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  1. I feel like any sort of aggressive, or even gentle, point changes are going to push people towards more spam lists. For example, I could see them increasing BK's points because people are spamming them and doing well. This would re-balance those lists so that maybe they can take one less unit of BK's, but on the flip side if they become more expensive then you're much less likely to see them put in other lists as a spice unit. This would be my biggest worry. My favorite way of playing SBG, even if it's less competitive, is playing with a variety of units. My interest in the army will drop significantly if I feel like I have to commit to a single unit type. Though, honestly I don't expect too many changes for us. From a broader game perspective I would love to see some changes made to support heroes. Right now they are way too much a a viability unless they have a good bodyguard ability (like necromancers for example). Taking something like a Vampire Lord on foot is so risky these days because shooting lists are just going to blow them off the board in a turn. I'd like to see maybe a better version of look out sir, or (more extreme) something like the mirror shield offered as a generic artefact (though it would then suffer the same fate as the amulet and probably be an auto include, unless they made it so you can only take one or the other). Finally, as far as SBG rules goes I'd actually like to see endless legions changed. I kind of hate the RNG part of it. I've actually gone 6+ (full 5 round) games without rolling it, and then I've also gone several matches in a row where I rolled it every single time. When you never get it off, you are often just kind of screwed. If you get it off multiple times a game then sometimes it just becomes kind of ridiculous for your opponent. Neither scenario is very fun IMO. I'd like to see it changed to something like a once per game ability, or perhaps give it an increasing chance of happening every time it fails instead of using the kill units bonus. Or maybe even change it into something closer to an actual summoning mechanic.
  2. I have a couple I guess I could share. I play at a club, so there's lots of terrain pieces available. If I get there early enough for my game I try to set up something a little bit thematic, but sometimes you just have to grab eight pieces and get going.
  3. Just as a small aside, I don't believe we can ally in any OBR units as Soulblight, unless I'm missing some special rule from Nagash.
  4. Most of the 2.0 books had an artefact and command trait "tax" where your first artefact and your general's CA were requirements for subfactions. Soulblight does not have this restriction. You can take whatever CA or artefacts that you like. You don't need to take one from a subfaction if you don't want.
  5. Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted anything here and though I'd throw in my own two cents and share how my own games have been going. For transparency purposes I've only played 24 games as SBG this season, so while I'm not a seasoned tournament player I am a regular club player. I've played a decent variety of armies, but not many of the really "big bads" like Tzeentch-Arachaon or Morathi Bow-Snakes. Armies I've played against include: Lumineth, Cities of Sigmar (a couple different kinds), Sons of Behemoth, Nurgle, Skaven, Seraphon (some Kroak lists, some dino heavy carnosaur lists), Ogre gutbusters, Ogre Beastclaws, Soulblight (but for this game I played FEC), and maybe one or two others I can't remember. I've mostly been running variations of two types of lists. I've made little tweaks here and there but here are two examples of the type of lists I'm running: Vyrkos Dynsasty Legion of Night These lists have done very well against most of the armies I've played against, which as you can see, are largely melee focused armies with little magic and not a lot of aggressive shooting. When these lists get to "play the way they want" they are very powerful. Lots of synergistic buffs like Vanhel's, Crimson Feast, Killing Moon, Radukar's CA, and of course Mannfred's Vigour CA. These buffs can be passed around pretty easily so you can shift your threats around quite well. One turn your grave guard can be a crazy blender capable of destroying anything, the next your zombies are pumping out 40 attacks instead. These armies have enough bodies that they can reliably "hold two" and usually pressure one more. You have a good number of heroes and some fast units so completing battle tactics is pretty easy. Generally speaking, when this army goes off, it goes off hard, and it can do so very reliably against these melee type armies. On the other hand, armies with strong targeted mortal wounds (via spells or ranged attacks) and strong anti-magic absolutely deconstruct and destroy these lists. I actually have a 0% win rate against Lumineth with these lists and they are one of the armies I play against the most. Seraphon with thunder lizards and Kroak also did a decent job of shutting down these lists, though to a lesser extent. Strong ranged attacks with mortal wounds just tear through these list's support heroes with ease, and can reliably take down 1-2 a turn. Your larger heroes also aren't very safe from dedicated Sentinel barrages and similar type attacks. Strong unbinding armies, like Lumineth as well, also shut off a lot of your buffs. One of the reasons why I shifted towards the LoN build was because the potential +3 to casting was much more valuable for getting casts off than the re-rolling from Vyrkos. Control spells such as Total Eclipse, Shackles, and any spell that reduces movement or pile-in can also grind this army to a stop. Understandably, without your magic or support heroes this kind of list falls apart pretty quickly. I haven't played against them personally, but I would assume that these lists would also crumble against DoK and Tzeentch lists as well, possibly the new SCE and Kruelboyz too. Of course, no list is perfect and needs its weaknesses. As I said before, if these lists get to play to their strengths they are very strong. Moving forward however, I'm not sure what to do. I'm not really enjoying the swingy power level of these lists. Some lists I play against can't seem to do anything against it and I run them over, some lists with strong shooting do the same back to me, and there are really only a few lists that seem to play on a fairly even level. I'd like to play something that does work better against shooting, especially as I'm starting to see more and more shooting armies enter our local meta. I've been following the tournament results pretty closely and while it's nice that SBG have been doing really well, I'm not particularly liking the style of lists I see winning or 4-1'ing events. I don't really want to take 80-120 zombies or 30 blood knights. I specifically took up SBG to play an army that uses a variety of units and use support heroes. So I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I'll be continuing to tech my lists in a way that can hold up in a shooting meta, and would love to see any advice on the matter, if not I might take a short break from SBG to try out some different stuff. These lists are tons of fun to play though, especially if you have lots of melee armies in your meta, and I would encourage this kind of play style if you think it looks fun too.
