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I've been playing Age of Sigmar since the release of Nighthaunt and they have been my army the entire time. Despite their lack of power, I've found them to be an immensely fun army to play that rarely gets blown out of games, even at local tournaments against competitive lists. This blog will highlight my thoughts on playing them and my hopes for their future. 

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Battle Report: Nighthaunt vs. Tempest Eye

After a defeat against Nurgle, my final game of the event was against a Cities of Sigmar force. I felt pretty good going into this matchup, as I have played against Cities the most of any army. The battleplan was Total Conquest.  My opponent played a Tempest Eye list that was Dwarves (Duardin, sorry), with some interesting conversions using 40k models (that included Dwarves riding motorbikes as pistoliers). Here's his list as best as I remember: Runelord (general) / Warden King (on Oat


dmorley21 in Battle Report

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