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  1. In tempest lord prosecutors are battleline so yes, only problem is the good ones are the ones with javelin, you ave the ones with hammers here so it will recquire a bit of conversion to make things good but you'll get some lances and shields with the vindictors so why not. 3+ save battleline that can shoot decently, fly and charge at 18" with 3d6 yes please! Vandus is meh but can serve as a nice additional concussor if needed.
  2. I get what you mean and i agree with most of what you say. But i think that i would rather pay Yndrasta less and sacrifice her killing profile. She want to do two things at the same time and it makes her loose a bit of interest in my opinion, but it may be because i have a certain vision of the game. If you want to use her ability you'll stick her in the middle of your army but you will most likely not use her melee stats you paid for, it works the other way arround. If she had more consistent shooting damage i'll probably like her more as she can do damages and be a buffing presence at the same time (not sacrifying any of these two aspects in a turn). That's the reason i prefer the Prime, for his price he's good at one role, you pay the points for something specific which is direct and effective. It's easier to me to grasp the game this way (tank/dps/support categories) the game, his rules and the layers of extra complexity can be overwhelming sometimes and i don't loose focus when each of my pieces have a specific role set up in advance and designed for it.
  3. An avenger build certainly looks great, something like: Krondys Knight draconis celestant prime 2 stormdrakes 2 stormdrakes 3 prosecutors javelin 3 prosecutors javelin All in tempest lords to make prosecutors battleline and get the bonus on charge shenanigan (even though we don't need this). I believe we are already short on points and we can't really commit to a full monster build without loosing a lot of board control but it is worth the try :).
  4. i'm really curious about the 2x6 castigators and 2x3 evocats, how did it went? Also i love the knight excelsior with MSU retributors, i might try this as well
  5. Yndrasta is like 5pts less than the prime who clearly fight in another category. First you have the Rend 3 att, then the auto 12" charge each turn and the D3MW blast that can easily target hidden heroes and higly valuable targets. It's a shame because you want to make her combo with paladins units but these builds will usually be slow and the prime compensate for that as he can operate in solo missions while you want yndrasta to stay with the crowd. I agree, she's a little bit overpriced for what she does but again this is not something really damaging as it can change next season with a couple of points adjustments.
  6. I'm going to try the new models this monday, hopefully getting good use of the Tauralon as @PJetski convinced me of his potential. I have two lists available and i'm not certain of the use of the secondary characters, so anyway here's the framework: Scion of the storm, hammer of sigmar (concussors battleline, LOL). Lord arcanum on Tauralon: thunderous volley, celestial menagerie, drakescale armor and celestial blades. Lord relictor: translocation knight incantor: azyrite halo 2x5 liberators 4 concussors 2 stormdrake guards 6 vanguard raptors Everything on a battle regiment for the sweet one drop army build. I have a nice potential of damages with the thunderous volley on the vanguard raptor, i'd argue this is my win condition, that's why i chose scion of the storm to at least protect them from shooting and/or control effects on the first turn while they stay in the sky My plan is to let my opponent start the game so i can get a potential double turn early on and drop to take back control of the boards where it's needed. concussors pack a hell of a punch and stormdrake guards/tauralon are fantastic tanking units that i can get pretty much anywhere i need them to be and are both -1 to get wounded and 3+ save. My dilmena is the following, the two buff heroes i'm with are nice like this but i'm a bit sceptikal of the value the knight incantor brings beside his scroll (a great safety net against tough magic armies but not very usefull against others). If i decide to cast mystic shield/azyrite halo he would likely miss his spell or get unbind, what i mean is that his value depends on what the enemy brings. Lord relictor is a beast, the TP prayer as well as the healing/debuff he offers would help me to save the raptors/debuff a piece that my tauralon has to block (suddendly becoming -1 to hit, -1 to wound on a 2+ rerollable save). But i can swap these two for a knight vexillor with the TP banner (banner who works on any unit, anywhere on the table so it's pretty versatile and stable since i don't have to roll any dices or get into range) and a lord castellant. Lord castellant brings another armor buff that i can put on the dracoth/tauralon/stormdrake guards that can also heal a little bit (much less than the D3 the relictor brings though) but it's a buff that requires no dice roll and cannot be countered ideally i would bring both relictor AND the castellant but i only have points for one of these two combos, the increase in points of all these support pieces makes a big difference when it's time to make everything fit together under 2000pts. What do you think? It's a tough call and i can't decide myself so any advices would help. Thanks!
  7. with the presence of be'lakor he will most likely choose the raptor as his target to nullify them for at least one turn. khorne deamon prince also gives him a lot of control over the borad with his ability to divide by 2 run and charges. My best bet is to keep the menaces off the board with scion (raptors, dracoth) and then drop from the sky at the right time to kill the deamon prince and then maybe charge a key target. matchup is tough with a lot of macro decisions to make that's why i'm excited for it.
