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  1. What about chain lightning? this one can add to the comet AoE mortal wounds against packed armies with some chances to hit multiple target. I'll try with knight heraldor, probably instead of the knight azyros if i can. i like the d3 MW bonus on this dude and i didn't considered putting these bonuses onthe sequitors for example, clearly something to try, thanks :).
  2. Hey everyone. One of my friend offered me some dracolines for my birthday and i should say that these models are incredibly beautiful!!! I tried to incorpore them into my base army, ended up with something like this: LAoCD L castellant K Azyros 5 liberators 5 liberators 15 sequitors 3 aetherwings 3 aetherwings 6 raptors longstrike 6 evocators on dracolines 1 comet. anvils of heldenhammer The deal is to have a solid group to hold the line and protect the raptors in the form of the 15 sequitors/castellant/aetherwings. Since the enemy HAVE to come to me due to the Raptors and the comet i can wait and play more patient with these dudes. Azyros, Lord Arcanum and evocators simply go wherever they need to be to kill the biggest danger (the Azyros will greatly help me to avoid those ones to hit both for my raptors and for my evocators). Beside that i don't really know what speel could benefit this list the most, i think that having the -1 to bravery combined with dracolines and the general aura can create a nice bubble of -3 but the evocators will most likely anihilate anything they touch. Azyrite halo can benefit them nicely, combined with the castellant buff it means that against no rend weapons i heal a wound on a 6 and the enemy get a MW in return, it can probably helps to get the dracolines more sustain, i'll see. Celestial blades is nice as well but empower already is a powerfull buff, maybe i can get it to spam buffs in case empower does get unbind? Comet is here so i can spray some MW here and there on enemy heroes and supports so that my raptors can finish them of easier (i play 6 of them, not 9 so it might be useful) and also to get some psychological pressure and space denial on the board. I'll try this list against a blades of khorne friend and i'll tell you how it goes :).
  3. someone talked about this earlier, on paper it is insane, especially with Anvils of heldenhammer (you start with lots of CP and can shoot each of your raptors units twice......for a grand total of 36 shots........nobody want to get on the other end of this, thus making this pretty frustrating to play against and definitely not very fun for you either). It's a one drop armywhich is super nice considering that you might almost always choose who start the game. The list is quit fragile though, with only 15 vanguard hunters as your lines i don't know how you would hold objectives though.... Time and tournaments will tell if it's as OP as it seems Basically you play 1500pts vs 2000pts
  4. i saw it already thanks. the big divide seems to be on the number of dracolines (6 seemed to get the upper hand though) for the rest this unit looks like it has insane punch power packed into some of the best models we have at our disposal. I'll read the thread again though to see if there's things i can inspire myself from :).
  5. Thinking about new possibilities have you guys tried stuff with sequitors and evocators. I played a bit arround the warscroll builder and got some lists for fun. This one i'll try against one of my friend next week. Sequitors are our most reliable battleline, with the correct buffs and enough MW support i thought using something like this. i really want to try dracolines with celestial vindicators buffs, the CA and the celestial blades it's starting to look really nice. With a lord acrnaum on dracolines results are even more impressive but i don't have the model yet. Have some of you tried them? sacrosanctumchamber (2).pdf
  6. I've been thinking of this multiple times and here's what i came up following your advice: Lord aquilor Lord castellant 3x5 vanguard hunters (lines) 3x3 Raptors longstrikes 3x3 aetherwings 20 sequitors 3 palladors (couldn't think of anything else with 180pts) Using justicar conclave i'm at 1990 points. If i can keep 6 units in reserve it means i can only start the game with the lord aquilor and the 3 raptors and aetherwings on board (2 poses if i'm correct). The rest will come after (big sequitor blob and castellant arround the objectives and the rest will depend on the situation). For the stormhost the best option i can come up with would be the anvils of heldenhammer even if spending a command point to make 3 shots of longstrikes does not seems really useful. Maybe using staunch defender could be a another option there to give the sequitors the sweet 2+ save (they have low chances of charging anything and are there to tank punches anyway so why not pushing this instead). I have to make some tests with my friend to see how it goes, i've never tried 20 sequitors, especially without evocators to boost them. Maybe it's not the best but it's more solid than the liberator blob and they pack more punches thanks to their 9 big maces. I'll buy the GHB to see what kind of artifacts i can add to my castellant to make it more resilient. I hope you'll find this interesting, let me know what you think
  7. Here's the start of the army, most of this is currently getting painted and i'm in the middle of my big evocator's unit (got the half of souls war to complete the ones that i already had). I'll take more pictures if you guys are interested, so far i love these models, especially the feminie ones, they got much dignity and charisma as well as great details and poses.
