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  1. I think it will come from table edge. It makes sense that nearby Orruks get drawn in on the Waaagh energies. There was a clash between Chaos and Orruks where it was explained how more and more got drawn in.
  2. Apparently some people spoke to GW at the event and they said the Waaagh Energies will be a way to summon in more Orruks. That sounds super juicy!
  3. My whole point was that warscroll updates/buffs across the board is relying on the Waaagh bomb. If it is going away (which would be a good thing, as you mentioned), it would obviously happen. I just dont know if they would trash such a fundamental thing about IJ
  4. Why would you care about an army being supported at all then? You dont have to go to the big tournaments to have an interest in a somewhat even playing field.
  5. To the people saying “as many as GW wants!” - I disagree. There is happening a slow powecreep with every book being released. If there were 30 books, it would take ages for them to get around and update tomes according to the current meta. Playing an army that isnt up to par with the current “activation wars” sucks big time. Having 30 books also creates an insane pressure on GW to ensure proper internal and external balance for all the books. As much as it sucks having your toys trashed (like Tomb Kings etc) I think it is ok to ensure a healthy amount of armies that GW can keep track of.
  6. But since GHB19 IJ has already gotten a couple of decent placements. If you massively buff all the units without touching the Waaagh spam, itd be bonkers. Not all the lists take the Brooch. Not all armies got rerollable saves or a ward save. Having multiple wounds and 4+ isnt bad compared to many armies.
  7. I doubt there will be that many changes for IJ statwise. It will really depends on if they want to move away from Waaagh-bomb.
  8. Even if BS and IJ are very different, they still answer the Waaagh and Gork/Mork. I dont think it is unreasonable that both would rally under Gordrakks banner/answer his call in the name of Gork/Mork. Etc etc. Gw can pretty much do whatever they want and write some lore to support it. I personally dont think IJ warscrolls will change massively, unless they decide to go away from the Waaagh spam.
  9. To me, Warcry has made Meeting Engagementd irrelevant. I like AoS with 2.000 pts., but want something on the side in the form of a much smaller and faster game. Warcry just seems much more exciting.
  10. Im betting preorders sometime during next month. Im curious if they are gonna release additional models, if the warscrolls will get an update or if they just continue onwards with the current model range and just slap the current rules into one book for both factions.
  11. No as in this isnt “the end of Ironjawz” 🤪
  12. It states that the book will allow both pure Ironjawz, pure Bonesplitterz and then a mix. It is optional. I wouldnt be too worried.
  13. New book that combines both Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz? Daaaaym that sounds hot 😍
  14. Yeah that is what Im really enjoying about Slaanesh. Tons of different builds. Heavy on heroes, heavy on infrantry etc.
  15. Honestly I have been on the fence about getting the new paints, but after having watched Vince's latest video, I'm sold. Obviously the guy is a mad man and anything he touches turns to gold, but his result on the Bestigors with purely contrast + normal white + normal black got me hyped. It seemed somewhat simple and something I should be able to manage. My only issue is that my current army is painted half way with regular paints, so I will probably continue till this army is done and then pick them up for the next project.
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