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  1. Can't believe I forgot to put this here, but I also won the last open category with my arachnarok. This was a challenge to paint; the carapace was airbrushed which would be fun if it wasn't for the constant cleaning. Did the trick though, since the staff all remarked on how it give's a flat surface texture and blending. I received the spider assembled, and had to snap the back legs off to allow me to paint the belly. The goblins were much more fun to paint, if fiddly. And whoever designed the howdah is a ****** - all the teeny tiny bits of strapping between the wood. It ended up being "Blanchish", in that it isn't super clean and tidy. It works though, as it doesn't attract attention and the goblins are way nicer. I ran out of time which is why it is missing shrine and shaman, though one day those will be done too! It was great to finally do it though, I have wanted one since they came out, and coupled with the forgeworld banner it's two bucket list models down :)


    P.S. The lighting makes the red much flatter, it brightens towards points.

  2. After a little more than a month after going the Las Vegas Open I went to Chicago to attend my first Adepticon. I was under the guise of visiting friends and family for a week while fitting in the Age Of Sigmar Championships Saturday and Sunday.

    My list was very comparable to what I brought to the LVO. The biggest exceptions being there was no sideboard, and my Chaos Spawn is now exclusively keyworded Tzeentch. Three days before adepticon I banged out 10 Chaos Marauders to replace the Spawn along with making a display board.

    My list was as follows:

    Allegiance: Chaos
    The Glottkin (480)
    – General
    Bloab Rotspawned (260)
    Lord of Plagues (100)
    – Artefact : Chaos Runeblade
    Rotbringers Sorcerer (100)
    – Artefact : Beguiling Gem
    5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
    5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
    5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
    5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)
    10 x Chaos Warriors (180)
    – Hand Weapon & Shield
    – Mark of Chaos : Nurgle
    10 x Chaos Marauders (60)
    – Axes & Shields
    – Mark of Chaos : Nurgle
    Blight Guard (100)
    Total: 2000/2000


    As I mentioned before I also created a sideboard. I know my painting skills aren’t that strong and army paint/appearance was 20% of the overall Adepticon score. Making the sideboard, to me, was a new challenge to get more points. I also felt creating a sideboard was a must due to the amount of time other participants would be putting into it themselves. Creating the sideboard was super fun and relatively easy from a technical standpoint. I think from now on I will create one for every army I do.

    The TO, Alex Gonzalez, did a great job of taking missions from The Generals Handbook and building on them. Points were scored from 0-30. You got 20 for a major win, 15 for a minor win, 10 for a draw, 5 for a minor loss, and 0 for a major loss. You then had seven secondary objectives to choose from and use once for 0 or 6 points; and tertiary objectives scored either as 0, 2, or 4 points.

    IMG_0341.jpg?resize=300%2C225      IMG_0324.jpg?resize=300%2C225

    Over the course of two days I played 5 fantastic games. My battle score results were: 30/0/20/11/25. Rather than break down the 5 games I have some takeaways about my list, mistakes I made, things I saw my opponents do, and general ramblings:

    • My games 2 and 4 were against two Nashville area players Davin Griffin (finished 6th) and Cale Thompson (finished 13th).  Both games were based off of Blood and Glory. I tried slightly different tactics each game. Game one I pushed my whole army forward as I had a bad experience of getting blown off my own objectives at LVO… David had two super mobile monsters that capped my objectives and ended the game early. Against Cale I turtled on one objective and moved a flank forward to get his objective. I was able to get one of his but still lost my two for a minor loss. Whenever I break my focus into 2 it usually goes bad for my army list as I start losing synergies.
    • David and Cale are super technical. I was very impressed with their pre-measuring and understanding of threat ranges. They should do a video tutorial on it for sure.
    • ALL of my opponents had better looking armies than me! I wasn’t embarrassed by what I brought but these guys blew me away… along with most of the participants of the tournament.
    • I need more time to meditate on it, but my initial reaction to the one day tournament guys getting mixed in with the two day guys doesn’t quite seem right. I single bad matchup for a two day player against a one day player on Saturday could spoil the weekend.
    • I definitely need to bring a SoCal buddy with next year for the team tournament!
    • I didn’t sign up for much at Adepticon but do feel I missed an opportunity to spend time with the community by not staying at the hotel.
    • It was great putting Twitter handles to real names and faces. I met some guys I have had conversations with on Twitter and the TGA.

    Adepticon was a blast. Every tournament I attend I learn something new about tournament play and gain appreciation for different scoring systems. I am already working on list ideas for next year.

    Adepticon Age of Sigmar Championship results:

    Greg Rex

    View the full article

  3. I just got back from Adepticon and what a weekend it was!  While I went to ACON not expecting to play in the GT, I ended up being cajoled into playing in the GT and did surprisingly well. I surprisingly found myself sitting on Table 2 in Game 5 and ended finishing 10th overall after losing in that final game to the individual who finished 1st.  I’ve had a lot of people ask questions about my list, so I figured I would do a blog about it and then follow that up with a couple battle reports from my games.

    I’ve long been tinkering with Nurgle Mortal lists looking for that magic formula.  For competitive play, there is an entire suite of capabilities you want to have access to (high mobility, durability, chaff, etc) and Nurgle has to work really hard for some of those (i.e. Mobility).  I finally settled on a list that had most of these capabilities, but since I didn’t plan on playing in the GT at ACON, I didn’t finish painting up the models for my optimal version of this list.  So, I slightly modified my ideal list with what you see below:

    • 140  Harbinger (Cunning Deciver Trait, Chaos Talisman)
    • 120  Mounted Chaos Sorcerer (Crown of Conquest)   
    • 540  28 Chaos Warriors
    • 60  10 Marauders
    • 60  10 Marauders
    • 60  10 Marauders
    • 180  5 Blightkings  
    • 180  5 Blightkings  
    • 140  Plaguetouched Warband        
    • 240  Belakor
    • 160  Sayl
    • 120  Reinforcement Points (Options Below)
      • 10 Plaguebearers (100)
      • 10 Chaos Furies (120)

    This list looks ridiculously mundane at first glance.  Even when it drops on the table, most will look at it and go, “…ok?”  Dan Heelan very confusingly looked over at me at the start of Round 5 from Table 1 this weekend and asked how I got there with this list.  I take this as a compliment and proof of how very deceptive this list is on paper to how it performs in the game.



    The list is a 3 drop inverted alpha strike list that involves flying the 28 Chaos Warriors up, stretching them out 1" apart (with a tail leading back to your line), and charging the enemy's units on the line on turn 1 (with only needing a 5 on the charge from the +1 charge on the chaos warriors against anything on the line). 

    The rest of the list does a variety of supporting functions.  Most of the heroes stay in the backfield spread out to zone the back edge from setups.  While I rarely ended up doing a full zoning spread, the following image gives you an idea of what that might have looked like after turn 1 (with still another unit of Blightkings omitted from this deployment):


    Regarding Individual Unit Functions:

    • Be'lakor serves as the safety for anything that flies over the front line, dealing with anything that needs rend (6 attacks, 3+/3+/-2/2 dmg), tanking any huge beasties I don't want on that front line (4+, ignores rend, can be mystic shielded with reroll 1's from Oracular visions), and can summon into their backfield when he is near the front line to steal objectives.  His spell seems counterintuitive to the list, but it is great when Archaon hits the table to prevent models auto dying to the Slayer of Kings.  
    • The Marauders are largely present for taking objectives and zoning out areas of the board to prevent people coming on from table edges or being able to be summoned.  
    • The Blightkings provide the extra punch against soft units where bodies were needed to be cleared off objectives in the enemy territory.  I hadn't planned on taking 2 units originally but it ended up being the exact number I needed in many of my matchups.


    The synergy is rather straight forward once you get started.  Chaos Warriors get buffed up with Daemonic Power from the Sorc (reroll 1s to hit, wounds, and saves) and battleshock immunity from the Crown of Conquest, Mystic Shield from Be'lekor, a 5++ ward from the Harbinger (who is ideally safe in your back line).  This ultra buffed anvil unit then gets thrown forward with Sayl to establish the front line and grind down anything it touches.    

    The real magic of this combo comes from two things.  First, the Warriors are -2 to hit in melee that entire first combat turn (-1 from plague touched, -1 from cunning deceiver).  Even the best units will struggle to put significant wounds on a 3+ (reroll 1s), 5++, 5++ (against mortal wounds only) unit when they have a -2 to hit that unit.  

