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  1. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I love the list good to see some pure verminus around! Regarding the unit maxing, I'm personnally more in favor of maxing clanrats units. Stormvermins are less important to max out (a unit of 10 can still outnumber heroes or elites) Cheers
  2. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Thanks for all the advice I thus went crazy on kitbashing and weapon swapping. Ill send some pictures soon but I'm quite pleased with the result. The 9 stormfiends look quite different from one another
  3. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Thanks for sharing I have a similar question: what are your conversions/customizations of stormfiends? I've got 9 now, but I feel the models are quite redundant once you start fielding them together (like 3 gauntlets, 3 warpfire...). The poses are the same and I feel quite constrained by the strict weapon requirements So what are your tips/quick wins to make each stormfiend more unique please?
  4. 1) Clan Skryre 2) Clan Verminus / Mixed Skaven 3) Clan Moulder All hail the Great Horned Rat 🐀
  5. I hear you... I agree with what everyone has suggested so far. Below is a screenshot of my own cheat sheet (sorry some elements are in French). I structured it along each phase. Within each phase, I included only the relevant stats and buffs. I cruise through the games at ease without any back and forth between the rule books... I also use the same structure for all my armies so I just have to update the lines. I also "rehearse" a lot with my young kids! I just say "do you want to play some dice?" Of course they want... I give them piles of dice and I keep some for myself. They just play with them randomly, rolling, piling... While I roll mine as if I played certain units (using the warscrolls, thinking about strategies...). We have fun "playing dice" and at the same time I practice the warscrolls and think about some strategies. I also use to "strategize" a bit while on the bus or else... As a result, the very few games I do play, I feel I play them quite efficiently time-wise. Cheers and good luck
  6. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Has anyone tried the screaming bells since v2? Stacking the command ability seems nice for a movement boost. I still don't own two models but I can definitely imagine running two in a horde list for guaranteed buffs and perhaps even a free verminlord I'm also thinking about a moulder allegiance list now that I have 9 stormfiends, 80 giant rats, 6 rat ogors. What do you think would be the best allies ? I'm thinking a mixture of plague priests and poisoned wind mortars or acolytes. Or some wizard but I don't know which... Screaming bell perhaps for the movement boost stack aforementioned? Wolf rats could go up 14" move with two CP... Plus a bell pushed by giant rats would look quite fun... Just need to add a flute to the grey seer on top...
  7. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Short question to the worshippers of Clan Skryre: How many Stormfiends is too many? For instance, did you have any success running 9 stormfiends (outside of 9 warpfire-Stormfiends gautyfire)? For cost-related reason I was thinking 3x warpfire, 3x shock gauntlets and 3x grinder Cheers
  8. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    I doubt that. If that is the case, then what would be the purpose of the FAQ? If you compare the original versus the FAQ, i the FAQ would not change anything following this logic. There is no weapon that would make multiple attacks.
  9. An alternative coming to mind (although, again, I never came across sportsmanship) could be to just ask people to answer a couple of open-ended questions. For instance on "the moment they enjoyed the most in the game" or on "please describe what you thought of the player's sportsmanship (examples are appreciated)" It would require someone having to actually read all the small answers, but it may (A) be a more enjoyable experience for players (compared to filling surveys), and (B) provide organizers with some nice quotes to highlight the best moments. Also open-ended questions can be converted into quantifiable scores if the questions are properly designed and understood. Perhaps it's done already in tournaments, I don't know... If so, I'd be interested in hearing how it played out
  10. I never attended such competition so I also never came across this sportsmanship score. However, the points you make on the drawbacks of the checklist method seem to only relate to the way you saw this method implemented. For instance, job interviews also happen to look like a subjective evaluation of someone's qualities. This is why the more structured these interviews/questionnaires, the less prone to subjective biases (e.g., similar-to-me effect, stereotyping, etc...). Perhaps designing robust questionnaires for assessing "sportsmanship" (whatever this means) is overkill regarding to its importance. Or perhaps it requires resources that event organizers do not have. Or players may just not want to spend ages answering pages-long surveys. But I'm just saying that the drawbacks you highlight can be easily overcome with some knowledge on questionnaire design / attitudinal surveys / statistics.
  11. I also hire a friendly body actress to play on my behalf in order to max out the sportsmanship score. She is directed by a pro player with a tournaments track record whispering in her earphones. I sit back and have a beer while winning the competitions. As Skavens, we know that the best battles are the ones we are not risking ourselves in
  12. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Hi all Still trying to fit a double gascloud in a list for some free long-range MW. What do you guys think of the following attempt at a skryre-moulder list? Cheers
  13. Num

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm not surprised by the overhype. How to write an article for warhammer community: - "We have some *major* reveals coming soon" (ie some things are coming at some point) - "The box is absolutely *packed* with content" (ie we added some doice and rulerz to the box) - "The unit just received a *massive* point drop so that you can fit it *very comfortably* in your list" (ie minus a few points) - "This rework is *absolutely insane*, we are so *thrilled* by it" (ie minor upgrade, borderline nerf) Etc. It kind of reads like a Robert E. Howard novel
  14. Num

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I just saw an awesome conversion of Warg riders (lord of the rings) with clanrats upper bodies... There seems to be so much conversion potential from the warg riders (spiteclaw, clanrats, sorcerer lord, etc...) for a mounted skaven army! Plus wargs are not that expensive (4€ per model). The only problem is: what to use them as? Wolf rats from forgeworld are obvious choices, but what do you think of the stats? They look just worse than gutter runners, but could their 12" move compensate for some objective grabbing? (Plus it would look awesome on the battlefield) Otherwise just using them for heroes and some elite units (warlords, priests, packmasters, plague censers...)? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the conversion here. I hope the person who did it don't mind. I find it so good it is worth sharing here
  15. I really don't get why all warhammer games (including the ones in production and soon to be released like Chaosbane) are still in the old world... The "old world" is what got me in the lore, with its unique dark fantasy setting. I still don't like AoS very much so seeing all these video games being released in the old world setting is just rubbing salt in the wound Please GW, just stop selling the old world license and just make all games in AoS so I can finally move on...