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  1. Today sees the skin and spear for Saraal get some colouring and a bit of work on the base, he's nearing tabletop ready now
  2. WIP Saraal first of the Host, souls ripped from Midnight during the Azyrite siege to forge an occupation force when the city fell. However as the city stands and the siege ended the occupation forces are now left without purpose, without home.
  3. Forgeworld preorders have always been a friday event.
  4. The Balance for custom is always a dicey one, and I've always fallen on the side that says the strive for balance is what matters when writing something custom, to deliberately write something underpowered to make your opponent more tolerant of it essentially sets a precedent "I'm ok with custom aslong as its weak". With custom rules I always try and write to be balanced, and hope an opponent tries the same within their own army.
  5. Just a few quick thoughts: The First Spear – Command ability needs to caveat a unit may not benefit from this ability more than once per phase, and the limitor of that the command ability lasts until the end of that phase. Huntcaller: Spell cuts off midway through the ability Could he benefit from the usual “wizard” weapon profile (4+ 3+ D3 damage) instead?? Just an idea Infantry – its odd to say this with custom rules but I cant help but feel they lack a degree of bite to them, their stats seems fine its just that little either oomph or trick that most have. Cant think of any immediate ideas but something. Noamhar – Reskinned kurnoths so work well and look good. The suggestion above to simplify unit leaders makes sense too. Otherwise looks good, will be good to see
  6. The on foot version are mostly made from the Swift Twins for Bloodbowl from Forgeworld. The weapons and mounted cloak both come from the Light of Eltharion Much with many of my projects, the live on a shelf until the inspiration hits to continue them. And now: One painted and based Kheitani and then a comparison of the two Urhani noble variants alongside her. And their AnimosityII Trailer: AnimosityII.mp4
  7. Adding to my Shadow Aelves with my first Kheitani Shadowdrinker. Their numbers are drawn from Magisters who consumed their own shadows in pursuit of arcane power, in doing so their forms always eventually shift to mirror their damaged psyche
  8. Managed to get something of a glance through of the battletome on my youtube, silent for now whilst I work on audio: http://youtu.be/ax24xjsDqtk
  9. Barring the obscenely cheap starting level you’ll find all custom characters here roughly 15-30% over costed. I assume this is done with the intent to make them more acceptable for matched players to play against. However as it’s a narrative system I’d encourage building them to suit what they are, rather than worrying about costs.
  10. Theyre actually in the narrative play section of GHB2019, whilst they could be used in matched play they were introduced in the narrative play section
  11. Brettonia have never been more popular than when they've been removed from the game. They were removed by GW for a reason, most likely due to poor sales and low trademarkability, the fact a vocal minority still clamour after them doesnt mean they would be an instant sell out. Instead far more likely is the fact that vocal minority would find a new faction they feel should be in the game to clamour after insisting that they "won" getting brettonia back and therefore they can do it for everything. New and cool beats old nostalgia for me.
  12. Melcavuk

    Mallis Shadowalker

    Mounted Shadow Aelf

    © R Smith

  13. Ballista and one of my heroes rebased to become an artillery master hero Hansel von Mitnacht, Gargant Slayer
  14. It may need some degree of framework depending on the narrative being depicted, be it a ban list on the part of whoever is overseeing the narrative, or DP limitations based on the "scale" of the game, when you're trying to depict something small scale in the setting 15-20 DP is plenty, if you're trying to play a game of gods and titans 40DP is suited etc.
  15. With the coming of the Anvil of Apothesis I felt it was a good chance to explore the concept of shadow aelves, and the idea of doing one character in multiple incarnations in their lifespan. So here's the "mirror double" shadow duplicate of the onfoot version in progress, and then the same hero on the steed.
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