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  1. I tried to give this a love reaction but I can't "react" anymore today hahaha
  2. Yep! I just added that in there cause at that point in the discussion WW was coming up a lot.
  3. Totally agree, that's really common in our internet communities these days. But to be fair to WW, and Vince especially, they temper their emotional reactions with disclaimers, nuanced points and examples. So even if the impression/opinion is strongly worded and emotional, I think it's 100% fair and worth hearing out. In the case of our book, I think they really were spot on about calling out the flaws, but possibly could have spent a bit MORE time talking about where the book allows for cool/fun/flavorful stuff. They didn't skip that stuff, they just sorta said "yeah it's there, BUT" and they aren't wrong about any of that imo.
  4. Literally had the same thought, it's like someone wants mutton-chops to be part of every helmet.
  5. Just tossing in some more fuel for the fire, but even though this is what makes Gloomspite and Cities so awesome, I DON'T want to see all future books get the same treatment. Gloomspite and Cities as factions makes sense to have such massive unit and build diversity. In fact, especially for Cities, that's one of the strengths of the army they (should) balance around. If every army in AoS had the flexibility that Cities has, they would all just feel the same. I love the flexibility of list building in Cities and Gloomspite, but I want a melee-focused army like Ironjaws or Khorne to always be better at that than Cities. That's their identity, just as build diversity is the identity for Cities and Gitz. They should definitely have multiple ways of building their lists, but the jack-of-all-trades aspect should just be reserved for a few armies, as it's part of what sets them apart. Let's not go down the World of Warcraft path where every class got all the tools every other class had.
  6. This is exactly what I was thinking. It could be very minimal and obstruct very little of the table this way.
  7. Ah wow I dunno why I assumed I knew it so well lol. Thanks for pointing that out. If something doesn't specify that it modifies the move characteristic, but just says "+3 to move" or "move an extra X inches", would it work the same way?
  8. Comet of Casandora reads as follows: "pick 1 enemy unit within 18" of the caster that is visible to them and roll 2D6. If that roll is less than or equal to that unit's Move characteristic, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. If the roll is greater than that unit's Move characteristic, that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds." I understand this to mean the unmodified move characteristic, but it depends on how modifying movement works. Say for example that Cogs are active, is the +2 movement modifying the move characteristic or is it just an extra +2 when you move?
  9. I'm someone who has been using Frosthearts for most games over the past 2 or 3 years. The main thing I WANT you to do is try to kill it. It will soak damage more efficiently than any other unit I have. My gameplan with the Frostheart is to bait your hammer into charging it, then counter-charge your hammer with my own own (or spam shooting). The thing I DON'T want is for you to tie it down with chaff and waste my time, or (more commonly) run towards an objective and force me to use its 16" movement to challenge your move. If you can create a situation where I have to react to you pressuring an objective, and the only unit I can do that with is my frostheart, then I'm not using it the way I want since now it is only mitigating damage for itself. If your opponent's list has a lot of mobility, he won't need to use the Phoenix to run off, but he also will not have as many points invested in hammers and shooting. Don't do a grindy fight with the Phoenix. Just charge it with chaff, retreat your more valuable unit, and force him to either grind out the chaff or also retreat. The Phoenix is pretty good at killing weak stuff but it isn't a big damage dealer.
  10. Yeah that's what I figured, I'm pretty sure the plastic models will be easier as well. If I picked up a tray of 5 models (metal) by 1 model, he would separate because the weight of the other 4 would be too much for the 1 magnet to hold. I was also playing on a very hard, bumpy table, so they didn't push around well cause the edges would frequently get caught on stuff. On most tables, this wouldn't be an issue at all though!
  11. Just got the trays and played a game with them! First impressions: shipping was a bit faster than I expected (UK to Canada) and the trays are nicely made. No sharp edges, paint seems fairly durable though there's a couple spots of metal shining through. Using them was a bit tricky at first though. Will definitely take some getting used to. I love the idea of not have edges, but now I realize how much I used the edges to pick up and move my other trays. With the metal models I was using, it was pretty finicky to move the trays around. I'm going to a 3 game tourney this weekend and will use plastic models with the trays, so I'll give my thoughts after that.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm poking in here to hopefully get some suggestions. As a Cities of Sigmar player, what the hell do I do about Crawler spam? They obliterate way more than 200 points of my army without issue, and they can fight off deepstriking Shadow Warriors on their own. Last game I used a flame Phoenix to run down 1 crawler, which spent all game just retreating. Phoenix is 300 points, so he got the better deal there. I feel like my ONLY solution is to do Greywater Fastness and shoot them in the first turn, but bone daddies will always get the choice for which turn on deployment, and crawlers have better threat range than anything in cities. I don't have the models to play Greywater, and the crawler just existing means taking any other city is just asking for it. When I play Hallowheart, I'm stuck hoping the table will have a place for my wizards to spend all game hiding, making them far less useful. Otherwise they are gone before they get to cast their first spell. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  13. Yeah I really hope they design the game to work similar to ASoIaF, at least in terms of the movement trays. Round bases, square trays. I'm not interested in rebasing my armies again, and the models look better on rounds and it was a pain building models to rank up just right. But I do really miss the old style of combat and how important movement was.
  14. I understand this but I don't get why people can't be both? I definitely won't stop playing AoS, and we don't even know what the game will be lol. What if it's movement trays with round slots for your AoS armies to fit, and a slightly different ruleset? Like we just don't know anything about the game and won't for a while, so I don't see why we should already worry about the community splitting or anything. People on this site are almost certainly playing Age of Sigmar, and I don't see why they'd all take sides and scream at each other. Let's all just play ALL the games we like and be nerdy friends.
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