    Secondly, and more importantly, when you deploy in multiples of 7 with this battalion, every time the enemy rolls a 6+ to wound that unit in the Combat phase, the attacking enemy unit takes a mortal wound back.  Now, since this is triggering on their wound roll of 6+, I can still negate the actual damage with all the Warrior's defenses while still kicking back mortal wounds as the enemy grinds on the Chaos Warriors. This is doubly (or even triply) effective against Tomb Kings, Pestilens, and Destruction Battle Brew/Wild Fury who are bringing their own bonuses to wound, since it causes the mortal wounds to trigger more frequently (as my 4th opponent so painfully discovered with his double Stonehorns).  Once you have the front line locked, if they don't have movement shenanigans, you can pull models from anywhere in the line and break coherency (as long as you aren't going to pile in at all).  There were points where I had a single chaos warrior back in back field (to receive buffs), with the next closest Chaos warrior in his unit 24 inches away grinding on the remains of their front line.  If I ever needed to reform, I could cast Sayl fly on the back warrior and retreat the unit with an 18" fly move back into coherency.  


    The matchups I was most concerned about were coming against a Kunnin Rukk or the Beastclaw Thundertusk/Stonehorn mix, each for different reasons.  The Kunnin Rukk could potentially overwhelm the warriors with hundreds and hundreds of attacks, while threatening or killing any of my support units with bad positioning.  The Beastclaw mix on the other hand could potentially just shatter the front line with overwhelming power and pick off support units with Snowballs.  I didn’t have a chance to play either of these lists coming into ACON, especially since I was still finalizing this Friday night at 11:30 PM.  Despite proverbially building this plane in the air, it performed remarkably well.  My matchups were Kunnin Rukk, Bloodbound, Phoenix Temple, Beastclaw mixed-Destruction, and the winning Tzeentch 18 Skyfire/Loc/Kairos list (on a table where almost all the terrain gave +1 to hit).  I didn't see any SCE or Sylvaneth in my matches, although I would have changed tactics accordingly and bubble-wrapped/zoned with the Warriors as well.  Nico helped me think about some of these matchups before hand, which helped tremendously in piloting my list.  To that I am greatly appreciative.         


    Final Thoughts on the List

    Immediately after I finished the final game on Table 2 with Kaleb (who won the event), Kaleb interrupted my congratulations and informed me that my list was the hardest list he's played all weekend (I believe including the other AOS events he was in) and not just harder, but at least twice as hard as anything else he had faced.  All of his other opponents he had tabled with an hour or more to spare.  In our game, I led the points (he was in fact shut out) until the bottom of our very last turn.  The structure of the scenario definitely raises some design questions but that is a post for another time.  

    The reality is that this list differs quite a bit from most of the other popular lists in the game currently.  Instead of having easily recognized power centers (most lists have 2-3), the power base of the list is diffuse.  This lack of obvious power bases (besides the front line) can often confuse opponents as to what is the best unit to attack and force them to play their list in a way that they’ve never had to, which will often also cause people to make mistakes.  In fact, many opponents will have no idea what they are looking at when you drop it until you fly the Chaos Warriors forward in their flying "T" formation and even then most will think they can just slam against the warriors and break the line.  This confusion on target priority and tactics is one of the strongest assets of this list; I'm not sure how well it will fair if it becomes a well-known quantity down the road.  

    I'm doing a video about this list later this week with MC1Gamer based on the one trial "game" we played.  Here's a glimpse of that game during my turn at the top of 1:



    In the posts that follow, I’ll go over each of my five matchups and a brief battle report of each game. 

  4. I really love it when an event comes around for a game I have been buzzing about, particularly one like Age of Sigmar when I know I am going to see some beautiful armies on the table too!

    This event saw 13 players descend on JustPlay and we couldn't help but welcome all the returning players and few new ones, with people travelling all the way from Leeds and Sheffield. We were extremely excited to see these armies in play, but mostly because we had finished some new fantastic boards and terrain I wanted to see in action!



    Our new Iceage/Realm of Monsters board!

    Around now I would normally post lost of pics of standings and army lists but you can check these all out over on the event page hosted by Tabletop Tournaments. This is in my opinion the best resource out there for TO's right now and I worked with Dennis over the last week to get the perfect setup to support AOS for this event and hopefully more going forward.

    Check out my upcoming Video Blog with why I think this software is essential and should be adopted by all AOS events, along with a guide on it's features and how to use it.

    But lest we ramble on into the extraneous we have to give a massive congratulations to Paul Whitehead for winning the event with his Mixed Destruction list of Savage Orcs with a Rukk and Beastclaw Raiders.

    Paul took on Craig Carlton in Grudge to start out the day with a very cagey game going to time as they fought over the 3 Places of Power it took along to commit forces fully to the battle. A game well played by both saw a bloody pile of bodies but the final Initiative roll sealed it for Paul, taking a Major Victory and 1980 Warscroll points; arguably a major factor in a one day event.


    Paul vs Craig in Round 1 

    His second opponent was Dan Cooper and his lethal Clan Skryre force. Unhappy to face this match, Paul did not seem confident but ultimately his worries did not come to fruition as this was Dan's new army (after a badly timed selling of his Fyreslayers!) and his inexperience in target selection based on his damage output let Paul take a comfortable win in a battle for the Gifts from the heavens. A major win with 2000 points in Paul's favour and a strong boost to his morale. 


    The Skaven are coming!


    Just a glorious pic on our new terrain

    Now on the other tables Matt Robertson of Team Wales for the 40K ETC (that some say should have stocks and shares in JustPlay with all the Store credit he has won) was firmly fixed on table two and in game 2 saw a  a brutal game, ending in a minor win by JP Stevens. This upset meant the title of Champion would be out if his hands for this event thanks to Matt Carltons two Major wins of his own with another Savage Orc Beastclaw list!

    A typical Thundertusk stand off was on the cards in this face off with a flurry of measuring threat ranges and keeping each other at bay, particularly as I had rolled Take and Hold. There was some big list differences between the two generals however, Paul fielding two Thundertusks and a solitary Stonehorn and Matt on the reverse but with an additional three Bolt Throwers and no Rukk.


    Paul and Matt face of on table 1 in round 3 a Major win will take the title for either of them.

    The Bolt Throwers certainly paid off here with brutal ranged volleys, killing a Thundertusk turn 1 and blowing the match right open. Matt started moving his two Stonehorns up his extreme left flank to swoop in on his opponents objective, avoiding fire from Paul's Rukk and remaining Thundertusk. This was Paul's chance!

    With the center of the battlefield now left open and Matt's objective only loosely held by 10 Savage Orcs it was time for the Rukk to do its thing, maximizing movement to cross the table and sneak onto Matt's objective, securing the turn 3 win for holding both and it paid off! A devastating moment for Matt but a great read of the game by Paul, taking his third Major win with just 100 warscroll points killed.


    The final move by Paul to take the Justice Series II championship!

    He was not finished there though, Paul brought the full package to this event with an incredibly impressive landslide win in the best painting votes for his army also.


    Our champion Paul Whitehead

    Thank you to everyone who came to the event, I had a great day running it all and meeting some new faces and I will leave you with some pics from the day. Remember to follow us on facebook for updates on our next event and more upcoming tournament reports.

    Team JustPlay

    Original Post









  5. I've never been particularly enamoured with Orcs/Orks/Orruks in any setting, but obviously the Ironjawz release was too gorgeous to resist - still my favourite models to come out for AoS. So they're the obvious choice for my post Flesh-eaters army!

    Whilst the Brutes 'n bosses are incredible, once I got a start collecting box and assembled the Ardboys it was pretty obvious that the old black orc kit is showing its age, especially when you put them next to a unit of Brutes. So I stole the idea of converting the new Blood Bowl Orc team into Ardboys that a few people have started to do.


    B&W because nothing's got any paint on yet and the grey/green plastic mix is ugly. This is the first five that I've done, and they're great fun to kitbash, if a little time consuming. Particularly happy with how the standard bearer turned out, given that the orc thrower model was the one I was most stumped on how to de-Blood Bowlify for AoS! Still need to do a little bit of green stuffing to fix up the joins and then gotta come up with some different variations for the next five. 

    I spent a while thinking about colour schemes but I think I've settled on the one on the test Brute below. I'm still a pretty new and bad painter so the key was to pick something that would be more fun to paint than the Flesh-eaters, but not too time consuming and within my skill level whilst pushing me a bit. Hopefully it isn't too awful. The lighting on this pic is terrible but basically I'm leaning hard on ryza rust.


