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Been a Minute but Good to be Back

Beer & Pretzels Gamer



Co’axe’ial felt increasingly disconnected.  He missed the good old days in Aqshy when you couldn’t swing a skink by the tail without hitting a Bloodreaver or three.  With all the action now elsewhere (boy was it annoying talking to those Galletian Vets & Champs these days…) his frustration grew at being stuck patrolling a land of dust & lava.  It had been so long since one of his foot patrols had turned up more than a roving band of Maneaters…


The paradox of Aqshy was regular eruption meant everything changed whilst little of importance ever did.  So month after month as Co’axe’ial patrolled the wastelands the landmarks might change but the sense of monotony never did.  Hence, at first he dismissed his own curiosity when the horizon didn’t match his expectations.  As he got closer though he had to admit this… this was new. Or actually this was very old, yet hadn’t been here the last time the patrol had come through, nor had there been any hint of it during any of the dozens of patrols he had made past this area before.


Co’axe’ial knew from intelligence reports that nothing good came from one of Sigmar’s old vaults being unearthed given his annoy8ng tendency of hiding nasty things in them (Slann knows why the Seraphon continued to support him…).  Ax’iom, his skink star priest companion, who would know more about these things than an old warrior such as himself, proposed the most important thing was to determine if the vault seal remained intact…


Co’axe’ial should’ve known better but boredom must have dulled his edge in the face of this new novelty.  One should never let their guard down in Aqshy.  Distracted by their investigation it was only after they were surrounded by Troggoths that they realized the danger they were in.

This was a ~500 pt narrative game to get myself and @Televiper11 back into the swing of playing.  The major victory condition was for the Seraphon to control the ruins at the end of five rounds.  The minor victory condition was for at least one Seraphon unit to survive and escape to warn future patrols of what had happened.


Turned into a very back and forth battle.  Some bad saves and worse Battleshock saw the first unit of Rockguts fall to the Saugus Warriors who in turn got wiped by the second unit of Rotguts.  Eventually it came down to a one-to-one battle between the Sunblood & the Troggboss with the Starpriest strategically retreating (just in case).  Good saves & timely healing saw the Sunblood through as the Troggboss failed his regeneration attempts and after wiping a unit of Saurus Guard with a couple swings of his club struggled to get more than 2-3 damage in  a turn against the Sunblood.


After a long time since we last played over Zoom tons of fun to roll dice again.  The narrative will continue as we up it to 750ish points and add in a Monster each.

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