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  1. If you truly want to alphastrike everything turn 1 (I'm not a fan of this playstyle) - Sure I guess. Otherwise I wouldn't value it all that much since we are already rather fast (at least with MK + GGs) and wouldn't want to give the enemy too much move.
  2. I'll be honest, I don't see the issue at all, and don't find the naming "bad" or "lazy" at all. Reading this thread is super mind-boggling to me, but I guess that goes to show how subjective this threads point is.
  3. According to the Honest Wargamer statsshow, Big Waaagh was in the top 5 of the highest win % with around 52 (from what I remember). Obviously nowhere near Slaanesh, but thought it was interesting that it was higher than Ironjawz. I would think Ironjawz (especially Ironsunz) offer some much more diverse tools against the current meta. Maybe I overestimate the overall impact of being able to charge in opponents charge phase + Smashing and Bashing compared to getting the flat +1/+1 and 6+ FNP save. Mighty Destroyers isn't as big of a deal due to Brutish Kunning and Ironfist batallion imo.
  4. Small “expansion packs” for the armies would be great. Fill in obvious holes and update models. Im surprised Chaos Warriors are getting an update but not Ardboyz.
  5. Sure some armies got Endless spells that dont affect their own models, but you still got stuff like Geminids that can honestly be quite impacting. From my own experience, people are lazy and dont bother much with Endless spells.
  6. Afaik they reroll all failed saves though + bringing models back. Quite the tanky bois.
  7. I really like the +2 move since it really helps when it starts to bracket. Also gives it significantly more threat range with Mighty Destroyers. The 4+ Weird Un' is also great since it lets it stay longer on the board = Means more damage from SFV stacks. I think the other ones are too weak.
  8. But weren't you also going Ironsunz? How are you gonna get 3?
  9. What else are you gonna get from the Hysh realm? If not you might as well go for Aqshy and get Thermalrider's Cloak since it's +4 and fly.
  10. Your lists just seem rather alphastrikey and not built around taking damage back. I have taken some inspiration, and I have had issues with other alpha strike armies personally. I dont mean anything bad about it, because a good offense is a valid tactic, and I often roll over people, but I have trouble vs endless spells that persist entire game and tons of screens or other armies that also alpha since the lists dont really have any proper screens. Thats why Im curious. But yeah, Im really surprised how much damage a buffed unit of charging Spear piggies do. Im certainly gonna run atleast 1 unit of 6, maybe 2, then Ardboyz.
  11. Dont you ever run into issues having put all your eggs in one basket? Arent opponents with quite a few Endless spells gonna be trouble with zero unbinding/dispells? What about plague monks or witches? Wont they just run in and mob your units?
  12. I didn't watch any of those. But did they really lose big time? Theres a difference between showcasing a new army being dumpstered and putting up a fight with one of the current kings.
  13. I have never watched a twitch stream where the new army loses big time. Now it also helps that new armies tend to be quite strong, but it makes no sense to showcase a match where the new army is doing terrible. Not exactly setting themselves up for a good sale.
  14. Who would have guessed that the army performed well in a battle rep specifically made to showcase and create more hype around said new army.
  15. If you apologize and promose to paint 20 Ardboyz, I'll let you off the hook.
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