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  1. Hey guys, i'm playing a bit more with magic right now and wondered what are the endless spells you like to have on your side. The comet is iconic has a great impact and the AoE is great, i love to use this spell. The soulsnare shackles are really nice too, slowing down enemies is great and offer us a bit more board control (which is key cause we lack screening). The Shards of Valarghar creates the same effect almost, i think they are harder to use but the -1 to hit debuff is really nice. Question is did you used them? Do you find them usefull in a stormcast army? And of course, what is your favorite endless spells?
  2. here's a small update on the ballistas And here's "LENIN" the ballista worker ready to fight for the revolution!
  3. Mr Handsome is coming to town with his great mustache of neverending twirl and bald skull of knowledge. I'll polish this dude this weekend and progress on the ballistas
  4. THIS! It's really fun and satisfying to unpack new rules and find the "secret ingredient" to maximize our army but most of the time we'll be playing against our friends. From a relaxed point of view, well at least it's a reasonnable treat to dust off your liberators and plays something else with your friends.
  5. in terms of stats it more or less the same thing, you can check here pretty easily: https://aos-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ With 30 attacks each a sword hitting on 2 and wounding on 4 would do 6.25 wounds on a 4+ save A hammer hitting on 3 wounding on 3 would do 6.67, slightly better but not gamebreaking. Even with modifiers such as reroll ones to hit for example the difference accross saves is at 0.5 more wounds advantage for the hammer (again on a volume of 30 attacks). Not that big of a deal.
  6. yeah it creates a silhouette kinda clunky but it is more or less invisible if you pick a hooded head for example. Also haircuts are you're best firneds i guess, a little bit of sculpting work over a bald head can help to create a very nice braids or half shaved cut
  7. Thinking about what you guys said and here's what i come up with: - Tauralon: staunch defender/azyrite halo/celestial blades - Lord ordinator - Lord castellant - 20 sequitors - 2x5 liberators - 4 concussors - 3 ballistas Prismatic palissade The palissade can help block a charge like hte aetherwings could, i'm not counting on the debuff since it can happen on my units as well and it goes on a 5+. I had 30pts left and thought it could be a good idea. The rest of the list plays similarly expect for the comet that i removed, we'll see how the balistas goes. I also removed the knight heraldor . I can build almost the same thing with judicators if i remove 5 sequitors, maybe it's something that can help me i don't know yet: - Tauralon: staunch defender/azyrite halo/celestial blades - Lord ordinator - Lord castellant - 15 sequitors - 2x5 judicators - 4 concussors - 3 ballistas Prismatic palissade
  8. Also if you want some female heads you can take a look at adepta sororitas, if you have a friend who plays this army he's probably have tons of naked heads with badass features and variety of haircuts and expressions (bald head, square cut, hooded head...etc). That's what i did to create some home made custom heroes and it's something i recommand. Also you can probably find some of those on Ebay at a pretty low price, look at plastic kit such as seraphim for example, they have great heads and there's not a lot of futuristic elements on them.
  9. Damn i didn't read that... Without comet i need something else to spread mw everywhere, also what battalions where you thinking about? If i remove the raptors and the comet, it leaves me 460pts that i can invest into 3 ballistas and lord ordinator (470pts). His command ability can really help me to get things stucked into combat and they could also greatly benefits from the LA +1 to hit buff (making them hit on 3+, they're also greatly resilient, especially if i drop them into a cover). The list lose a bit of it's power though as i can't assassinate support heroes as fast as i would like to but i think i can still apply this strategy against big center piece by creating a big saturation of rend -2 shots if i focus fire (we're looking at 20+ wounds rend-2 on average if we consider hitting on 3+ but ballistas are swingy).
  10. Hey guys, i'm currently building an army centered arround a Tauralon, my list is the following: Tauralon: staunch defender/staff of focus/everblaze comet Knight Heraldor Lord castellant 15 sequitors 5 libs 5libs 4 concussors 2x3 aetherwings 6 raptors longstrike Lots of drops here but our batallions are ****** anyway, here's the strat. Tauralon is the big fast support piece, ideally i'd like to cast the comet early and drop it arround the support heroes of my opponent then finish them with the raptors using scion of the storm. Staff of focus helps me to get some breakpoints easier and having at least 2MW for each piece under the 10" radius is key here. Castellant will shine his lantern on the sequitors or concussors depending of how aggressive i want to go. If i play defensively i'll keep the concussors out of reach and boost sequitor's armor to shield the army core and get the sweet 2+ reroll with lantern and staunch/cover. Dracoth combo quite well with the tauralon i believe, the sweet +1 to hit when tauralon fly over a unit is really helpful on their breath attack and the lord arcanum ability to save seomeone by negating a crucial wound is really helpful on such solid models (you can easily have a 2+ rerolling 1's or even more if you combine the right bonuses ). lastly i like to get some aetherwings on my side to cap points early and/or play the sacrifice units and libs will stay in the sky to make them drop where i need them, either to fill a gap in the frontline or to get objectives early if i really need to iinstead of aetherwings. I'll probably suffer with that kind of list against a heavy shooting army and i'm really vulnerable to MW myself but what do you think of this?
  11. Here's a small update on these sequitors with better pictures. 5 done....15 more to go! Also small update on the dracoth bases, adding leaves and other details.
  12. Here's a bit of progress did these days. My goal is to get two squads of these bad boys, of course following the base techniques i experimented. hope you guys will like it, i'll take better pictures when i have time to do so. H
  13. Good idea, it makes me think that skyborne slayers is probably a great idea too, it's easy to build a 1 drop list and get 20+ paladins to charge right away. Also decimators vs boat is just insane, 10 attacks per model if there's dwarves in them (and there will be) makes a squad of 15 something like 90 att+ 4 starsoul maces !!!!!!! Thinking something like Celestant 2X10 libs 2X5 judicators 15 decimators 15 protectors I'm also thinking that the new battalions present in broken realms could really help us on this matchup, thinking about the one that allows you to TP 9 inches away from the enemy before first turn. Someone pointed out that sequitors could be a part of it, i know a squad of 20 sequitors does not have the same impact than 10 evo but it is something to try out :).
  14. It may be real hard to pull out, i think the unit has to be wholly within the lord to get this so not gonna happen a lot of times.
  15. I agree, although i'm not a pro at playing against kharadron, the "squishyness" of the ships is quite relative. We'll se next time how it goes, and if i go against the same man i'll just pop the 1 drop vanguard list to fight with something that can anwser his shooting style (And yes despite the miniature it looks like a 40K game :D)
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