    Because I couldn't resist such an amazing model, I also started work on a Maw-Krusha. My previous experience of painting a big old dragon model was incredibly stressful and frustrating (love the zombie dragon model but ****** that kit is annoying to work with), but the Maw Krusha is an absolute dream to paint and I've surprised myself with how much fun I'm having doing it. The WarhammerTV video on painting it has really helped as well!


    Now if they just made Gore Gruntas any good...

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    Welcome to my lab - a place for innovative list design, hobby, wild experimentation and sporadic humour.

    A little about me - I returned to the hobby at the outset of AoS and have focussed on innovative list design since then. I try to find new combos and unearth hidden gems from the more obscure Warscrolls and Battalions. I figured that it's hardest to catch up with the accumulated experience of the best players and so listbuilding and preparation for events are the best way to compete. I'm pleased to say that my opponents generally like to see something fresh on the table as well. 

    I've also learned a great deal from playing and watching better opponents - probably most of all from @Dan.Ford who led the way with Tomb Kings from the very start.

    I have been known to post on TGA on occasion and sometimes even to put up a lengthy response or two.

    The Lab is situated in one of the Silver Towers within The South London Legion and has a conveniently located Hellpit. The Legion as a whole has been responsible for spawning some pretty strong lists - the best example was Maxime's @grunnlockTriple Husktusk plus Moonclan list (Undefeated and 3rd Place at Blood & Glory - the sold models went on to win Heat One in Craig Namvar's capable hands). It was a joy to roadtest (it demolished my attempts to counter it and those of @Bowlzee and @Thanatos Ares. You can read about those games and find out more about the Legion here:

    To broaden my experience I wanted to play all 4 Grand Alliances and take all 4 to tournaments, which I eventually succeeded in doing. I've amassed quite a few armies along the way: Skaven, Nurgle, Khorne, DoT, Brayherd; Stormcast, Sylvaneth, Fyreslayers, Darkling Covens, Daughters of Khaine; Ironjawz, Gitmob, Monstrous Arcanum (4 of these) and Spiderfang, Deathlords, TK, Nighthaunt and FEC; as well as components of future projects (a Luminark, a Prayermobile - War Altar and even Morghur).

    I've had some success and some disasters at tournaments (I've done least well with Order for some reason), I'm still aiming for that elusive podium (4th place is my best so far). I'll recap on previous lists: Mostly Grots, Archaon's Furry Friends, Mostly Grots II, Casinostrike and most recently the "Krell-Bomb", which I'll come to.

    Along the way, I've been improving my painting and hobby skills - mostly down to Vince @Vincent Venturella and his irreplaceable Hobby Cheating series (below). I'll be looking to provide updates here on painting projects as well as on the Google+ Painters Motivating Painters Community (which is a source of great inspiration, feedback and support).


  6. IMG_2291.JPG.f5919a0c9e5a3b697dd766974ac94fec.JPG

    After many painful hours of painting, I have 20 bloodreavers to show. I kind of hate how detailed they are for how easy they are to kill, but I also love them once they are painted. The squad went in with my usual yellow theme, similar to my Bloodstoker. 


    Most of the base painting was actually done with multiple layers of inks and washes over a preshaded zenithal priming. IMG_2277.JPG.e0c948a4310ca0ddb3f6221e03b7f36c.JPG

    This does lead to a lot of the same skin tone, so I do plan to experiment a little on future batches. I do like how the blue trousers came out though.


    With these fellows out of the way, I can now focus on bigger, badder models for a little bit, which has me very excited!

  7. The Nameless One
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    “All the world's a game, And all the men and women merely playthings” Bill Spearshake, Hatton Town’s Head Scribbler.

    The Players

    The inhabitants of Hatton

    Mayor Derik – being the Mayor of Hatton, a loose man, with a lingering foot.
    Heseltine – being the manservant of the Mayor. A fool.

    Archgeneral Carlton Smiles-Pomley III – being our hero. Flatulent, headgear obsessed, faller off of horse, loved by his men.
    Ovaltine – being Carlton’s horse. In reality, a seven headed Tzeentch wizard, Lord of All Things, Despoiler of Time, the big O. On indefinite gardening leave.

    Mrs. Strawberry – being a lardy cake producer and a possible witch.
    Mrs. Dawson – being a lady of Hatton. Jealous of Mrs. Strawberry’s fame and a possible witch.
    The Very Reverend Barnaby – being not a real reverend.
    Starkey Blueblood and his trusty companion Snake Miskins – being grave robbers, and brave lobbers. And great lovers. And late brothers.

    Hatton Town CC – being the Hatton Town ‘Cannons!!’ team players. 

    Hatton Town Home Guard – being the Freeguild Regiment under the command of Archgeneral Carlton Smiles-Pomley.
    Billy Shaw – being 17. Encased in armour after “the best game of Hide and Go Look in the world, ever”.
    ‘Dead-eye Doug’ – being the Hatton Guard Handgunner Sharpshooter. Blinder than a bat.
    Head Gamekeeper Jed ‘The Head’ – being a man with binoculars.
    Greg and Stan – being men in the Hatton Guard.



  8. Yesterday I started to assemble my box set of Tzaangors. This 10 model kit is really something. Every part is interchangeable. It is fairly easy to build your great weapon builds, your mutants, your twistbrays with great weapons. Different heads, tentacles, arm poses all come together. If you read my earlier blog entries you will see what a mixed unit weapons wise this unit will be and mine unit will be 30.  Can't wait to put them all together! This unit is going to be sick!


  9. The NEO team is at work on putting together the final event pack for Coalescence 2017. But, in the meantime, we've asked Jimbo, one of the Narrative Event Organisers behind the Realms at War events and a member of the NEO Network, to share some of his thoughts on creating an Event Pack.




    Whilst it may at first seem that an Event Pack (the ‘pack’) is a load of unnecessary effort that a Narrative Event Organiser (NEO) has to do in order to run an event, it is in fact one of the most vital cogs in the Kharadron mechanisms that make a Narrative Event work.  Having emphasised how important the pack is, I’m going to temper that with another equally important statement; the Event Pack doesn’t have to be long or complicated or even pretty!  The only thing that a pack needs to be is useful.


    So, what do I mean by this?  Well, if we break down the components of a pack, we can see which bits are crucial, which are helpful and which are, quite frankly, window dressing. But before examining the separate components, it is important to understand the purpose of the pack.  At its core, it is the document that advertises your event and lets potential attendees know what it is.


    The Essentials:


    When I’m writing a pack, I always start with The Three Rules of “W’s”; what, where and when.  First of all, I need to tell the players what kind of event I am running.  For example, this could be ‘A One Day three game Warhammer; Age of Sigmar Narrative Event’.  I also need to include the address of the venue where the event will be held, as well as the time and date otherwise I’ll end up alone in an empty room surrounded by unused gaming tables and no one wants that!


    To be honest, the ‘What, Where and When’ written on a piece of paper or an email is sufficient information to be called a pack!  However, in order to head off the inevitable questions that will arise, I recommend including how much the event will cost (if anything) and contact details in case of further queries.  My personal preference is to provide my twitter handle but an email address is always handy for long winded questions too. 


    At this stage, we have a fully operational Event Pack!  The players know the ‘What, Where and When’, they know how much it will cost and how to contact me in case they need additional info.  So what more can we include in the pack to flesh it out?


    The Optionals:


    In this section, I’m going to discuss, in no particular order, various different optional extras which can be included in a pack.  None of them are essential but they all help to further inform the attendees about the event and also start creating some semblance of the narrative element.


    The simplest way to start creating a narrative setting is to give your event a name.  Titles such as ‘Battle for the Ur-Gold Cache’ or ‘March of the Gargants’ immediately tell a mini story about your event.  The reader will know that the event will be something along the lines of either searching for Ur-Gold or fighting off Gargants.


    If you want to take this a bit further, think about adding a background for the event.  This should set the scene for the event.  Perhaps a few short paragraphs describing the precursors to the first battle - think about why the armies may be fighting at all, why they may be in this particular location or time or even what significance the object(s) they are fighting over.  You could even set the event as a small part of one of the battles described in the official Games Workshop Age of Sigmar novellas.


