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  1. Your post effectively boils down to "hey this doesnt affect me so it is alright guys, calm down!". That is just being super selfish. There are people playing physical games across the globe and even more playing on TTS with almost weekly tournaments. Just because the FAQ wouldnt affect you doesnt mean it wouldnt affect someone else. Im super disappointed. Not only was our FAQ delayed, but the hype for the AoS FAQ was real after seeing the 40K FAQ with massive changes to armies and point changes. I expected somewhat the same for AoS. If there wasnt data for AoS, how come there was data for 40K? Does Covid-19 somehow not affect 40K? I think the answer is rather simple - There are two different teams working on the two different games and they took different approaches. 40K is also the bigger game and just had a new edition, so they probably put all their focus on this and left AoS as an afterthought for now. Covid has no impact on the FAQ. The FAQ does not require a physical meeting to take place. All of this work is office work anyways that can be done through Skype, Microsoft teams, Google Meet or whatever the company uses. There are TONS of companies across the globe that are made up of office work and they arent dying or cancelling things - They just work from home through these online solutions. An effective and proper FAQ could have been resolved through 30-60 mins in one of these online solutions. I know the warhammer community page isnt "official GW" but they have articles about metawatch etc. I dont get why they didnt just make small but subtle point changes to the clear and obvious offenders. Even if people cry for Kroak to increase to 400+ pts, give him a subtle 20 pts increase and say "yo we dont feel like we have enough data to make proper and precise changes, but we feel like this will push things in the right direction". This would have been perfectly fine. On the backfoot of the 40K FAQ this AoS FAQ just feels super halfarsed and I honestly cant think up any excuse for it. Either you ****** both games and keep to your excuse/story of not having data, or you update both.
  2. So an incredible lame and boring round of FAQs imo. So the Changecaster can effectively get to cast 1) His warscroll spell, 2) Lore spell, 3) Mystic Shield, 4) Arcane Bolt, 5) Endless Spell and 6) Realm spell if you somehow managed to score five 9+ casts in a row. Technically you could cast 7 spells if you have the Tome of Eyes and have him cast it. Not sure how massive this is or if you will really feel it in any of your games. I was personally bringing Be'lakor, so he was already soaking up a "generic" spell. It is a neat little buff though for the guy. The Mastery of Magic change is kinda meh. It means you will rarely get the +1 casting agenda off, since it requires an unmodified 9+. How we played it around here in my club was that changing a dice wasnt considered a modifier, so the cast after Mastery of Magic's effect would result in an unmodified casting roll. This is no longer the case. Between rerolls and using 2 DDs to "secure" a Gift of Change or whatever, you can probably still get it off in turn 1 or 2, just not as consistent. This also affects Tome of Eyes (Tzeentch Endless spell) that some people were starting to play around with to great effect - You get to reroll casting rolls for the caster, but you got an auto successful cast that couldnt be unbound if you got an unmodified roll of a 2 or a 12. If you used the Tome specifically for this vs Kroak/Teclis, it is now much worse, since you cant simply flip a dice to get the result of 2 or 12, sicne it will be considered a modified roll. If you werent a fan of getting the D3 MWs and simply used the spell for getting rerolls on your single caster/Parchment Curse, then I guess it is somewhat a buff. On the flipside it means Hexgorger Skulls is now much less dangerous. They require you to roll an unmodified 8. Now you can flip a lower dice to match your 4 and get a modified 8, hence not triggering this effect, and if you have a +1 from LoC or from the agenda, you will succeed the 9+ casts. Not really sure what else the FAQ impacts for us?
  3. Things are being "invalidated" all the time. There could have been someone investing into Seraphon or whatever prior to a new book because they love the "current" playstyle, only to find out a new one comes out and alters it. Units are "invalidated" through FAQs with rule changes or point changes. I dont think this is new or extraordinary at all. I think dropping new stuff in waves is just fine. It means the release wont be as overwhelming to some and currently if you dont like the release you might as well wave goodbye to the army for another 5 years. With this method you might have some hype that they will introduce some interesting things down the line - Either new models or batallions in white dwarf etc to spice things up. Fyreslayers is an example where they could have used a little extra love down the road.