  6. First off, I apologize to the mods if this is in the wrong place. I looked around and I can't seem to find another subforum that this would fit into. A few months ago I sent a message to the mod team requesting an "Asian" section to international communities subforum but never got a response. I am part of a small, but very active group of AoS players in Seoul, South Korea. We would like to reach out an invitation to other players who might be lurking about and unaware that there are weekly games of English AoS available. Now some people might think this is just "shooting into the wind" but surprisingly it was actually here on these forums that I originally found the group (one of the other players noticed I mentioned Korea in a post and then PM'd me). It's my hope that there may still be a few others out there that we can find and meet up with! Where Do We Play? We play at a wargaming club called Old Dice. It is located near Yeongdeungpo station. It's a very active club and interestingly, Age of Sigmar seems to be one of, if not the most popular game there. They have eight tables available that we can book in advance. Each table has a terrain mat and there's a huge selection of terrain pieces to choose from and use in your games. Cost of entry is insanely low, 5,000 won to play, and that includes a free drink. When Do We Play? We try to play every weekend. I'm personally able to make it almost every weekend, and I'm usually able to find someone to play with every single week. We meet at 11:00 on either Saturday or Sunday and these days we typically get two full games in (2k points). How Big Is Our Group? We currently have three foreigners in our group and so far there are seven Korean players comfortable playing in English that set up games with us every other week or so. The Korean AoS community is surprisingly active, the open Kakao group has over 140 members and is very busy all day long, every day of the week. Most weekends it is usual to see at least 3 tables at the club playing AoS. How To Get In Contact If you're in the area and want to play with us, or perhaps live here and have thought about joining the hobby but haven't committed yet, you can message me through these forums or reply in this thread. Afterwards I can invite you to one of the Kakao groups to set up some games. Again, apologies to the 99% of the players who don't play in Korea for taking up some space on the general discussion board but we would love to expand our group! Pictures!
  7. I imagine it has to do with the Brexit stuff. I don't follow the UK stuff too closely but everytime it pops up it seems to be about disruptions caused by all the trade issues going on.
  8. Ah, I thought that the article with the 40k previews was next week's pre-orders. I live in a time zone that is about a day ahead of the UK and sometimes get the timings messed up. I guess the previews will instead be coming up in the next few hours instead?
  9. Doesn’t look like any stormcast was announced for upcoming pre-orders. So, at best, there will be some announced next Sunday as pre-order for the following week. I definitely feel bad for SCE players, your release has been moving at a glacial speed.
  10. After doing quite well with Vyrkos over the last few months I've switched to playing around with LoN and in particular, a bit of a spell casting castle list. In these lists I've been taking a V.Lord with Morbheg's Claw and a Necromancer with the Tome and corpse cart with the +1 to cast buff. Having a +3 to cast on your LoN wizards, sometimes including Mannfred if he's hanging around as a support bubble, is pretty nice. Of course, points get tight in these kinds of lists so I've also been trying out forgoing skeletons in favor of Zombies (because of the corpse cart). Not sure if it's better than my Vyrkos lists, but they've been fun to play.
