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  1. A better look at the Khainite aligned Leviadon, taking on more volatile trait as the mark of Khaine influences them. The crew platform is my standard brass that I seem to apply to everything these days: youtu.be/DSSEH6nOBCw MVI_3669.MOV
  2. Working an early tomorrow so here’s where the Leviadon is left for this evening, most base colours on the mount down and achieved using contrast paints, contrast mediums, white, black and brass
  3. “I hated you cousin, for all you had and all you were. But I know now we are but the playthings of gods, so I pray you forgive me this…” Things are changing in the mortal realms, starting work on a Namarati Warlord pledged to Morathi Khaine, this is the early concept model
  4. Airbrushes in a few different shades and then drybrushed yeah. Nearly done the second tile now, and the first of my Skywardens for warcry
  5. Work continued with much of the brass added to this half of the Throne room for my Duardin Hold board, hopefully the unifying colour scheme covers any issues with the 40k terrain blending with the AOS, next up is the brass on the upper pillars and the work on the throne
  6. I'm working on adding rooms 3 at a time (a double tile big chamber, and 2 lesser chambers) the first three are the throne room (double), Tithe room (single) and Ancestral Tree (single). In the next set I'll likely do the foundry (double) and two points of incursion (skaven coming up, duardin tunnelling down)
  7. Next up is the Karak, after all what use are Karak Reclaimers without a Karak to fight over. Here are the first two rooms for Karak-Zan the Blood Hold:
  8. With the second wolf added here's the Bugmansson Warsled with magnetised rider for onfoot or mounted options. Cheers, its one of the new Orlock wreckers
  9. I've now assembled and painted my second Hero. Lara Drake-Jones, Karak raider Two Irondrakes And assembled the sleigh for Bugmansson
  10. Adding Bugmansson and 7 of the first 10 Vulkite Bezerkers
  11. Specials table ready: https://youtu.be/KeG4UPtyq1E IMG_2984.MP4
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