  4. Im guessing this means by the end of the month. If it was next week I feel like the wording would have been different.
  5. Think its great that IDK got some love, but the issue is that the eel spam (which was already incredible good and super annoying to play against) is now just eel spam + 1/2 leviadons.
  6. Would love to hear about your experience with the tome from the event. Do you see any use with the tome in other lists? I played your other list and switched a Changecaster + Balewind + Magister for Great Bray Shaman + Ogroid. Played against a "Starcast" with Stardrake, Lord Arcanum with Everblaze Comet, Slann, Heraldor (the guy that blows a horn and explodes a terrain), Lord Celestant to buff the Stardrake and then it was 3x5 Judicators with a Prime. Soooo much MW output, and a lot of it doesnt need any dice rolling. It was on "Battle for the Pass" and despite him taking first turn and and pretty much nuking Kairos to ~7 wounds remaining in turn 1, I won pretty hard by turn 3. Not gonna lie, but we played in Realm of Light and every terrain being Mysitcal helped my little dudes a lot. I rolled some pretty hot 6s to deny some of the mass MW output the SCE list does from terribly far away. I opt'd to use Kairos dice to stop a Comet's Call after having used Be'Lakor on the Lord Arcanum to give me some more time. Both guys are sitting 40ish inches away (which is honestly so stupid - the range on both abilities is insane) so there is no unbinding to do here. In turn 1 he dropped his Judicators on the two middle objectives (Prime came down on one of them) and started sniping away, which got him 5 VPs. The following turn I DD charged Pinks into each unit and they kept the objective the remaining of the game (we played until my turn 3 (the end of turn 3) and he conceeded). This gave me 5 VPs in turn 1, 5 VPs in turn 2 and in turn 3 I summoned 10 Pinks onto his back objective, so it was 19-7 by the end of turn 3 which he couldnt come back from. There was no way he could re-capture his own objective while also getting my home objective. Bodies simply won by this point. The Ogroid felt kinda meh. He just stood around and gave Kairos an additional spell to cast, beyond that he did nothing. He felt way too squishy for me to even consider moving him forward and into combat. Obviously the list I played against has a TON of AoE MWs output, which doesnt help agaisnt our tiny guys. But at least the Changecaster provides an additional spell casting source with 2+ spell casts a turn that can have some ooompfh. The 24" from Balewind also gives me something to play around with so my opponent simply cant just sit outside of 18" and chill. In my game I felt it was literally just Kairos casting spells, all the other dudes sat around and did nothing beside offering up their lore spell. The healing from the Ogroid spell is also kinda whatever. I think it healed Kairos 2 wounds total in that game. If the healing was equal to the MWs it did, I would value it much higher, but using the spell on 2+ wound models or against single heroes (like a Prime or Stardrake) is kinda wasted. The lower casting value is ok, but not that big when you have rerolls from the Manticore. The Great Bray Shaman felt great. His Prime was around 22" away from Kairos when it came down, so I decided to bank on the Devolve which got the Prime within 18" inches, meant he got nuked dead in a single turn. I think the ability to mess with people so they cant just say "ohh you have 18" reach? gotcha! i will just sit outside of 18" then" is pretty valuable. You also have the option of just yoinking something into unbinding range through Spellportal (I didnt want to try on his Lord Arcanum since he had do a crazy high roll on 2D6 to be within 30"), something out of buffing range etc. I really like this guy and I think its super valuable to give your opponent a ton of different questions, as we have talked about in the past. Im really torn on what to cut in the list for the Shaman. I like the Magister because he offers another source of a Spawn which is insane in HostD but sprinting forward in the later turns to summon 10 Pinks onto an objective (or within 9" to DD a charge) is pretty sick. The Blue Scribes can do the same though, and I feel like by turn 3 he has done his job by supporting Kairos with the Spellportal or learning Wind of Chaos on a 4+ to cast on a 2+ through the Spellportal later on etc. Otherwise I could go with the Changecaster + Balewind, but it puts me at this awkward spot of having 1960 pts. It means I get to have a triumph in 99% of the games (probably), which isnt too bad I guess? Could always use the reroll saves on Kairos, or hits/wounds on the Pinks. Im honestly sad I cant slot in Geminids, but I wont dwell too much on the exact list since we are so close to the winter FAQ which could change things around - The GBS could drop in points to give me Geminids (lack 10 pts!), maybe the Gaunt Summoner drops significantly (rightfully so tbh after his nerf to "just" 5 Pinks) which might change the heroes choices around. I have yet to use the Palisade + Spawn trick to halt the movement of enemy units
  7. I mean I completely understand wanting to switch things up. You have played the list a fair few times by now, so I would probably want to switch things up too. Play some games and report back! Im curious how it will be on the table. Sometimes things look great/bad on paper but on the table things turn out significantly different.