  11. AoS 3.0 Game #13 August 28th, 2021 @ Old Dice Wargaming Club Flesh Eater Courts (Feast Day) vs. Cities of Sigmar (Hallowheart) We had a four player group for this week’s game day at the club, and our fourth happened to be another Soulblight player. So in order to avoid mirror matches I chose to bring my dusty old FEC army. I haven’t played FEC since SBG released, which was slightly before the release of third edition. Going through the book with 3rd edition in mind made me think there were actually quite a lot of fun things to maybe do with this army despite its poor reputation in the new edition. I was also excited to bring a low model count list after months of playing 120+ model armies and specifically built my list around bringing two big boys to the table. I went against the grain a little and ran a Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon as well as a Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, instead of the double Terrors that are normally used. I also opted for a list that used as few ghouls as I could manage so that I could easily pack everything into a single travel bag and not have to worry about pushing too many models around. Deployment My opponent had a double battle regiment with a total of 3 drops, which gave me the advantage on how to set up my units. After some consideration I decided I would engage in a big monster mash by placing my dragons opposite my opponent’s. I spread my flayers out on the right side with dreams of rushing up the flank to get into the juicy ranged units there. I also had quite a few summons to bring in and hoped that I'd find space near his end of the table. Top of Turn 1: Cities of Sigmar My opponent surprised me by actually taking the initiative this game and surprised me even more by moving aggressively up the board. He had a few tricks up his sleeve though, as he strategically placed a few endless spells ahead of his troops to minimize my ability to charge (since you can’t finish a movement within an endless spell). Several scary looking monsters placed themselves on top of the hill in the middle of the board, easily within charging range thanks to the pre-game move from the battalion (though he unfortunately rolled quite low on those bonus moves). Fortunately for me, his ranged units were still out of range and couldn’t get any shots off this turn. His monsters charged in and right off the bat he pulled a pretty epic play. His Kharibdyss got within range of my throne, passed the Smash to Rubble roll toppling my terrain piece and then I rolled a 1, killing my Archregent before ever getting a chance to do anything. This put me in a pretty rough position because that meant I lost a full unit of summonable Knights, and therefore a decent chunk of my tough units. In the combat phase I was able to swing twice with my GKoTG and take out his Kharibdyss (and thank goodness because remembering how to spell that monstrosities name for a whole battle report would be a pain) and get some revenge for my fallen Archregent. Cities scored a solid 7 points this turn with a completed battletactic and holding several objectives. FEC - 1 vs CoS - 7 Bottom of Turn 1: FEC The board state at the end of the first turn. I took the easy to accomplish Monstrous Takeover battle tactic and picked out my targets for this turn. I threw my two big guys into his Stormcast heroes and swung my flayers around the house terrain piece on the right side of the board. My GKoTG and GKoZD made short work of the stormcast thanks to feeding frenzy and my flayers starting working through his ranged units. The flayers' bravery focused ranged attack really works well against units such as the dark elves who have low bravery. I also got both of my summons off, bringing in a unit of horrors and a varghulf at the back of the board, hoping to break into the units he had positioned there and maybe steal the back objective. I scored 5 points this turn, plus the monster point gained previously. FEC - 6 vs CoS - 7 Top of Turn 2: FEC So, I won the deciding roll off here and got the double turn. I think this was the first time I’ve ever gotten the 1 to 2 double, but I almost always go first in my games so I rarely have the opportunity. My opponent was in a tough spot and grabbing the first turn would have allowed him to re-position his troops and get some very important shooting off. My big hero monsters charged into his hydra and dragon and were able to easily wipe them out. Meanwhile, my flayers had an equally strong turn and ate through most of his shooting units. My varghulf and horrors also got into his backline, and while they mostly whiffed on their attacks they still locked up his units and left my opponent with few options. The end of the turn looked like this, and while I didn’t score a crazy amount of points my opponent decided to call the game since he didn’t have the units left to contend with the things I had on the board. FEC - 12 vs CoS - 7 Post-Game So.. this game is a pretty good example of what FEC are capable of doing and one of the reasons why I shifted away from them and into Soulblight. When FEC goes off, it goes off big and can easily table certain armies in a single turn. On the other hand, had the dice rolls gone a different way my opponent might have been able to shoot off my dragons and the game would have been over just as fast. For me it was a nice change of pace to play with fewer models, less magic, and a simple aggressive game plan. We also got to experience that awesome moment on the first turn where my Archregent got killed in the wreckage!
  12. Yea I feel the vampire lord command ability is, at best, a RAW vs RAI debate. But I’m not sure when you’d even want to abuse it. in friendly games I don’t think you want to be “that guy” abusing the writing of rules. In a tournament the TO could possibly overrrule it and if not.. well you’ll also probably end up as “that guy”. But kind of an interesting interaction on its own I suppose.
