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Found 42 results

  1. *OLDER PHOTOS HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN, NEW ONE ARE ON PAGE 2* " Fire and wind come from the sky, from the gods of the sky. But Crom is your god, Crom and he lives in the earth. Once, giants lived in the Earth, Conan. And in the darkness of chaos, they fooled Crom, and they took from him the enigma of steel. Crom was angered. And the Earth shook. Fire and wind struck down these giants, and they threw their bodies into the waters, but in their rage, the gods forgot the secret of steel and left it on the battlefield. We who found it are just men. Not gods. Not giants. Just men. The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan. You must learn its discipline. For no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. [Points to sword]This you can trust." And sooooooo another blog It's been a long time since I want to convert my own free people and now I 've got the right inspiration! I want a classic of fantasy the good barbarian! Here are the first 3 member ( I'm thinking when I ve finished the bases conversion for every model to add fur boots to all of them) Comments and critics welcomed.
  2. Because a unit of 30 crossbowmen just isn`t enough I painted another 30 directly after the first ones. Seems I got some resilience for repetitive work This standardbearer isn`t as fancy as the other one. Time was running short before my first tournament. But I managed to photgraph some steps of the painting process and build a little gif from it. I hope you folks like it. I just like painting those guys. The blue/yellow colors make me happy Here is the gif:
  3. I played my second tournament at the beginning of march and commanded my Nordheimers to great success. Scored 3th place and won the overall rating including wins, painting, conversion and sportsmanship. They call it "Leonardo Award". Here`s my tourney list: We played 3 different scenarios with fixed realms, realmfeatures and realmspells. They were set by the TO`s and really well picked, in my opinion. We even used the hidden agendas from GW. 3 in each game and you were not allowed to use one twice. Overall it was a very good tournament experience for me. Here`s the battle report of the first game. Scenario was "Places of arcane power" and the opponent was an Idoneth Deepkin army with lots of Eels. Places of Arcane Power (page 60 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Shyish Realmfeature: Aethernachbeben (Add one to casts) Specials: 1) Command-Ability: Soul-Force Sacrifice (Core Book) 2) Spell: Word of Ending (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery) 3) Spell: Souldshroud (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Ethereal Guide (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the list of the Idoneth player: The game was real fun. Tthe left and right opjectives were hidden behind big towers which could block a whole griffon. This was bad for me. My initial game plan on this scenario was to set up my crossbows in the middle and kill everthing in the corners. So I picked the side which was more "open" to be able to get to the center easily. Unfortunatly he put his one shipwreck right before me to block my path to the center. After setup I gave him the first turn. He turned the tides with his Tidecaster. So in the second round all his units will be attacking first. Unexpectitly he refused to charge right into me. Instead he moved his units onto each objective and made no charges. On my first turn I nearly killed his 9 eels in the center with my crossbows. I also killed his 5 Khinerai at the lower left objective with a good roll of my archers. Luckily I got the double afterwards. In this turn I managed to kill his character holding the lower left objective with a hit of the Luminark, good boy🤩. The first 30 crossbows killed 10 Thralls near the center objective. The other 30 crossbows wanted to kill his Akhelian King on the second Objective. But he just used his artefact and I wasn`t allowed to attack him in this phase. Luckily I already moved my General on Griffon towards him and charged him directly. It was the second round, so he attacked first making 4 wounds on my griffon. Afterwards I just killed him. Rolling 2 6s on the hit the Sword of Judgement mad all the wounds needed for a dead Akhelian King Unfortunately I wasn`t able to get my Luminark onto the lower left objective. He was blocked by my own guards On his second turn he charged his othe runit of 9 eels into my general on the center objective and he died really quickly. There was absolutely no chance for him. Afterwards the game was done. I wasn`t able to score enough points with only my luminark being able to take objective. And his remaing character on the upper right objectives was out of my reach hidden behind this big tower. But I managed to score 2 hidden agendas in this game, which will be very important in the end. It was a fun game and I now know that it is possble to beat this dreaded Idoneth eels. Second game battle report on "Better Part of Valor". The opponent was a Beastclaw Raiders army with "Braggoth`s Beast Hammer" Battalion. The Better Part of Valor (page 58 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Aqshy Realmfeature: Flaming Missles (+1 rend for missle weapons if target unit is at least 12" away) Specials: 1) Spell: Fireball (Core Book) 2) Spell: Stock Rage (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery) 