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Found 32 results

  1. Planar


  2. Hi all, i have two questions regarding the Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Corps. First of all i assume that i cant reroll ritual roll in the Hero Phase due to it's not mentioned in the warscroll ? Secondly my interpretation is, that i can reroll the complete roll and not only one dice out of the roll or i am wrong? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, i am not sure if i understand the void drum ability correct. Void Drum: Add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target friendly Idoneth Deepking units that have a Wound characteristic of 8 or less….. If I have a unit of Morrsarr Guards which contains 3 Models the total wounds characteristic of the unit is 12, so from understanding they are not affected by this ability or I am wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. Melcavuk

    Namarati Rebellion Leviadon

    The first Leviadon in my Khainite Namarati force
  5. May as well add this discussion to the growing pile. These guys will probably be my favorite warband out of the gate just like the eels are my favorite models. Can't wait to try out an all eel list here too 😉
  6. I’m on the lookout for the spare fish ‘accessories’ / bits from the Idoneth kits. 🐠 Do you have some unused and spare you’d be willing to sell? 🙏🏻 I'm particularly keen to find these parts (see the pics attached). I’m UK based and if you’d be willing to go to the trouble of selling these on, I’d be able to make my theme and conversions a reality! 🙌🏻 Thanks in advance for any help — I really appreciate it!
  7. Finally put the finishing touches on my custom enclave and wanted to share with you all! It initially began as a quick 1000 point army to try out some NMM and quickly spiraled out of control into the 3500ish points you see here before you! It's also my first dedicated Age of Sigmar army and my tabletop go-to. The last picture is the 2k point list I've been running. Definitely not winning any GTs with it but it does keep my local opponents on their toes! This is definitely the most fun army I've ever painted and I'm not done with them by any means! Here's to hoping GW sends them some love in 2020 (more likely 2021).
  8. After an incredibly busy holiday season I managed to finally finish my Soulrender! It was nice to be able to focus on just one model after the unit of Thralls, so that will probanly be my pattern going forward. My character models will be reward for getting the full units painted. So, onto C'ularad. He's a jovial guy, for a Soulrender. He has a very black sense of humor that has made him more popular with the troops than Soulrenders usually are. There's also the fact that he's usually right in the thick of combat with the Namarti, unlike the rest of the Isharann. Stay tuned for progress on my unit of Reavers next!
  9. So, after a several years of RL intruding on the hobby (as well as fustration at the destruction of WHFB), here is my progress on my first unit of Idoneth Deepkin. I went for the Fuethan Enclave, partly for the rules, but mostly because I wanted a faction that will fight anybody if they rile us up. Here's the first couple stages of the WIP.
  10. Finally found some time in a hectic schedule to start my Soulrender. Here is he base coated. This usually takes me the longest, since my painting speed leaves much to be desired. Now to start thinking of a name....
  11. Hello again! One if my friends wants to start an Aelf Army, and likes Idoneth Deepkin. He is has been playing for the same time as me, just doesn’t have an army. Any suggestions for a high tier matched play army? (He probably will get either a Battleforce or {more likely} a start collecting.)
  12. Sorrow coming Late at night Arrow sinking Deep inside Know ur fear When they're near One is darkness Two is death Three is hidden far beneath Four is pain fifth is shame Sixth is all the things you blame Just run faster if u can Don't try to shelter You'll be dead Sorry sorry little one What u've tried Is not enough Hope ur story Will be heard So that People be prepared For the devil with the mask Coming here to do his task -Popular doggerel of the coast of Ismunn- I was there..... I felt the burning pain. I witnessed the brightness of the light of the thrice cursed warlock twin. So pure in his facade, so rotten in his intents, not in search of solace or freedom for the soul of his race but just in search of puppets to recreate his lost world in a foul mimicry of an age that will never return.... just ailment to his crippled soul. - The Lord of Masque, Baron of the Ravaged,
  13. Hi all. First time poster here so I apologize if this should be within the Deepkin discussion thread itself. Essentially I currently own and am painting my way through 1620 points of Deepkin and have 380 left until I can play a 2K game. I understand that the Deepkin have a bunch of cool large options I could go for, but I do like the idea of adding some allies. I have managed to get my hands on the old Lokhir Fellheart model so I was thinking maybe Lokhir with 20 Corsairs and a War Hydra, and then I realized that the Kharibdyss is the Scourge Privateer monster, not the hydra. Looking at the warscrolls though, the hydra is not only better looking but sounds much more tanky. On the other hand back in WHF I used to play High Elves but I never actually bought a dragon. After playing some total war recently the idea of just getting a big old mage on a dragon isn’t unappealing... Just as a loremaster and some swordmasters are pretty appealing. In short; I understand it’s best to go without allies but, if I were to go for some allies, which units or armies tend to compliment the Deepkin? (for reference I am a new player. My Deepkin consist of the battleforce and Start Collecting with one box of thralls, so I’ll print it below) 1620 Deepkin: [Heroes] Akhelian King (General) - 240 Isharann Tidecaster - 100 Lotann - 100 Isharann Soulrender - 100 [Battlelines] 30 x Namarti Thralls - 360 3 x Morrsarr - 160 3 x Ishlaen - 140 [Other] 2 x Allopexes 10 x Namarti Reavers Thanks for reading!
  14. Chris Tomlin


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