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  1. Hi, On a youtube battle report that was posted there some time ago (KO vs Skaven), someone posted a comment that got me thinking. The person said that Warlock Engineers cannot cast Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt. Contrary to other casters, their warscrolls do not state that they know these spells... I double checked the warscrolls and they indeed do not mention these spells... Come on GW, why do you have to create confusion everywhere?? What do you think?
  2. I'm also debating the same issue... What is your current setup of choice? My core is 40 x Clanrats (200) 20 x Clanrats (120) 20 x Clanrats (120) 9 x Stormfiends (780) Hell Pit Abomination (240) Total: 1460 / 2000 To fill the rest, I can: + verminlord warpseer+ arch warlock + 20 clanrats Or + screaming bell + arch warlock + 2*20 clanrats (so 3*40) Or + screaming bell + arch warlock + chaos sorcerer lord (for some free mystic shields) Or swapping arch warlock with bombardier for an extra CP, or 20 clanrats with a warp grinder team. The core question is: is it enough to have 2 heroes (one to babysit the 9 stormfiends and the other for battle shock immunity)? Then the question of how to best spend 160 points: pumping units of clanrats to 40, warp grinders, extra CP, endless spells, doomwheel, chaos sorcerer lord, ... Tough call...
  3. Then may I suggest removing the vermintide to get an extra command point? Or replacing the arch warlock with a warlock bombardier/engineer (they get the same reroll for the WLV but cost less, as you don't have other skryre units anyway). You could then swap the gravetide with soulsnare shackles and still be left with 1950/2000 for an extra CP. Cheers
  4. Having 2 bells seem nice, but how are you usually dealing with tough enemy units that already are on top of objectives? I don't see in your list many ways to actually deal large amounts of damage (stormfiends, plague monks, stormvermins, rat ogors...) Cheers
  5. Hard to tell without seeing the model fully painted, but I personally like it. I don't mind the washed out effect as long as it is for clanrats. Aren't they meant to be dirty anyway? I wash mine a lot too using Agrax Earthshade. I like that they look fresh out of the pit.
  6. What if I were to get hold of 140 clanrats in addition to the 100 I already have? I remember we talked a lot about the horde strategy a while ago, but I didn't hear about reports besides one from @Skreech Verminking do you think fielding 240 clanrats is still a promising strategy? Along with a bell, and a verminlord warpseer I suppose. Why not a warp grinder, a bridge or a chronomantic cogs besides. Or would I lose too much by not using a hammer like stormfiends or plague monks? Cheers
  7. Great thinking @swarmofseals As 9 stormfiends is still uncommon and under tested, I'm not sure either about how to pair them. I almost brought 9 to a local game until learning that it was going to be a 2v1. So I didn't want to bring a "all eggs in one basket" list with 2 opponents... I had a Chaos Sorcerer Lord in this list, allied with a nurgle mark. I feel it doesn't look so great on paper for 160pts, but I brought it in nevertheless to babysit the stormfiends even more with a reroll saves of 1. It acts the same as for MMMWP/deranged inventor, in that the ability can be used to compensate for a failed spell. In addition to a warlock/archwarlock and a warpseer/bell, that would make 3 babysitting heroes: 1 for save, 1 for damage and 1 for battle shock
  8. Welcome As you can see from the battle report of @Skreech Verminking above, stofmvermins are very different to clanrats. They are also very fringe, and will never be able to be worth without clanrats around. They also need to be 30 or 40... So I think a start would be to invest in clanratd, which are key to absolutely all the lists. Then test your 20 stormvermins alongside the clanrats and decide whether you are willing to bring 20 more like in Skreech's list. From a hobby side, I personally love the models but hate painting them. Personal taste though... Many here enjoyed painting the stormvermins because of the details
  9. What if we were to use the Warp Lightning Vortex as a melee support spell? Throw it on a unit we are going to charge with clanrats. The unit takes damage. Movement phase, the unit takes damage again. The clanrats charge and lock the unit into melee. Next turn, everyone takes damage (clanrats included), but, well, that is what they are here for. It would take several turns for the locked unit to escape the WLV, assuming we protect the clanrats from battle shock. The wizard could then cast WLV from closer to the combat area. With a few more spells in addition (death frenzy, wither, plague, or warp lightning storm, mmmwp...). I feel that the spell casters now work better from a closer range, as does the WLV. I'm going to test it like this next time, with blobs of 40 clanrats... as for the gnawbomb, I always wanted to have a Skaven army in which each turn sees hordes of Skaven sent from one side of the map to another. Endless hordes coming from everywhere.... I have seen a deal for 160 clanrats and 40 giant rats which I am considering, to add to my 100 clanrats and 80 giant rats...
