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About this blog

When our normal tournaments were cancelled and in-person/in-home games became impractical we chose to get creative rather than stop playing.  This blog is an attempt to bring together things we’ve posted about in other areas so others can hopefully learn from our mistakes and do it even better should they face similar choices.

Entries in this blog

Been a Minute but Good to be Back

Co’axe’ial felt increasingly disconnected.  He missed the good old days in Aqshy when you couldn’t swing a skink by the tail without hitting a Bloodreaver or three.  With all the action now elsewhere (boy was it annoying talking to those Galletian Vets & Champs these days…) his frustration grew at being stuck patrolling a land of dust & lava.  It had been so long since one of his foot patrols had turned up more than a roving band of Maneaters… The paradox of Aqshy was regular e

Beer & Pretzels Gamer

Beer & Pretzels Gamer in Narrative

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