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Nurgle vs BCR 1.75K - Starstrike

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Beer & Pretzels Gamer


Playing against Gutrot Spume and his Slime Fleet if nothing else had taught me to screen my back line.  This time though I’d have my own unit coming out of Ambush in my Icebrow Hunter and a couple of Frost Sabres.  The hope was that once the objectives came down I’d be able to steal one.


With the back line screened off Nurgle overloaded one side.  When the PBKs that came on with Gutrot made their charge they erased a unit of Mournfangs before they had a chance to fight back.
While there was another unit of Mournfang over there with some Pusgoyles (proxied with Plague Drones), Gutrot AND Slimux all still waiting in the wings had the sense that I’d need to commit more to reclaiming that side.   As the fully buffed FLoSH was closer (and we were playing the river halved movement making it even tougher to get units over there) the hope was the remaining Mournfang could hold out long enough for the gigantic “cavalry” to arrive.

Meanwhile I committed most of my remaining forces to the middle, hoping to take down the main block of PBKs getting buffed by the Harbringer.


Unfortunately, without Brand of the Svard and Black Clatterhorn just couldn’t put out enough damage.  When the middle objective came down on the relatively open side I had hopes for springing the Hunter but I lost the priority roll.  Nurgle had enough to summon 10x Plaguebearers onto that objective which, even worse for me, freed up another unit of PBKs to crash the party in the middle.


That was simply too much for the second FLoSH to handle...



At that point, in my turn I needed to clear the remaining Nurgle units out of my territory to free my fully buffed FLoSH up for another big charge to regain control of the middle and then some luck with where the remaining objectives fell.  I cleared out the PBKs but that left Gutrot and Slimux as well as the now free Pusgoyles.  If the objective came on the other side in my territory I could try and hold it with my Frost Sabres and Butcher and maybe I’d get some luck with the final objective in being abl3 to spring my Hunter.


It was not to be...

The objective in my territory fell right under my FLoSH while Nurgle’s fell in the center.  When a Nurgle won priority they charged in the Pusgoyles, Slimux and Gutrot to pin my FLoSH.   The rest the pulled back onto one of the two objectives.  They even summoned a screen of 5x Plaguebearers just in case I tried something sneaky with my Hunter...



With Gutrot stealing my best attack could only kill him and one of the Pusgoyles.  With the center objective being slightly less well defended tried to charge my Icebrow and Frost Sabres in there but no luck.  By the end of my turn and thus the end of R3 I didn’t see a path to victory and conceded.

That made the score Nurgle 2  / BCR 1.5 over the four rounds we’ve played.

Between the higher starting model count (increased by Summoning) and fewer things dying early this game did play slower.  Still hopeful to finish out with the 2K match at some point but we have another potential plan percolating...


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