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About this blog

When our normal tournaments were cancelled and in-person/in-home games became impractical we chose to get creative rather than stop playing.  This blog is an attempt to bring together things we’ve posted about in other areas so others can hopefully learn from our mistakes and do it even better should they face similar choices.

Entries in this blog


What I Learned from Blisterskin and Guild of Summoners re:What Works & What Doesn’t Over Zoom

Right up front it is worth acknowledging that the tournaments I played these two armies in were structured very differently.  Blisterskin was played in an Escalation based tournament that started at 1K and went to 2K in 250 pt increments.  Guild of Summoners was played in a three match tournament where you had a fixed 1.25K list and got an extra 250 points to customize to the battleplan and match up.  That said I think there were some key takeaways regarding what works and what doesn’t when play

Time to Play vs Time to Type

My intent had been to track all the Zoom League games we’d been playing but found that I either had time to play the games or write about them afterwards and, unsurprisingly, chose the former. But with our third Zoom tournament kicking off next week I thought I would check back in and provide a broad update. The first Zoom League tournament was a Death & Destruction Escalation League that pitted Ironjawz against Boulderhead and Blisterskin.  We started at 1K and with 250 point incr

BoC vs Bloodgullet - Gift from the Heavens

A quasi-rematch and given the battleplan was essentially the proto-Starstrike we decided “narratively speaking” this would just represent another portion of the previous battlefield and thus used a similar set-up.   Learning from the previous match while sticking with Khorne Brass Despoilers, though adding a Doombull,  as the foundation of their army they switched from Darkwalkers to Gavespawn and switched out the generic Brayherd Shaman  for (proxied) Grashrak Fellhoof and his Despoilers. 

Nurgle vs BCR 1.75K - Starstrike

Playing against Gutrot Spume and his Slime Fleet if nothing else had taught me to screen my back line.  This time though I’d have my own unit coming out of Ambush in my Icebrow Hunter and a couple of Frost Sabres.  The hope was that once the objectives came down I’d be able to steal one. With the back line screened off Nurgle overloaded one side.  When the PBKs that came on with Gutrot made their charge they erased a unit of Mournfangs before they had a chance to fight back. While

BoC vs Nurgle - The BIG Test

As “awesome” as a me against all comers dynamic might be 😏a lot of the fun of AoS comes from experiencing a variety of different play styles.  Sure, we could get some of this from changing up the armies more often but realistically this diversity best comes from playing against a variety of different opponents, each with their own playing personality. To achieve this we had to test “concierge” play.  Would the gaming Cage work with two remote players and myself as a 3rd party moving all the

Why I Play the Game - BCR vs BoC Battle Report

After being literally knocked out of football I played golf senior year of high school and through college.  If you were like me, a bogey to double-bogey player on average you hit 90-110 shots in an 18 hole round all for the 3-5 shots that you’d remember.  That 300 yard drive you had that miraculously landed in the fairway, even if you mangled your approach and three putted.  That approach shot from the rough after a bad drive that landed on the green and gave you a shot at birdie, even if you c

Escalation and Evolution of a New Meta

With proof of concept the big question was - What’s Next?   With scheduling issues for one player and still working out logistics for some of our other previously regular players the two of us that could schedule more regular games set out to play an mini-Escalation League between Nurgle and Beastclaw Raiders.  Neither of us had been thrilled by our beta test 1K build so we both went back to the drawing board.  Nurgle proxied in a couple of Plague Drones as Pusgoyles to give their list a

Lessons from Beta Testing

While scheduling caused a few more delays we eventually lined up two Beta Test games.  Both would be 1K with an emphasis on “the basics”. The first match was Beastclaw Raiders versus Nurgle. A simple two objective battleplan with minimal terrain did mean this was a bit of a race forward and smash each other in the face style match-up, though Gutrot Spume and the PBKs in the Slime Fleet did add a little flavor.  Mostly what this one did was serve as proof of concept. Our secon

Technical Difficulties

Of course at the time “everyone” was trying to by webcams to videoconference into work or for their kid’s remote learning.  My original plan had been to use GoPro cameras as then, when hopefully the need for a Gaming Cage was no longer present, they’d have other uses.  Unfortunately I ended up in a software update loop that hours with their Service Center couldn’t fix (basically it required a software update but until the software was updated it wouldn’t let me into the program I needed to get i

Designing & Building the Gaming Cage

We were in the middle of a Khorne-centric narrative cycle when the lock down started that we were using in part to learn some new armies that we might take to a friendly small tournament (The Battle in the Barn) between our local gaming group and another gaming group an hour or two down Route 90.   Like a lot of people our initial perspective was to take a wait and see approach while focusing on the hobby side of the game in the interim. As it became more and more likely that our small tour
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