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  1. Num

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Same here. I have a main color (green) which I put on all my clanrats, alternating between the lower and upper body. Then for most I put my secondary color (white) and for some a tertiary (black). In a mix and match fashion. I just finished painting my 100 clanrats 🤗
  2. Num

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Two questions about the spells too please: What does this "lore of spells" mean? Can we cast any spell in this table whenever we want to cast a spell? Or do we need to pick one per wizard before the battle begin, and are bound to cast only these ones? I didn't get it from the book. Also the preview says that we can cast the lightning spell of warlock engineers once per engineer. This contradicts the rule that each spell can also be attempted once. I don't find anywhere in the book mention of this. Edit: its in the warlock engineer warscroll! Cheers
  3. Num

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    How do you plan to get more than 1 artifact? The battalions don't look that great and are very costly too for what they bring... Also I saw that having a pestilens general allows for nurgle allies. So we could build a full skaventide army, yet put a pestilens general and benefit from units like chaos sorcerer lords nurgle or anything. Some neat comboes to be found there surely...
  4. Num

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    What do you think of using as "the hammer" now? Perhaps running stormfiends in 6 in order to get more out of a single warpgrinder weapon? 520 points for 39 wounds, 24 melee attacks DMG 2 (16 of thrm with rend due to shock/grinder), 3d6+6 ranged attacks (wind launchers + rattling), ability to pop anywhere. Can be buffed to reroll hits and increase the damage of the ranged attacks. In comparison, 40 stormvermins is 40 wounds and 80 attacks DMG 1 for 50 points. Can be buffed to increase the attacks, reroll hits (I think). And more? For the same price, we can also get 10 rat ogors. This is 40 wounds, 40 melee attacks at DMG 2, 10 ranged attacks. Can be buffed with reroll hit wound, reanimate once when, and increase wound. Have I missed any buff? Is there any option at our disposal for "the hammer"? Cheers
  5. Yeah you could even make 3 acolytes out of one mortar: the front and back rats become acolytes, and the globe laying on the ground can be stuck on a plague monk to make a third. That's what I did
  6. This may still work with the new book from what I understood. All your battle lines are still batteline IF you don't have non skryre units EXCEPT perhaps a masterclan general (e.g. the bell). So as long as the bell is your general, it looks valid
  7. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I have built recently a small Kill Team unit of genestealer cult using stormvermins heads/lower body and genestealer torsoes/arms. My "general" has a whip from the genestealer hero, and I just realizedjt could look totally fine as a moulder packmaster... Especially given he has 4 arms so one potential way of converting plague monks/IOB packmasters could be with genestealer bits too.
  8. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    That's quite interesting to notice, because if Gnash-gnash can affect all units in a certain radius, it can also give other clawlords and verminlord warbringers extra attacks. Cool stuff
  9. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    I'm not sure. I used to run them in groups of 10 to outnumber and kill heroes. But this doesn't work anymore, as they lost their +1 hit when outnumbering. I guess that now we lost our shock stormfiends plus packmaster as the melee hammer, there may be other options to consider (with stormfiends switching to utility/toolbox). perhaps with a master clan general in the list, casting the spell to pile in and attack once more when killed, it could be quite scary as a suicide squad...
  10. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    I still don't see the problem, as even with the generic Skaventide we can still have the skryre command traits, artifacts, spell lore and battalions (from what I understood). The only consequence is that instead of 40 clanrats (200pts) you need 60 (320pts) or more, so there is indeed a 120pts premium (2 poisoned wind mortars, one would say if salty :D). But in the previous version, going chaos allegiance prevented us from using the allegiance abilities and artifacts. It still seems OK to me
  11. Well that's how magnetizing could help then. If someone disagrees with me placing the vortex and upper platform on top of the gnawhole, I can reassemble the balewind in full and place it in equilibrium on top of the gnawhole or next to it. A balewind next to a gnawhole still gives the double boost I think (it doesn't say wholly within 1", I think?) Could it answer the concern?
  12. Hm are you certain? Because miniatures (heroes, units, endless spells) can climb and be placed on terrain I think. So why wouldn't balewind?
  13. OK I've made my buy list for the pre-orders: battletome, Gnawhole and Balewind Vortex I'm so hyped by the spell lores and I've always wanted to try a magic-heavy Skaven list. Now is the time! I'll try to merge the Gnawhole and Balewind models together as explained here (replacing the base of the vortex with a gnawhole, magnetizing everything to be able to tunnel the balewind to other gnawholes) Then I'll abuse this to death until it gets FAQed... Seems like a Skavenly plan
  14. I think I'm going to try merging a Gnawhole and a Balewind Vortex into a single magnetizable model: The gnawhole will replace the base of the vortex, and both vortexes will be matched in paint scheme. Depending on the balance, I might replace the upper platform with some planks from the Screaming Bell. This has to be done I think that the models resemble another, and rules-wise it seems powerful too! The balewind gives and extra spell and save. The Gnawhole gives +1 cast. As the balewind and the wizard on it are considered a single model, it could also travel through the Gnawholes (until it gets FAQed of course, like all balewind-related abuse) What do you think?
  15. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    The Facehammer podcast had the same interpretation. All units need to be of the same clan in order to have the clan-specific battlelines. The only exception is the general, that can be Masterclan without breaking the battlelines. But actually, I don't think it makes such a difference... If you want Skryre with screen, you would have taken 40 clanrats (200pts) or 80 (400pts) as allies. Now if you still want screen, you can take 3*20 (360pts) or 40+2*20 (440pts) clanrats, go Skaventide, and still benefit from all the Skryre "allegiance" traits artifacts and else. Plus any other clan you fancy If you don't want this much screen, then unfortunately you don't have anything except acolytes or endless spells.