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  1. here it is my friends! this weekend we're going to glue an orruk on this bad by ad see how it goes!!!!
  2. The first dude is done guys! There's some printing to be done, i'll try that this evening and see how it goes, i'm pretty sure we'll need some sculpting job to correct things where the printer messed up but i'm happy with the result, i'll give you an update once i have something done! I'll make some other poses for the two other dudes as well :).
  3. about that i thought that the perfect strike should do an amount of damages equal to the amount of wounds the target enemy unit has (with a maximum of 3 damages), it makes sense from a lore perspective ,these guys aim for a weak spot and one shot one of their opponents in a deadly strike. It makes them more and more efficient against big foes as damage ramp up with wounds (stormcasts, orruks, cavalry units...etc) Also if the fury of blows should have rend1 to really have an impact i think with the same stats (stormcasts decimators have this stat-lines and are one of the least played paladin units). Of course with this buff they should cost more points (let's go with 170pts per 5) but i think they should be a threat to enemy elites and be considered as the experienced swordman they are supposed to be.
  4. i think we can ahve an anwser right there too: "they look pretty" is probably the best we can get about them to stay polite :D. Ultimately they are really not that useful outside of the bodyguard ability they have (which is basically "pay 130pts to give +10 wounds to a character").
  5. Here's a quick update for this one, i changed the pose to make him stand on rocks and other stuff so i can print him with the base (it allows for much better printing and i can adjust the size exactly how i want. As i did with the first one i brushed him with white while putting some shades to see if details are not too small (it is at the right format this time and i was afraid that some areas would be too small to see or paint). Some of them are and there's definitely some places i went too far but it ended up very nicely anyway. Here's some size comparison next to a dracoth so you can see how fine it is next to something. I have some sculpting job to do on the lower body and i'd like to put some leather straps and some other things to justify putting the orruk on top.
  6. yup that was my initial thoughts, thanks for confirming that, for slightly more expensive points they are no better than the wardens, and if you want to kill hordes, well dawnriders can do it wherever you want (28" move) and with great reliability too (crack your aetherquartz to hit on 2+). I'll buy them to get extra wounds on mages (the cathalar seems to important to lose) and have some fun on the painting. Thanks a lot for your anwsers!
  7. hey guys, i' like to open this topic to talk about the bladelords. On paper they look really good, the 2" attacks combined with their polyvalence guarantee that they could at least be somewhat useful. At 130pts for 5 people, 10 wounds and potentially occupying a battleline they are a great complement to the wardens. As i understand them, wardens are better n e defensive role as long as you keep shining company formation. They can also attempt to cast a spell to buff themselves or even anothe unit (speed of Hysh?). Bladelords on the other hand want to charge, can't try to cast but are good bodyguards for our precious heroes (scinari cathalar i'll die for you!). The way i imgaine them is to be a counter charge/ second line unit, cracking an aetherquartz combined with the furry of blows can be really efficient against hordes (2+ to hit, 3+ to wound it can do wonders against low to average saves without bonuses) and the brilliant "perfect strike" allows for very good damages against elites (imagine a group of 10 or even 2 groups of 5 doing 12 auto-hits wounding on a 2+ with -2 rend). I'm initially playing a lot of stormcasts and the vanari parts of the lumineth is something that can really brings something new to the table to me (and the miniatures are goregeous i'm not gonna lie) so i plan to bring 10 of those on the table. What's your opinion on these? Are they worth it or do you prefer dawriders in this role? I fear that with the new ballistas and the battallion going with it shooting style elves are still going to be somewhat really powerful and could outshine close combat troops but there's things to do.
