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I've been playing Age of Sigmar since the release of Nighthaunt and they have been my army the entire time. Despite their lack of power, I've found them to be an immensely fun army to play that rarely gets blown out of games, even at local tournaments against competitive lists. This blog will highlight my thoughts on playing them and my hopes for their future. 

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Nighthaunt 3.0 Reviews Collected

Written Reviews Goonhamer Mengel Miniatures (Matched Play Rules) Mengel Miniatures (Lore and PtG) Sprues and Brews   Video Reviews Warhammer Weekly The Die Is Cast - Review Starts around 50:00 Facehammer List Tech Facehammer Rocco The Honest Wargamer 2+ Tough Video Battle Reports The Die Is Cast: vs. Ogor Mawtribes (Beastclaw) Cinderfall Gaming: vs. Cities of Sigmar Hellstorm Wargaming: vs. Fyreslayers Pai


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