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  1. So I went into GW to test some some contrast paints so that I knew what to buy tomorrow (or try to buy, i'll be up early). This is the second time I have used contrast paints and I was eager to try it on some figures that I had based with a zenithal highlight. I was very pleased with the results. The above model was 2 or 3 minutes of messing around. Colors used are shyish purple, inyanden yellow guilliman flesh and black templar black Some thoughts! As expected the Zenithal worked brilliantly! As with most glazes/washes the purple worked better over a greyscale zenithal than yellow, but even the yellow looks okay, gives it a gritty dark look. I think that its misleading to tout it as a basecoat, wash and highlight all in one. For me its basecoat + wash all in one, and some easy highlights would finish it off. Don't get me wrong, that alone for some paint schemes could represent a HUGE time saving. (I realise that today's Andy Wardle article on warhammer community suggests that it can do the work of highlights though, and he is a million times better than me). I tried Volupus pink and Magos Purple first , and they dried much more transparent with a similar layer of paint. It would have required 2 or 3 layers I think. This is certainly a range where you will have to get used to each paint. When I decided to try a quartered colour scheme, I went from slopping things on to painting more accurately and you can be very accurate as long as you understand the directions things will pool. While I think you can be accurate with it, I think finishing some conjoining areas with conventional paints will allow you to be sloppier and quicker with the base coats. e.g. If I did the boots with normal black and armor with metallics, it would hide almost any sin in the previous stage. While for this model I used black templar for metal, in my eventual plans I will certainly use conventional metallics. I think with metallics and some highlighting I could do this type of model in maybe... 20 minutes? And it probably look better than if I had done it conventionally. So an early morning for me as I scramble to get into the store at opening time and hopefully pick up the 4 or 5 paints that I want.
  2. I love this! 1000pts is my favourite point size for both AoS and 40k because: Its quite achievable for hobbysists to get painted, a 1000pt force is just a completely different psychological beast to a 2000pt army. It allows people to try out more armies, because the entry requirements are lower. Gives you that "full" warhammer experience, while being a bit quicker Works on a 4' x 4' board, and makes 6' x 4' feel like a more vast battlefield. Problem is, things are never really quite written for 1000pts, so sometimes it feels like you are missing out on the larger picture, or not quite playing the right game. Having a specific game mode at this size is fantastic for me. I'm sure it'll have some issues like skirmish does, where ultimately some of the rules are not balanced for that particular game mode (already talk about summoning), but for me and my friends this is great 😁 I love the min sized unit requirement. AoS has a few too many bonuses for large units that make me feel I need to max out everything. The combination of max unit points discounts and rules like "+1 to hit for more than 20 models" makes it feel a bit pointless to go with a smaller unit sometimes. Obviously some units have their large unit bonuses priced in, so don't know how balance it will be, but I still love this. Also as someone who collects Tyranids and Orks for 40k, I am slowly growing tired of placing 4 to 5 units of 30 to 40 mooks on the board, moving them, piling them in etc. Even with movement trays!
  3. Just thought I would chime in here. I was at the event and heard the question and this summary isn't quite right (haven't checked out the honest wargamers show to be fair). When asked would dispossessed be getting a battletome they said: Over the next year or so, every faction will be covered by a battletome. Then just before moving on, they remembered to say that they won't necessarily match to the current faction labels, and that was a general comment about the factions, not dwarf specific. So they essentially confirmed that dispossessed will be covered by a battle tome within the next few years. That could be as part of a different faction (free cities etc.) or as a dispossessed book. This makes sense because under no circumstances would they say that dispossessed would be rolled into a larger book, they don't actually reveal that level of information in these Q&As. Despite it being fairly obvious that they don't answer questions about specific releases, half of the questions at these events are "Will we get space marine bikes?" etc. It gets quite infuriating. So they give us some vague ideas of long plans: This year (2019) there is still at least one release for each grand alliance. Over the next few years, all existing factions will be covered by a battletome. In fairness, they haven't ruled out achieving this by removing a faction, I don't think.
