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  1. It'll get more full when the attendants are added Two of the four attendants of the Midnight Queen now added to the base. Alexandria, Matriarch of the Gunnery School Petra, Testifier of the Lost C&C always welcome
  2. Proper base size to be a Loonboss on Giant Cave squig added, trinkets and adornments for the more magpie nature of the Grotbags looting.
  3. After three days of work he's table ready, one Nurgle flavoured but Slaves to Darkness Sorcerer on Fell Tauralon (Manticore). Comments and critique welcome as always!
  4. Ending the night with a little bit of painting on my Chaos Sorcerer for my new Slaves to Darkness, hopefully the colour scheme moves the mount away from Stormcast more into Shyishian Chaos
  5. Like so many people I've been wowed by the new Slaves to darkness models, so i'm working on a test model as a Sorceror on Manticore conversion. Early stage WIP:
  6. A bit of colour for context, and how she shows up a model I painted less than a month ago
  7. Introducing the first of the newly named Vendati Order, clockwork Witchunters forms of those scarred physically or mentally by the abuse of the arcane.
  8. What happens when an ancient trickster Goddess, possessed of uncanny intelligence and a knack for survival is locked into a Penumberal Engine? She turns it to her own ends, the Midnight Queen ascends borne aloft in a Reclaimed Enlightenment engine channelled inwards
  9. Inspired by some of the amazing Halfling conversions doing the rounds, not my idea but atleast these are my execution of it. 5 Halfling Shadow Warriors so far
  10. Most of the bigger guys are base coated by airbrush with zenitial highlighting and then revisited by brush. Of late I have been building my Iron Patriarch with a reverse engineered lightning cannon and "purified" warpstone as a luminark, which in itself can lure the flitterlights from the depth to the energies leaching off its warpstone reactor Also the first of my halfling shadow warriors
  11. With some minor cleaning up on the edge of bases to do, and grass tufts due Monday this marks the 3 Midnight City Gyrocopters and this halfling pilots ready to hit the table
  12. Two more gyrocopters bought, halfling pilots and as they're Ironweld additional bombs strapped beneath the wings just incase something needs levelling on the way back!
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