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  1. Another 24 chaos drybrushed and based. That only leaves 15 Castigators to spray drybrush and base then that's the whole main army to that basic standard. After that the whole 64 models will get dirty metal trim, nightmare inducing yellowed beaks, and leather and scrollwork etc coloured in too. 5 weeks till the event I'm aiming for so should be very doable. Might even have time for practice games, even if only against myself.
  2. Judicators progress, got my big drybrush out along with a pot of skavenblight dinge.
  3. Rest of my castigators finally arrived. As did a selection of new basing tufts which I'll show off once I get to basing.
  4. Just some sandy bases on some Judicators/Castigators. Still waiting on another dozen castigators to complete 'the list'.
  5. That creature caster boy is a big fella! Really like the red drogors. Well done.
  6. Another couple of hours tonight working at the Soul Mills building battle line.
  7. Bare plastic progress. Tonight was leg night for 30 boyos, then took 6 to completion.
  8. I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and am building a shooting focused Stormcast army. The hope is it'll shake up the local meta (a lot of dominant Slaanesh), be a bit of a different army style for me (last three armies were evocators spam, Thunderscorn and quad Verminlords) and hopefully be good fun too. As this is my third Stormcast army I wanted to do something a little different as I've done vanilla Stormcast the first time around and the second time around I mixed and matched a bit with vampire/hooded head swaps. So this time I'm going with a crow/raven/bird theme. I'd call it AOS28 but think it falls short of deserving that label, although sticking bird skulls on anything does make it about 20% more John blanchey. I ordered a job lot of raven helmeted heads from the fantastic Zinge industries, and will be using these on all my Stormcast. The heads are a bit space marine-esque at the moment but I'm confident that'll change once I apply paint with brush. I'll also lean heavily on the bird skulls from the citadel basing kit, and apply my limited green stuff skills. Anyway here's some pictures of the start of the project. Two Lords Veritant with attendant Gryph Hounds, and a bakers dozen of Castigators, the poor ****** children of the Sacrosanct chamber, but a unit I want to try out. My target is to have 2k painted and pretty for The Howling in October, so less than 8 weeks all in. Always find a plog helps, so here we go.
  9. I would be incredibly surprised if Bonesplitterz got squatted. Just don't see it happening. Think they're much likelier to see a new battle tome than get squatted. Until then though they're not the most competitive and could possibly take a further hit next month if the new handbook and subsequent faq hits things like command point stacking. But by god are they fun to play!
  10. You are reading it correctly. He doesn't have to be in the battalion and it affects any entire destruction battalion.
  11. Sadly Gorrdrakk doesn't fit in any battalions other than an old realm gate wars narrative one. He's most commonly seen leading Gorefists and other battalions of that ilk, but as an additional choice not within those battalions.
  12. Astral templars for the +1 to hit monsters. But that's a whole change of storm host.
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