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  1. Also here's a bit of progress on this sculpt. I've printed the front legs, back legs and the head and glued them together (but i made some mistakes on the little pieces of resin that helped me to assemble the pieces together, they don't fit and thus i had to remove them). Also the beast is huge, here's some example next to the leviadon and close to a poor repentia I have lots of work to do on the base as well, this is too large for my printer so i had to separate the rocks into smaller pieces but ended up with rocks that don't fit together as well and will probably recquire
  2. yeah i'll probably remove it entirely, when i printed it the object was too thin and it broke too easily (and also the dracothian front armor works perfectly on this lad). thanks for the tips though
  3. someone talked earlier about changing colors for the new releases. I have the majority of my army painted at the colors of the hammers of sigmar, big bright colors and clean painting. I hoped that i could have something more realistic with bronze and a bit of corrosion, and replaced the blue with red instead, also made some sponge scratches on the white shoulders. I made some tests this weekend, here's the try: Using this method, vindictors should look something like this:
  4. with the upcoming boost to monsters the appeal to play astral templar is huge as well!
  5. could be a real problem for some armies that don't have access to high rend or MW easily though, that's why i think it will depend on the rest of the META shifting to more MW or not.
  6. would seem logical to me that units getting reroll1 to saves (just like the old mystic shield used to do) would get a +1 to save instead (to conform to new mystic shield). If all new battletome have access to cheap MW like they seem to get into this would not be too much of a problem
  7. I just realised but vindictors don't have the "reroll1 for save rolls" ability from the stormcast shields. It's fine since they got native 3+ armor save but i fear rules such as this one might disapear for units like: sequitors, liberators, dracoth, lord celestant...etc due to the easy access to +1 to save. It might stay to give some relevance to these units but reroll become really strong with the core rule changes. What do you guys think? Should we expect some drastic nerf or change?
  8. Either way there's downsides to use praetors on Yndrasta: she's to fast to keep these arround her and she'll distance them very easily and she' kinda doesn't need them based on her profile. I know the circular nature of these rules (Yndrasta can revive preators who can then make her ignore wounds...etc) makes this combo really shiny but i doubt she will use this at it's full potential. She's not as fragile as our celestant prime, the multiple save bonuses will help her against regular attacks (finest hour, all out defense...etc) and her native 4+ ward means that she would need 20MW to g
  9. what do you mean by "feels like ogor mawtribes level of power"? Cause i never played against them
  10. Well it depends, on small units i would say yeah probably (depending on the buffs and abilities that thunderstrike allows you to do). But when you pump the number up (for example a squad of 10) then sequitors with their 1" range get outperformed by the vindictors: With more CP in the game we'll probably fight against 3+ save more often and the MW on 6 for the vindictors makes a slight difference here. Also they are more consistent in damages as well.
  11. Well we kinda have it all, that's what i love with this faction, we can shoot pretty well, have good magic, nice combat units...etc. Stormcast get rolled in each of these specific roles by specialists though but it doesn't matter at low level. For example my friends assumed that because i can play with different playstyles my faction is busted and the additions of little things annoy them a lot (for example my DoK friend hates the lantern of the tempest artifact cause it makes him reroll 6 to hit on his stalkers). These things are not game breaking elements but the addition of all this
  12. Also Castellant give a bit of healing (better on 3wounds or more, dracoth and stardrake loves him for this)
  13. Hey thanks a lot! building and sculpting one dragon every 10month will not bring me very far but why not :D.
  14. which is something key i think. Units like this are common in 40K even with the much more powerful "look out sir" that this game has. In AoS and in the current shooting META this is great that more and more armies have access to this type of units, heroes are so key to certain strategies that having no way to protect characters is often the turning points of some games. bladelords offer the same thing for lumineth and i think it would sanitize the game to get these type of units for the majority of armies (with the condition that they have decent warscrolls).
  15. thanks a lot, here's a small update, i'm currently printing all the different parts: The beast will be huge, look at this good boy
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