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  1. Long time no post! A lot of stuff has happened with this army, but I did end up submitting it as my entry for armies on parade this year. Here is a selection of photos that I took!
  2. Finished a squad of Judicators! Persidus the Hunter and his Judicator Retinue "Rain of Vengeance"
  3. Of course! My method uses an airbrush, so i'll list how I do it, and then how I would do it without an airbrush. For reference, each model here took about 5-7 hours depending on how many extra bits there were. The exception to this is Severin Steelheart, who I spent about 20-25 hours on because I was using it as a portfolio piece. With Airbrush Prime everything in mid-grey (I use badger grey primer through my airbrush). Airbrush Incubi Darkness over the whole model. Do a light zenithal with Sotek Green. The total amount you use here sets the brightness for the mode
  4. Thanks buddy! Probably a bit less converting on these ones though I will probably do an armies on parade board for them, depending on when that comes back round. Thanks! Good to be back.
  5. Hey there TGA, long time no post! I have been absent from the forums for a while, because my hobby became very 40k focused, but I have recently gotten back into Age of Sigmar! Last time I was on here I was writing about my Gharuki Forest Duardin. This time I'm being slightly less adventurous and painting a largely unconverted, established army, the Celestial Vindicators. The Celestial Vindicators are known for their war chants, which they use to keep their rage in check. I plan to build a warrior chamber called the Warsong Chamber, or Warsingers, who channel their rage into epic symp
  6. So I went into GW to test some some contrast paints so that I knew what to buy tomorrow (or try to buy, i'll be up early). This is the second time I have used contrast paints and I was eager to try it on some figures that I had based with a zenithal highlight. I was very pleased with the results. The above model was 2 or 3 minutes of messing around. Colors used are shyish purple, inyanden yellow guilliman flesh and black templar black Some thoughts! As expected the Zenithal worked brilliantly! As with most glazes/washes the purple worked better over a greyscale zenithal than yellow,
  7. I love this! 1000pts is my favourite point size for both AoS and 40k because: Its quite achievable for hobbysists to get painted, a 1000pt force is just a completely different psychological beast to a 2000pt army. It allows people to try out more armies, because the entry requirements are lower. Gives you that "full" warhammer experience, while being a bit quicker Works on a 4' x 4' board, and makes 6' x 4' feel like a more vast battlefield. Problem is, things are never really quite written for 1000pts, so sometimes it feels like you are missing out on the larger pi
  8. Just thought I would chime in here. I was at the event and heard the question and this summary isn't quite right (haven't checked out the honest wargamers show to be fair). When asked would dispossessed be getting a battletome they said: Over the next year or so, every faction will be covered by a battletome. Then just before moving on, they remembered to say that they won't necessarily match to the current faction labels, and that was a general comment about the factions, not dwarf specific. So they essentially confirmed that dispossessed will be covered by a battle tome within the
  9. Hi, The sprues are visible on the GW website, and I think I can only see 10 combinations of bits which would suggest that you do need to build the grot-chomping one, but without the instruction booklet or hands on experience, its difficult to be certain.
  10. Hi Git-Collectors Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, it was a bit tricky to search for. In the Squig herd box set, one squig is pictured with a grot trapped in its mouth. Does the sprue contain enough pieces that you could construct the full 10 squigs without this variation? I want to use them in a non-grot based conversion. Thank you!
  11. The grand alliances were one of the biggest things that drew me to Age of Sigmar. They provide a framework for making some brilliantly createive mixed armies, without going as far as saying that anything can team up with anything (which we have open play for). My current dwarf army is 50% dispossesed, 50% ironweld arsenal 50% kharadron overlords. Its not particularly good, but I'm glad it exists. This seems to be missing the point of grand alliances entirely. It is most certainly an army composition role. Deepkin are unavailable as allies to Fyreslayers if they want to maintain th
  12. I don't read all of the rumour thread, but I had a look at what I assume is the post you are referring to. You made a case for why they may have been quick to make. That doesn't mean they are objectively inferior or the designers lazy. For a quick release re-using assets might be very sensible since they will have a good idea about how each detail might interact with the printing process. This might have allowed them to fit something into a short time window that would have otherwise meant that nothing was released. You also said that GW is a £2 billion company, which I'm not sure is
  13. You don't like the sculpts. This is a possibility for all releases. You can't extrapolate your opinion of a sculpt to infer the effort made by the team. We also haven't seen the rules yet to know how powerful the terrain pieces are, but if even they are powerful, they are only enforced in the same way as every powerful unit i.e. you may feel compelled to take them to maximise your list. This is also true of every release.
  14. The heroin comparison, as tongue in cheek as it is, is something that I agree with and actually get quite passionate about (EDIT: the cost bit, not the social life bit). Almost everyone I know who plays this game is unable to control their purchases, unable to complete what they wanted to complete. Most purchases are made with some grand plan in mind and rarely ever get to that stage, which does make me sad. I wonder what % of GW purchases go unfinished? I wonder what would happen if a magic omniscient thing could tell you, "by the way, you won't finish these" before you bought them. Would you
  15. My one wish that would make me switch to getting everything through the app? Link the Azyr app purchases to the warhammer digital store instead of tying them to the apple and android app stores. I have an android phone and an iPad. I already begrudgingly pay twice for the azyr subscription. But to buy a book through the app? Knowing that I only have access to it on one system? Knowing that if I want to switch at some point that i'll effectively lose that content? No I can't bring myself to do that. I will continue to buy the physical books, or occasionally the epubs through warh
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