    Some NEO’s like to introduce some extra rules specific for their event.   This can be because they want to try to bring some internal balance to certain warscrolls, to encourage certain styles of play or army selection or even to guide players along a storyline.  These house rules are colloquially known as ’comp’ and if you decide to enforce some additional rules, it's always best to let the players know before the event so they fully understand how you expect them to play and how you will be judging any rules queries


    Wargaming is hard work and your attendees will need refreshment and sustenance!  How can you plan your next move when you got an empty stomach or a dry mouth? Providing food and drink can be difficult to organise so is not normally expected however it is a good idea to let your attendees know what will or will not be provided and if they are allowed to bring their own.  This is especially important in relation to alcohol - be mindful of any legal restrictions of the provision or consumption of alcoholic beverages.


    I mentioned letting the players know where the event is located but it's worth remembering that some attendees could be making quite a long journey to come to your awesome event and may not know the local area very well. This is why I always like to include a map showing where the venue is and also, to be extra helpful, where the nearest parking is located.


    Although the story should always be the winner in a narrative event, it's good to let the attendees know if there will be prizes and what they will be awarded for.  The obvious first, second and third place can encourage a more competitive style of play so how about awarding best army, best sportsmanship, best dressed or Loudest Waaagh for example.  The wording of the award should make it clear what it is for; Best Army usually includes theme, coherency and presentation not necessarily the best painted!


    The Unnecessary:


    Keep the pack concise and only include relevant information.


    Unless it's required to describe your ‘comp’ don’t include things like the main rules or FAQ’s; referencing them is sufficient.




    So hopefully I've provided a few pointers on how to put together a pack for your event.  In reality, there are no hard and fast rules on what has to be included or excluded - all it actually needs to do is explain what your event is and make sure there are no unwelcome surprises or your attendees on the day


    If you have any pack (or non-pack) queries please hit me up on twitter @jimbo9jimbo . Good luck with your event and I look forward to hearing you bringing the stories to life!




  10. Hi guys,


    Just creating this post to place all my pics of my army as I move it to rounds and finish painting it.


    First guy finished is my carnosaur and old blood.



    More to come soon :).

  11. I have finished the Scythes of Alleriel, very pleased with how they turned out, they're clearly part of the overall army while adding some golden armour to the sea of wooden bodies. They were easy to convert and easy to paint up, the only downside to them is how expensive it would be to add another 5 now that i dont just have the parts lying around.

    Up next you can see I have blocked in the colours for my Liberators, still have to highlight everything, but you can see the general direction that I am going for and I am pretty pleased with how its turning out. After these 10 I have 2 dracoth riders left to paint, along with the Prime and Knight-Venerator to build and convert, debating what i should do for those, as I want to give them some Sylvaneth elements on top of the paint job. Gonna try and see if the Kurnoth bow fits the Venerator well enough, mayb through in some sprites. 

    On another note I still haven't started basing... my self justification at this point is that I will finish the army and then base it so that its all consistent, at least thats what I keep telling myself. Of course once I am done with the stormcast contingent I may very well be looking to add some flying dwarf backup. or even some Cthulu elves if they are cool enough. 

    Comments and criticisms as always are appreciated. 




  12. Rather than edit or remove my first three entries, I am going to leave them as a way to track changes in the development of the background of my warband.

    After building the two brothers and the first blind brother, I realized they fit better into the Realm of Ulgu than the Realm of Beasts. The brothers are blind after all, and hunt not by human eyeball sight, but by another form of guidance. I also felt that the appearance of warband was more in line with a civilization that had grown and developed within the realm of shadows.


    The first spoiler has revised background and lore about the two brothers and the city they hail from.


    Within the Realm of Ghrur lies Excelsis. If you leave the city and set a course 5 turns off the Statue of Kurnothos using a pelorus you will find the Spotted Plains.  Across the Spotted Plains one can see Great Rustlewood forest. Along the border of the Rustlewood is a realmgate. This realmgate is hard to find as it is always cloaked in mist and shadow. Finding the mist is one’s best bet in locating the gate. Some say the gate emits the mist, as it leads to Ulgu, and that realm is full of the stuff. Once through the gate, you will find yourself on another plain, this one more windswept and barren than the one in Ghur. While the Spotted Plain is often beneath a blazing sun, the Shrouded Plain in Ulgu is covered in shadow, twisting shapes that run from you, and illusions that appear out of the mist only to dissolve into nothing more than rock or tree stump. Somewhere on the Shrouded Plain is a spur of rock. Atop the spur of rock is the citadel city of Chracerocca.

    Chracerocca is hearth, home and salvitas for the Rahagraians. Life in Ulgu is hard and the people here have grown tough and lean as a result. Before the endless tides of Orruks and Chaos poured through the realm gate onto the Shrouded Plain, The Rahargraians tested their mettle against the monstrosities and denizens of Ulgu. The Scions of Rahagra were born from amongst the most renowned hunters in Chracerocca. The Scions of Rahagra were all that stood between the common folk and the threats beyond their walls. Now that SIgmar’s agents have returned, the foes have waned.

    "Walking through the streets of Chraceroca the rhythmic chanties sung by the Ritus Squadras as they perform the work to keep the city safe and supplied, echo off the walls and mix with the sounds of passing carts and people's chatter. Built upon a spur of rock that rises out of the Spotted Plains and juts above the treetops of the bordering Great Rustlewood, Chracerooca imposes itself on the surrounding land. There are endless pulley systems, winches, and cranks, that lift supplies to the city, pump water upwards, and raise and lower the gates, manned by the Ritus Squadras. In these chanties Samuele and his brother, Yoan, found comfort as they headed towards Kanonroest. They were Fides Pressors and served the Kurnath Militant. Though they no longer saw through their mortal eyes, the brothers did not stumble on their way, deftly traversing the windswept warrens that made up the Windedge District. "



    I changed the hand on one of the brothers, removing his fist and giving him a book to hold.



    Here is a group shot of the warband, made up of the two brothers on the right and three of their followers or "blind brothers" on the right. 20170322_210416.jpg.a5341f1fb19522e7bb98e6c56cd3d345.jpg

    The second spoiler is a bit of story on how these people are first discovered in Ulgu.


    The shadows are heavy around Horace. In Ulgu, one could rarely see further than a bow shot and Horace and his band of cartographers had made the decision to rest after walking for what seemed to a dozen days ran together. They had made camp against a small gathering of jagged rocks that jutted from the ground like ancient remains of some giant predator’s teeth. There was no real sun in Ulgu, at least not one that they had yet seen, and their only way of keeping time was to turn the sands in their hourglass. That had failed when they stopped to rest. Those that had been elected to hold the first watch had fallen asleep soon after the rest of the company had laid down to rest. No one knew how long they had slept with the hourglass empty but when the first of them had awoken, the top of the glass was empty. It could have been empty for minutes or days, no one was sure. Horace spat with disgust, this charting expedition was foolish and already a failure. They had made no landmarks, nor be able to draw an accurate path of their journey. They would have surely turned back if they could only find the realmgate they had come through.

    As Horace reflected on his ill-fortune the mist before him seemed to gather shape. No, not a shape, but rather a heaviness, as if something was just behind the reach of his eyes, shrouded in a veil. Then he started to hear a clank of metal. Startled, Horace looked around at his companions. Some slept, some seemed lost in their own thoughts, and a few looked after their own equipment and weapons. No one gave a sign that they heard anything beyond the soft rustle of the wind.

    Horace sighed, this realm was cursed. Sometimes it sounded as if the wind was rushing against a cliff face mere feet from their path, only to disappear the next. The realm played tricks not just on one’s eyes but also on the ears.