  8. damnnit GW, i hope this is something they forgot and we can take at least the "universal" mount traits. It's a shame cause this combo on a stardrake is possible and even more oppressive since the dude has 18wounds.... so it's not a question of balance or powerlevel. Anyway thanks for the cruel but true reminder . Edit: i'll swap the comet for a knight vexillor with TP in this case, so he can TP the tauralon out or even the raptors on top of the relictor.
  9. Man you made me reconsider my choices. If everything goes well i might try something like this next monday against a very tough khorne list: Stormkeep: hammers of sigmar, unique command ability: thunderous volley Lord arcanum on Tauralon: general, staunch defender, drakescale armor, azyrite halo and celestial instinct Lord relictor: translocation 4 concussors 3 dracolines 5 vindictors 5 vindictors 6 longstrike raptors Everblaze comet All fitting into battle regiment. In this list my goal is to play arround the Tauralon, his simple presence buff the raptors to helo them hit and wound on 2's and make unleash hell on 3+. His good save combined with all out defense, finest hour...etc can make him a good anvil on which enemy can break their legs (he can reroll saves against damage 2 attacks, has a good 12w and could be healed but the relictor in case of any problem). Celestial instinct is here to make sure he can be wherever i want him to be at any time and fill this role. The rest can stay in a defensive position arround the raptors that i can teleport away from danger thanks to the relictor. All the army deals MW in some way and the use of staunch defender combined with the good saves of vindictors help me to camp ojectives on my side. I hope it will go well cause my opponent found a very juicy army build on the internet and we're up for a bloody fight, he will play: Skarbrand Be'lakor Khorne deamon prince Wrath of khorne bloodthirster Bloodsecrator 2x10 bloodletters 2x5 flesh hounds 5 wrathmongers I'll tell you how it went, biggest threat is obviously skarbrand but i also have to worry about control abilities such as the deamon prince and be'lakor. I'm puzzled about how ot deal with this matchup, i can take the first turn which is probably the only time i could cast the comet out of unbind spell but i expose myself to a double turn and be'lakor will shutdown my raptors for first turn but if i give first turn to my oppnent there's 90% chances that i can't cast the comet, maybe i should remove it....
  10. I think the removal of character abilities and stormhost abilities is a good sign overall. These type of things have ruined the game balance in the past and i am optimistic for the future battletome to come if they follow the same logic. Book seems balanced and fun, lost of ways to play (paladins, dragon builds, vanguard chamber TP all over the place, stormkeeep...etc) it give a very very good replayability to old players who have a nice collection of miniatures and i think is more simple of approach for new players. definitely a win, beside a couple of named characters that got trashed on the rest seems balanced and a couple of points adjustments will make things better in the future :).
  11. I've taken a look at your list and yes i haven't considered this. The monster keyword allows him to benefit from the -1 to be wounded if you take him with a knight draconis, he's a mix of utility and tanking, in this type of build i'll try him
  12. I'll try him but at 280pts he's competing with the knight dracothian, Bastian, Yndrasta or the celestant prime but can't bring nearly as much on the table than any of these 4. I know he's a monster/hero/sorcerer which makes him really good on paper but his offensive stats are meh for his price, so you won't send him on the melee (but you will do that with pleasure with your rend 3 knight draconis/celestant Prime). He can tank for sure and could probably be used for that (thinking abour drakescale armor on this 12wounds character is nice). He can only cast and unbind one spell without any bonus, in this situation you will more likely pay a high price for an ability that can be shut down really easily. His comet trail ability is good yes, it saves you one command point per turn but some other units can do that too (aetherwings, lord ordinator or even Bastian who can give all out attack for free). I love this miniature trust me (i spent days converting this man to give him a proper face and wings) and i'd like to see him get some usage but the loss of his spirit flasks, the mortal wound on the charge and one cast/unbind without drastically downgrading his price at all is really a huge nerf. I'll probably consider him at 235pts but not 285pts. If i'm spending nearly 300pts on a character i'd rather go the entire way and pay the 40pts difference to get Aventis instead: the fact that he can natively heal himself of D3PV each turn gives his tanking capacity an extra edge, for 40pts you get a second cast/unbind and finally his spell is rather short but deals MW without requiring a 4+ to hit before. This said i agree with you on your comments for the rest of the sacro sanct chamber, except for the exorcist maybe, i'd love to hear why you think the exorcist is better, i'd pay an incantor over this guy every day but maybe i missed something.
  13. there's a specific command ability in the book that allows you to select a unit and shoot during hero phase. Double tapped judicators means that you use this ability on them, making shoot twice: one during hero phase, one during shooting phase.
  14. the only subfaction that has a definitive impact on your list building is knight excellsior i believe. The bonus is so good that you want to build your army arround it, using imperatant/annihilators/protectors. I agree with you though, it has overall much lees impact on the list building than before, but it's not that bad as it opens customisation and synergies based on "ultimate" command abilities and custom heroes (which is coherent with the mindset of the 3rd edition).
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