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Orc Stone Golem (Rogue Idol Alternative)



As my first blog entry I present to you the Orc Stone Golem, sculpted by Ismael Prieto. The model can be seen as an alternative to the ForgeWorld Rogue Idol of Gork (or Mork).

I had a lot of fun painting this miniature, it felt more like a piece of scenery than a character and I could do most of the work just by drybrushing and washing. It was also a great opportunity to try out the much hyped Dirty Down effect paints for moss and rust.

I also used a bit of the lichen effect paint by Vallejo and really like how the paint matches the yellow of the real lichen on the sticks from my garden. Since the base is quite large it was also a great opportunity to place a few Laser Plants by GamersGrass on it.






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7 hours ago, zilberfrid said:

It looks nice! Though it has been removed from Forgeworld, so not sure how long its rules will last.

Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that too, sad to see the AoS FW stuff go. But I'm more of a painter and collector myself, so the rules don't matter that much to me personally.

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