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  1. yarrickson

    Help me build an army around Celestial Hurricanum?

    3x10 arkanauts co with triple skyhooks to fill your battleline. Couple of units of ten skinks for chaffage/irritation/protection. Celestar Ballistae seem an obvious shooting choice. Phoenixes (frost) for attacking out with your bubble. Knight incantor gives you another wizard, dispel scroll and access to buy the everblaze comet if you want. Mixed order has lots of great options.
  2. yarrickson

    Help for tournament in 2 weeks!

    I like option 2, gives you another cast for your endless/realm spells, and gives Arkhan another spell option. The wolves give you a bit of blocking/objective grabbing. Also I think (without knowing you) that a 2nd block of 40 skeletons can often cause issues (not intentional) of slow play. It's a lot to move/charge/pile in and a lot of dice to roll. Really slows the game down. Not what I would have wanted at my first tourney. One block should be fine. Shackles are situational but a nice option to have. Would think you'll be running out of casts most turns before you get to them.
  3. yarrickson

    Endless spells: your thoughts?

    I've been enjoying them so far. My first attempt was an emerald lifeswarm in a Sylvaneth list. 5 games and only cast it once when Alarielle needed a touch more healing. Not worth it's points. I then played a dozen games with mixed order list with Geminids and an everblaze comet. The comet needs no explanation, but it's amazing how much it can throw an opponent off. I often really liked having geminids pop off the wounded remnants of enemy infantry heroes left after being comet-struck. In an all comers list I'd probably always try to squeeze in a damagey predatory spell if only because A: an opponent may think twice about going first in a battle round if there's a bunch of mortal wounds coming at him between rounds and B: it gives a chance to chip away at Morathi between turns so she might not last as long. Oh and I played vs a Nagash with palisades and that was a nightmare. Can be used to control fire lanes, movement and combats. Great spell that one.
  4. yarrickson

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    You would still be able to. Vengeful Determination (Vandus' command ability) isn't conditional.
  5. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Some questions that you may frequently have, answered in advance. Will this event use Malign Sorcery? Yes Will this event use the realm rules from the core book? Yes Will this event allow me to take the allegiance abilities from Firestorm if I meet the requirements? Yes What missions will we play? The scenarios will be generated randomly from the standard 18, 1 week prior to the event. Do I need a monster in case we play in the realm of beasts? No, we are going to play in the realm of metal on the Saturday and in the realm of Shadow on the Sunday. Can I use my ‘compendium’ warscrolls? No. Where do I sign up? Here, now. Do it. 😄
  6. yarrickson

    Mixed Order Army for sale

    2000 point Age of Sigmar mixed order army ready for matched play and for any AOS2 event/tournament. Army is at least 3 colours and based nicely with painted sand/tufts. Army consists of: Big and Little Morathi 2 Anointeds on Frostheart Phoenixes1 Tenebrael Shard (Sword of Judgement goes here) 1 Knight Incantor Geminids endless spell Everblaze Comet endless spell 3units of 10 arkanauts with 3 converted light skyhooks each (resin Tesla coils on irondrake guns) 2 units of 10 skinks 5 Khinerai Heart renders This army was recently awarded the Badge of shame as the filthiest army present at Scotland's largest independent tournament, Northern Invasion. It utilises some of the best, toughest and most broken warscrolls available to the Order allegiance. If you buy this army, your friends and regular opponents will hate you. 🙂 looking for £250 posted to anywhere within the UK for free.
  7. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Because I've started preparing stupidly early I'm already in possession of the awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Coolest Armies for FOTOW. I love these, thanks to Matt at Pro Painted for making these beauties. 😁
  8. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Payment received, thanks Grant.
  9. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Some extra info. Cost will be £30. That includes lunch on both days, covers the cost of CGG, and allows me to provide trophies, prizes and custom event merch for you all. Payment can be sent to yarrickson@yahoo.co.uk any time from now until Saturday 23rd February 2019. Prizes Champion 2nd place 3rd place (at 26 players+) Best Chaos General Best Order General Best Death General Best Destruction General Coolest Army 2nd Coolest Army 3rd Coolest Army Most Sporting Player Best Supporting Player (Spoon) Best player from each Mortal Realm Accommodation Cheapest option a 5 minute walk away is the Willy Wallace Hostel. http://willywallacehostel.com/ Also only a few minutes walk from the venue is the new Travelodge. https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/636/Stirling-City-Centre-hotel?utm_source=google&utm_medium=GHA_Organic&utm_campaign=GHA_Stirling_City_Centre Stirling also has another Travelodge further out, the Premier Inn and Highland Gate, as well as a variety of B and Bs. Rules Pack The rules pack will be available from October 2018. You can expect the event to be a relatively straightforward matched play event. The realms and scenarios will be available in the rules pack for your list building and army creation pleasures. Like this year I will publish a list document in advance of the event with commentary from luminaries from the Scottish AOS scene. Any questions, feel free to ask here on Twitter @yarrickson or in the AOS Northern Alliance or AOS Scotland groups on Facebook. I'll update here with further info, details, pictures and prizes as I have them. Look forward to seeing many of you there.
  10. yarrickson

    Who was to blame for the death of the world that was?

    My vote goes to Manfred. What a jobby.
  11. yarrickson

    6 Nations take aways

    I played at 6N. Despite getting humped in all 5 games I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere was amazing. As has been repeatedly stated there are a few issues ATM with stacking, seraphon and the spell portal all contenders for most broken thing right now. These are all relatively easy fixes going forward either by FAQ or by TOs. 7 weeks till my next event. I expect a fair bit to have changed/settled by then. Can't wait to go again. 🙂
  12. yarrickson

    Icefall Yhetees in AoS 2nd Edition

    Unless the GHB says otherwise the new basic rules are OK with any model being your general. 😀
  13. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Entrants 1.Liam Watt 2.Jamie Ferguson 3.Greig Summers 4.Fraser McWhirter 5.John Bayliss 6.David Soutar 7.Grant Mudie 8.Mark Roberts 9.John Craig 10.William Convery 11.Stuart West 12.David Nemeth 13.Kat Fekete 14.Scott Smith 15.Nathan Watson 16.Mike Callaghan 17.John 'The Hero' Harper 18.Ross Joyce 19.Iain Hunter 20.Lee Hamilton 21.Richard Scott 22.Stephen McCormick 23.David Norval 24.Scott Pirie 25.Craig Graham 26.Grant Fraser (Paid)
  14. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Fall of the Old World V 2000 point 5 game matched play event to be held at Common Ground Games, Stirling on the 16th and 17th March 2019. Full details to follow as I have them. (We are 10 months out at this point) but I expect to surpass this years lengthy list of sponsors and prizes 🙂