  8. and heres some early printing tests for this one i made a corax white undercoat and simply put some skeletton horde contrast paint to make the details pop out
  9. Hey guys. stardrake is on paude right now so i decided to sculpt some orruks for my friends. We both hates the look of gore gruntas so i decided to create custom mounts for these dudes making something else. We hesitated betxeen some bear/wolf/hyena and a mini maw crusha and went for the second option. After some sketches for the posing of these 3 dudes i started to sculpt. They are not done yet, but since we had the orruk to put on them i've taken one of them and put it into pose to try to print it. Here's the goal And the potential final result, i'll make the print tomorow and we'll see how it goes. Then i'll finish the sculpting and make the 3 versions of these
  10. recently got into a game against lots of bloodthirsters and it went great on my side with a unit of 4 concussors. My liste was: Lord arcanum on gryph charger+staunch defender/celestial blades Lord relictor+translocation Lord castellant 15 sequitors 2x5 judicators 4 concussors My enemy was playing: 3 bloodthirsters: reaper of vengeance+bloodthirster batallion 3x10 bloodreavers 2 priest with the axe 1 bloodsecrator I think they did well and when you buff them with the castellant (when you're not using this on the sequitor for the sweet 2+ rerollable save) they can go on solo missions. They killed 2 bloodthirsters on their own and got a charge on the characters killing the 2 priests and one unit of bloodreavers (almost 800 points just for these heroes!). Maybe 2 units of 2 could work if you have good dices but even with 4 of them i had trouble rolling one 6 to hit (to prevent enemy to pile in). Also in this matchup i had to hit really hard before my opponent could retaliate so it wasn't an option to get two small units otherwise the first would hit (with big chances of not killing the unit) and the second would be killed with brutality. The celestial blades works wonder on them and if you want to invest a bit of ressources into them (castellant buff, celestial blades or even relictor healing if you have opportunity) they can be really a pain for the enmy. I tend to prefer dracoline though because they can buff themselves, have more damage output and are more stable due to the reroll (to wound and more importantly to charge). Also since both units are labelled "big danger" your opponent will throw every big thing he has at his disposal and it often includes lots of mortal wounds Dracolines are a bit cheaper if you look at the point/wounds ratio i like this as well about them. However they ranged attack is so fricking great, they did something like 14 to 17 mortal wounds on the bloodthirsters on 3 turns turns. This attack is truly what makes them worth their prices i think and any help they can get on that could really boost their efficiency (thinking about astral templar both for move and +1 to shoot big things but also the tauralon who can give +1 to hit to enemy unit it flies over). That's all for me, overall i love the big boys and i'll play them any chance i get!
  11. With all these new miniatures and the battletome i'm starting to paint some lumineth. I love cavalry overall and i'd like to get a fast paced army to contrast with my slow stormcasts so i decided to work my colors on a dawrider. Ideally i'd like to 3D print some chocobos instead of the disgusting kangaroo but i don't know how it could end, and it would probably be tons of work so here's a piece of concept art and some painting too :). Hope you'll like them
  12. i personnaly would love an elf on dragon, i have nostalgia of these days of warhammer fantasy where lords mounted on dragons facing each other were the coolest ****** ever (i know we have a big center piece with teclis but still.......DRAGON! This said i have good hopes for the mounted character, i hope he can help the dawnriders, i'd also love the swordmen to be the deadly fragile melee warriors they're supposed to be (preferably good against elite units or big targets to mirror the dawnrider)
  13. I do not plan to get all the 20 sequitors into combat, this is just to maximize the amount of wounds i put on an objective. 20 sequitors is 40 wounds, with 3+ rerollable save, they are not there to deepstrike but to be on the board turn one and run as fast as possible on the central objective with the buffs to get some board presence. This said you're probably right and 15 of them are already a threat, but since so much of my list focus on them i think having 20 isn't a waste of points. Gavriel is there to drop with the evocators, not the sequitors, and since his charge buff is a "wholly within 12inches" bubble i could use that to get a good charge with the dracoline as well (move 12", then charge 2D6+6" with reroll, i can safely bet on a 24" move with them). In an ideal world the evocators can drop from the sky on a weak unit and do their zap zap MW on a nearby tougher one that the dracoline could finish on the same turn. I don't get why you think putting Gavriel with battallion isn't a good idea, it reduces the amount of drops and allows to get 2CP turn one, wich is exactly what you want to allow for a 3" charge dropping from the sky. i agree with you though, the knight heraldor is a fantastic hero and could do wonders in this list as well but we're getting heavy on support heroes already and if i would put him in this list i'll certainly remove the castellant instead, this said removing the castellant would make my sequitors way less powerfull and since so much is on them i don't think i'll get rid of him now . This said i could potentially go for something like this: lord arcanum gavriel lord castellant 15 sequitors+ 5 sequitors+ 10 evocators+ 3 dracolines => Cleansing phallanx 2X5 judicators With 2 units of judicators i could potentially clean some of the defensive bloodreavers lines my opponent would put on the way of my charges so i can get into the juicy stuff faster or even do a couple of wounds on some of his big monster (ideally 5 or 6 would do) to then zap them in the combat phase with the evocators. Thanks for your comment anyway! Really helpful. EDIT: I just got into a game yesterday with some friends where one group of 10 sequitors got rid of 20 bloodreavers, 5 bloodisters, 5 blood sisters archer and 3 skullcrushers. These dudes are amazing and where only stopped by the mortal wounds output of the blood sisters and the melee attacks of the avatar of khaine. This game was at 1000pts, at 2000pts there's much more threats that can diminish them but still sequitors are a very good unit
  14. thanks for the answer, i only got to try units of 2 for now and got pretty disapointed by their effectiveness in this format for their point costs. except for the stardrake i have all the units above painted and done so i'll give it a try in this type of list :).
  15. I love the second list you got there Marcus, the question i have i simple, why would you use two units of 2 concussors and not one big unit of 4?
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