  4. Hi, The sprues are visible on the GW website, and I think I can only see 10 combinations of bits which would suggest that you do need to build the grot-chomping one, but without the instruction booklet or hands on experience, its difficult to be certain.
  5. Hi Git-Collectors Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, it was a bit tricky to search for. In the Squig herd box set, one squig is pictured with a grot trapped in its mouth. Does the sprue contain enough pieces that you could construct the full 10 squigs without this variation? I want to use them in a non-grot based conversion. Thank you!
  6. The grand alliances were one of the biggest things that drew me to Age of Sigmar. They provide a framework for making some brilliantly createive mixed armies, without going as far as saying that anything can team up with anything (which we have open play for). My current dwarf army is 50% dispossesed, 50% ironweld arsenal 50% kharadron overlords. Its not particularly good, but I'm glad it exists. This seems to be missing the point of grand alliances entirely. It is most certainly an army composition role. Deepkin are unavailable as allies to Fyreslayers if they want to maintain the full benefits of being a Fyreslayers army. Deepkin ARE available as part of a larger GA order force that also includes Fyreslayers. So you can compose your army differently and still be matched play viable, while sacrificing some army-specific rules and gaining GA specific rules. It's perhaps the most interesting compositional choice that's ever existed in a warhammer game. I would be very sad if they removed it.
  7. I don't read all of the rumour thread, but I had a look at what I assume is the post you are referring to. You made a case for why they may have been quick to make. That doesn't mean they are objectively inferior or the designers lazy. For a quick release re-using assets might be very sensible since they will have a good idea about how each detail might interact with the printing process. This might have allowed them to fit something into a short time window that would have otherwise meant that nothing was released. You also said that GW is a £2 billion company, which I'm not sure is correct. It has a market cap of < 1 billion and thats based on a share price that the company admits is inflated. The company still has to balance its resources against everything else. Nobody is saying that you should never criticise GW and always be grateful, people are just criticising your criticism.
  8. You don't like the sculpts. This is a possibility for all releases. You can't extrapolate your opinion of a sculpt to infer the effort made by the team. We also haven't seen the rules yet to know how powerful the terrain pieces are, but if even they are powerful, they are only enforced in the same way as every powerful unit i.e. you may feel compelled to take them to maximise your list. This is also true of every release.
  9. The heroin comparison, as tongue in cheek as it is, is something that I agree with and actually get quite passionate about (EDIT: the cost bit, not the social life bit). Almost everyone I know who plays this game is unable to control their purchases, unable to complete what they wanted to complete. Most purchases are made with some grand plan in mind and rarely ever get to that stage, which does make me sad. I wonder what % of GW purchases go unfinished? I wonder what would happen if a magic omniscient thing could tell you, "by the way, you won't finish these" before you bought them. Would you buy them? What if you know that you only ever complete 20% of what you buy, would you buy them if it had a big sticker saying "80% chance you will never finish these" on them? Add this to the fact that at least two of the people I know who can't control their hobby purchases are not in a great financial situation, which means that it suddenly becomes a real problem beyond shrugging off as an inconsequential hobby with little plastic men. I sympathise massively, it took a great deal of organisation on my part to rein in my own purchasing habits. I won't go into it much more here, but I do think that talking about the hobby and addiction in general are discussions worth having. I thought the article was great by the way.
  10. My one wish that would make me switch to getting everything through the app? Link the Azyr app purchases to the warhammer digital store instead of tying them to the apple and android app stores. I have an android phone and an iPad. I already begrudgingly pay twice for the azyr subscription. But to buy a book through the app? Knowing that I only have access to it on one system? Knowing that if I want to switch at some point that i'll effectively lose that content? No I can't bring myself to do that. I will continue to buy the physical books, or occasionally the epubs through warhammer digital.