  8. This is looking excellent, painting job looks really clean and detailled and your bases are perfect!!!!!
  9. Another idea i got was to keep the initial list and instead of putting more liberators and aetherwing to fill the gap by adding a knight incantor. The spell is a nice plus and the auto disspell could probably be relevant against some armies (even though i think against magic specialist who cares about auto disspell when you throws 7 or 9 spells). Also the scuicide grenades looks like tons of fun to use
  10. i was thinking about that. it's only 20points more than the azyros (which i can remove then since it offers me almost the same bonus) and i can have an extra command point and less drops. The downside is that anvils of heldenhammer is less useful in that configuration as shooting with only 3 longstrike has low impact compared to 6. or maybe we can go another way with a bigger group of 6 longstrikes and 2 little groups of 3 hurricanes? this way i have the big group for the extra shot and i can also get some nice saturation with the groups of hurricanes. i need to find some room to get all this and i think i'll get it by removing some liberators and the group of palladors (farewell my kings). It could look something like this: aquilor castellant 10 liberators 10 evocators 6 longstrikes 3 hurricanes 3 hurricane 3 aetherwings 3 aetherwings 3 aetherwings 5 hunters 5 hunters justicar battalion for a total of 1950 pts, i can get another extra command point for 50pts and get to the sweet 2000pts. about the artefact which one should be useful you think? most of what we have is ****** in this book except maybe the 4+ save against spells (obsidian amulet) do you have something else to suggest?
  11. i think you can glue them without capes but the back of the armor has some weird volumes that you might need to cover with a bit of sculpting work. Also capes have half the support for the shoulder pads, maybe you'll have problems trying to glue the soulder pads without it.
  12. Thanks a lot for your answers guys! I see the problem now and why people go full shootcasts (9 raptors+4 ballistas...etc) each time a unit is described it's almost always the same thing: "nice utility but not enough damages". I think i have good threat in the form of the 6 raptors with the CA of anvils, i have a big blob of liberators to take the center and go die for sigmar and enough cover with the two units of aetherwings to form a solid line. I like your analysis on the palladors, and if they are "objective grabbers and screens" i will just keep one unit and forget the idea to get a second one (The vanguard hunters serve almost the same role in this comp: grab obj, secure flanks and clean weak units). I'm confident about my ability to choose fights and play with the battlefield I'm just puzzled about the big unit of evocators, 10 seems like a serious threat and i need these damages because outside of the raptors i don't have much to respond (and mortal wounds are probably the best way to apply pressure to any enemy) but at the same time it is 420pts... i'll make some games and see how they go. I've used them once as a counter charge unit and they did good in this role, helping to finish a bloodthirster and a big unit of 15 blood warriors but they all died in the process because they where just 5 members and couldn't sustain an extended fight. The list can go on two directions from there: aquilor castellant azyros 10 sequitors 10 evocators 2x3 aetherwings 6 raptors longtstrike 3 palladors 3x5 hunters 1 extra command point total 1990pts I added a third unit of vanguard hunter to fill the line requirement and replaced the 15 liberators for 10 sequitors, it's less wounds on the table but with the save reroll i'm only really vunlnerable to mortal wounds, the sequitor also have much more punch in melee with the 5 big maces and the 3+ to hit. I think the combination of these 10 with the 10 evocators is enough of a threat for my opponent to distract them from my precious raptors. The extra command point will be useful to TP one unit without sacrifying a precious shooting roll during hero phase. or: aquilor castellant azyros 15 liberators 5 evocators 2x3 aetherwings 6 raptors longtstrike 3 palladors 2x5 hunters 3 ballistas total 1990pts i removed the extra 5 evocators to push 3 ballistas, i don't have enough points to include the lord ordinator with them so i don't know if this is viable in this configuration. Ideally i'd like to TP them in cover for the sweet 2+ save and use the rapid fire (in average it is 4d6 hits with -2 rend which i can direct at what my raptors are not here to kill such as big units with decent saves, cavalry ...etc). Thanks a lot for you help guys i really appreciate it
  13. Thanks for your answer, i'll probably not go for 9 raptor though. I'm really aware of the lethal potential of these guys and the friend i'm playing against the most really hates them already (so far we've played 6 or 7 games together and he won none of them due to these guys). what are your thoughts on palladors though, they never betrayed me and did their job each time but they are not brilliant either so right now i have mixed feelings about them should i invest in them a bit more? Speaking of adding bodies i saw that gryph-hounds got some point reduction as well (from 140pts before to 120pts now) they are really useful to block people and are quite resilient (3wounds each and they can disengage after they attack) still vulnerable to saturation but they can do their job nicely against enemy elites. I mainly use them to pin down expensive units and/or screen precious melee fighters but they are not going to do any kills. At 140pts for 6 they where expensive but right now are they more valuable for 120pts?
  14. Thanks for that, i didn't pay attention to that particular detail. In that case the list will propably go this way: -Lord aquilor 170pts -lord castellant 120pts -knight azyros 100pts -15 liberators 270pts -10 evocators 420pts -5 hunters 100pts -5 hunters 100pts -3 palladors 170pts -3 aetherwings 40pts -3 aetherwings 40pts -6 raptors longtstrike 340pts For a total of 1870pts, i removed one unit of palladors and add more evocators as i felt they where the better unit. I still have some room for extras, maybe 5 more liberators and 3 more eagles?
  15. damn, didn't know about that..... Am i supposed to add miniatures 5 by 5 each time i grow a unit?
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