    Glancing back at where the heaviness in the mist had been, Horace dropped his cup. Moments before, where there had been nothing, loomed a giant wall of metal and wood. Mere feet from the ground, the wall of metal and wood was scored and scarred, great chains hung down the wall, almost touching the ground beneath the wall. Nets, or rope, he could not tell, also draped the side of the wall. Horace stood to better see this apparition and as he did other members of his company also noticed the change in their surroundings. Some stood, some stared slack-jawed, as the wall seemed to move towards them. The sounds Horace had heard where clearer now. A rustling of chains and wind against cloth could be heard amongst the company now. As the wall drew closer figures appeared in the mist. The size of men, they seemed to be clad in robes and rags, some with their chest and arms bare, others covered head to toe. Each of them was armed with an axe, some as tall as a man, requiring two hands, other carried one in each hand. These men, if you could call them that, made no sound as they approached, only the rustling of their cloth, and the padding of their feet in the dust made Horace believe they were real. The wall was almost even with Horace now, and as he peered up at it he realized, it was no wall, rather it was a ship, like those found plying the waves of the Great Crystal Sea of Hysh. Only there was no water here, the ship, if that’s what it was, seemed to hold itself in the mist, almost low enough that Horace could have touched the hull with his hand had he been beneath it. Looking up, past what he could only call the hull, he could he a railing and what much be sails that disappeared up into the fog.  As the ship, was it a ship?,  pulled past the encampment the figures moved past as well. Some seemed to be blind, their eyes covered in rags, others with only wounds where their eyes should be.  These things were passing mere feet from Horace, yet they made no sign that they knew Horace or his company was there. They did not turn their heads, slow their pace, or call out. As the strange procession disappeared back into the mist, Horace turned to look back at where they had come from. With a yelp, he realized a main stood no less than 5 hands from him. The man was clad in a robe from the waist down and had a cloak slung over one shoulder……the cloak appeared to be attached with a strap that ended in a strange animal head on his shoulder. The man was taller than Horace, and as Horace’s gaze left the huge axe and gained the sight of the strangers face, he realized the man was blind. Horace tried to get his mouth to work but he couldn’t get his tongue to form words.

    “Untainted, you and yours” said the stranger.

    “Whaaaa……tttt do yo…u mean?” replied Horace as he finally found his voice.

    “We passed you by, as you are yet clean. Wise you would be, to leave this place. Darkness clings to one easily here”

    The stranger brushed past Horace and followed the others into the mist as Horace tried to make sense of the stranger's words.

    As he watched the stranger go Horace realized he had carried a huge woodsman axe, much marked by use, and his cloak had been clasped by the head of a lion.


    I planned on making six of the follower but realized I only had 3 25mm round bases. All the kits I have bought lately only come with square bases. So if anyone wants to throw a couple my way, the warband can grow. Until I pick up some more bases this is the size of it, though they should get a primer spray tomorrow. Any thoughts on how to paint them to make them appear to be from the realm of shadows? I am thinking they need some sort of dark and dreary color scheme with a spot of color, and rusted metal, except for the blade edge. Maybe a pink/white skin tone since the sun doesn't penetrate the shadows.  If you read the spoiler text you may have guessed that the new duradin reveal has got my mind going a mile a minute about adding some sort of sky ship using parts from the new big ship model, an devoted war altar and a steam tank. We will see if that ever happens!


  13. We have at last come to the week of Adepticon 2017.  This will be the first major Wargaming event I will be attending and the excitement is incredible.  Games Workshop will be out in force this year with event support and hobby seminars galore.  It is going to be big and I cannot wait for Thursday to arrive!


    Over the past few months, you could see a few posts about Adepticon preparation appearing in your social media feeds.  As we grew closer more and more appeared as the Hobby Crunch time swung into full effect.  I personally experienced this crunch for other hobbies and conventions, but it was very unique this time around and that is due tot he community.

    My Lists to hand out

    As my Stormcast army was changed with the release of the new book I kept struggling on what army list I would bring to the Championship  (spoiler it will not be Warrior Brotherhood).  I had no idea what else I needed to paint, but along the way, I received lots of support from the Twitter Community as well as my close friends.  They would constantly tell me "You can do it!  We believe in you!" and it is heartwarming to hear those words from the people I call friends.  To top it all off every picture I posted via Twitter on hobby progress for Adepticon was met with words of encouragement and a plethora of likes (hearts?).

    Which Gryph-Hound made it into my list? (Digby or Becky)

    I found myself searching for those prepping for Adepticon to offer my own words of encouragement and support.  It has been great to see how a community can bond and keep pushing itself more and more while keeping the fun.  From finishing my army to working out some giveaways to my opponents I have enjoyed every minute, even the stressful ones.  We have a very unique and close-knit community and we cannot forget how great a thing that is as we continue to grow in the future as a game and a hobby.

    Who will prevail? Only the Faithful!

    I don't believe I will accomplish everything I intended for Adepticon, but I will be ready enough with the few hours remaining to prepare.  I look forward seeing some of you at Adepticon and please do come up to say hello and chat for a bit!  If you are not able to attend keep an eye on my Twitter as I will post up as many pictures as I can for everyone to see all the fun!

    Until next week Happy Hobbying!

    View the full article

  14. So had my first two battles at 760 points last night against Stormcast and Skaven as part of the AoS starter slow grow league. My list for the games was the following: 

    Allegiance: Tzeentch

    Herald Of Tzeentch On Burning Chariot(200)
    - General
    - Staff of Change
    - Trait: Nexus of Fate - Tzeentch Daemon Hero
    - Artefact: Aspect of Tzeentch  
    - Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch

    10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140)
    - Lore of Change: Unchecked Mutation
    1 x Burning Chariots Of Tzeentch (160)

    3 x Screamers Of Tzeentch (140)
    1 x Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch (120)

    Total: 760/760


    The first game against the Stormcast was number 3 scenario from the matched play rules, the one with diagonal deployment and battle lines starting first. I started with my horrors and burning chariot, he began with a unit of 10 prosecutors and 10 judicators. He advanced them up the centre of the board towards my units. The horrors and the chariot shot at the judicators killing 3 who then lost an additional model to capricious warpflame and another 2 to battleshock. Turn 2 saw a Stormcast chocobo hero thingy turn up on my flank and charge into the horrors killing 6, they retaliated for 2 wounds. I used a 1 from the Destiny Dice pool to recover 4. In my turn 2 the Herald and exalted flamer arrived on the board. The horrors cast arcane bolt at the chocobo knight inflicting an additional 2 wounds followed by shooting for an additional 1. The exalted flamer then also shot dealing another wound. I used capricious warpflame Destiny Dice to generate enough mortal wounds to finish it off. The Burning chariot killed another 2 Judicators at which point my opponent capitulated. 

    I enjoyed my first outing, shooting was definitely effective and carried the day for me. To follow tomorrow Slow Grow week 1 part 2: The Skaven Menace.







  15. IMG_0315.jpg.092c26f30c2dd8a62967f523bc5ddb6d.jpg

    First of the Lords of Change completed. I've got the lord of change finished that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. Couple of small conversions to change angles on the arms and neck, but otherwise its stock. Basecoating all done with spray cans which was a fun little experiment - just had to be careful when doing the purple on the wings and the legs. After that it's a lot of drybrush work. Some Sharpie highlighting too on the golds so that I could work away from the hobby desk. Base again is just playbark all drybrushed up and then some desert 🌵 diorama tufts added. Overall happy for a speedy (relatively speaking) job :)

    The wings take a dry brush really well which is great, so you can layer on a lot of different colours to give the model a real Tzeentch feel without being too over the top. I was quite conscious about not making it too much of a rainbow model, so the palette is fairly limited to the red with a lot of purple and blue/teal for the details. I also didn't go round picking out too many of the gems etc as I need the models done (the best colour of all, or so i've heard!)










  16. I find myself on my day off running errands and driving around listing to various AOS Podcasts talking about various subjects, From Scrubby and Wells educated discussions about Adepticon Prep, to my first time listening to Age of Sigbrah and getting the feeling that they are long time friends and a few beers in. I love how diverse the whole community is and how each can cover the same topic but from a different perspective and it feels totally new. 

    So i played a game the other day. with my seraphon Army. it was a different list than I usually run or have really been thinking about but i was just viewing warscrolls and battalions and something struck me as playable. 


    so the Battalion requires that i take 3 units of Saurus knights, and 1 Saurus scar vet on either carnosaur or cold one. i chose to go with the carnosaur for the bigger damage dealer as well as more survivable. the Battalion gives the Saurus knights +3 to run and charge rolls, and one the charge the knights with spears inflict a mortal wound on a wound roll of 6+. So due to the knights own warscroll ability when aremed with spears they cause a mortal wound on a roll of 6+ to wound. So the knights on the charge do 2 mortal wounds on a would roll of 6+, not too bad, though... that never happened in the game :( the old blood on the carnosaur is great, his command ability buffs himself and the 2 scar-vets and the phenix stone makes sure he survives as long as he can. the other three heroes the Starseer, the Slann, and the Engine of the Gods. are all there to buff the Engine and give me the greatest chance at an extra turn. if you dont know the Engine of the God in the hero phase rolls 3 dice and then you consult a chart, if you roll an 18+ you get an extra turn. this can cause a double turn, or a triple turn or all kinds of craziness. having the Slann within 10" inches of the Engine lets you roll 4 dice and pick the 3 highest. while the Starseer does 2 things, it allows you to have up to 6 single die re-rolls, as well he has a spell that you cast on the engine that allows it to once per phase adjust the result of a roll up or down by one. So with this combo, i need 2 6's and a 5 on four dice, with re-rolls. still a low probability, but i think its worth the risk.


    this was set up, we were playing boarder war, so 4 objectives with points gained each round. I had to proxy 5 saurus knights over on the left. but with the rest of my army i went with a centered core but it leaned to the right. i did this so that my opponent who had khorne Blood bound, with some varanguard would spread out and i could pick and choose which units to charge and take out.  He had 2 units of 5 Blood warriors on the far flanks, 2 units of 5 skull reapers, in the center, the Varanguard on the right flank, heroes in the back field and a war alter, oh and a unit of 20 Blood reavers to the left. He went first and moved up cautiously. He buffed a couple of units and planted one of his 2 blood secrater heros. 

