure there are better ways to do it but (so far) this has been working for me. I’ve also tried the testor’s gap filler putty that comes in a tube, but I wasn’t all that impressed with it. The putty was too think to get into most of the seams I wanted, it frequently seemed to clump on top of the seams rather than settling into them, and always felt brittle and would crumble a lot when sanding. What else have people tried with success and what have you tried and disliked?
  5. I’ll buy a box of Chaos Knights if the heads are the same size. Looks like the horse for the Chaos Knight is more armored than the Tauralon’s but I would be willing to deal with it if that’s the best we can do. Are these the only horse heads of similar size?
  6. I’m mostly satisfied with this scheme but looking for some advice now. I don’t like for every model to look the same and tend to do things like giving every model a different skin tone for variety. What items could I tweek on these guys to give each model in a unit, as well as differing units, a little more variety? I’ve listed the things I can think of below but hopefully someone can point out some ideas I’ve overlooked. These models aren’t for an army, but rather antagonists in dugeon crawls. 1) Cloaks can be various shades; but staying with a dusty tone I may be limited to of browns and blacks. Purples or deep blues on leaders? 2) The metallic trim can be done in different shades; I think silver, gold, and bronze could give different looks thinned this far. 3) Skin tones (sadly) will have to stay uniform within a unit I think. Looking at my paints I could do a similarly thinned Hexwraith Flame for chain ghiests, and maybe use nihilakh oxide for hero types? Hoping someone has better suggestions here. 4) I saw a very well painted Nighthuant army on Pinterest (I think) which had a reddish fade to them (a blood stained kinda look). I *might* be able to achieve a similar effect on a unit to make it distinctive.
  7. Thanks, the yellow is actually a heavily diluted mixture of Retibuter armor. It has an ever so slight metallic gleam to it in person but is so see through on top of the “ghostly tint” that (IMO) it gives a nice ethereal effect. As for the face and arms, I painted the skeletal face in the normal bone scheme (minus the seraphim wash) and the arms to match the ghostly parts of his body. I applied a thin mix of Hexwraith Flame to both to make them a little more alike but I’m not sure it was enough to actually show. Should I try adding another layer of the thin glaze? I want them to feel similar but don’t want the green strong enough to overtake the blue on the arms or the yellowed bone of the face. I’ve also been debating if I should apply some edge highlights. While that would make the model stand out more I’m worried it would overly “solidify” the look of the model. Currently only the tomb on the base and the skeletal face have any edge highlighting. This one model took about 20-25 minutes of actually brush time, but with drying the total time was around 3 to 3.5 hours. I think I could do as many as 20 at a time without it taking any longer (no single session took more than a couple of minutes). More than what I actually need to paint.
  8. So I’ve got a few nighthaunt that have been kicking around since Soul Wars. I couldn’t settle on a paint scheme because I wanted something ethereal and maybe a bit dingy but wasn’t crazy about the studio scheme. My daughter also has some Nighthuant which she hasn’t finished painting so I decided to steal one to test some ideas. I’m looking for some constructive criticism on the painting here. My daughter assembled the model and while she likes painting, she dislikes assembly (hence why it is not cleaned very well). I also took the opportunity to try some new techniques and stretch myself some more. I attempted spots of wet blending on the smoke near the tomb (to limited success), and a combination of feathering and layering on the cloak (not sure if feathering is the correct term).
  9. I got one of the Lord Arcanum on Tauralon kits when they first came out, but I am just now getting around to opening it. Sadly the heads on this beast are just... well, hideous. I would really like to find a replacement but don’t have any horse minis that would fit (in fact I have next to nothing in the way of cavalry at all). I considered cutting off the bottom of the mouth and sculpting a new (closed) mouth but I don’t believe my skills are up to this yet. Can anyone point me to a suitable replacement head that is similar but without that god aweful grimace? A plain horse head would suffice. TL/DR: Which kit do I need to buy for a horse’s head that I can use as a good replacement?
  10. Hmm... sounds like every Elf clan in every fantasy book ever published lol.
  11. @Ravinsild Yes, it’s absolutely horrible! You’ve totally ruined it and would be best off just shipping it to me, getting yourself a new one, and starting completely over. Sorry, hate to be the bearer of bad news and all. But seriously it’s looking very nice so far, my only concern is that you may have started out too dark in the runes for the glow effect you wanted. At least on my screen it looks like a fairly deep red tone all the way through it.
  12. Hmm, but why would they necessarily have to fall to chaos? Yes a special unit or two of Chaos Corrupted Stormcast would be ok. But why not have a SMALL mini group of Stormcast who’ve been taken by Nagash and are now twisted to serve him for eternity? What about this: the Stormcast are not soldiers, they are weapons. The Stormcast themselves know this, and what happens when that weapon’s been broken and repaired so many times it starts seeing everything as a war? We already know some souls break during the reforging process and are hunted down (lightning giest I believe?) why shouldn’t that be a DESTRUCTION unit “living” to simply strike out at whatever is at hand? I would not be opposed to SMALL groups of ChaosCasts, but would prefer some special FallenCasts which serve death and destruction and/or nifty rules to using the standard kits in those roles. Minimum unit sizes only with a maximum of 1 unit per type, 2 for (formerly) battleline units. No heroes, possibly no mounted units. And for Sigmar’s Sake NO FULL FACTIONS! Supplemental forces ONLY. If GW makes full on CSM equivalents of the Stormcast and disregards the other GAs I’ll melt all my plastic down and be done with them for another 20+ years.
  13. I get where you’re coming from there, or at least I can understand/respect your opinion. I originally bought a cheap $10 box and it worked great (for me) but I could see the problems with it as well (namely limited size and uses). I then built my own using lights similar to what you’re saying so the lamps could serve additional duty when not taking photos. I think I may have spent a total of $20-$30 on that box and most of that was lamps/bulbs. However, I am always trying to minimize my footprint when it comes to hobby space; My airbrush booth, photo box, and drying box together took up too much space. I like when I can find ways for things to be multipurpose, and I also enjoy working with my hands and building things so i went back to the drawing board again for Mk-III of my set up. I re-redesigned my entire set up to let my airbrush booth multifunction as a photo booth plus my drying box can also serve a similar function but with lighting from above and/or below for a different effect (no plans to actually use it that way but I built it so I could if I wanted to). Neither are fully finished (still need to add some trim to both boxes) but both are functionally finished and can be/have been in use already. Whenever (if) I finish my hobby shed I’ll move them both out there or (more likely) reduild newer better versions of both. It’s a hobby to feed another hobby... does that qualify as a viscous circle?
  14. New Years Resolutions are made to be broken... ya know... just saying...
  15. There are several companies which make quality fold up/down lightboxes which are perfect for taking photos of minis. Large enough to position a full squad or one largeish model and can be taken down and stored when not in use. I’ve seen and tested some ranging in price from $10US up to $100 and while you get what you pay for even the cheapest ones offer a marked improvement over standard room lighting for those with little to no experience in photography. Now with that said if you’re willing to do a little homework you can build one just as easy as buy one. I recently gave my own photo box away because while building my airbrush booth I built it to serve double duty for both airbrushing and photographing. They only thing I haven’t done yet is install the backdrops so I’ll be using bond paper until I order/make them. http://us.orangemonkie.com/ makes the “foldio” line of lightboxes which may well be the best quality folding lightboxes on the market for our hobby.
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