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  1. Hi, here is a quick battlereport on the weird 2v2 500pts event I had. So we had to make 500pts lists (minimum one battleline) and we were paired randomly for a 2v2 match. I was paired with a troll against ironweld arsenal and flesh-eater courts. My list was: - Warlock Engineer (general) - Balewind vortex - Warp-lightning cannon - 15 acolytes The ironweld arsenal camped on top of a hill (2 machines and a line of dwarves protecting them) and the FEC prepared himself for a rush. We got the first turn, and the overcharged WLC put the line of dwarves down to 2 men. I had no range to get to the machines. The Warlock Engineer got on top of the balewind vortex, itself on top of the gnawhole (see picture. However, note that the paint is not finished. I am hesitating between colors... But I will go with dryad bark finally for the stones instead of verminlord hide). My general idea was to spam his overcharged spell. Indeed, he seems to be able to cast it any number of times, according to the warscroll. Being on a gnawhole and a vortex, that would make 2 times D6 MW at 19" on a 4+, rerollable once! In their turn, the FEC moved forward. Second turn, I sniped a machine and that was about it. The trolls wiped some FEC units. In their turn, the opponents did some minor damage to the trolls, which they healed afterwards. Third turn, I sniped the second machine, the troll cleared some more units. But at this stage we were behind on objectives and as the game was only 3 turns long, we lost! So as you can see, the game was not very exciting. The dwarf and I were just camping from behind, and the other two were tarpiting. Three turns were just too few to get anything done really. However, this game made me realize that all of you are right: The warp-lightning vortex seems way too got not to take. Even at 500pts I should have taken it. I could have completely wiped the ironweld arsenal with a single WLV cast on his camping position, and use my resources to do other things during my turn, letting him deal with this problem of his meanwhile... It would have been may more worthwhile than the warp-lightning cannon after second thoughts. I think I'm going to bring the WLV in all games now :D I played another friendly game 3v3 afterwards with the same list, and it also confirmed me that the Warlock Engineer/Bombardier is now tremendous value. I am considering it instead of the Arch-Warlock now. His spell is easy and not very risky to overcharge. The range is not so great but on top of a balewind vortex or inside a pack of clanrats it is OK. Plus it gives access to the warp tokens to reroll the cast. I have done the maths and it seems to be a reliable way to cast the WLV turn one next to a gnawhole. The only thing that can compete is the grey seer with master of magic next to a gnawhole or a grey seer sneezing some warpstone (but the risk outweighs the gain) Cheers
  2. I removed the wooden structure and piled them one onto the other. It works well because the models are carved in identically.
  3. How does the WLV+shackle+warpgale combo work exactly? It halves run and charge rolls, but the movement remains the same except for the shackles, right? So they can still walk out of it 6" or so at a time?
  4. I've heard that they say at the Q&A that carrion empire is not going to be re-stocked. I hope they will sell the Warlock Bombardier individually soon then... Because it is kind of against their rule of "no warscroll for units we don't sell". They made a warscroll for a unit they only sold for a few weeks... This thing is priced soon expensive on eBay, just like the poisoned wind mortars were before for the same reason (no way to buy them)
  5. Yes sorry... I had AnyDice showing the probability to have "at least" and I forgot to turn it off. Its indeed 9.72% risk of exploding
  6. Hi all If you want to do the maths on which caster to pick (grey seer or other master clan versus arch warlord or warlock, which spells, which boost...) I have tried to do a small program: https://anydice.com/program/1442b You can just change the parameters. "reroll under 8" is reroll everything under 8 (change 8 to the spell casting value). The "plus 2" is the cast modifier. Here you see a comparison between a warlock near a gnawhole, a grey seer with master of magic near a gnawhole, and a grey seer consuming warpstone sparks, all trying to cast a WLV. 72% chances for both warlock/warlord and seer, and 68% chance with seer consuming sparks (as the roll can't be modified). The last one has a 25% risk of blowing up though...