    My turn 1, buffed the Engine and rolls d6 mortal wounds on a target within 25 inches. i shot his general a khone hero on juggernaught. rolled a 6. so i was up to a good start. i moved everything forward. grabbed the objective on the left with 5 knights. grabbed the objective on the right with a unit of 10 kights, and blocked off as best as i could the varanguard from the rest of my army. my Engine team stayed behind. and i charged with the 2 carnosaurs the scar-vet cold one and failed with the second unit of 10 knights. the scarvet carnosaur, popped his potion and ate the enemy commander. and killed 1 skull reaper then my general went and he killed the rest of the units, me and my opponent both forgot that when you kill the skull reapers they do mortal wounds, so i got out of there unscathed. We rolled for turn and i got the double. 

    my turn 2. buffed up the engine, rolled d6 mortal wounds again, and put 5 wounds onto, i think the second unit of skull reapers. left my unit of 5 holding the left. secured my holding on the right. and moved to charge everything else. my engine team moved up slightly. but didnt do much. combat came, i charged the war alter and a hero. due to terrain and whatnot that is all i could hit but it allowed me to take his objective so i scored 9 points in my turn 2. i ended up eating the alter hurting 1 blood banner. 

    My opponents 2. planted second banner. the varanguard charged a unit of knights. the blood warriors on the left charged my unit of 5 knights. the second unit of reapers chared my scarvet on carnosaur. and it was mostly a melee of blood and death. he did little damage to the 5 man unit. and the varanguard flopped and only killed 2 knights. 3 reapers killed my scar vet carnosaur. that was sad. this picture was taken right before that.


    i got the roll for turn 3 and took it. i buffed the engine and rolled a 6 and 3 1's i used my only 3 re-rolls on the 3 1's and got another 6 and a 5 and BOOM! extra turn. long story short i took his and mine for 5 extra points, then i took my extra turn and was about to score another set of points and my opponent conceded. 

    it was a hard fought battle and we found out i had cheated. i was using 4+ saves on my knights when i should have been using 5+ saves. it was a dumb mistake and i fell bad. but it happens. i am just a little bummed because i really wanted to see how this list functioned against a hard khorne matchup. so another playtest will need to happen.

    but along this line i thought of another list along a similar train of thought.


    the concept is the same except for the Engine +team. so no extra turns. but i think the initial punch is the same, but the longevity with the 2 extra monsters can carry me though. let me know what you think.




  17. It's been a while since I revisited this army, but the release of the Tzeentch battletome has inspired me into adding more units. I liked the mention in the fluff that Tzaangor will brand chaos monsters like Cockatrice and Jabberslythe with their own marks (shame you can't do that in the game)

    So to get me started: a Tzeentch Magister with his head swapped for a Tzaangor (the severed head that comes with the Darkoath Chieftain)


    The hunched posture and the claw-feet work well with the new head (even if he does look a bit like a weedy Tzaangor or a dismounted Shaman). But it adds a bit more magic to the warband!


    All change!

  18. Here is the completed model, ready for submission at the Ann Arbor Warhammer store's one-year anniversary competition. The theme was "hero" and had to be mounted on the base that came with the model. I'll admit, I stretched the base part a bit. As for the hero part, I love diminutive heroes. They don't always hold muster in actual game play but the aesthetic is so cool.


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    So Adepticon is my 1st event. I've been in the hobby for about 16 years and I have only played friends. I have also never painted a whole army until now. So here is some pics of my army I'm taking. Let me know what you guys think. 







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    Hey all.  Thanks for moseying on over and taking a gander.

    On the advice of the all-powerful Ben Curry, he of The Bad Dice Daily Podcast fame, I am starting a little blog here.  The hope is putting my thoughts and efforts here will motivate me to continue pushing toward my ultimate goal - completing an army.

    I have been playing Warhammer for about 8 years now, exclusively with close friends and family.  Never having played at a tournament and being in such a relaxed environment, there's never been any pressure to complete an army.  I started with Dark Elves and Ogre Kingdoms back in 8th Edition.  I would guess I got about 60-70% of both armies painted to a table-top standard.  I had a lot of fun playing both of those armies.  Had a fair amount of fun painting them, too.  Particularly the Ogres - painting the 21st through 30th Witch Elves got to be a bit of a chore.  But in both cases, life happened, I lost steam and they sat unfinished.

    A career change right after the completion of the End Times took me away from the hobby for about 18 months.  Once I got re-settled, I began reading about Age of Sigmar and what people thought.  I was intrigued.  I enjoyed 8th Edition, but the games could be a bit tedious.  I liked that AoS was streamlined and the cost-of-entry wasn't so steep.  I toyed around with the idea of using my Dark Elf and Ogre Kingd- er, Aelf and Ogor models - for a bit.  But once I saw the Ironjawz release, good ol' Gee-Dubs had me hook, line and sinker.  I bought a Start Collecting box, a Megaboss and Weirdnob straight away and got painting.

    I really enjoyed painting the heroes.  The Megaboss in particular was a joy to paint.  The Gore Gruntas are amazing models, but they are soul-suckingly difficult to paint.  After I tackled them, I settled in to paint the Ardboyz.  I finished both units, but I my hobby engine was running on fumes at that point.  This was back in the Summer.  Since then, I've added a Maw Crusha, 3 more Gruntas and 20 Brutes.  The Maw Crusha is finished, and I'm pretty proud of it.  But again, it was such an awesome model, I couldn't NOT paint it.  5 of the Brutes are mostly done...but that's where it's stopped.  I do plan on coming back to them, but I have a serious case of Ironjawz fatigue at the moment.

    Which brings us to the nonce!  Thanks to TGA member @Kuma, I was able to trade for a decent start to a Stormcast army.  I got 2 Lords Celestant on Dracoth, 10 Judicators and 10 Liberators for some old Tomb Kings stuff I was never going to use.  Through the magic of eBay, I was also able to procure a Lord Relictor.  Talk about the stars aligning: this happened right before the Vanguard stuff all began to drop, so since then I've added 6 Raptors, a box of Palladors and a Lord Aquillor.  I love the potential of this army.  Also, the fact that GW is unlikely to let this faction languish without support for any appreciable amount of time is quite appealing.  I am resolved to make this the first army I will finish.  

    The fluff and aesthetic of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer were way too cool to pass up, so that's the route I'm going to go.  I've just settled into painting and have done up a test model - a Liberator - in this fashion.  And so, the race to 2000 points of painted Stormcast is on!

    That's all for this evening I guess.  I'll post up some preliminary pictures tomorrow.  Thanks for checking out my ramblings.  See you again soon.

  19. Today I was able to get the first Blood Warrior of the Murderfist complete. Happy with the look so far. 



  20. Quote

    Skritt Ashenfang gnashed his teeth and snarled from the back of his lumbering Brood Horror mount, slowly encircling it's prey. The lone manthing, separated from his unit, had lost its footing and was making an panicked attempt at crawling backwards across the ashen wastes.

    "Blood-blood for the blood god!" screeched the Skaven Warlord, as he fiercely swiped his warpforged halberd from the saddle of his grotesque mount. The warpstone blade sliced eagerly at the manthings throat, decapitating it with a viscous spray of blood. Skritt let out a fervent cry at his fresh kill as his hunting pack of Wolf Rats surrounded the corpse, picking and tearing at the warm flesh.