3) Spell: Parch (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Incandescent Form (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the Beastclaw list: This game was really tense and in the end depended on a single dice roll. I build my castle on the center and right objectives. Guards in front, a second ring of archers and handgunners 3" behind the guards and finally the crossbows 3" behind the second ring. So I was able to withstand his double pile-in from his battalion. On the left objective I placed my second griffon to force him to spread his units. He took first turn and charged right into me. Fortunatly he desided to move 4 Mournfangs towards the left to kill the lonely griffon. But there he missed the charge. In the center he managed to get all his units into me. 2 Goregrunta units and the Frostlord on the left of my castle. The 4 Mournfangs on the right. The Thundertusk moves really short and could only shoot is 6 mortal wound stuff at my guards. My shooting due to the great companies doesn`t went well. I had some bad roles and managed to kill only two Goregruntas and one Mournfang. In the combat phase his units hit really hard. He managed to kill the left Guards and nearly killed the right ones too. But 3+ save rerolling ones holds well nethertheless. After the first combatphase he decided to take the second pile-in from his battalion. Fortunatly my crossbows were still safe, far enough away from his units. But he killed all my handgunners and the rest of the guard in this turn. He even gained hold of the my center objective and burned it right away. On the right he could only kill the guards and my remaining archers safed me the objective. This was round one with many many casulaties on my side. The next roll for initiative was the game decider. Luckily I won the roll off and started the second round. In this turn I used Hold the Line on the Crossbows givung the +1 to wound and hit. Additionally I used the realmspell "Stock Rage" on one crossbow unit, giving them another +1 to wound rolls. So they were rending on 4+. I also managed to shot with the right crossbows to the left and vice versa. So the distance to the enemy was more than 12" and all attacks were with another -1 rend due to the realmfeature. This was bloody and I just killed all of his units. It`s insane what 60 can do when half of the hits are with rend -2 This was the game for me, afterwards I killed his remaining 4 Mournfangs with my griffons and took his objectives. His Thundertusk Beastrider were killed by my Luminark in round 2. The good boy hit 2 times with 6 damage. I really, really like my Lumi. Pew, Pew Lasergunz! I even scored my 3 hidden agendas in this game. Third game battle report on "Knife to the Heart" with a Seraphon army on the other side of the table. Knife to the Heart (page 50 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Ulgu Realmfeature: Darkly shaded (The maximum range of attacks or spells is 18") Specials: 1) Command-Ability: Lord of the Shadow Realm (Core Book) 3) Spell: The Enfeebling (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery) 2) Spell: Bridge of Shadows (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Aetheric Tendrils (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the List of teh Seraphon army: This game was not as interesting as the other ones for me. I splitted my companies and put one on my objective and the other one I wanted to use to get hold of his objective. In the end he send single units into my crossbows until round 3. I killed his Saurus Knights, Ripperdactyls, Saurus Guards and the Sunblood with only loosing my archers and getting 4 wounds on my griffon. But unfortunately I couldn`t really move forward due to him attacking all the time. The winning move was using the realm command ability and one realm spell to teleport a unit of 20 guards and a unit of 30 crossbows right in front of his objective. Luckily I got the double turn afterwards. With my Crossbows I swarmed his objective and was able to gain control of it, winning the game with a major victory. I even gambled really hard in this game and was able to score 3 hidden agendas. Including holding more objectives than the enemy In the end I went third place in this tournamend being tie with the second. But he had a better Strength of schedule. Meaning his opponenets scored better than mine so his wins were weighted higher. As mentioned before I really enjoyed this tournament. All players were nice and friendly and the organisation was very good. If you`re interrested in some stats you can look them up on this german tournament page: T³ - TableTop Tournaments I will remind myself to make more pictures in future games. Thanks for reading and commenting
  4. Oh man this was alotta work. Painting 30 crossbowmen was a mentally demanding task. But I needed them for my first tournament. So there was the motivation you propably know. In the end I had enough time to play around with the standardbearer and could push myself alot further with painting freehands. I`m very proud of the standardbearer. I think this freehand turned out really well The painting is a copy of the Vasa. A swedish warships witch sank on it`s first journey Here`s the reference https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-swedish-warship-vasa-ralph-bruce.html I really like those guys and play them every game. Buffed with Hold the Line! they perform exceptionally well and kill nearly everything.
