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  1. Colors fit the description perfectly. Can't wait to see the rest!
  2. Rungi

    Burning Totems

    The living tattoos that traversed his weathered skin surged in unison with his own limbs as they sent the last wooden totem clattering to the top of the heap. Voorg noticed the light dusting of snow that had begun settling in his beard; a storm perhaps? That would be refreshing, he thought, and helpful in obscuring the sight of his fire. It would be best that the others not carry the sight of their ancestors burning with them in their minds’ eyes. His brief moment of calm was torn away by the shrill roar of the young tree hunter. The creatures' heavy, thudding strides were much like
  3. Added a priestess to the ghyran-duardin collection. Blog with story here. Feedback, comments, etc all welcome. Thanks for taking a look!
  4. The Tree-Saver She watched anxiously as the tree lords strode away, their crunching steps always somehow softer than she’d imagined. They had a grace about them that was at odds with their jarring, hardwood armor. Eliriya suspected that there was more to the sylvaneth than simply sentience in tree-form. She had seen the revenant farmers nurturing young hunters and slow-growing lordlings, and she wondered what other spirits coursed through the children of the forest. As the last of the wargrove faded from view, only Eliriya Tree-Sister and her young charge remained. The Undisson
  5. How do the sizes match up from your GW figures vs. the ones from RN Estudio? They look like they'll make great "standouts" from the rest but I'm never sure about how scale actually lines up.
  6. What an incredible army & narrative thread! I've been following your updates for a long time and aspire to being also create on this level. Particularly impressive is the way you've created conflict within it but still managed to tie the force together. Your Darkwood Court has become one of my main places to look for inspiration & new ideas. Wanted to say thanks for sharing!
  7. Just wrapped up my questing knights. Their story is here and is part of the Malign Portents/Soul Wars narrative I'm working on. Eventually it'll tie into my main force. Take a look and let me know what you think! Some angles of the regular knights Shaman / Icon Bearer The leader of the group. I'm calling her The Verdant Knight I would love to hear your feedback. This is the first time I've tried NMM. I tried to use the technique for an interesting green-metal style. I also wanted to create a green glow off of certain weapons, runes
  8. Rungi

    One Last Quest

    Brothers in Exile: Nori spat dust from his mouth, cursing his brother for choosing this inn as their night lodgings. “Nobbin ye right git! You ‘aven’t the coin for ale t’wash the taste a’bones from me mouth!” Sweating with exertion despite the midnight cold, Nobbin didn’t appear bothered with his twin’s complaining now, nor had he ever. The younger by nearly two whole candle-marks, Nori had known that any position Nobbin was entitled would not have been similarly awaiting him. From a young age he had hefted axe and mace, training from dawn til dusk to make his own place in the clan. It ha
  9. Wrapped up a new unit for my main dispossessed army. Fluff can be found on the blog. I love these old ironbreaker sculpts. There's an ominous nature about them. I thought with a dark paint scheme they'd be perfect for my unit of scarred survivors from a battle with warpfire. The army colors are a pretty basic dwarf blue & white, so I used washes and inks to get a blue tinge to the darkened metal. The sculpts already lent themselves well to the idea of armor hiding the scarred figures who had survived encounters with warpfire. I needed some way to make the unit uniq
  10. Rungi

    The Unburnt

    The Unburnt: Sickly grey-green corpses, red shreds of gore, and dark charred husks intermingled down the steep slopes and littered the floors of the trenches and larger ravines. The sweet, thick smell of cooking flesh rose from mounds where bodies had been stacked and set ablaze. Purple and pink sparks occasionally accompanied sizzles and pops as unnatural gifts were burnt away. Above on one island of greenery amongst the few remaining that dotted the hellscape, Rungi and his council sat in silence, contemplating the cost of their victory. Though it was long after the adrenaline had stopp
  11. I like the conversions with the masks significantly more than the original models. Your stellar paint job does't hurt either! I'm excited to see where you go with this mysterious/lurking/darker the faction.
  12. Rungi


  13. The dramatic contrast and bold colors really bring these models to life!
  14. My army centers around a duardin king and his clan, the Karakigrom, as they attempt to resettle themselves in Chamon. The main storyline can be found here, as I introduce each unit in their throng. I'm fascinated with all the variability in AOS though, so I'm also exploring what less "traditional" duardin might look like coming from different realms. The first of these tangential storylines is centered on the Malign Portents (here). My goal is to tie the different storylines together as a way to unify various duardin factions and explore what a unified duardin society might look like in th
  15. This is already my favorite AOS release, and I'm a collector of an old WHFB order army just for the painting and hobby of it. It has been said before, but this shows that alongside the completely new AOS factions there's room to build of and expand old favorite. The idea of variety and lack of boundaries is what AOS seems to be all about. As a dwarf fan, I absolutely love goblins for all the ways they contrast my own army - they're the perfect nemesis! But what we saw in earlier releases had me worried that everything in AOS might go the way of overly-specific micro factions, which might be fi
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