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  1. I've not come across a template as such, largely you can get away with a decent backdrop and 2 or 3 text boxes a page on Pages or Publisher. Gw have their own warscroll template on the community site for Anvil of Apothesis for when you want to write up unit warscrolls etc.
  2. AoS doesnt need the Core Mechanic, mostly because most of the specifically AoS armies are either niche to the point where core is irrelevant (a dozen or less warscrolls) or the command abilities in those armies are targetted. Core works in 40k because all their hero buffs are always on auras, Command abilities in AOS are by and large costed and targetted so dont need further limitation. The only armies it would really impact would be Stormcast (remember the last time they were considered good?) Cities (whose command abilities are so specific already it'd make no difference) and Mortal Chaos (who just run marauders anyway) so it would punish armies that dont need punishing, and see no use in the competitive armies.
  3. Conversely The Whispered Word is the only part that gives me cause for concern, mostly I'm thinking area of effect command abilities such as a Nomad Prince essentially giving board wide buffs with a +1 to hit due to the low LOS blocking terrain density of the setting. I would add the specific caveat that this ability only benefits command abilities that specify a unit to buff, rather than risk area of effect abilities becoming too potent.
  4. Today sees the skin and spear for Saraal get some colouring and a bit of work on the base, he's nearing tabletop ready now
  5. A touch more progress before I head off to work today
  6. WIP Saraal first of the Host, souls ripped from Midnight during the Azyrite siege to forge an occupation force when the city fell. However as the city stands and the siege ended the occupation forces are now left without purpose, without home.
  7. Forgeworld preorders have always been a friday event.
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