    Skritt surveyed the area. Up ahead, his retinue of Stormvermin were in pursuit of the fleeing manthings. The weak would be slaughtered there and then, whilst the strong would be bound and brought before The Pack, to either replenish their bloody ranks or sate their bloodier appetites. Extending his black tongue like an earthworm protruding from soil, Skritt licked his gore-slick chops as he watched the manthings run as a wolf would study a herd of deer. Unable to contain himself, he yanked viciously at the brass chains bolted to his the jaw of his mount and kicked his vicious, yellowed toenails into it's side, signalling for the Brood Horror to charge. Khorne would reward him for the blood he spilled today, even if The Pack would not.


    Today's blog post is about my other army, The Wolf and the Rat, which is a thematic take on Khorne Bloodbound, but pulling in some areas of Skaven and Khorne Daemons. There's a mash of a few different ideas and stories in this army, and the main reason for it is a combination of starting from the starter box, and just really loving the miniatures from a wide range of the Chaos faction. I knew, like with my Stormcast army The Azure Tempest that I'd want to try and make the army I grew out of the Chaos half of the starter box my own, and something that I've always liked the idea of is the interpretation of Khorne as a Wolf (the Wolf Father, the Blood Wolf, etc). The fact there's such an abundance of great viking/wolf upgrades these days thanks to things like Space Wolves Wulfen and so on kinda cemented this idea for me. The other thing was that I knew I wanted something big and awesome for a centrepiece to at least a little match my Stormcast's Stardrake, and I also knew that I loved Skaven, but would struggle with painting a pure horde army. And thus the concept of The Wolf and the Rat was born.



    The White Wolf


    Lord Alpha of The Pack, The White Wolf is a shrewd tactician, savage warrior and devoted chaplain of The Wolf Father. Although little is known of his time before The Pack, it is said that The White Wolf had once been a scholar of divinity, leading to his ancient and dogmatic interpretation of the Blood God Khorne as a bloodthirsty wolf.

    His savage doctrine dictates that worshippers of the Wolf Father are the fangs of Khorne himself made manifest, and it is their duty to sake his thirst by preying upon the 'cattle' of the realm. To this end, The Wolf Father and his chosen 'enlightened' disciples enter the battlefield in suits of bone white platemail, in contrast to the blood red of his horde.

    One of my first Bloodbound that I painted from the starter set, and I had a bit of trouble keeping the armour white while keeping the shading from the brown wash I used. I later discovered my folly was that the Army Painter washes that I used were more of a 'glaze' than a wash, so more fool me for using the Big Bad model from the starter set as my test model. Nothing overly taxing on the conversion front, just a power axe (with sci-fi parts like cables shaved off) from the Wulfen kit I had spare, and a resin wolf skull from some basing kit for a helmet. I kinda like the model, but I've always had a soft spot for mounted generals. My plan is to eventually replace him with a Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut converted from an OOP metal kitthat I got on Ebay (because ugh finecast), which I'm very much looking forward to seeing take fruition (see the WIP section at the bottom for the build).



    Skritt Ashenfang


    The White Wolf's second-in-command, or 'pet rat' to his detractors. Skritt Ashenfang was once a Fangleader of the Stormvermin bodyguard of Clan Fellpyre, entrusted with the protection of Grey Seer Chittikh on a great exoddus to claim a rich warpstone deposit in the realm of Aqshy. It was on this journey that Skritt's clan was ambushed by The Pack. Intent on consuming their flesh as an act of worship for the Bloodwolf, The Pack had destroyed much of Fellpyre before Skritt and his Stormvermin's martial skill had caught the eye of The White Wolf himself.

    Whether through torture, brainwashing, cowardice, resentment or the simply the influence of Khorne's domain, only Skritt can say why he chose to forsake The Horned Rat in favour of the Blood God. In spite of his uncertain motivation, his unnatural strength and fell gifts remain proof he wields the favour of Khorne.

    Another minimal conversion (Khorne banner from the Mighty Lord instead of the Horned Rat icon, spikey bit on the helm from a spare Stormvermin captain head).

    This guy came about mostly out of desire to have something big and awesome in this army to match the visual appeal of the Stardrake and deciding that I couldn't justify buying a new Bloodthirster when I could paint strip and repurpose my old style metal one (see the WIP section below). I ended up on the ForgeWorld website, and kinda went back and forth on whether or not I'd buy Skaarac the Bloodborn. Ultimately, I thought £140 was too much to spend on a single (albeit awesome) miniature for My "First" Army, but while I was there I found myself looking at all the different miniatures ForgeWorld were doing for Fantasy/Age of Sigmar and being a little blown away by some of the more affordable miniatures - in particular, the Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror.

    Skaven are an army I've always wanted to play - I love how they look, I love how they think, they're just the epitome of Games Workshop's creativity in fantastical settings and I love them to pieces. Back in the day, they were my first attempt at an army for WHFB, and that turned out to be a really stupid decision. They were kinda tricksy to play, and I hated how much time it took me to get them all to rank up. Additionally, there was just no way a 12-13 or so year old me would have the patience to paid those some 60 clanrats, 20 Stormvermin and so on and so forth. That army was sold quickly, and after a fumble or two (I believe I attempted Empire, Dark Elves and Chaos) I eventually settled on Dwarfs, an army I still have in a mixed state of completion and plan to slowly fix up for AoS eventually.

    Anyway, skip forward to today and now we have Age of Sigmar and the #1 thing that I love about this game, being a returning hobbyist with a lot more hours in the hobby side than the gaming side as of now, is the ability to mix and match factions within your grand alliance. This opened up the floor to adding into my starter set whatever I liked the look of as long as I could justify it from a lore perspective. The stars sort of aligned for me on this one - the followers of Khorne respect strength and appetite for battle, which meant I could add a small, elite Skaven contingent to my army - not too many models to paint and it makes sense. Perfect!

    As The White Wolf's 2nd in command, I like to field this guy as the general in smaller (1500pts or less) battles. His command ability buffs up the Stormvermin contingent, meanwhile the Bloodsecrator buffs up the Khorne mortals and daemons, giving the army a divided but united sort of feel that I think works on a fluffy level - Skaven are notorious for their backstabbing ambition, and the followers of Chaos can all be a little "xenophobic" of each other at the best of times anyway.

    Notable from a model perspective is this is the first occurrence of the warpstone crystals I like to put on the bases of my more mutated miniatures with a mind that any of the crazy mutations could be attributed to either Khorne's blessings.. or maybe just a mutation from all the warpstone in their encampments soil. 




    Not much to say about this guy, he's just the Bloodsecrator from the Starter Box. One of these days, I'd like to replace him with a wholely unique conversion - I'd really like to take Valkia the Bloody and switch her spear for a big honkin' icon of Khorne sometime, but that's a project for another time when there's less pressing things (such as the rest of the 2000pts army) to finish.



    Blood Warriors (The Red Hunt)

    Just some starter set Blood Warriors. I think, of all my starter set Khorne, these are the guys who turned out the best.



    Blood Warriors (The Enlightened)

    I bought these guys 2nd hand prebuilt and partially painted in a set of 5. In addition to being super cheap (I think I paid £8), it's always annoyed me that if I ever picked up a Blood Warriors box set, then I'd always have the 5 guys from the starter set 'spare' if I was building units of 10 to get the big crazy glaive.

    There's no obvious Champion guy here, which would've made them perfect for just adding to my main unit, but they came partially painted in bone white and I kinda loved it, even if originally I had planned for only characters and more expensive individuals in the army to be white. I decided to keep them as their own unit in the end as a sort of 'retinue' of sorts for The White Wolf. The plan is to eventually buy another box of Blood Warriors and pump each unit up to 10, with the Englighted's champion getting a goreglaive. In the meantime, they look pretty cool. Fluff is a work in progress, but I like the idea of two units that are functionally the same with The Enlightened being closer to the radical ideology of The Pack's alpha (the cunning predator) vs the standard BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD of The Red Hunt.



    Bloodreavers (and Slaughterpriest)

    Buncha Bloodreavers and a White Dwarf Slaughterpriest. The paint job does the job for tabletop, being essentially a base coat and a sepia glaze without any real highlighting or anything, but the thing that's probably standing out here are the movement trays.

    While I love that my Bloodbound has a huge, hordey feel (with 80+ minis at 2000pts) in comparison to my elite Stormcast (with roughly 30 minis at 2000pts), that's an annoyingly large amount of miniatures to be pushing around a table. Somewhere along the line I heard someone mention Warbases, a UK company that does laser cut MDF bases and movement trays - I thought the 5 model skirmish stands were just perfect. They don't have an outrageously large footprint, and being able to split each 20-strong unit into 4 stands makes them a lot easier than a big 20-mini movement tray for getting around terrain and piling in and all that jazz - since there's no actual benefit to a formal formation, and that's certainly not the way I'd expect the followers of Khorne to fight anyway! They were a pretty quick job, just slop a bunch of Vallejo Black Lava onto them all and give them a drybrush and a bit of static grass and job's a good 'un.




