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  1. Still want my Feudal Industril Ironweld Factory Empires to be a thing. Embracing innovation and strength of arms against all that is magical or unnatural.
  2. Yeah you could have them as physical guardians of the natural order, those who saw life spring anew in the Realms before these would be gods came and peverted it to shape in their own image. To have stood on the side lines and bear witness to time and time again these outsiders, these arrogant fools who damned their own worlds breaching the Realms and claiming dominion over all that lived within, centuries watching as the petty egos of these impostors drove once bouyant societies to the very brink of destruction. To have witnessed the would-be-godking, and dark mirror in the trickster of death invade, to see the cascading halls of the long rest in Shyish reduced to cages for souls that should have been allowed to simply fade away. These invaders, imposters, outsiders could be no god, there is little divine in their act, instead they are simply tyrants who wear the mask of saviour though it fits them ill.
  3. Currently with the sheer number of Gods literally walking around being an Athiest in Age of Sigmar would be challenging. Could approach it from the aspect of Nulls, those so rooted in reality that their presence stills the primal winds of magic around them, anchoring in what is and denying what could be. A vacuum that drains magic, light, belief from the area, a plague of disbelief that spreads throughout the realms threatening to tear reality apart as what could be bombards localities of what can not. I'd then make them either aspects of destruction or an off coloured Order, as their very presence would unravel binding magics of daemons and death making their welcome in those factions unlikely. Could even look into them as an ancient society, those that secured realm centres as anti magic hubs, those who walked the realms BEFORE these would be gods arrived, after all to have seen the arrival of a so called god makes it far easier to deny their divinity.
  4. Destruction cult of Ogors worshipping the Suneater, tended by grot subspecies Gothi. Destruction Priests, shamanistic magic, fire... so much fire (Destruction) Aeloran Wyldlings, insane Aelves who walked to the edge of the realm, carrying the disease of the Wyrd with them, a force of raw magic that seeks to return the realms to their primal forms (Destruction) Proper Ironweld Arsenal (see my topic for more detail)
  5. Barebones PDF with revised allegiance abilities, leaner warscrolls and an adjusted Cogfort for the 2019 handbook. Battletome(barebones).pdf
  6. Working on a second Master of Shot for my Ironweld, this time more of a soot soaked veteran of the cannonade designed to fit in seamlessly alongside my various gunnery crews.
  7. Tweaking more of the Warscrolls for my Ironweld Arsenal, I have simplied the defensive abilities of the Phalanx and transplanted them across onto the Riflemen scroll aswell. In doing so they lost the ability to reroll 1's to hit but have gained large unit bonuses in terms of hits generated. Additionally the engineers apprentice now grants and additional 2 inches on pressure rifle range instead of +1 to wound. Both units are currently listed at 100 points and primarily form defensive roles within the army. Feedback always welcome.
  8. Modelwise I may introduce them but scrollwise I'd run them as my various Coghauler Variants, massive armoured gargant with cannons mounted and crew, essentially forming an armoured weapons battery.
  9. With just the basing left to do when I get ahold of more grass tufts my first Helstrom is ready to join the growing ranks of my Ironweld. Pictured next to the existing Helblaster volley gun.
  10. I want Wyldling destruction Aelves, insane by hanging fled to realms edge. Ridden with the ever shifting primal magicks as it wracks their form. Avatars of the primal wind, antithesis of industry.
  11. Melcavuk


  12. Likely entirely unrelated but last time I went around the exhibition at WHW that Magma Dragon had been moved into the Fyreslayer army display and the Merwyrm was in the Idoneth. Its only display but presumably the brief to relocate them into those specific displays came from somewhere.
  13. With just the edges of the base to tidy up the first model for my Troggherd is completed. "Grandad" and the Halfling Homewrecker bandits ready to hit the tables
  14. And with Tournament done I'm back at it for the Ironweld. Revising Batallions, adjusting layout and tweaking artefacts for the new activation wars meta. Rather than swing in with the "always first," "make them last" I'm instead looking at abilities to play around that rather than within it. To do this I've introduced the following: - A move after shooting effect for Riflemen in the batallion, this allows you to keep all the bonuses for not having moved in the movement phase, whilst backing away from oncoming threats -Revised the charge defense mechanism on the Halberds to ensure it deals impact hits reliably when charged. -Tweaked Lies and Deceit on the aspirant to slow enemies hit, allowing the Weld faster reaction times. I'm also tweaking relics and artefacts to provides some resilience in this regard and looking at concepts of Sappers as a command point purchasable pre game effect to help mitigate unfriendly terrain. Keeping track of the full sized, high quality photos of pages here on my blog to track progress being made: https://artisansofsigmar.home.blog/2019/07/08/revisiting-the-weld/
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