  11. If your problem is that your painting is unfocused, rather than not painting at all, you are already doing better than most of the people I know in this hobby, so thats awesome I am quite passionate about this subject, because I believe this is a huge problem within the hobby. Very few people buy a box of minis thinking "I'll never finish these", they always buy them thinking "Ooh wouldn't X look cool if I did Y". But for some people I know, I can say with almost certainty whether it will happen or not, and that makes me sad. In the last year I have gotten pretty disciplined with my painting (I have painted everything I have bought in 2018, other than the unit I bought this week that I am currently painting), so here are some tips that have helped me. Keep a log of everything you buy and everything you complete. Not only is it strangely satisfying to make progress on a physical list, but it gives you an idea on how much you can complete in an average month and then don't buy more than that in any given month. Its fine and dandy getting a bit painted here and there, but if your purchase rate outstrips your completion rate then your backlog will always grow along with any related anxiety. Try limit yourself to only playing with painted models. To make this easier, give games like AoS Skirmish, kill team, shadespire and path to glory a go. If a warband is fully painted, even a small skirmish game is elevated to new levels. Too much of this hobby is focused on 2000pt matched games where every new army idea is 100 models that cost £500. A lot of people will struggle to complete that even once a year. Embrace grand alliances! The loose and large alliances in Age of Sigmar allow us to have a load of variety and bring disparate forces to the table. You will have a load of fun bringing a hodge-podge of alliance stuff that is more painted rather than an efficient mono-faction battalion of grey plastic. Gives you an opportunity to think of a story about why they are fighting together. As @RuneBrush said, use deadlines where you can. Enter things like painting competitions, path to glory campaigns and armies on parade. Nothing motivated me more to finish my dwarfs than having a looming armies on parade deadline. It was tough and got stressful at points, but I'm so glad I did it and got it finished. My main tip for the undisciplined gamer like me? Don't buy more than unit at a time. Ever. What about that battleforce thats a great deal? Don't buy it. What about shipping cost savings by getting everything at once? Not worth it. That huge endorphin rush you get by buying a bunch of models in one go will end quickly, and soon they'll just be another source of hobby anxiety as you stare at a huge backlog. By gettnig single units, You will actually spend less money and end up with more completed stuff. Last year I spent £700 on warhammer and ended up with £200 painted. This year I spent £400 on warhammer and painted £600 of it by focusing on single things. Hope that helps
  12. One thing down! Probably won't get the ruins done this month, but longbeards are on track.
  13. I've been reading this as it goes and now I feel I should add my voice. Just to start by saying that like @JPjr I am very skeptical of conversations about "journalistic ethics" in the nerdier community. They are rarely a mature discussion of whats ethical, but a mix of conspiracy, witch-hunting and over-exaggerating the most minor of things. This thread so far hasn't really changed my opinion. There has been no example that comes anywhere near what I would describe as unethical. In fact barely an example that I would even describe as unintentionally misleading. Some of the things brought up are actually more representative of problems within the community itself i.e. overreacting and misunderstanding the hobby. Stuff like the space wolf codex errata and sequitor numbers, units being "unplayable". Not mentioning FW price increases? Surprised MWG didnt bring it up in one of their gorkamorka campaign videos? No I'm afraid you didn't have a specific example at all, you made a vague assertion about some talented content creators based on how "critical" you felt they were about GW, without making any distinction between the sort of content that those creators tend to make and what you might expect them to produce. The sort of people who decide to devote a huge chunk of their time to creating fan sites tend to love the hobby. Their outlook on things is skewed towards the positive. They are excited and close to the action. Thats it. Even if they were being positive towards Games Workshop for the sake of it, the net impact on you would likely be nil.
  14. I pick out a small detail that can accomodate variation easily without distracting from the theme. For my Longbeards its Blue vs Purple gemstones. For my Orks its triangle vs Check patterns etc. However, I am finding that these are a bit too subtle. I have to focus quite a bit to be able to tell in a pile-in situation.
  15. Trying to do this properly this month! Setting my sights very low after a big build up to armies on parade. Target 5 remaining Longbeards 1 Fungoid Cave Shaman Stretch Target Azyrite Ruins We'll see how it goes!
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