  8. Any 6s is "almost" unstoppable on its own though (12/13 is rather difficult to beat) and it isnt difficult to get access to casting rerolls in the first place. My biggest gripe is that it takes up an Endless Spell slot and the fact you will bracket Kairos simply by turreting spells. I guess it hugely depends on what you play against (+3 unbind Kroak/Teclis), what your list is made up of and what exactly your plan is. If you dont have a specific gameplan in mind with it, it seems rather terrible to be fair.
  9. Yeah I can see the potential in the Tome, but I just dont like the idea of risking that Kairos brackets himself. This is without even considering random chip damage like Comet's Call or other long range shooting attacks etc. I feel like you could achieve almost the same effect but still having access to Wind of Chaos by taking your other "control list" and shaving off Blue Scribes, Be'lakor etc. The randomness does suck, but I could see it working out alright as a threat. Even if you dont roll well, I think most opponents would think twice before "invading" said space at the risk of getting halved movement, -1 hit, suffer D3 MWs and have a Chaos Spawn appear (Host Dup) makes this even more fun. As I read the Endless Spell, you get to roll a D6 and then see the result and pick a unit afterwards. So if you get a positive buff, you can select your own unit, if not you can select an enemy unit. If there is no enemy unit within 12" of the Sigil, you can just move outside of it as it happens at the end of your movement phase.
  10. Why Guild of Summoners? I would go Host Arcanum in a list like this. Switch 10 Pinks to Screamers and include Portal + Geminids.
  11. I have been looking at the Endless Spells for Tzeentch for a while.. My local shop got 30% off due to "black week" so I decided to buy the Tzeentch and S2D ones. I find the Tzeentch ones really awkward after studying the scrolls. While I get the point of Tome of Eyes, I just fear the risk of rolling double 2s or 6s when Kairos is casting 4 spells a turn. He could bracket himself pretty fast on his own without even considering any kind of chip damage, and you have no sustainability? I thought of including the Burning Sigil in your other list. The idea of is controlling the midfield and while the Burning Sigil is random, I feel like it could maybe cause a zone (18" setup range and then 12" radius around that) that your opponent likely dont want to walk into. This could cover objectives/midfield somewhat. It is annoying that we have a limit on 3 endless spells though..
  12. I havent ever summoned more than once, but I have missed this rule! I thought it was unlimited just like Seraphon. It seems odd though, I mean by that token why cant you summon 10 Blues/Brims for the cost of 10 Pinks? 10 Brims should certainly drop in FP value. On the flip side if they get too cheap it would be a no brainer in most cases to summon in 10 Brims every turn to act as a speedbump while you grind to 20 FP for 10 Pinks.
  13. I have been searching high and low as to understand why you can pick between 10 Blues or 10 Brims for the same Fate Point cost. I thought it was a mistake for sure. I cant see an arguement for EVER picking 10 Brims. Even if you want more damage output in melee, it would be better to pick Blues and fire more shots in the shooting phase - Same damage in the end. You just get 10 free wounds by picking Blues.
  14. Not only that, but when you field 30 Pinks you are looking at transporting 150 models. (30 Pinks + 60 Blues + 60 Brims). This can come as quite a surprise if you are new to the faction and tinkering with army lists. Thankfully they are on 25mm (Blues and Brims) so they dont take up as much space. It is also a significant number of models to paint. Luckily those little guys arent the toughest to make "table top ready".
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