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  1. One painted pegasus, two steamtanks, and a handgunner
  2. Starting work on some Midnight City pegasus knights and a new steamtank
  3. Iyla Greyson on Clockwork Griffon is now table ready MVI_1908.MOV MVI_1908.MOV
  4. Cheers, the current version is up here: https://artisansofsigmarhome.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/btmidnight2020noart-2.pdf
  5. One more Cogstrider painted, and the build nearing completion on Iyla Greyson and her mechanical griffon
  6. V2.0 Cogstrider the Ulgan Steamhound Alongside the V1.0 the Midnight Gyroscopic Cogstrider
  7. Printed off a test of my entirely unofficial fanmade battletome supplement, and it looks so cool.
  8. Adding a second model to my Ironsworn Guardians unit, this was the first of the trio to be built and my favourite of the three built so far!
  9. Third Ironsworn Guardian assembled, this last one is the Foreman (unit leader) with the Midnight Crest illuminated by his candles ontop
  10. I think at a basic level all wargaming universes are funamentally a multi verse with each gaming group running their own individual reality within that. Is Nagash really fighting in Ghyran and killed by Alarielle, or is he also fighting in Chamon and beating down a fanscroll Grungi. Is Marneus really on 2000 different table tops against different foes in different campaigns and so on, the minute we as players get control of a named character we create a fractured timeline and new reality. We rely on GW to give us Universe 1, the core that we then dictate how much we diverge from. I'd like it to stay that way just so we maintain a constant as a reference point to how divergent each gaming groups storyline has become.
  11. It is indeed the Ambot from necromunda with a couple of bits left off to accomodate a pilot
  12. Adding an Ironsworn Guardian unit (Counts as Kurnoth Hunters)
  13. Not my area of expertise but photoshopped the queen over existing art.
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