  5. So this is my free people army for now. Recently I made some pictures of the whole army. I`m really curious about what will happen the year of 2019.
  6. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with this miniature. Both, from a painting and a gaming perspective. It took me ages to paint this one fully and I have to admit that I wanted to quit several times during the process. There is just sooo much detail in this miniature that it would be crazy to paint everything to full extend. So I made mine to good tabletop standard, I guess. The best moment was when I finished it and was able to move to something else. At the end I`m happy with the finished model, dispite the fact that especially the blue highlights could be much better and that I just don`t painted a lot of details. But i couldn`t resist and magnetized the top construction. So i can even play it as a Hurrikanum. So I gladly don`t have to paint another one of these From a gaming perspective this model is really an up and down. It has one shot with the top laser. 3/3/-2/6 with 30" range. This is just brutal, but you cannot imagine how often it`s just missing. On the other hand I won games just because of this 6 damage shot . In the end I guess that I`ll always take him. He just makes the opponent consider this threat and creates a real large bubble of potential devastation
  7. See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1790-the-crossbows/
  8. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1790-the-crossbows/
  9. Stulle

    Crossbow Standardbearer

    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1791-more-crossbows/
  10. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1791-more-crossbows/
  11. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1789-the-second-griffon/
  12. I have to say that I really enjoyed painting this one. The fear and uncertainty of painting such a big miniature was gone because I already painted on of these. So I tried some new technics and painted my first real free hand on this one. I also finally desided to give Nordheim a strong relationship to the sea and naval stuff. So ships were suitable. Especially a whole fleet I think this is still a fantastic kit. In the end this is grim looking Karl Franz with Garl Maraz in his hand!
  13. This one is kinda a cool story. I always wanted to have one, because of the warscroll. He has the ability to heal an unit with keyword Order and he has his little Gryphound fellow. Unfotunatly you cannot buy this one from the GW webside. He`s a special model in some boxed set. I don`t know why, but I was able to buy this in the GW store in the next major city. I think this was really lucky and I`m happy to have him. I don`t spend much time on painting him because I wanted him to be finished for a game. So everything went in a hurry. In the end there are a lot of little flaws. But no one will notice it on the table I really like the free Gryphound which comes with this priest. You have a lot of possibilities with this one in a game.
  14. The week after the outriders of the former blog entry I painted this unit of 10 men with their mighty zweihanders. I`m really happy with them and it was a pleasure to paint. I really like the armor which is kinda bigger than the one of the normal guards. But there is still enough cloth to give them the blue/yellow look and fit them into the whole Nordheim army. The different heads with more beards look pretty well too. It`s the first time I`m happy with the eyes I painted. As you see the greatswords went with orange cloth stripes. There is one special guy in this unit. I called him Iron Joe. If he`s not too busy defending the growing empire against all sorts of monstrous filth he likes swimming, cycling and running At the moment these Greatswords aren`t used in battle and stay on the shelf. But im planning to build a more melee focuses force. And these guys will have an essential role in it.
  15. This one is just a gorgous model.🤩 I had so much fun with this one. The base alone was a place of tiny rocky happiness This griffon took me 3 weeks to paint it completely. I spend alot of thoughts for the styling of his back. Which animal should it represent? And what was paintable? I made 3 versions. Something unreal, a leopard and a cheetah fur. In the end I took the leopard andI think it was the right choice. In my eyes it just looks amazing. Unfortunatly the painting took quit a long time. So I had the opportunity to play some epic games without him really being finsihed. The rider was fun to paint too. I really like the yellow/blue color sheme and have never regreted this decision. It just looks fantastic. Even as WIP. In the end the general on griffon looks like this: This one is an autoinclude in each of my lists so far. Sometimes he has a bad day and kills not that much. But you can see in the eyes of the opposing general that this griffon always strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy.
