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  1. They are just for fun. I don't really play anymore. (life uh?) However I think you could go the @StoneMonkGamer route and use them as Kharadron Overlords.
  2. Just wanted to share some concepts on scourge privateer crews. Not legal for playing or anything but just found the lore around it intriguing.
  3. Ander

    Standard bearer

    don't really know! I got it in a mixed bits bag
  4. I would love to bring back to AOS one of my fav armies on the old Warhammer armies days: Amazons All the old metal models are quite dated so I think that converting would be the way to go. The best Idea I have for now is using Daughters of khaine model + Seraphon weapons, bits and iconography. Also, I would use the new Barbed Bracken for the basing. Do you think this is the "best" approach? What other ideas do you have that you think could fit this Army? Regards,
  5. hey there! Still WIP, but here are some more photos. I am closer to finishing the cathamaran and worked on an underwater/harpooner.
  6. it is! I am using the banner top. The original had an smaller helment but I think the conversion is good-enough.
  7. Just finished a small 5 men corsair unit, also started working on my Lokhir conversion.
  8. Some cleaning to do but the Windraider unit is complete! On to converting the catamaran crew!
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