    These guys were super quick and easy, which I was really looking forward to after the slog of painting and varnishing Bloodreavers Stormvermin. Just prime, paint the horns/claws/teeth/eyes/metallics, dip, extra nuln oil wash over the horns and weapons, then paint the base and matte varnish over the horns and weapons. I'd always planned to dip them for maximum speed and a glossy slimy looking skin, but it wasn't until the models were on their way to me in the post (along with a can of Dragon Red primer spray that went unused in the end) that I decided they'd look really cool if they were white. I haven't fully developed my fluff reasons yet, but I love the scheme, and how prominently the blood effects show on their hands and mouths over the white flesh.

    I don't like how many mold lines I missed in my hurry to get them finished in a weekend. As cool as the miniatures look, the sprues in this kit were really a bit janky. Lots of big mold lines and weird bits that didn't go together as well as I'd like. Still beats working with resin!




    Cool models, I think this set aged quite well. Kind of a meh paint job on account of there being 20 to get through, so they got the same treatment as the Bloodreavers - not so great up close, but pretty cool en masse. More expensive than I'd have liked once you factor in the fact I had to buy my own bases for them (and GW don't like to sell small rounds without packaging a bunch of bigger rounds you PROBABLY WONT NEED with them). On a related note, I had debated whether to go 25mm or 32mm for these guys but in the end settled with 32mm. I hate foot overhang on bases of any kind, and furthermore, if Bloodreavers get a 32mm, then Stormvermin are getting 32mm given their somewhat elite status. 




    These guys tie the wolf theme of the army together. I love how the conversion turned out - a Wulfen box set with a bunch of Wrathmonger flails that I got from bitz websites in place of their stabby knife hands, and all the cables and 40k bits filed off. I don't know if you can see it particularly well from the photo, but I used the weird little skull and crossbones bits from the Wulfen frame to cover the hole in the minis backs where their backpack normally would be. Paint job wise, I could've done better. I rushed these guys to finish them and a unit of Judicators in a single weekend to get them ready for a game and it kinda shows. They actually looked a little worse before this photo, but on the night I was finishing up this post, I decided I'd do something about these guys and repainted their hair, from a kinda lazy light brown + wash to the black/grey you see now, which adds a little contrast and ties them a little closer to the Skin Wolves they might eventually become. If I were to do these guys again though, I think I might consider painting their flesh grey and hair brown, like mini Skin Wolves. That'd look pretty cool, and hey, normal Wrathmongers are all crazy and red, right?

    From a lore perspective, as far as The Pack care, these guys aren't much different from your normal Wrathmongers, only they came out more Wolfy because Big Bad fancies his deity more canine than your average Bloodbound warlord. Or it could just be the warpstone up to it's usual tricks! Who knows.



    Skin Wolves (The Blessed)

    I am straight up thrilled with how these guys came out. Like a lot of my paint jobs, I got pretty down on how they were coming along at first. I had originally decided to make their bodies grey and their fur a lighter shade of grey. It took about 75% of the way through the first one before I realised why my guys looked so much worse than everyone else's on the internet - people tend to make the skin lighter than the fur, which 'balances' out the miniature a little more because the light tends to hit the backs a lot easier. Liking their skin the way it was, I decided to make their fur a grungey brown instead and that really improved things some more.

    What really brought these guys together were the bases. I'd originally decided I wanted to do a little more with their bases than normal, but I didn't think they were big enough to warrant the lava stream that my biggest guys had (Skritt and the Stardrake so far, although my Juggerlord and Bloodthirster will be on resin lava bases since I had to buy their round bases separately anyway). I ended up buying this basing kit with animal bones, thinking that would typify wolves a lot more. They also got the warpstone crystals the other mutants got, but I also decided to be a bit more liberal with my use of static grass. I tend to religiously stick with grey gravel for my bases rather than picking something complimentary to each army for the simple reason that most of my games are played on the tiles you can see I photograph most of them on, but I also use an assortment of dead static grasses and tufts on the board to break up the monotony of grey, and I do the same on my bases, though I normally stick to the simple dead looking green grass. With these guys, I expanded to use 2 of the 3 types of flock and both types of tufts I use on the main board, and cover up a lot more of the grey with the grass, and the effect not only compliments the grey (that would otherwise just blend into the base), but I think comes out looking a lot more marshy and macabre, which somehow suits the gothic horror vibes that Skin Wolves give off so well.

    Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is I really liked how the bases turned out and just how much better they make the miniatures look overall.

    From a fluff standpoint, these guys are known as 'The Blessed' within The Pack, for reasons that should be readily apparent by now; for a crazy religious cult (even by Chaos Worshipper standards) that believes their God is a big crazy bloodthirsty wolf guy, being made into a big crazy bloodthirsty wolf guy is a pretty high honour and considered on par with daemonhood. Sweet. Once more, warpstones on the base. Are these guys just crazy and stupid? Oooo.. maybe, but maybe not. But probably.




    Just a Khorgorath, nothing super special here. I guess this was my first attempt at painting something big in Age of Sigmar, outside of my Ogroid Thaurmaturge from the Silver Tower set that got me back into the hobby (and looked terrrriibaaaad!), so I was pretty pleased with how he turned out. He's a neat model, but doesn't really fit so well in the army, but I painted him, so he's getting shown off anyway!




    Same deal as the Khorgorath, nothing super interesting here. This guy gets some use in my 1500pts list, but I think got the chop in the 1000pts and 2000pts versions. Go figure. I think his base might be a tad bright.


    AAAND BONUS: Here's some works-in-progress!



    Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury

    Yeah, this is an old ass metal Bloodthirster model. I had him kicking around my parents attic, and given that I had a Bloodbound army, it felt like a shame not to use him. I decided to repose his arms, because they looked static in the classic GW way where everyone loved to stand with biceps by their sides and their elbows bent. I also gave him a modern plastic Bloodthirster head that I got from Ebay, because the old one looked ridiculous and just a bit unsuitably camp in the modern style. I dunno, it might be a little big, but it looks a hell of a lot better. Oh, and on a similar note, I filed down the weird stars where his nipples would be on his breastplate. That just always seemed weird to me.

    Then I got a bit ambitious. I decided I'd risk ruining him - he only cost me £25 back in the day, which is kind of insane when you consider the (albeit amazing) plastic kit these days will skin you almost three times that, and frankly, he paid himself off in extensive use in my World Eaters army back then. So, I thought I'd make him more unique and Wolfy by adding a green stuff fur cloak (which you probably can't see) and some metal spikey pauldron things to tie it to his back and wings, which I thought turned out pretty well. He'll get his own post when I'm finished so you can get a better idea of what it looks like, but I'm planning to also add my remaining animal bones to his base before I'm done. He'll be white like the other daemons in my army, and more than a little unique. Sometimes, I wish that I'd sprung for some modern plastic Bloodthirster wings on ebay to go with the head, but between that and the base I'd be as well buying a new plastic one. And my Battlefoam pluck foam's already been cut to size so that ship has sailed anyway.



    Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

    The White wolf himself, looking a hell of a lot more regal upon the back of one of Khorne's favoured daemonic mount, and in glorious white metal to boot!

    I love this miniature. Even the standard Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut just has this blasé swagger to it that puts me in mind of the Orc general riding to the front lines on a warg in The Return of the King. I really hate the idea of my Mighty Khorne general walking into battle with a little red pooch while his second in command is riding in style on a big gigantic mutant mole rat with baby rats crawling out of it's skin (that miniature is so gross and cool). This guy got a couple things from me - a Space Wolves helmet, with the sci fi bits filed off (top bit on the helmet, and the side tubes cut and filed to look like tusks/spikes), his shield replaced with a big ol' Space Wolves one with fetishes dangling not unlike the Bloodreavers/Wrathmongers, and a big honkin' axe made of two of the big two handed axe heads from the Wulfen sprue stuck together. He just needs a bit of greens stuff cleanup, and a nice oval base (this one came with a square). MORE SOON!


    And that's that!

    Hopefully in my next posts I can show off my finished Bloodthirster, Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut and my as of yet unpictured Wolf Rats. Thanks for reading (or looking at pictures and skipping to the end)!


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