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  1. Hey all, was just looking at the new SCE kits and it seemed like all of the Dominion models besides the Annihilators were the same monopose sculpts as what came in the big box. Is this just my imagination? Can someone with better/sharper eyes than me confirm or deny this based on the photos of the sprues? Edit: I guess in reality I’m just saying this about the Vindicators and Praetors since that’s them plus Annihators are all of the units that came in the box.
  2. They used to have a minimum unit size of 1 back when I first got some. Yeah, way back when I know.
  3. Hey all, with the increased size for the Dracothian Guard units I now need to double mine but when I checked the store they’re listed as “No longer available online”. Are these models (as well as the Sacrosanct cats and the storm drake) being discontinued, repackaged, or what? I don’t normally buy direct from GW but use their store before making orders at my LGS so not sure what the various “unavailable” types really mean.
  4. Thanks all, yeah GW must have been slow on their store update this past weekend but it finally showed up and I got it ordered. I wouldn’t be against them making other store anniversary models available using this format as well. The nearest store to me would be a few hundred miles away and isn’t a trip I enjoy making.
  5. Where do you find the “made to order” items on GW’s webstore? I wanted to grab the SCE knight which was supposed to be last year’s anniversary model but have never purchased any of the made to order models before and cannot seem to find that section on the Webstore. The community article said they’re available for just over 1 week starting today.
  6. Ok, so I do not own the CoS battletome as I didn’t really plan on making an army of them but a small CoS is now something I’m considering just to give me a use for my LA on Tauralion. Can someone enlighten me on what ways I can implement him and other SCE units into CoS? I may pick up the current battletome but would prefer waiting for 3.0 version so just hunting ideas for now. As I understand it he couldn’t be made general in 3.0? If he can please let me know what the differences this makes for the army between using him vs say FG general on griffon as my general.
  7. Ok so the new Stormcast look awesome and the new Sigmar shield icon/pad is an excellent design but what I’m trying to decide is how they’ll go with my Oldcast’s Hammers of Sigmar icons. As cool as the new design is I really liked the unified look of a single Stormhost icon on all units (which is why I gave up replacing all my units with the Knight Excelsior icons, I couldn’t buy enough packs to complete my army). I’ve spent the past several hours looking online for decent hard transfers to give every unit in my army the same design but ultimately it was a wasted effort. I cannot find any hard transfers for Stormcast let alone with all the designs/styles/sizes I would need. How is everyone else planning on doing this? Just using older/new shields and pads on the inverse model to make them match? Just leaving the icons and changing the paint scheme to make them a different host? Some other creative solution? I’m looking for ideas here as my current train of thought is to just get some silicone and make some resin recasts of the Knights Excelsior set (I think I have three or four packs left unopened) then make a pressmold of the icon to add to the Newcast shields.
  8. Hmm, hadn’t thought about doing it that way, mostly because some of the people I’d be playing with play straight matched play games. While I can play my PtG army against any matched play force (even in tournaments for those who see anything besides tournament play as “not really playing”) I cannot (currently) use the Anvil that way. Which was one of the reason I hoped for a more balanced and focused anvil. I’ve tinkered around with some custom heroes for leaders but to play against other guys I need a vanilla general as well.
  9. That’s probably the route I will have to take for at least some of them. The closest set of bases I’ve managed to get now are some from this month’s Heroes Infinite release (Raging Hero’s Patreon). They don’t have the built up dirt/leaves and have less ruined stonework but otherwise are fairly close. I’ve also got some from Txarli Factory’s thematic bases Kickstarter. While these don’t match as well as the HI ones they’re still close enough I think I can make them work. With both sets I’m still missing plenty of sizes though so will have to get creative there I guess. I’m scrolling though greenstuff world’s leaf cutters now to decide what textures will help (or that I just want, thinking 2-3 of them for variety).
  10. @Laststand Maybe I’ve always been misunderstanding how GW intends rules to be used. The way I’ve always understood it was once an updated GHB comes out anything that hasn’t been reprinted/updated in either the core rules or GHB is no longer “official” and cannot be used without opponents’ consent. That’s why Siege and Underground engagement rules have been printed two or three times each now. So with AoA not added into the core rules nor newest GHB they aren’t current or supported. And even if they were they still are not balanced for use with matched play points which the new PtG system is using. @stratigo Uhm, I would. I think you’re partially right and wrong both at the same time as the base system has a bit of flavor all on it’s own now. Yes it isn’t much flavor, but there is enough for now and the battletomes will improve on this for each individual faction. Yes, I may prefer some of the faction specific options which are released in the battletome and may even decide I want to retire my general or drop an artifact to replace them. But I don’t see how any of this would or should prevent me from being able to use the basic system even before the tome is released. And remember it can be utilized regardless of whether or not the opponent is playing a PtG campaign or cares at all. Even in tournaments.
  11. Also, while I’m not sure just how difficult it is to do (there are videos for it on YouTube) if you have some skills with photoshop you can make your own templates which would work in impcat to allow you to fairly quickly tweak color shemes when planning your army. For example when I worked out my plan I started with the liberator template then swapped the pauldrons and shield tones to simulate four different colorshift heraldry colors for comparisons. Once the main body of the work was done it was just two-three quick changes to modify the heraldry each time.
  12. Actually I really dig the scheme you posted. The silver armor with the gold edging is very distinctive. My entire army isn’t going to match the photo entirely which is why I needed more templates to refine it. My plan is to use colorshift paints for heraldry colors and each unit has different heraldry colors to distinguish them. The “unifying” element will be neutral tones (black, white, browns as seen on Vandus) and the generic armor colors of silver armor, gold trim, and metallic black and white for details.
  13. So the new Path to Glory campaign system is without a doubt my favorite part of the new edition. It is narrative matched play, which is how I prefer to play anyway, plus a very organic system for building your army. But I was massively disappointed when I couldn’t find an updated Anvil in either the 3.0 core or general’s rule books. My only hope now is to that they miraculously decide to include these rules in each faction’s battletome alongside the PtG rules or for a white dwarf article (which I’m afraid would fall rather flat). With the new PtG system a refined AoA for generic heroes would have been an excellent addition to our armies. Yes I know the AoA wasn’t balanced well for matched play but that is something they could have addressed with an update. My ideal system would have had a generic AoA like last year’s GHB in the core rules’ narrative section and then faction specific versions included alongside the faction’s PtG rules in each new battletome. White dwarf issues could in turn be used to add additional grand alliance specific options to the anvil for soup armies (I know they aren’t popular right now but this plus PtG could have made them attractive from a narrative standpoint). So while I’m praying, I don’t really expect to see my wishes come true, and this has started turning into a rant. Maybe I’m just here to vent and whine. Has anyone created (or started working on) an updated homebrewed revamp of the anvil to work with 3.0 matched play points?
  14. Hmm, I have absolutely zero photoshop skills but I recently found the impcat app and love it. Just wish there were more templates for the AoS models already. I have Vandus and a liberator which I used to kind of work out my paint scheme for current project but would like to test the scheme on lots of units to tweak it. Have the liberator figured out but still tweaking Vandus to find something I like using the scheme. May need to change the dracoth’s colors.
  15. Did you do that using impcat? If so where did you find the template as I’ve been looking for all the SCE templates I can find.
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