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  1. With the skulls left to pickout and a basing scheme to decide upon this model is the first of 1k Sylvaanesh to get done in the next month. Aiming for strong table top standards.
  2. Some early morning pre-work painting on my Keeper. Adding in metal tones and what hopefully looks to be an appealing shade of red to the apple. Using quite a muted pallette across the model with the red hopefully standing out. Now what colour for the spear tip?
  3. Building to the first 1000 points the aim is: Envoy of the Fallen Lady - Keeper of Secrets Sinisterous Hand Strongest Alone Strength of Godhood Sliversash Siren of the Murkwood - Infernal Enraptures Reaper of Sin - Bladebringer on Exalted Chariot Seeds of Dissent - 10 Daemonettes (Dryad/Daemonette Hybrid) Corrupted Revenants - 10 Daemonettes (Tree Revenant/Daemonette Hybrid) Mesmerising Mirror (Endless Spells)
  4. Working on a Keeper of Secrets/Treelord Hybrid for my Sylvaanesh. Envoy of the Fallen Lady, Harvester of Sins. Bearing the corrupt fruits of the forest to all those who might seek their taste.
  5. 10 of the Corrupted Revenants for the Sylvaanesh now assembled, complete with full command staff of champion, icon, banner and musician. They have a nice amount of oomph to their appearance whilst still (to my mind) looking Slaaneshy and Sylvanet
  6. Based on the Nagash artwork the skeletal tails may well be the tendril adornments to the Throne of Nagash, would be a little weird if both the existing death terrain pieces were thrones but they do bear a striking resemblance.
  7. Sylvaanesh are my latest project, aiming to convert between the two factions to have dual purpose units to use as either (Treelord/Keeper Hybrid, my Branchwych is able to be seperated from her Harp when an Infernal Alluress, Daemonettes/Dryads etc) Working on Lore for a deity of the forest, broken and wounded during the invasions of Nurgle and left to fester in her own failings. In time she dragged her broken form to the mirrored lakes where the sprites of the lake (Daemons of Slaanesh,) tended her wounds and whispered to her own fractured mental state. In time her own failings were all she could see, so she turned to the failing forests and cleaved from them all sickness, that they might grow strong. And for a time she was sated, yet as the years passed again she looked upon them and found no satisfaction, and cleaved again that they might grow beautiful. When she came for the third time upon the forest no longer did they lean away from her blade, instead groaning at the very winds caress as they sought the blades affection of their aster. Once revered as Our Lady of the Harvest, or Our Lady of the Fall by the local settlements the deity provided fertility and bountiful crops to those who made their lives nearby. As her corruption grew however the crops became all the sweeter, the richer and to those who had tasted them no other food would suffice. Her shrine in the forest became a temple of affluence as they offered all for the Ladies blessings, no longer tending their fields, feeding their lifestock all they could crave was what the Lady offered. These settlements eventually collapse into hedonistic tribes, no element of culture survives prolonged exposure yet as the forests grow more risk fallings under her sway. Now the deity is known only as Our Fallen Lady.
  8. I'm not great with greenstuff myself, largely its just a case of blocking out the area you want as fur and then gently incising with a knife and dragging in the directionality of the fur repeatidly to make strands. The heads are all forgeworld Space Wolf Grey Slayers (shields are too) from the Horus heresy, they seemed to fit the existing models well.
  9. Warhammer World ones all are, thats sadly the extent of my knowledge on the matter. They're official models so I cant see why anyone would ban them.
  10. I've started collating my work so far onto my hobby blog, as I continue to update it here the blog will allow me to collate existing projects, musings and thoughts aswell as show of more work in progress shots. https://artisansofsigmar.home.blog/gallery/
  11. Nearing completion the second Khornate Mammoth, now upto four crew members ready to serve atop the howdah.
  12. The Gargantuan Squiggoth is the best size comparison for in production GW models if you want a Chaos Mammoth, his appearance is also pretty mortal realms which helps.
  13. I had to dig through various Facebook posts to refund the event pack after it came off the site. I’m curious as to if it’s been removed to allow the event pack to update with forbidden power and GHB2019 as acceptable rules listings, given that both should release before the event day,
  14. Definately taking that for my Khorne, hoping he's Khorgorath sized.
  15. I keep seeing this come up and frankly it seems short sighted and boils down to: Agree with what I want and you must be awesome Disagree and its because you have anti fantasy bias and therefore your opinion means nothing. To be honest its getting slightly repetitive as a way of dismissing the opinions of those who dont agree with bringing back faction X or Y. You might not like the opinions of those who disagree with you but tarring them all with the "Anti fantasy brush" to try and insult huge swathes of the playerbase is less passive aggressive and more deliberately divisive.