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. All things considered (including me leaning towards magic rather than shooting or horde), I'm down to 2 lists: - Screaming bell (master of magic + suspicious stone OR skavenbrew + warpgale) + 40 clanrats (or giant rats) + warp lightning vortex - Arch warlock (verminous valor + esoteric + chain spell) + balewind vortex + 40 clanrats + warp lightning vortex I think I'm going to have fun
  8. Hello all I have a weird event coming up. It is a double (2v2), 500 points each. But it seems that we are going to be paired randomly. So I have to design a 500pts list that could match with about anything... Do you think that it is worth specializing still? At the risk of being matched with someone specialized the same way? For instance horde: 1 clawlord, 80 clanrats. Or 1 master moulder, 80 giant rats Or snipe with a warp-lightning cannon Or magic with WLV, balewind and wizards jumping from gnawholes to gnawholes Or should I try diversifying instead? 40 clanrats + snipe + magic 40 giant rats + 4 rat ogors + master moulder I am lost... I never played 2v2 before (let alone with random pairing) so I don't really know how to approach this Thanks for your input
  9. Anyone using rat swarms? I'm building the vermintide spell but thought of using it as 4 rat swarms instead. What do you use rat swarms and/or vermintise for? Thanks
  10. I agree the plagueclaws are worth testing... 3 plagueclaw, 1 plague priest and the foulrain congregation is 670 points. For this we get 3 attacks 2+/2+/-2/2d6 (against 10+ models) no line of sight 31", one extra artifacts and one extra CP. For 640 pts we can alternatively get 3 WLC and one warlock bombardier. 24" attacks and a boost to one wlc per turn with risks of self destruction. I don't know... In all cases, building WLC to be dual use with plagueclaws requires minor conversion at assembly and is definitely worth the effort
  11. About allies... Do you think that allying a chaos sorcerer lord (nurgle mark) could be worthwhile in certain situations? It now suffers from the comparison with our other casters at 160pts... It does bring a reroll 1s for save and a spell to reroll 1s for save, hit, roll. Perhaps for large units of clanratd, along with a death frenzy grey seer?
  12. Hello fellow chaos followers My brother plays daemons of tzeentch (gaunt summoner, summoner on disc, ogroid, flamers, pink...) and it is his birthday soon. I would like to gift him some endless spells, as he doesn't have any yet. Are there some "top picks" or "auto include" for daemons of tzeentch please? I play a wizard-heavy skaven army so there will be some crazy magic battles to come!
  13. Im going to test a unit of 6 bubble warped by clanrats in some upcoming 1k game. I was put off by the nerf at first, but throwing some test dice and crunching the numbers, they still look pretty powerful to me... Instead of seeing them as a unit with no precise role, I now see them as a unit fulfilling all roles! 2 rattling pumped by sparks and more more warp power crushes about anything already. And that's only 2 stormfiends of the unit. For a close combat unit, you can then take two warpfire and crush another unit brutally again (with no drawback unlike for the warpfire thrower). And after all that, you can still annihilate what's left to annihilate with 8 shock attacks plus 16 more normal attacks. Again, I haven't played them since the new battletome. But to me they still seem worth their point cost.
  14. Isn't a unit of 30 overkill, compared to several units of 10/15 which would be less "all eggs in one basket"? The warpstone spark can affect up to 3 units in range. More-more-more warp power only one, but even then it seems like a lot of damage already...
  15. That could work and make a better result yes... However, I would need to cut the outer circle of the balewind plate. As can be seen in the first picture I posted a few days ago, the gnawhole vortex is the same diameter as the inner circle of the balewind plate (more or less). So I would need to cut the balewind plate to be able to fit it inside the rocks. I think for now I'll assemble and paint it as is, with no cutting. If the combo is powerful enough in game and is here to stay, I'll do more conversion to polish it (either your solution or the one with green stuff)
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