  16. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1752-the-empire-great-cannon/
  17. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1743-the-greatswords/
  18. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1745-the-general-on-griffon/
  19. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1742-the-outriders/
  20. This one was also bought in a our local shop. Afterwards i realized how lucky I was because this gorgeous model is no longer officially sold In my opinion this is the most beautiful artillery piece on the whole GW range. It`s just a cannon how a cannon should be. I`m searching ebay for an unbuild one ever since. I need a second for symetric purposes Here are some pictures I really like how the crew turned out. You can see in the faces what kind of guys they are. The seasoned gunner with a long beard and grim look commanding the crew, picking targets and firing the cannon: The normal cannon crew member, having seen his share of the battle. Being determined in his duty: And the greenhorn without any facial hair. Maybe it`s his first fight? Having a more shyish look and hasn`t earned some individual equipment pieces yet. At the moment he may only do the most easy work and carry those heavy cannonballs: In the end I`m really happy with this model. If you got an unbuild sprue of it at home. PM me, I`d be glad to take it
  21. Right after the artillery I went with a single character and some tiny conversions. Basically just putting two dogs on a larger base to accompany this beauty. The female mage is Autumn Bronzeleaf from Reaper Miniatures. The doggies are from some companion pack. Also from Reaper Miniatures. For me this model had a lot of first timers to offer. First female character, First non GW and first metal miniature. I like how she looks now. The eyes could have had more contrast and the cloak looks more dirty than properly shaded. This could have been better. Maybe next time Amber is a specialisation for the Battlemage. The Ambermage has a spell granting +1 to wound for a single melee unit. So you need a marker showing that a unit is affected by this spell. I don`t really like those markers made from cardboard or plastic. So i made my own one. This little fella shows everyone that you should`t mess with the boys nearby Here`s the final picture of them:
  22. Painiting theses outriders at the beginng of may was somehow hard for me. I started with the horses and wasn`t very happy with how they turned out. Afterwards it was hard to muster the motivation to finsih them. On the other hand it was the first time that I experimented with not so obvious color/shade combinations. The grey horse, for example, is Stormvermin Fur with a shade of Seraphim Sepia. Doesn`t look that good for a horse. But I will use it for kinda moosy stones in the future Painting the riders was more fun and in the process i god back my motivation. Here you see the full glory of the 12th Outrider detachment of the Nordheim army. I like the roman number on the blankets and the turquiose cloth to distiquish them from other detachments. In the end I`m quit happy with them. Unfortunatly they are also on "wrong" bases.
  23. This one was bought with the first bunch of minis at the end of february. I started him not much after but at the end it took about one month to finish him. This was the first mini I painted in steps with other stuff in between. In the end I`m happy how he turned out. I think he`s a worthy geneal to make the free guilds to Hold the line! But i have to admit that the model itself is not the most beautiful for me. There are more human models which will suit better as a general. Here are 2 WIPs which i will use as proxy for the general. One is the Ludwig of Schwarzhelm model which is far more detailed and has more life in it: And the other one is a Valten on horseback. The base will be too large for matched play. But damn, he just needs these two wolfs Somebody of you folks knows the warscroll of the freeguild general? Do you think it`slegal to have sword, shield and the banner? Or does the banner rule out other weaponry?
  24. I really like artillery. It`s just facinating to have this big boom. Thats why I directly bought 2 Helfire Rocket Batteries and painted them at once. This was before I really understood pointcosts and the principles of alliances and allegiances. Atm its 180 points for one of these bad boys. So two of them only barely fit into a free peoples army I had a lot of fun painting those. in the picture you may see that i magnetized them. One big magnet (5mm) at the end of the gun and a small one in each Wheel. I think they just look better without a base and so they fit to every underground. Man, it`s just fun to paint big rocket guns. I put quit some effort into them. This was the first time i made some color testing: If i recall it correctly its form left to right: Balthasar Gold, Balthasar Gold and a Layer of Gehennas Gold, Balthasar Gold and a Layer of Auric Amour Gold. I don`t know anymore(was in april ;)). But I think i went with the Auric Amour Gold variant. Could also be the Gehennas. It`s definitly with heavy Agrax shading. Future projects will be documented here directly so i can always look it up if i forget color combinations i used. Here the final pics: At the end I`m really happy with how they turned out. Except for the eyes. I learned to paint better eyes later. Just don`t try to put the black dot in the middle of the white. It looks much much better if the black dot touches the upper of the eye. You`ll see in the next pictures. For example the Empire Great Cannon which is just a gorgeous model and the mother of all artillery pieces 🤩
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