  16. Nobody (well that I've met) is against them returning because they're bad people, it is simply the fact that with progress some things eventually get left behind. GW do not have infinite production capability, for every kit they add in from dead factions you're limiting the ability to produce something new, for every dead faction cluttering up the generals handbook thats another potential segment not being added in. Putting them in Warhammer Legends allows those players who have the models to keep playing them without constantly weighing the game down with an ever increasing array of discontinued models that must be produced for the few players that would buy them. If we go the route of everything always being in production then eventually nothing new can be produced, which means the game begins to stall out and we begin the unloved cycle of Fantasy 2.0 where people complain nothing new ever comes out whilst simultaneously demanding that nothing ever go out of production.
  17. Adding in some gore and spittle to the two mammoth conversions, nurgles rot for the green tongue, blood for the blood god for the more red tongued. And some water effect for saliva and hanging globules.
  18. Comparison between the two Squiggoth (counts as Chaos Mammoth) so far, ignoring the glare on the right one I'm pretty happy with both (still got skulls and crew to paint on number two), do we think they are visually diverse enough?
  19. Best metric for working out commitment to the poll would be to take the 2200 views assuming each is a unique view on the topic and then translate votes into engagement for each of the factions, putting the unvoted views as those not motivated to vote or having no desire on any of the factions.
  20. Looking really good, I've seen the dragon getting painted on twitter and it has real personality to it. I'm a big fan of seeing conversions for zombie dragons other than the stock kit as the limited posing of the kit and how commonplace the dragon/gheist has now become has made the original model less impressive. Plus lets be fair if you're going to raise a dead dragon, you'd pick a powerful one.
  21. I'm not sure if the sample numbers would prove what you'd wanted though, the other way to look at it is because there was no option of "none of the above" nor a "new faction instead" option, of a site with a population of over 13000 only 94 (0.7%) of those voted pro tomb kings in a poll where none wasnt an option. Ofcourse this doesnt take into account how many users are still active, would be bothered to vote, would actually like whatever the new iteration of tomb kings were etc enough to purchase them. It'd be like a poll asking peoples favourite type of cake, and resolving that everyones favourite food is chocolate cake when in reality it was simply the most popular of the cake options and not indicative of their preferences as a whole. I know fan nostalgia is a potent thing, and I'd argue that tomb kings are more popular these days than they were when actually produced (much like bretonnians). This doesnt discount the fact that their rule books were poorly maintained in fantasy but it also doesnt guarantee that of said 94 people how many would actually invest in whatever the new incarnation was (Issue with nostalgia is that it would tint each of our interpretations of what it should be now, leaving many disappointed it doesnt match their own personal ideas). New to me is far more interesting, intriguing and designed specifically for the mortal Realms, and I'm confident in the visions of the designers of AoS that the factions that were removed were done so for a reason.
  22. I'm not opposed to the concepts of either faction but I'm not fond of replicating factions exactly as they were within the mortal realms, therei s little consequence of the end times if the same factions materialise in the same way with the same lore etc. The poll seems to fixate on the idea that one of them could come back without impacting an already packed release schedules, it shouldnt be "Should tomb kings come back" but "Should they come back instead of releasing Malaerions shadow daemonic aelves, or instead of the Light Aelves etc" every new army "brought back" is one more potential new faction not to be made, dropped from the shelves and release schedule. For that reason I dont want them back because I'd rather a new faction specifically designed for AoS than just transplanting some old faction back in.
  23. Work continues on the second Khornate Mammoth, gone a bit more vibrant on the inner mouth now but not sure if its too much?
  24. Just to throw in a spanner, due to being similarly sized have you considered using the base model of the Riders from say a Stonehorn kit, they're already vaguelly sat admittedly in a more awkward position but are setup well to be seated and are of similar size to the Megaboss. Then add in armour plates from various of the Ironjawz kits, maybe use the big skull from the Megaboss or his head itself instead of the Ogors head and you'll end up with a pretty monolithic looking boss sat down.
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