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  1. Head and Shoulderpads now arrived and temporarily tacked on, the final build on the Eidolon begins
  2. Whilst the core of the city focus, being around warmachines and clockwork constructs hasnt changed, the new warscrolls will depict a time when Technomancy was a viable route within the city and enchantments aided their rapid development of engineering marvels. To this end things like Witchhunters are not prevalent within the city walls as they arrived long after, with their warscrolls replaced with Magisters designed to help motivation, repair and innovate within the city using their own particular brands of embedded runes in their Singing Blades. Similarly my manned construct The Ironsworn Templar is not present in these early years of the city, instead we see Cogsworn Templars becoming the mainstay of guardians, Magical steamtech constructs that use the brains of Gargants used to wielding hefty bodies as basic guardians and heavy lifters for the City. In future years these would disappear fighting wars beneath the city and manpower would replace them in the Templar harness.
  3. Some of you may or may not have heard about my Midnight City project, the weird sciences and clockwork marvel of the Mortal Realms centred in Ulgu that was the primary focus of my Empires of Industry Battletome and featured on the Warhammer Tv army focus. Battletome: https://artisansofsigmarhome.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/btmidnightaugust-1.pdf With time having passed I wanted to revisit the project, and look instead backwards into the history of the city before they reached their prowess in the modern Age of Sigmar. To this end I have started writing an Allegiance, and Warscrolls to depict them during their long isolation during the Age of Chaos long before they had outlawed magic within the city boundries. This will produce a very different look at the Midnight City, before so much was lost in the age of chaos and they were giving over to xenophobia and anti magic bias. So now for the rules so far: The Allegiance abilities focus more on the isolation of the city, integrating the concepts of stealth and movement for life whilst the command ability is very much about a combined armed approach with heros marking the way for units Midnight doesnt have a unique spell tree, even when there were wizards in place their primary focus was technomancy and enchantments, to this end the warmachine traits are added to allow personalisation of warmachines Apologies for any blurring, the site has upload limits.
  4. Second Deepguard painted, the glowing red murder eyes of the Khainite mark beginning to shine through
  5. The first unit of 3 Akhelian Guard are now assembled though I might revisit some details. The Sea Horse conversion is something I was looking forward to for a while and I’m happy with how it came out in the end
  6. Thinking on it my ideal would be something like this: Round 1 10%, the build up and maneuvering Round 2 30%, the big clash Round 3 20%, the resolution and minor skirmishes Round 4 20%, the counter punch and fight to the last Round 5 10%, the clean up both sides diminished and therefore killing less Leaving both players with some models on the board but reflecting a clash
  7. Some unofficial warscroll mount for melee and ranged versions of seahorse cavalry
  8. More bases! And a foot hero: With 360 degree view: With
  9. Mixed race Cities of Sigmar militia unit buildable as any type of Freeguild guard but AoSified and not big hats with feathers
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