  10. That js great to know, thanks :) Enjoy collecting Skaven then! And feel free to join us on the Skaventide topic. Skaven is so great to collect. There are so many cool models available. I have over 5000 points of Skaven and I still miss plenty of cool minis (verminlords, hell pit abominations, doom wheels...) Cheers
  11. I had another game with my 2k army. This time 1v2 - me versus 1k idoneth and 1k slaneesh. I lost round 5 with 13 points to 15. It was a really tense and close game. I'm not sure I will be able to do a full battle report, but here were my key learnings: - the endless spells continued to disappoint... WLV at 13" is way too hard to cast I feel. Casting it after a teleport is highly uncertain, as you need to succeed both the teleport and the WLV. I failed twice. Casting it in the melee comes too late to make enough impact. The soulsnare shackles did not do much. The balewind vortex neither, as the extra range could not be put to much use and the extra spell neither. I think I will drop all the endless spells and focus on the realm ones, unless I could find another shenanigan... What were your experiences post nerf? - 6 stormfiends MVP but they need a bravery boost or battle shock immunity... I again lost one on a 6. Some powerful opponents can wipe 2 stormfiends in one phase so it becomes very risky. I feel that babysitting is a must... I'm thinking of throwing a unit of 9 and an allied Chaos Sorcerer Lord for that reroll 1s on save, hit, wound (but it costs 160pts...). It can also serve as a backup for a failed MMMWP. - skitterleap is great... Gnawholes are great... How do you abuse these? What about an assassin with Gnawbomb? Or I'm thinking about a couple of warp grinders... - I find the cannons still very random. I may focus on stormfiends instead (or jezzails). - for a long time I have been playing clanrats in 20s to focus on other things. But they again won me objectives... Just one alive is enough to capture points left unattended behind. Having 40 clanrats makes it more likely to have survivors. I'm going to up clanrats to 40. All in all, my list is becoming similar to the one posted by @Gwendar
  12. @Skreech Verminking Cool lists For list #2, I like the vortex but where on earth are you going to place it, given the whole board will be full of your rats? Perhaps it could be replaced by a Master Moulder or a Clawlord. I think the list could like some buffs. For list #1 I'm not so sure about stormfiends in 3s. Instead of the 3 stormfiends, 2 throwers and doombell, what about 2 warp cannons and a warp grinder team to deepstrike the stormvermins and keep them safe meanwhile? List #3 I think at least one unit of clanrats deserve to be in to take some hits for the stormvermins. E.g. replace 40vermins with 40 clanrats, a screaming bell and an extra command point? What do you think?
  13. One always need to collect more Skaven. Ask @Skreech Verminking
  14. Thanks a lot for the tips! The problem I had was that the arch-warlock was nowhere near enough to cast a worthwhile WLV, hence the need for skitterleap. But I failed my skitterleap twice. The 13'' range on the WLV makes casting complicated I feel... I agree with the maths. The arch-warlock is better to cast WLV. What saved me with the shooting was again the stormfiends. Unlike the WLC, they always shoot to kill. So I unleashed them to the unit that blocked by WLC. Wiping the unit then freed my WLC shooting. I own neither Gutter Runners nor Doomwheels, but I think I may go with the Doomwheel then because the model looks awesome Also I do have 30 acolytes in total. I could also try pumping up the Acolytes instead.
  15. I really want to try a unit of 30 or 40 stormvermins with a Clawlord, and possibly a battalion then to reduce the drop count and get an extra artifact. On paper they look brutal... Also I have 9 stormfiends and a warp-grinder so I think I will definitely try them out some day too. As I say in my battle report, 6 was already overkill though. 9 is going to be more-more-more overkill then! I like it
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