  13. I think all our battleline units are good and serve different roles, so which one to use depends on what you want to do with your list. Dire Wolves are the most self-sufficient of the three. You just place them on the board and they do their stuff without the need for buffs from heroes or spells. They don't do a whole lot except take up space and die, but they do that pretty well. You get 20 wounds with a 5+ save so they are more durable than a MSU of Zombies or Skeleons, but only have 10 bodies and is the most expensive option. They are also fast and spread wide, so they are good screens. Skeletons only really shine in larger unit sizes. MSU groups of 10 are basically just a cheap minimum battleline unit, but groups of 20, and especially 30 are quite durable. They shine well with buffs too, particularly Vanhel's so they are a great choice if you're running a necromancer. Zombies are our best option for bodies on the board. Don't underestimate the advantage 20 bodies can be, especially in 3rd edition. Even just MSU of 20 zombies can slow down a lot of units, and if you take them in groups of 40 or 60 they can lock down almost anything for quite awhile. Like skeletons, they take buffs really well. +1 Attacks can sometimes lead to mortal wounds jackpots and deal a lot of damage. There's also plenty on shenanigans with the 6" pile in that makes them surprisingly mobile and good at catching enemy units. The 6" pile in also makes the a great screen for your counter charge as you can use the pile in to wrap around the enemy unit and open up a space for something like your Grave Guard to charge into on the next turn. What's also nice is that you can comfortably run all three if you want, and still have a competitive list. I've seen lots of successful lists running something like 30x skeletons, 40 zombies, and 10 Dire Wolves. You can also go all in on just one option too and field like 120 zombies or something like that.
  14. AoS 3.0 Game #11 August 17th, 2021 @ Old Dice Wargaming Club Soulblight Gravelords (Vyrkos) vs. Sons of Behemat Battleplan: Tectonic Interference(1500) Soulblight Gravelords Army List Deployment Top of Round 1: Soulblight I had a one drop deployment list for this small 1500 point game and I decided to go first. On my turn I just moved onto all the objectives and chose Aggressive Expansion as my battle tactic. I had zombies and skeletons on the left flank facing off against his Mancrushers and Mannfred, Bella, and 30 x Grave Guard on the other side pairing off against his Mega Gargants. SBG 6 - 0 SOB Bottom of Round 1: Sons of Behemat The giants charges into my units as best they could, but had trouble fitting in around the terrain pieces. Mannfred blocked out the right objective and my skeletons and zombies held the left flank with overwhelming numbers, even against the mancrushers. He decided to charge Belladamma, which was a little surprising for me, and she was killed off this turn. That meant that I didn't have to run away Mannfred and he did a decent job of denting his first Mega. SBG 6 - 4 SOB Top of Round 2: Soulblight I won the important roll off preventing the double turn, which meant that my 30 Grave Guard were in clear charging distance of his wounded Mega. 16 Grave Guard with 3 attacks each and within Mannfred's +1/+1 bubble made quick work of the first Mega, once again pumping out some insane damage. My units on the left hand side were taking a beating but hadn't crumpled yet, holding back the smaller giants for at least another turn. I took Slay the Warlord this turn, which I completed, though I only scored 4 points total since the giants were all now within objective range. SBG 10 - 4 SOB Bottom of Round 2: Sons of Behemat My grave guard took a pounding with a combination of fall damage and a follow up shooting phase. He charged into my weakened group of GG and tried to take them out, but unfortunately was not able to clear out enough models to prevent me from swinging back pretty hard on the following combat activation and severely wounding his second Mega who took the full brunt of damage from around 18 GG, Mannfred, and a number of offensive spells from Mannfred and the Vampire Lord. I did lose quite a few grave guard in the process though. My left flank had fallen at this point but I was lucky enough to bring back half a unit of zombies, ready to charge back in. SBG 10 - 6 SOB Top of Round 3: Sons of Behemat In the combat phase he came close to wiping out my grave guard, but around 6 survived and combined with Mannfred they were able to take down his second Mega. With only two mancrushers left my opponent decided to concede the game. Post Game My opponent is still quite new to AoS and is still working on completing his first 2k point army and this was really mostly just a learning match. My opponent had a friend (one of my opponents from an earlier game) help him out with rules and English translation. I think he had fun and learned a lot and I look forward to playing him again in the future, especially with a full 2k point army. This was my first time playing SoB and was a pretty gentle introduction. They are probably a very scary matchup in a full points game against an experienced opponent, but at least now I feel like I have a little bit of understanding on what to expect.
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